The Greek's Forced Bride

The Greek s Forced Bride Greek billionaire Leo Christakis is convinced the drab shapeless suits worn by Natasha are simply a cover for the gold digging harlot who lies beneath Mistakenly thinking Natasha s been stealing from

  • Title: The Greek's Forced Bride
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Greek billionaire Leo Christakis is convinced the drab, shapeless suits worn by Natasha are simply a cover for the gold digging harlot who lies beneath Mistakenly thinking Natasha s been stealing from his company, Leo commands her to be at his beck and call in and out of the bedroom Natasha is thrown into his world of unimaginable luxury Then Leo discovers she s innocenGreek billionaire Leo Christakis is convinced the drab, shapeless suits worn by Natasha are simply a cover for the gold digging harlot who lies beneath Mistakenly thinking Natasha s been stealing from his company, Leo commands her to be at his beck and call in and out of the bedroom Natasha is thrown into his world of unimaginable luxury Then Leo discovers she s innocent in every sense Now she has no choice she must become the Christakis bride

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      224 Michelle Reid
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    • Michelle Reid

      Hi, my name is Michelle Reid and I ve been writing for Harlequin Mills Boon for the last twenty years, and the crazy part about it is that I only realised it had been twenty years while updating this page So, hang on for a minute while I take this huge milestone in.Twenty years with almost forty books published or in the pipeline I know it isn t a great average when compared with some authors but it sounds pretty good to me So what was I doing twenty years ago before I wrote books Well, I did the all of the usual things, like growing up and attending school, finishing at secretarial college, which I hated, then spent the next several years wandering aimlessly from job to job Eventually I met my husband, we married and produced two daughters who then grew up and between them presented us with two gorgeous grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter But I m getting ahead of myself Somewhere in between my girls growing up and the grandchildren arriving on the scene, I started writing To this day I don t know why, unless it was a natural progression from my never being without a book close by often several because books have always been an important part of my life for as far back as I can recall.So, I started to write, by hand at first, scribbling short stories in notebooks which never saw the light of day At some point I discovered Mills Boon Romance books and that was pretty much it for me I d found my new love, as in reading romantic fiction and inevitably writing it too.So twenty years on and almost forty books on, here I am still writing and still loving it

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    • This was such a fun book. It had some elements that could have made it fairly angsty, but it was handled in such a way that I was able to sit back and enjoy the Harlequin Presents-style drama.Natasha is the prim, buttoned up type. She hides her lush curves and good blond and blue-eyed looks behind proper suits and tied-up hair, but Leo has had his eye on her for a while. Too bad she's engaged to his step-brother. But Leo gets his chance with Natasha when they catch Rico in a compromising positio [...]

    • Aw, this was cute and the hero was clearly crazy about the "buttoned-up" heroine who was engaged to his stepbrother until the H/h both found him having sex with the heroine's sister on his desk at work. Add in a theft, a publicity hungry pop starlet, and a couple of kidnappings by the hero and you have a plot that moves along nicely.The poor virgin heroine didn't eat for a whole day, but she did manage to have transcendent first-time sex with the hero. She was so confused about her own behavior [...]

    • I re-read this on a rainy Sunday morning. My rating still stands at a very strong four starsd I enjoyed this just as much the second time around. But I did have a slightly different twist.The difference this time is I came to appreciate Leo's character so much more. I felt I badly misjudged him the first go around, so I felt compelled to add these thoughts.Leo was one cool character. He finds an opening to swoop in and get his woman and he takes it. No holds barred. Even if it means pretending t [...]

    • The lead female character, Natasha, was a true doormat for 99% of the story. She allowed her sister, her ex-fiancé, her parents, her husband, his ex- wife, and total strangers to walk all over her. Leo aka the lead male character had a big mouth threatening everyone but he himself was as bad. He threatened Cindy, Natasha's sister by saying if he talks to anyone blah blah blahWell, Cindy not only talked to every trash media she could get a hold of but she continued to interfere in their lives. W [...]

    • I like Michelle Reid but the writing here was just too clunky for me and if the beginning of the book doesn't grab me, I know chances are very slim that my interest will increase with further reading. Plus the name of the heroine, Natasha Moyles, just struck me as very funny, like a character from Austin Powers 😂

    • Lovely story. But then Michelle Reid is a favorite of mine. This was one of those books where you knew that the guy was pretty head over heels for her from the beginning. The heat between the hero and heroine was pretty high. Every once in a while some of the arguments between them didn't make the best sense mostly from the hero's point of view. To the point that you wondered why the devil did he even say that? That wasn't suave, in fact it was pretty much guaranteed to piss the heroine off. To [...]

