An Act of Self-Defense

An Act of Self Defense It is ten years into the future and the nation s government is nearing financial and moral collapse A small group the TLR believes deadly force is necessary to save individual liberty from the two par

  • Title: An Act of Self-Defense
  • Author: Erne Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780982820506
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is ten years into the future and the nation s government is nearing financial and moral collapse A small group the TLR believes deadly force is necessary to save individual liberty from the two party political aristocracy that is Congress They believe the imminent economic collapse will be an excuse for the dictatorial powers soon to be claimed by the federal governIt is ten years into the future and the nation s government is nearing financial and moral collapse A small group the TLR believes deadly force is necessary to save individual liberty from the two party political aristocracy that is Congress They believe the imminent economic collapse will be an excuse for the dictatorial powers soon to be claimed by the federal government They accuse Congress of having increased your powers far beyond their constitutional limits You have systematically destroyed our natural right to own ourselves and make our own choices You have become an aristocracy that steals our production and controls us as if we are your serfs They announce to the nation, Ours is the only form of revolution now possible, but it has this advantage If lives must be taken, only ours or those that have stolen our lives will be required to forfeit theirs They give Congress three days to approve their proposed Term Limits Amendment to the Constitution, one that prevents professional politicians from serving in Congress, or, unless they first resign, the long term incumbents will be term limited in the only way they leave us The Department of Justice targets term limits supporters and libertarians in its hunt for the terrorist group But when the first senator is term limited in spite of all that federal authorities can do to stop it, it is clear the terrorists will not be easily found They are inside the federal law enforcement agencies that are hunting them This novel examines an issue If our liberties our right to own ourselves and make our own choices are diminishing with every year, how do we ever regain them Is deadly force justified even in self defense

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    About “Erne Lewis

    • Erne Lewis

      Erne s early years were in Hobart, Oklahoma, a small town in the southwest corner of the state He moved to Seattle after graduating from the University of Oklahoma His professional life, until 1974, was as an architect in the Seattle area In 1974 he and two associates began a new aquaculture venture that grew to become a major source of salmon for the Oregon and Washington coast Erne was its president for many years In 1990 he and Marti purchased and outfitted a 48 foot ketch and sailed the Caribbean for a year Erne has been sailing and writing since then.Philosophically, Erne has been an Objectivist since reading Atlas Shrugged in 1963, and politically a libertarian He was active in the Washington State Libertarian Party from 1992 until 2002 He helped write an initiative to stop the use of asset forfeiture by Washington state and local government and then led a signature drive sponsored by the Libertarian Party He co hosted a weekly libertarian television program where he interviewed many knowledgeable and eloquent libertarians.He was a candidate for Congress in 2000 His candidacy was intended to educate the voters as to the differences between the Libertarian Party and the other political parties In 2002 he and Marti took another travel break They sold their home of 17 years, put everything in storage and traveled with backpacks through Italy Eventually they reached Taormina, Sicily where they stayed for a year and where Erne began An Act of Self Defense They eventually returned to the Pacific Northwest after living a few months in Hawaii.Erne believes a third political party cannot influence politics in any substantial way because of the political stranglehold of the two headed political monster He does believe libertarians are favorably influencing the course of our nation and may even succeed in restoring individual liberty.

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    • One of those novels that I had to remind myself several times it was just that, a novel. Scary story. Not because I think our government would do the things portrayed in the book, but due to the Patriot Act, they have the capability.The way many of the congress critters are portrayed as corrupt is pretty much the way most citizens feel about our own congress. The hubris portrayed is probably pretty much spot on as well. The author did a very good job on a very tough subject. Hard to not see his [...]

    • This book was one of the best that I had read in a long while. Action packed, I was swept up with the goals of the group to make a huge and much needed change in today's government. The characters are believable and I found myself totally supporting their actions and becoming worried about their fates. With all that is going on within Congress today, this is a timely read, that gives one hope of change although I do not condone the violence, I totally understand the reasoning.Great read, and I c [...]

    • This is a well-written story. Whether the extreme concerns for American politics are valid or not does not detract from the fact that this is an enjoyable read. The author clearly has an agenda and is not shy in bringing it in whenever appropriate. It is instructive in that it is often useful to get the views of those not occupying the middle ground as an aid to finding one's own position.It is also vaguely similar to 'Day of the Jackal' in that we seem to be rooting for the 'bad' guys despite t [...]

