The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

The Great Cosmic Mother Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth This classic exploration of the Goddess through time and throughout the world draws on religious cultural and archaeological sources to recreate the Goddess religion that is humanity s heritage Now

  • Title: The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth
  • Author: Monica Sjöö Barbara Mor
  • ISBN: 9780062507914
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • This classic exploration of the Goddess through time and throughout the world draws on religious, cultural, and archaeological sources to recreate the Goddess religion that is humanity s heritage Now, with a new introduction and full colour artwork, t

    • Ë The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth || ☆ PDF Read by Í Monica Sjöö Barbara Mor
      237 Monica Sjöö Barbara Mor
    • thumbnail Title: Ë The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth || ☆ PDF Read by Í Monica Sjöö Barbara Mor
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    About “Monica Sjöö Barbara Mor

    • Monica Sjöö Barbara Mor

      Monica Sj was a writer, painter, radical ecofeminist, and early visionary of the Goddess movement Born in Sweden, she moved to the United Kingdom in the 1950s.

    156 thoughts on “The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

    • This book was wonderful. A bit too Eurocentric for my taste, and I could have done without the examination of patriarchy at the end (but that's just my personal preference I'm so repulsed by patriarchy that I just don't even want to read about it anymore). Otherwise fantastic read.

    • Even though it's a sexist work, Sjoo does a brilliant job of uncovering the dusty remnants of pre-Christian Goddess religions, and exposing the male dominated Christian forces that either stole from Pagan tradition or outright disposed of them for heresy. While reading this I often felt that my manhood was shriveling into a tiny little ball, but then I found it justified after realizing that for centuries male-engineered societies have repressed women and are now destroying the sacred womb of pl [...]

    • Only the most powerful and moving book I have ever read. Monica Sjoo was an amazing woman. Her art and written word touched so many and this book is a reflection of her heart and soul. This book will touch your humanity, reconnect you to what you lost and help you remember what we all have lost. With the aid of historical, cultural and religious sources Sjoo starts you on a journey that will help you reconnect the goddess religion. This is a must read for sure!

    • I got through the first three parts of the book and then decided to leave off before forging into the fourth and last part. For the most part, I did like the book: I thought it was an interesting and informative (if rather biased and uber-feminist) look at ancient Goddess worship and prehistoric matriarchal societies. However, I felt a little uncomfortable with all the male-bashing throughout the book, which is why I decided not to read the final section of the book, which was all about the rise [...]

    • If you are even remotely interested in Goddess religion, READ THIS BOOK! It's such a masterpiece; one of the meatiest books i've ever read. It is to be savored! Can't say enough about it!

    • Totally blew my socks off and turned the world on its head (in a good way). A wonderful and intellectually dazzling author and artist.

    • I'm so glad I found this book! I was browsing through the longest running feminist bookstore (Charis Books & More) and found this precious gem. This is a classic and should be on every bookshelf of women who take pride in their strength as women. Our history has been hidden from the mainstream but this book (published in 1987) has given me the answer to many of the questions I had regarding how things were before patriarchal rule. A must have!

    • A fascinating look at the concept of the mother goddess and her religious following throughout history. Sjoo examines archaeological evidence from the world over can't really deny that some sort of idolatry was going on. This is very compelling information, although the author lapses into a bit of feminist whine toward the end.

    • "One of the most important books I've ever read."Alice Walker (author of Pulitzer Prize-winning 1982 "The Colour Purple" and many other wonderful books).Alice said in a Guardian feature about her that this is her favorite book!

    • When I read this book, I loved it. However, a lot of the claims made within it are based on anthro research that has been debunked. I still think it's an informative read, but buyers beware research any claims made before asserting them to be truths!

    • A wonderful exploration of the Goddess religions. This book is informative and respectful, truly a wealth of insight and information. I highly recommend for both pleasure reading and research study.

    • This was a fascinating read. The writer draws from a multitude of different cultures - which I enjoyed. It can be a tad misogynistic and angry at times But overall, I enjoyed this book.

