The Terror of Living

The Terror of Living Phil Hunt is deep in trouble For twenty years he s lived in Washington State raising horses with his wife on his small farm and trying to stay clear of the law But when a less than legal side job goe

  • Title: The Terror of Living
  • Author: Urban Waite
  • ISBN: 9780316097895
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Phil Hunt is deep in trouble For twenty years he s lived in Washington State, raising horses with his wife on his small farm and trying to stay clear of the law But when a less than legal side job goes horribly wrong, Hunt is suddenly on the run from two men Drake, the deputy sheriff who intends to incarcerate him, and Grady, the vicious hitman with a knife fetish who mPhil Hunt is deep in trouble For twenty years he s lived in Washington State, raising horses with his wife on his small farm and trying to stay clear of the law But when a less than legal side job goes horribly wrong, Hunt is suddenly on the run from two men Drake, the deputy sheriff who intends to incarcerate him, and Grady, the vicious hitman with a knife fetish who means to carve him limb from limb.An explosive chase ensues, and Hunt is forced to use all his willpower and toughness to rescue his quiet life and save his skin Headlong and gorgeously written, with memorable characters and a vividly powerful sense of place, The Terror of Living marks the arrival of a new master of narrative suspense.

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      Urban Waite is the author of The Terror of Living, named one of Esquire s Ten Best Books of the year His latest book is The Carrion Birds, an Indie Next Pick and the recipient of starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist His short fiction has appeared in the Best of the West anthology, the Southern Review, and other journals He has degrees from the University of Washington, Western Washington University, and Emerson College He lives in Seattle with his wife.

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    • ”Do you ever just think of just doing a criminal thing sometime? Just doing something terrible. Change everything. Richard Ford, Rock Springs, from the story “Winterkill”Deputy Bobby Drake was up in the mountains of Washington State for purposes of relaxation, at least that is what he told everyone. When millions of dollars of cocaine start floating down out of the sky. The relaxation becomes one cop against desperate men who never want to see the inside of Monroe prison again. Hunt is one [...]

    • “Welcome, gentlemen. I’m John Keller from the Society of Literary Hit Men. And you are?”“Grady Fisher from The Terror of Living.”“Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men.“Thank you for coming. We’ve got a position open with SLHM and you two were nominated as likely candidates. However, I’m afraid we only have one spot so only one of you will be invited to join. Mr. Fisher, please tell us why you think you’re qualified for the SLHM.”“I did hits for a crooked lawyer invol [...]

    • He sat in the near-dark, one finger running thoughtfully along the deckle edges of the pages, remembering how his dad used to love him an awful lot then less so. Or so it seemed. But you never know. Love worked that way.In another room in the city, the blond man ate his popcorn but it didn't fill. The hunger creeped up and tapped him on the shoulders, wondering politely when he was going to get his knife bag out.The drug-runner ran some drugs, his hand on the pommel, guiding the horse along the [...]

    • As a young man, Phil Hunt made a terrible mistake that sent him to prison and that has effectively dominated the rest of his life. For twenty years after being released, he has lived in Washington State. He's worked a variety of jobs but was fortunate enough to win the love of the proverbial good woman. Now in their fifties, the couple is eking out an existence on a small horse farm and Hunt supplements their meager income with the occasional job that falls outside the letter of the law.As is al [...]

    • This story covers ground that's been covered so don't expect great surprises. The writing started off slow and i was bit hesitant from first 80 pages or so in finishing it, but it all picked up momentum halfway and leading to a showdown of sorts. The writing became more gripping and flowed better. Story is written in the similar vein of No Country For Old Me, involving drugs and things going wrong. The story opens a view into a realistic world of drug mules.

    • Powerful and engrossing this book reminded me so much of "No Country for Old Men" with its violence and relentless psycho killer. I'm not quite sure who the protagonist is in this one: Drake, the deputy or Hunt the drug smuggler. Hunt wouldn't be in the situation he was in if Drake hadn't stopped his drug delivery. Hunt seems to be a decent guy who wants to do the right thing but just can't. Drake is living in the shame of his father, a crooked sheriff and trying to atone for his dad. Just a riv [...]