    • I really enjoyed this read. However, having said that I must say that I also had many mixed feelings associated with the why's and wherefore's of the book. On the one hand, I agree with what these 4 individuals were pursuing, but on the other hand, totally disagreed with how they went about fulfilling their goal. This was a free book from Pixel of Ink and though I had never read this author before this book, I found he was extremely liberal in his writing, but understandable. I would recommend t [...]

    • I’ve had this one on my Kindle for over a year before I finally got around to reading it – after about 15% of the way in to the book, I was totally engrossed and wondering why I hadn’t read this earlier.The author does a great job of getting you into the heads of his characters, and he makes you feel as if you are a participant in the story. He hits the nail on the head describing a lot of the dysfunction in today’s political world, and makes you want to be an agent of change: not, of co [...]

    • This was a political thriller that mirrors the dysfunction in our government today. Thomas Jefferson warned that we need term limits or else we would see a political class determined to hold on to power at all costs and a bloated bureaucracy that would usurp the rights of the individual. This book was a real page turner. The protagonists felt they had no recourse. They demanded that long term incumbents resign or allow a term limit Amendment or face assassination. Once they started assassinating [...]

    • From its informational beginning, edge-of-your-seat middle, to its climactic ending, An Act of Self-Defense will elicit a variety of emotions from readers.Set in the near future and centering on the approaching collapse of an over-burdened, government-manipulated economy, a grass roots group of professionals has secretly been planning for two years and is now ready to act. Professor TJ Stewart and a small group of followers, calling themselves the Term Limits Revolution (TLR), believe strongly t [...]

    • A good read just before state and national elections. This page turner falls in the genre of politico-techno-thriller. The Term Limits Revolution, a small group dismayed over what they see as government take-over and control of the US by professional politicians returning to Congress for decades, begins a terror campaign to force Congress to pass term limits.The reader's omniscient view of both the TLR quartet and the members of the task force set up to stop them creates sympathy for both sides. [...]

    • The premise sounded interesting and it was free on the Kindle. So far I've only read the prologue. We'll see how I like it. I've gotten about 57% of the way through and was enjoying it. Now the characters are either doing stupid things or thinking about doing stupid things and I just can't take it. I don't know if they are doing stupid things to further the plot along or not and I don't want to find out right now. This isn't a DNF, it's a putting down to continue later. If this wasn't on the Kin [...]

    • Four individuals believe in term limits for all members of Congress. The form a group called the TLR. Congress has to pass the amendment, or the group will start killing off long term members.An Act of Self-Defense is a well written book with no errors that I could find. Those type of books are hard to find today. You can also see the passion the author has for incorporating a term limits into the Constitution. Mr. Lewis makes his points clear to his audience. He also shows how much power Congre [...]

    • Very, very engaging thriller by a new author who really knows his stuff. In the Tom Clancy style of suspense and intrigue and powerful, timely themes.The theme of this book is that Term Limits is a crucial concept to promote liberty.Libertarians and conservatives will be very engaged in the dialog on principles and tactics. They may not agree with all parts, but the ideas will be super refreshing in their tone, depth and clarity. I finished this book very fast and could hardly put it down. Can't [...]

    • Take "1984", put it in today's political climate, exaggerate it a bit and you've got "An Act of Self Defense". While this book is a novel, it's not that far off base from what is happening to personal liberties and the expansion of federal government powers, and it's downright scary. Perhaps rather than calling this a political thriller, it should be placed in the horror genre. Great read. Highly recommended reading for Libertarians, Independents, Republicans, and Democrats alike. Remember's jus [...]

    • What a scary tale of how much power the government yields. The story revolves around a group striving to eliminate career politicians by forcing a term limits amendment to be passed by Congress. The group goes by the TLR Term limits Revolution and give Congress a few days to allow long term incumbents to resign or they would start killing of the members 2 at a time. The DOJ thugs start out hunting them down and killing off citizens that are not tied to the TLR but were former students of the lea [...]

    • I loved this book. It is so very well written and so accurate that it was difficult at times to distinguish the book from real life. The plot develops and twists and is unpredictable. The characters are very real for "normal" people who felt passionate enough about their beliefs and their country that they performed unspeakable acts to accomplish their goal. The characters were very real and you could feel their pain and internal struggle with their consciences. I have already recommended this b [...]