    • I agree with Thomas Jefferson's oft-repeated quote, "That there is not a truth existing which I would fear or wish unknown to the whole world." So, if the truth is that men are fundamentally evil creatures, and women are the fundamentally morally, intellectually, and spiritually superior sex, then so be it. I wouldn't let my biases as a man cloud the evidence to support this argument. The problem with this book (and its author, and her argument) is that a lot of her research, while fascinating, [...]

    • A must read if your into or learning about the Goddess and Her traditions. Book is full of wild information to confirm any Matriarchs suspicion about "beginings" and/or "origins" of the female species. Womyn Rule, literally!!! And also highly endorsed by Alice Walker;-}

    • I read this book while I was in law school and it was amazing. The authors pulled together various themes and research and ideas from all over the world and from diverse disciplines to achieve this brilliant result.

    • Every human being should read this book. the beginning of man, the earth, religion. Changed my life and the way I view religion and the history of the world.

    • This book was pivotal for me. I read it when I was in my 30's and it was part of a group of books that completely shifted how I saw spirituality!

    • Angry book! I decided to stop reading most of the way through, with a quick look at the last pages summary, wishing they'd touched upon the need for recovering sacredness much earlier in the book. I had to keep putting this book down as it was just extended anger. I was initially blown away by how much history of the feminine side was covered up (astounded as to why my school books never covered such things!!) but then it kept going on and on with the patriarchy punishment. Anger is passion disg [...]

    • Not what I expected First: men beware, quite a bit of "male bashing" in this book. Be secure in your manhood and sexuality if you want to read this book. I do agree with many of the assertions here, although I may have missed some of the sources of three authors information on Neolithic and Paleolithic information. They seem to have a great deal of anger towards the Bronze age Jewish, Christian and Islamic practices, blaming almost every modern ill on that time frame and what came out if it. I d [...]

    • I guess I was expecting more history on the goddess. Instead it just seemed like the author was full of hatred toward patriarchy and anything related to the male gender. I couldn't finish reading this book because it was very repetitive. It was all about how the patriarchs have suppressed females and the goddess and that's what's caused everything wrong in the world. Too sexist for me.

    • Female spirit, the goddess, is not fragile or new; not an invention of privileged women or an escapist New Age elite. We are tough and ancient: tried by a million years of ice and fire.This is an amazing wonderful book written by two strong women. I'm not including myself into this 'feminist group' because I believe it should be a common factor that everyone and everything is equal and that everything is allowed unless you harm. This should be required reading as it touches all of the important [...]

    • This book is pretty terrible, making wild claims with no backup, no sense of organization, and a level of dislike for men, in general, that turned me off as a male goddess worshipper.

    • This book was actually written over forty years ago, but is still considered one of the classics of feminist literature in the world today. It was written by two women, both scientists and feminists, who came together to prove that the original religion of the human race was a worship of the Goddess of Nature. While a little outdated in the archeological and anthropological discoveries, it offers an interesting view of mankind’s origins, especially the origins of the ways in which we, as human [...]

    • Un más que interesante repaso por las ideologías del feminismo espiritual y ecologico de los ochenta. Libro de gran calado histórico en las creencias de diversas tradiciones paganas como la wicca o las tradiciones de la Diosa, y creado a partir de un pequeño panfleto inglés editado en 1977, recoge en varias partes tanto creencias sobre las espiritualidades originales de la humanidad y sus bondades como sobre lo mal que nos ha ido bajo el yugo patriarcal y capitalista en los últimos siglos. [...]

    • this book is many things. in some ways, it is a 'Herstory of the World,' beginning with creation myths about life before the written word, fact and conjecture about ancient matrifocal societies, etc. but after a few chapters of this - which feel like a gentle foray into the woods in comparison to later chapters - it becomes an unblinking assessment of female defilement by patriarchy since, basically, the dawn of Christianity. it is in the language of two women-loving poet/artists who have done t [...]

    • The Great Cosmic Mother reminded me a lot of The Chalice & The Blade by Riane Eisler. They are both histories of these cultural shifts, but Cosmic Mother looks at politics of gender more in relation to ancient & modern day events. The Great Cosmic Mother also mentioned that the epic of Gilgamesh was a part of the shift from goddess to patriarchal culture. The epic of Gilgamesh really does hint at the old goddess culture; in addition to telling of Gilgamesh's adventures.

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