Προφητεία των αδελφών

  • Title: Προφητεία των αδελφών
  • Author: Michelle Zink Νικόλαος Βλαμάκης
  • ISBN: 9789606665431
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
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      331 Michelle Zink Νικόλαος Βλαμάκης
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      Posted by:Michelle Zink Νικόλαος Βλαμάκης
      Published :2019-07-07T04:36:52+00:00

    About “Michelle Zink Νικόλαος Βλαμάκης

    • Michelle Zink Νικόλαος Βλαμάκης

      Michelle Zink is author of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, A Temptation of Angels, and This Wicked Game Her next book, Lies I Told, releases Spring 2015 Learn on Michelle s blog at michellezink.

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    • I really do not like to give books bad ratings. I feel like an author puts a lot of energy into writing a book, and I should respect them for that. But, there comes a time when I am forced to do what I don't care to do, rate a book poorly. Such was the case with Prophecy of the Sisters. I went into this book with an open mind, and I was curious to see what Ms. Zink could do with the concept of sisters who are on the opposite side of an ancient battle between Heaven and Hell, if you will.What wer [...]

    • Nothing happens in this book! People take walks and talk. Then they ride horses and talk. Then they go into town and talk. All the girls are dumb. The only interesting one is Alice. She was only interesting because she's evil. This book is a rip off of A Great and Terrible Beauty. Gemma Doyle is way better than this. Definitely skip.

    • A review in book covers.EXHIBIT A: First published in hardback with this cover:It's a mirror image of a statue symbolising the identical twins on opposing sides in the book. It screams dark, gothic and mysterious.EXHIBIT B: Now available in paperback with this cover:Now this is an image of two very different girls with an airy fairy silver leaf design which is also present on every page.I wanted to read EXHIBIT A but when it came to reading the story I got EXHIBIT B. I'll explain further. When I [...]

    • Was an interesting readBut don't think it was what I wanted to read at the time! Loved how my town was mentioned in it though!

    • What a letdown :( After all of the awesome reviews on here, I expected Prophecy of the Sisters to be better. The idea is interesting, as is the twist in the story. Zink does a great job setting the scenes. but that is the best I can say about this one. Prophecy of the Sisters is a badly written mystery. You know, the sort where each discovery is a person/place/thing which only provides a certain amount of information but always points the protagonist ~ in this case, Lia ~ in the right direction [...]

    • A combination of depth, personality, and fun, Prophecy of the Sisters brings back all the joys of reading. It is a story one can fully immerse themselves in, due to a detailed plot and in-depth character analysis. The combination of 19th century lifestyle, mythical creatures, and biblical background makes this one of the most interesting books I've read. Michelle Zink develops her characters early, propelling the plot forward into a story full of twists and turns. One of the best written books I [...]

    • MOTHERFUCKER, I GOT TROLLED! TROLLED, I FUCKING TELL YOU! I was about to read it because the one of the two protagonists shares my namesake of a different variation (Lia/Leah), plus her twin sister is called Alice (see f-list). Until I fucking found out her love interest is called Dimitri, DIMITRI Y'ALL! (don't even ask me why). AWW HELL FUCKING NAW, I'M AVOIDING THIS SHIT LIKE A PLAGUE OF RUSSIAN STDs. Bitch, what the fuck? I'm sorry, if your name is Dimitri— DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT COMING NEA [...]

    • I'm not sure why I waited so long to read this book. But for some reason I was apprehensive to do so I mean this book has been sitting on my bookshelf for ever! Probably a year oops. And I am kicking myself for not picking it up earlier!It was a little slow for me at first there wasn't much happening, I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on. But the beautiful writing and the richly descriptive details of the era kept me engaged. Lia's story was so passionately told in the first pers [...]

    • Lia and Alice Milthorpe are twin sisters that just became orphans. Their father has died a mysterious death, just as their mother did many years earlier. Following this tragic incident, Lia finds a tattoo-like mark on her wrist, her first clue that she is entangled in a mysterious prophecy that has a history of turning sisters against each other. Lia finds herself doubting whom to trust and what her role in the events shall be. You know that quote "the opposite of love is not hate; it's indiffer [...]