    • I loved this book! I’m obsessed with super alpha, jealous, possessive heroes and Leo was fantastic! You could easily tell that he had deep feelings for Natasha, the heroine, right from the beginning of the book. I liked Natasha as a heroine too. She did not stick out to me as a memorable heroine in either a good or bad way. Leo is what made this book for me.Why not 5 Stars? Michelle Reid has a habit of letting her heroines get unjustly crucified in the media for things they did not do or had n [...]

    • I love this old plot and thought this one was done especially well.***Spoilers***Natasha is engaged to the H's step-brother, who is a gold digging, cheating piece of work. Both she and the H walk in on the stepbrother having sex with the h's sister in his office. The H, Leo, is already angry with his step-brother because he embezzled money which it turns out he put in the h's name.In the grand tradition of the Greek Tycoon HP Hero, he decides the h owes him for "her part" in his step-brother's t [...]

    • Let me get couple of things straight:1. He offers marriage only after he discovered she was a virgin.2. He treats her like a whore throughout the whole book.3. He “thinks” she’s cheated on her when he’s almost sure she may have evidences which may point to his supposed infidelity, but instead of asking for an explanation he actually rapes her. DO NOT sugarcoat it, DO NOT call it forced seduction. That was pure and simple rape and he needed to grovel on his knees on broken glass simply fo [...]

    • I was very disappointed in this because the plot was rather promising. It's one of Harlequin's staple plots, but there was so much about the actual execution that went wrong.1. The characters. Leo was just too wishy-washy to be an actual alpha-male. But he wasn't actually a sensitive or real guy either. So, he just fell flat in between and came across as being more like an immature teenage who picks on the girl that he has a crush on. At least his brother Rico stayed true to his character. The h [...]

    • The heroine Natasha is devastated and humiliated when she walks into her fiancé's office and finds him and her sister having sex. Her humiliation is only made worse that her fiancé's stepbrother Leo, the hero, was also witness to the scene. Leo had just discovered that his selfish and irresponsible stepbrother has been stealing from his company. He had been on his way to confront him when he discovered the compromising situation. Leo offers comfort to Natasha even though she has always made it [...]

    • As always with Michelle Reid I think her writing keeps dragging on, and on and on. Her internal monologues and descriptions are endless and the dialogue minimal which is why I avoid her books. Still 3 stars because I liked the characters. Leo was definitely the most interesting character in the book and he was sexy and alpha and just gorgeous. Natasha was also a likable heroine. The chemistry was there but once again the writing style prevented me from enjoying it even more.

    • I can't believe how much I loved it. Notwithstanding the ridiculous virginity worship (how real is love if H only feels it because h was a virgin?), the horrible things H said to her, and mostly, the truly vicious things he said to his poor, unstable ex-wife. Hero was full-on verbally abusive. But the read was great, full of angst and passion.

    • Greek billionaire Leo Christakis is furious to find out someone is stealing from him, and as the dominoes begin to fall it becomes glaringly obvious that one of the players is Natasha. Underneath her ill mannered suits and reserved demeanor, Leo believes is a clever gold digger who will do whatever she can to get what she wants.When Leo hurls the accusations at Natasha, she is dumbfounded. Not only did she just find her fiancee, well ex-fiancee, with another woman, she now is an accomplice to st [...]

    • Authentic love - Volcanic PassionNo spoiler here, the story is too good for that. It's about a very alpha male Greek who falls in love with a woman he thinks committed a fraud by greed. He will blackmail and manipulate her ruthlessly into having an affair with him. She will accept because she has no choice, but soon will be as passionately addicted to him as he will be addicted to her. The passion between them, oh my! Scorching, mind-blowing, I felt like there was an active vulcano each time the [...]

    • It was cute and both the Hero & the heroine were totes likable.Some choice quotage for yas:(view spoiler)[she sent her eyes hunting the room for her purse. She couldn’t see it anywhere and she couldn’t recall when she had last had it in her hand.‘Lost something valuable?’ his hatefully smooth voice questioned. ‘Like your virginity, perhaps?’It was as good as a hard slap in the face. Natasha tugged in a hot breath. ‘I’ve just remembered why I dislike you so much.’He hauled h [...]

