Circle of Change

Circle of Change Kim is in his last year of high school and just hopes to make it through the year without running into any gay bashing The thing is Kim is not only gay but he s transgender too He s unhappy and los

  • Title: Circle of Change
  • Author: Laney Cairo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kim is in his last year of high school and just hopes to make it through the year without running into any gay bashing The thing is, Kim is not only gay, but he s transgender, too He s unhappy and lost in his female body, and his mother has agreed it s time for him to undergo hormone therapy and possibly surgery.Things get even complicated when university student DaKim is in his last year of high school and just hopes to make it through the year without running into any gay bashing The thing is, Kim is not only gay, but he s transgender, too He s unhappy and lost in his female body, and his mother has agreed it s time for him to undergo hormone therapy and possibly surgery.Things get even complicated when university student Dash joins Kim s mother s coven Dash is immediately attracted to Kim and they wind up going out together, but when Kim reveals he s a female to male transgender, Dash reacts badly.With all the other things going on in their lives, will Kim and Dash be able to try again and find happiness with each other

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    • ✓ Circle of Change || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Laney Cairo
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      Laney lives in a queer commune with three of her favourite people and two of her favourite dogs When not writing, she teaches university students about apostrophes, scientific methodology and visual culture In her spare time she photographs fjords and works on being kinder.In her previous professional incarnations she has been a masseuse, owned a genre bookshop and dipped her toes in the civil service In her long distant past Laney has undertaken nude modelling, been a fairy for hire, run murder mystery nights and been a breastfeeding educator but not all at the same time.Laney likes to tell stories about people who could be real, imagined into the future or an alternate reality.Laney would rather curl up with a pot of tea and her laptop than speak to a group of people Laney s favourite word is utterly and her long suffering editor often has the task of restricting her to one per story If you find an extra one she d be utterly, utterly delighted to hear from you at laney at laneycairo dot com.

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    • I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading Circle of Change by Laney Cairo. I knew by the description of the story line that one of the heroes is going through a cross gendered transformation from female to male. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about that. I can say that I honestly liked this story. Not only did I soon become an avid supporter of Kim and Dash’s relationship, I loved all of the secondary characters as well. There isn’t a lot of angst in this book. Because of the s [...]

    • Circle of Change was definitely out of my "normal reading" range with a transgender character and a witch.Kim is a senior in high school and just trying to make it through the year without dealing with much bullying. He's gay, and while his classmates don't know this about him, he's also transgender. He's going through the process of transitioning with the help of his super supportive mom. Dash, who is a college student, is Wiccan and joins a new coven. The coven that Kim's mom is a part of. As [...]

    • It was a good book, but not a good romance. The book stretched my comfort zone in more then one way and for that it got some points.First there was the whole trans-gender issue - emotional turmoil, physical changes after taking hormones, working around sex. Some of these made me uneasy, most made me think. You think two gay guys have problems? Try to imagine two gay guy, where one is anatomically a female! yeah.And than there were the Wiccans rituals just weird. I don't know much about Wicca and [...]

    • OMG! This book represented two firsts for me: my first Laney Cairo book and my first book about a transgendered character. I bought it on Thursday and have already reread it three times(in three days). It's that good.

    • ***Coming of Age and Coming Into Your Own***Kim is an 18 year old high school senior and the eldest child of his mother, Helen, second in command of a Wiccan coven. Dash is a 19 year old college student seeking a more open environment than the coven he’s studying with, and his professor, also Wiccan, suggests his own - should Dash be approved to join. Dash falls for Kim, but struggles with Kim’s FTM trans status, and Kim, who has already been struggling with being accepted for who he is, is [...]

    • This is a coming of age story: Kim is 18 years old and his beau, Dash, is 19 years old, so this is the classical story of love that feels too much and too strong, of difficulties that seem insurmountable, of the awkwardness to find a place where you can be together, when you are still living with your mother or in a dorm with a roommate. The fact that Kim is a gay teenager out and proud who is struggling to finish the last year of high school to finally reach the dreamland that is the college ca [...]

    • ohh boy this book; where do I even begin? i mind as well start off on what i enjoyed first.well first of all i loved Kim and Helen's relationship. it's quite refreshing to see a loving and supportive mother. Like Helen is seriously such an open, accepting, and loving mother. i loved her so much And Kim's character was pretty good too. i quite enjoyed him. or well i did until he started dating Dash *shutters* But i quite enjoyed getting to know Kim, and understand him as a person. Although, why d [...]

    • well worth reading for the manner in which it portrays the main theme of transgenderism. The writing and the story line are not genius, but well within bearable limits. I agree with some of the previous reviewers that adding the aspect of Wiccan belief and the associated ceremonies made the story a little top heavy and somewhat distracting and I have to admit that I skimmed across many of those sections after a while. However, without that aspect, the book would have been the poorer - we need st [...]

    • this was a wonderfully written book. I've read Lainey Cairo before. I loved Bad Case of Loving You, so when I found out this book was about a F to M trans teen, I was intrigued on how the story would go. I have to say that I thought this book was extremely educational. So many issues that I didn't think about especially for a teen--I mean it's hard enough being a teen but to be dealing with this too. WOW. But, the author handled all this beautifully, I thought. There was no holding back, no pret [...]

    • It's not an easy undertaking to write a story about paganism or about transgender life. Putting both together, unfortunately, made the story cluttered. Both the transgendered aspects and the pagan aspects were well researched, but at the same time there were points where, while the information was solid, I felt it wasn't the best way to present an alternative way of life. I had that feeling mostly with the witchcraft storyline, and I suspect that someone who hasn't studied paganism might struggl [...]

    • I tried to read this but the themes in this book just aren't of interest to me. Nothing to do with the writing. That being said, the overload of Wicca info was off-putting to someone who is unfamiliar (and not particularly curious) about the lifestyle. It felt like I was being lectured about Wicca, rather than reading a story about people.This book is greatly detailed with the Wiccan lifestyle and would be fascinating to those curious about it.The transgender theme and it's accompanying message [...]

    • This book is not my usual affair being a YA book about a trans character, with lots of Wiccan stuff thrown in for good measure.I'm not sure I got all that invested in the romance, but it was really interesting to read about Kim - a F to M trans character and all the trauma he was going though trying to make his body fit with how he sees himself.The Wiccan element was a good way to get the characters to meet, but there was a lot of time spent in the Wiccan ceremonies and rituals which I'm not sur [...]

    • In Rainy Day Review Queue❥❥**´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•`*ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

    • Starts out rather clumsily, with some hard-to-believe human interaction, mostly in the form of barely credible dialogue. The main story takes a while to start moving, but once it does, the dialogue and character interactions become much smoother. This book also has the best sex scenes I've read involving a gay FTM character, hands down, and is worth reading at least for that alone.

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