    • I love a story with a bit of a mystery that we get to solve along with the characters! Prophecy of the Sisters has been a favourite of mine since I first read it in 2010. I then read the second one, but had to wait impatiently for the final book in the trilogy, Circle of fire. So imagine my excitment when I found it in my local book shop! It wasnt a difficult decision to re-read the first two books again. I thought every one loved this book as much as I did, so imagine my surprise when I read so [...]

    • Smashingly average. The novels opens as Lia's father is buried. The next day Lia learns that she & her twin Alice are the next in line of a prophecy that marks one twin as the "Gate" between Otherworlds & Earth, but marks the other twin as "Guardian" -- the person who keeps The Gate from allowing Satan's army to trample mortals underfoot. Lia is distressed to learn she's not just any Gate, but The Awesome Gate That Everyone Has Waited For because she's the one who can seal the worlds for [...]

    • La Profecía de las Hermanas, libro primero de la trilogía del mismo nombre, de la autora Michelle Zink.En esta primera entrega, Zink nos muestra cómo es posible conducir al público joven al (buen) gusto por la Literatura Gótica Contemporánea.Teniendo en cuenta primero, que es una obra dirigida a un público teen, es fácil comprender la escasa profundidad a la hora de abordar ciertos temas (temas técnicos, que exigen un amplio bagaje, producto de extensas investigaciones), en los cuales l [...]

    • Στο σύνολο του είναι ένα αρκετά ωραίο βιβλίο, με γρήγορη πλοκή και αναπάντεχα γυρίσματα. Διαβάζεται πολύ ευχάριστα και εύκολα. Η ιστορία είναι αρκετά πρωτότυπη και η ηρωίδα γίνεται συμπαθής από την αρχή. Βέβαια δεν θα μπορούσα να το προτείνω ως εξαιρετικό. Είχε κάποια μικρά [...]

    • Prophecy of the Sisters is a Gothic novel set in Victorian New York. The story focuses on twin sisters, Lia and Alice, who are a part of this centuries old prophecy that pits them against one another. Lia is the main character and we only see Alice through Lia’s eyes, but you get a feel for each girl’s distinctive personality. The story starts off with death of the girl’s father and the appearance of a strange tattoo-like mark on Lia’s wrist. From there we get a view into their family, f [...]

    • The year is 1890. Lia and her twin sister Alice have just been orphaned by the death of their father, and in the aftermath, Lia discovers that she and Alice have roles to play in an ominous prophecy. The prophecy pits the two against each other: one is the Gate, who has the potential to open the doors between the underworld and Earth; and the other is the Guardian, who is supposed to make sure that doesn’t happen. But while Lia just learned about the prophecy, Alice has a head start…There ha [...]

    • Lia Milthorpe is grieving for her father's mysterious and untimely death when she notices a strange mark that suddenly appears on her wrist. It is only the first of many strange occurances, because as Lia is soon to realize, she is the latest in a long line of twin sisters who play a part in an ancient prophecy. It is a prophecy that can bring about the end of days--the apocalypse--or prevent it. And the more Lia learns about it, the more she understands that the prophecy has pitted her against [...]

    • Gosh, I cannot finish this book! I put the book down, oh, two weeks ago and have been staring at it ever since. But I have no desire to pick it back up. The characters are thin as rice paper and I have absolutely no sense of them as people. They sit, they talk, they walk.but they don't do anything. Lia is the main character, but we don't learn anything about her. Her twin sister, Alice, is a mere presence, despite the fact that she is our antagonist. It is also strange that supposedly the twins [...]

    • I found Prophecy of the Sisters to be a highly original novel, I don't think I've read anything like it. I often shy away from historical novels but this one I knew I had to pick up and I wasn't disappointed. The way the characters carry themselves and behave was really exciting for me, I wanted to be sitting in the parlor playing cards with Lia and Henry and going up to my room where a fire was burning.For some reason I had decided this book was going to be really really scary, don't ask me why [...]