    • El principio de la novela fue "Hmm, más de lo mismo". Michelle Reid me gusta mucho, pero ya venía de leer otra novela y esta parecía repetir la trama de "Querete un poco, querida". Ella, Natasha Moyles, es una mujer acomplejada que descubre a su prometido "in the middle of the act" con su propia hermana, por lo cual tiene un colapso y es ahí donde es rescatada (bueno) por el protagonista, Leo Christakis. Sin embargo, él no es ningún salvador, ya que es un héroe sarcástico y poco afectuos [...]

    • Reading this book is like a roller coaster ride. This story captivated me from the start. Once I started, I just couldn’t put it down. Loved every minute of it. I loved the jerky, ruthless hero, strong sassy heroine, jealousy, angst, great grovels, and this book had it all. And this was definitely another scorching hot read and it’s something that I have come to expect from Michelle Reid!

    • This was a fun, steamy book, quite angsty too. Absolutely loved both H and h, had a total crush on the former.

    • Prim and proper Natasha is engaged to suave and sophisticated Rico, she never really wrapped her head around the why only the feeling of being wanted. That quickly evaporates when she catches Rico with her sister who has always been the one to get attention, devotion, and the love of her parents.Rico's brother Leo has been jealous, he wants Natasha for himself. When Natasha breaks her engagement, he wants to carry her away and treasure her in ways she would never imagine possible. Leo's stance o [...]

    • This one packed in EVERYTHING! Crazy ex-wife, bitchy sister, horrible parents, a-hole fiancee, stolen funds, kidnapping, humiliating newspaper headlines, and even a slap and a drink getting flung into the hero's face. I'm exhausted.But I liked the hero and heroine, and after all that angst, they did get their HEA on a secluded romantic Greek island that the hero owns, of course.Grade: B+

    • There is a hate-love relationship with lots of passion and at the same time dark for me. I don't like or prefer this kind of relationship. I admit it's passionate but I like to feel power of trust and loyaltyAnyway, it's nice and quick read.

    • Yet another story in which the hero is an ass and the heroine looses all sense when he kisses her.Then, after having sex a few times, she's in love.What, exactly is there to love?

    • Jonah De Leon Belen I've read a lot of stories about greek men, when you drown yourself with Lynne Graham's books you'll understand. But this particular greek billionaire is a little different from the rest. He was bone tinglingly to look at. As described in the book those jeans he wore should be x-rated. So is Leo sexy enough for you? One of his traits the author made sure we readers understand was he was very blunt. The books I previously read from Harlequin, men were somewhat the same, but in [...]

    • Natasha walks in on her fiance, Rico, and her step-sister "doing it" and then finds out that he has stolen money from his stepbrother's company and put it in her name. When Rico disappears, Leo thinks she was in on it and decides to hold her for six weeks of sex until she is able to access the account and return the money. What Leo fails to accept is that Natasha is an innocent in everything.I really, really couldn't like Leo. He always went out of his way to torment and ridicule Natasha no matt [...]

    • Michelle Reid is my go to Author. She's AMAZING. Still trying to find a similar Author. Abby Green is good for me also. In the GREEK'S FORCED BRIDE, The heroine finds her sister and fiance in a compromising position -- and his brother, businessman Leo Christakis, is also a witness. Then Leo threatens to turn her into Fraud Squad for stealing $2 million from him. Natasha realizes she's been set up by her now ex-fiance and tells Leo it will take six weeks to return his money. In the meantime, he o [...]

    • It's been a while since I have thoroughly disliked so many characters in a single book. The hero, heroine, sister, stepbrother, and her parents. It's also been a while since I have skimmed so much of the book, from the constant put downs from the hero (small little sarcastic quips and barbs that know just where to hit at a person's self-esteem) to the heroine constantly taking it because OMG he can kiss to the selfishness of the adoptive parents and the daughter (the heroine's sister) they thoug [...]

    • I loved the hero from the get go. He was sooooo lovable, arrogant but not cruel. Very nice. I also liked the heroine a lot and sympathized with her, she was the injured part the whole book. And wished I could strangle her sister which was the personification of selfishness, a very hateful character.Amazing read.

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