    • Hunt and Drake are two different people who will see they are very similar thanks to a connection from there past. Hunt is an ex convict who lives remotely with his wife doing the odd drug run to make ends meat. Drake is a cop haunted by the shame of his dad who was a cop himself and is now in prison after shipping drugs.Hunt doesnt want to smuggle drugs any more but cant see anyway out. It will be a run that will almost take Hunt and his wife Nora's life. While taking drugs along nearby mountai [...]

    • I can't decide how to rate this. I might have to copy Mag and give it a 3.75 and round up to 4.The law and the outlaw pit themselves against one another. I wanted to add ‘as always’ but it’s not true in this case and I suppose sometimes it’s not true in life either. Drake is the Seattle law man, Hunt is the appropriately named hunted drug runner. Drake takes his work seriously attempting to make up for his dad’s crimes. His dad was also a Sheriff but he combined that with drug smugglin [...]

    • Stephen King recommended. August 2011 EW Summer Reading list. He says: "Phil Hunt is a decent guy who supplements his living by muling hard drugs in the Pacific Northwest. Bobby Drake is the deputy sheriff who's trying to hunt him down. The resulting chase is pure dynamite. This is one of those books you start at one in the afternoon and put down, winded, after midnight."

    • A remarkably smooth, self-assured debut, Urban Waite's literary thriller does a masterful job of keeping the action propelling forward while developing interesting characters, patiently plumbing themes of loss and redemption, and giving readers a sublime and deeply seated sense of place. The prose in the Pacific Northwest tale of hot pursuit is wonderfully cool and controlled, giving readers the sense that they can settle back because they are in the hands of a strong storyteller. I could nitpic [...]

    • Genau, wie "Keine Zeit für Gnade" ein kleines, feines, böses Geschichtlein, was man bei diesem Verlag nicht erwarten würde!

    • A provocative thriller will fasten a reader to the proverbial edge of the seat, either by laying a trail of clues to "whodunit" or leading us on a mad and oscillating cat-and-mouse chase through the landscape of the novel. In the case of Urban Waite's contemporary, reflective and rousing cat-and-mouse debut, I was glued to the pages of perilous pursuit and quickened by the torn and haunted rogue heroes--Deputy Bobby Drake, and ex-convict and owner of a struggling horse farm, Phil Hunt.There's th [...]

    • Great read. It's been said here by others, makes me think of Cormac McCarthy (no country for old men), but also Castle Freeman (go with me; all that I have), major favorites of mine. Great story, keeps you going continuously, beautiful style, especially the descriptions of the mountain area, rain, snow etc. very atmospheric. Loved it. I am a big fan of camping out in Canada, so I almost imagined being there much of the time. Understand this is a debut novel, I think this author is on his way to [...]

    • A drug deal gone bad has been written from here to there to everywhere. And that's what this book ostensibly is about? a huge crate of heroine is dropped from a helicopter somewhere in the mountains of Washington state. Instead of making a smooth delivery, the town sheriff hears the commotion (you'll find out why he's nearby later in the novel) foils the plan and takes one victim into custody. What happens thereafter is that the gates of hell are swung open: the drug dealers have turned against [...]

    • In The Terror of Living, Phil Hunt supplements his income from boarding horses with a little drug running. A pick-up in the mountains in Washington state goes sideways when a deputy sheriff follows a hunch. Hunt is forced to go on the run where his greatest challenge isn't avoiding law enforcement, it's the bad guys he has to watch out for. The movie, No Country for Old Men, kept playing in my head while reading which was distracting and perhaps not fair to Urban Waite. It was an okay read and t [...]

    • If Miami Vice and Dexter met in a bar, did the dirty and produced a child that didn’t quite get enough oxygen during its birth, it would look a lot like this book.Main players: Hunt—once killed a guy and has been helping put drugs on our streets for 20 years because a guy with a record finds it hard to get honest work (yeah, right). Drake—cop whose father is in prison for doing exactly what Hunt is doing. Grady—garden variety psycho who likes cutting things up. When a drug drop goes wron [...]

    • Deputy Sheriff Bobby Drake is a man with a tremendous chip on his shoulder. Once a promising college football player, his life was turned upside down when his father, Sheriff at the time, was busted for running drugs across the US/Canada border. Drake returned home to his small hometown in Washington State and took a job as a deputy sheriff, determined to restore honor to his name and prove he’s a better man than his father.Phil Hunt is also a man struggling hard to make amends in his life. A [...]