    • In questo momento sono molto orgogliosa di me perché:1. Ho letto un libro che non è esattamente il mio genere preferito e sono riuscita a finirlo in un tempo relativamente breve;2. Con tutto quello che ho avuto da studiare nell’ultima settimana, non so nemmeno dove ho trovato il tempo per leggerlo.Devo dire che già di partenza mi ha incuriosito molto. Ho infatti deciso di comprarlo perché la copertina era molto inquietante e il titolo sapeva di mistero e paura. E infatti, durante le prime [...]

    • This review refers mostly to slovak edition and to poor translations. It still is partially true, but as I discovered the translator had made the book even worse. (my original english review is at the bottom of the page)Videli ste niekedy takto spackaný preklad? Ja som doteraz skoro nikdy originálne texty s našimi slovenskými prekladmi neporovnávala, a to z dvoch dôvodov. Nikdy som sa nad tým poriadne nezamyslela a teda mi ani nenapadlo, že niekto to predsa musí preložiť a že sa mu t [...]

    • This is a story about two sisters who play opposing roles in fulfilling an ancient prophecy that determines the obliteration of mankind and apocalypse. One of the twins will be the Guardian, the other the Gate. One of them is good, and the other evil. At first, the story goes as I expect it to be, but soon the author inserts a twist which changes everything.Amalia 'Lia' Milthorpe discovers a mark emerging on her wrist a few days after the strange death of her beloved father. She starts to encoun [...]

    • PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS begins a trilogy that speaks of olden times, musty secrets, and shadowy danger everywhere you turn. Michelle Zink sets the mood extremely well: the threat of darkness lurks on every page, and I kept on picturing the story running through my head in black and white and sepia. This insistence on a lurking danger makes the story all the more suspenseful and will keep you reading, frantically flipping the pages as if that will release some of the tension.This book is mostly e [...]

    • I just finished reading PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS this morning and totally loved it. PROPHECY follows Amalia and her twin, Alice. Shortly after their father's mysterious death, Lia discovers that a strange mark is appearing on her wrist, darkening with each passing day. And as she digs into the reasons behind such an odd occurance, she begins to battle with her sister. It seems these two play a role in a prophecy which has lasted centuries. A prophecy that must end with Lia and her sister. But wil [...]

    • I just finished Prophecy of the Sisters, and I really enjoyed it. It was a little dark, but gripping at the same time, and I was impressed by the character development and plot intricacies. Many YA books that I read tend to have more simplistic plots and characters--but I think older kids want more development. The author has a great writing style--the older fashioned language flows so effortlessly. The ending left much to be desired however--so I hope there is a sequel planned! I didn't see any [...]

    • DNF It started out okay and I didn't feel attached to any of the characters but the premise intrigued me so I pushed on, hoping it would get better.Got to a certain point and still not much had happened yet, normally I can sit back and enjoy the ride but in case this case not so much. MCs still hadn't grown on me eitherNot a bad book but it couldn't hold my attention

    • A beautiful and mysterious fairytale that I could not put down. With a beautiful biblical reference and a wonderful good overcomes evil tale this book is sure to keep you reading into all hours of the night. This dark Gothic story has a delightfully hopeful side that you can't help but love. The main character Lia takes you on a journey of discovery, love, loss, and what it means to grow up. She left me with wanting more and dieing for a sequel.

    • I read this over holiday break and I highly recommend carving out some time to read it. Prophecy of the Sisters is definitely "that" book, you know the one that you want to curl up with and savor. Michelle sets the mood immediately, when you find yourself in 19th century New York and meet the 16-year-old protagonist, Lia Milthorpe who is attending her father's funeral.From there the plot unfolds rapidly as does the mystery. Why does the mark of a Jorgumand (a snake devouring itself) appear on Li [...]

    • Lia und Alice trauern nach dem mysteriösen Tod ihres Vaters um das Familienoberhaupt. Nach dessen Tod erfahren die beiden Mädchen, dass sie Teil einer uralten Prophezeiung sind. Einer Prophezeiung, die das Ende der Welt bedeuten könnte. Lia selbst ist das Tor zur Anderswelt, während ihre Schwester Alice als der Wächter dieses Tores gilt. Beiden fällt es schwer, sich in diese Rolle hineinzuversetzen und gerade Alice fällt es schwer, ihre Rolle als Wächter zu akzeptieren. Sie legt Lia Stei [...]

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