    • Midway through the book I realized what the fate of the TLR members would be. On the last page I knew the fate of their ideals and goals. This work of fiction ran close to home. This author put into words the things I can only think, and I am scared to death of the thought police! Afraid or not, I thought about Thomas Jefferson, habeas corpus, Guantanamo, the Patriot Act, privacy in the bedroom, torture, and on and on. This is one book I will not forget.Thank you, Mr. Lewis, for an exceptional r [...]

    • Term limits!!I love this book! the question of initiating term limits on congress is so relevant. the author explained the term limit debate very effectively. I loved the tech aspect of the fight for liberty. everyone whether dem or rep needs to read this book if just for the great discussions that will come from it. we alwAys vote for change but it never happens. maybe this book will make more people sit up and take notice.

    • The author, a self-avowed libertarian, takes real pleasure in dissing Congress, Federal law enforcement agencies, and a minor list of other offenders. His protagonists are not all that lovable either. While I may not feel warm and fuzzy about big government, I do believe he was a little heavy handed, which detracted from the novel. Also, the long dissertations on the evils of government were a bit much.

    • Interesting story about an extreme group who decide to take on the U.S. government - promoting term limits and severing the relation of members of congress to special interests. They threaten to kill some long term members of congress until the congress passes a law limiting the years any member of congress can serve. Then they cannot return to the capitol for any reason for ten years. Yummy idea, and the book takes you on a pretty wild ride.

    • This is a political novel built around term limits. Mr. Lewis turns this esoteric topic into a first rate thriller, in which he demonstrates the dangers of the NSA’s blanket surveillance of Americans and the dangers of the Patriot Act. My only comment is that bureaucrats also need to be term limited. A long term bureaucrat in the EPA can do as much or more damage than a Senator or Representative. Looking forward to the next book Halling Author of Pendulum of Justice

    • Well-written and researched. While I didn't totally agree with the author's definition of "liberty" and his views on less government, I whole-heartedly appreciated his character, Congressman Ray's, explanation of the need for term limits and civilian legislators vs. career politicians. Especially enjoyed reading these political views offered in a fictional action thriller. A great way to express one's politics thoughtfully.

    • Term limits for congress! I agree 100% with that. Career politicians that care only for the power they can wield. Four people calling themselves the TLR or Term Limit Revolution set out to force Congress to pass an amendment for term limits. They tell them to resign or they will be term limited (killed). I thought this was very well written and thought provoking.

    • Excellent plot that moves along quickly without long intervals of talking heads. Characters are contemporary and very believable. This is a tale of official corruption and ruthlessness. The protagonists are desperate people who have run out of options This is the best yarn I've read in a long time I read a lot.

    • An important book to read, especially given the apathy of most Americans towards the politicians they elect year after year with no thought to what they really do in Washington.Mr Lewis' story is an eye opener. Highly recommend this book.

    • Good stuff, given the subject matter. Typical books in this genre have cookie-cutter evil antagonists, and overly heavy writing. This one has imperfect protagonists and conflicted antagonists. The future, while dystopian, isn't that unbelievable. Far too much of it is already real.

    • This is a political thriller that I had a difficult time putting down. There are plot twists and turns that are cleverly executed, and careful attention paid to character development. My only complaint is that I reached the end. I will be the first in line to purchase Mr. Lewis's second book.

    • OutstandingThis book hit on so many of today's issues, it makes one wonder if we are heading this exact direction.Looking forward to the next book by Erne Lewis. Outstanding first novel.

    • "An Act of Self Defense" is convincing as a political thriller and as a book of prophecy. The author pulls the strings of our most common societal fears and allows us to flow along with the story. A good read; a scary future.

    • How TrueWhat a great read. I could not stop reading this book. You can see this thing happening in our country sometime down the road if we on going the way we are. I love our country, but we do have to much government involved in to many things.

    • If you enjoyed the Alex Cross series by James Patterson then you should consider reading this political thriller. An Act of Self-Defense reminds me of V for Vendetta, except there is a group of revolutionaries and not just one man. A decent read.

    • Edge of seat suspenseThis is a very thought-provoking novel. What will it take to reduce the size and scope of government to that envisioned by the Founders? Would government agents really use torture and murder against citizens to ensure the continuance of the expansive state?

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