    • Deputy Bobby Drake has returned to his hometown, Silver Lake, Washington, and is following in the footsteps of his father who was also a lawman. The difference is that Bobby’s father supplemented his income by dealing with illicit deliveries through the mountain passes near his home. Bobby’s father was caught and is serving time in jail.While on patrol Bobby find an abandoned horse trailer that prompted him to think something suspicious was going on. He decided to go up into the mountains an [...]

    • Based on several factors (local author, my age, Woodrell blurb, comparisons to No Country For Old Men) I expected this to be great. It wasn't. It was good enough to finish reading, sure, but it lacked something. I think it comes down to the fact that the writing just wasn't that good. Maybe it was all the commas. Yes, too many commas where there should not have been commas. It's weird that that bugged me. Also, I felt like I was reading the same sentence over and over again, " had his life come [...]

    • I’m just going to go ahead and declare The Terror of Living the best book title of 2011.What I learned from reading this book:1. Don’t lose or steal heroin that doesn’t belong to you.2. Don’t transport heroin in your stomach.3. Don’t work at, or rent a room at a cheap motel where someone has done any of the above.4. Don’t talk to over-friendly strangers, especially if they’re carrying a small, black bag. It’s probably full of knives.

    • If you like your thrillers edge-of-the-seat d bloody violent then this book is definitely for you fast paced and well written look forward to more by Urban Waite

    • phil hunt is a good man who's life has led him to do bad things yes he spent time in fail 20 years ago but is now into drug running for unknown persons which gives him the money he heeds to live a comfortable life with his wife on the farm where he boards and trains horses during a foiled drug deal in the mountains he is pursued by deputy sheriff bobby drake who's father is in prison for drug smuggling and was a sheriff but bobby has now disowned him. but hunt knew his father he sets out to capt [...]

    • I have never written a review before, but I have to simply explain that I rated this book a one only because I couldn't rate it a zero. I was unable to get past the first 85 pages, it was so poorly written. The only good thing about this book is that it gives me hope that I could possibly write a book, one that could not be any worse than this one. And, get it published!!! Poppycock!!! If I did write a book this horrible, I would be embarrassed to show it to anyone. And, to the author, I apologi [...]

    • Fairly decent thriller stuff, if you like this sort of thing. Reads like a poor man’s No Country For Old Men with a happier, far more Hollywood ending, but nothing more substantial than that. I prefer something with meat on its bones.

    • Noir con pretese di introspezione psicologica.Vi sono i cattivissimi, i cattivelli, i buoni e quelli di buon cuore. Va beh

    • Urban Waite's debut novel, The Terror of Living, is a frenetically paced literary crime thriller. Told in short sections, the longest no longer than eight or ten pages, and from the perspective of five characters (all in the third person), the structure and pace of the novel take some getting used to at first. It has the effect of jump cuts in a movie or TV show, but once the main characters are established forty or fifty pages in, the structure and style work really well for the story being tol [...]

    • ‘The Terror of Living’ is the debut crime-thriller from Urban Waite.Deputy Bobby Drake is out hunting around Silver Lake when he sees an abandoned horse trailer and suspects drug trafficking. Phil Hunt is in the middle of a drug exchange when he is spotted by Deputy Bobby Drake. Phil escapes, but he has Deputy Drake in hot pursuit. Phil also had madman Grady Fisher on his trail and after his blood.Hunt tries to out-run the lawman and the madman while the body count rises.Read reviews of Wait [...]

    • Omdat de paardenranch van Phil Hunt en zijn vrouw Nora niet voldoende geld oplevert, ziet Hunt zich af en toe genoodzaakt om drugs te smokkelen. De wildernis van Washington state, aan de grens met Canada, leent zich uitstekend voor dit soort illegale praktijken. Samen met een naamloze jongen heeft Drake weer een klusje aangenomen en samen trekken ze te paard de bergen in om een pakket heroïne op te pikken. Zoiets gaat meestal goed, maar dit keer blijft de smokkelactie niet onopgemerkt. Hulpsher [...]

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