Circles in the Stream

Circles in the Stream It s every girl s fantasy to find herself pulled into a new magical world and make a difference to the extraordinary creatures that live there That s what awaits them in Avalon a place where magic is

  • Title: Circles in the Stream
  • Author: Rachel Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781933164649
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s every girl s fantasy to find herself pulled into a new magical world and make a difference to the extraordinary creatures that live there That s what awaits them in Avalon, a place where magic is real It begins with winged cats, mighty mistwolves, duck like quiffles and one pretty amazing golden ferret that are not of this world Hurt, hungry and barely alive, theyIt s every girl s fantasy to find herself pulled into a new magical world and make a difference to the extraordinary creatures that live there That s what awaits them in Avalon, a place where magic is real It begins with winged cats, mighty mistwolves, duck like quiffles and one pretty amazing golden ferret that are not of this world Hurt, hungry and barely alive, they have come to be healed, to be helped, to get home for a last desperate attempt at survival But the magical animals did not come alone The evil that stalked them in their world has followed them into ours It will not stop until it gets what it wants the secret map to a place called Avalon The animals only hope is to fulfill an ancient prophecy and find three very different, but special girls a healer, a warrior and a blazing star, who can lead them through a web of magical worlds, to the place from which all magic flows, Avalon.

    • ☆ Circles in the Stream || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Rachel Roberts
      411 Rachel Roberts
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    • Rachel Roberts

      Rachel Roberts adores magic, adventure, animals, and music Rachel is an devoted campaigner with animal rights and protection of wild places organizations Rachel s has been reading ever since she could first carry a book and enjoys getting lost in a fantastic story Rachel has been a writer as well as a editor her entire career Rachel says the majority of concepts for her stories and characters appear on lengthy hikes She brings a little notepad, just for jotting down thoughts Afterward at her house Rachel builds on the ideas together with feline friends, Attila and Raider She also is in love with music, playing the piano, flute, as well as learning to play guitar.Avalon Web of Magic is Rachel s very first series of novels.

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    • I loved this series when I was 11 or so. The series went on hiatus for a few years while it changed publishers and all the books were rereleased one by one - have you seen the old covers? *shudder* - so it's been many years since I've even thought about the books. However, now that the last two books have been published for the first time under the new company, I've decided to read the books again so that I can finally see how the series ends! (Thus completing my childhood. Yesss.)Avalon: Web of [...]

    • 10/10I first read this wonderful book 5 years ago, and it is still my absolute favorite series ever! This is a very fun and entertaining fantasy series, and after only reading this book I got pretty obsessed with it. A great thing about this book is that it is one of those that is really great for all ages. Young children will like it, teenagers will like it, and adults will like it. I made my dad read these books, he hates reading and even he liked these! I can't wait until the movie comes out [...]

    • Avalon Web of Magic is a great book series. I remember reading the very first edition of the book Circles in The Stream but the cover art was so . . . strange looking I was embarrassed to read the book in public. When the new copy was released at my school book fair, I bought it. All through the years, this book series has really grown on me because they're so awesome! :) Mini Summary: Emily has just moved with her single mom from Colorado to Stonehill, Pennsylvania. There, she meets a strange g [...]

    • My daughter is really into animals and fantastical creatures. I honestly bought the first 3 books in the series purely for the cover art. It is gorgeous. In this particular case, you CAN judge a book by it's cover. My daughter loved them so much that she insisted I read them too. I would have to say so far I have enjoyed these books just as much as she has. I recommend them to anyone with a daughter that loves a good book. 12 books in the series.

    • This is a five star for me not because it's the most fantastical piece of literature I've ever read but because back-in-the-day this was one of my favourite series. I could barely contain myself in between books.I never finished the series because of the long hiatus and my interest kind of wandered away. BUT, it still holds a very speculz place in ma <3

    • i loved this book the girls are awesome together i love the cover i bought this book but when we moved i think i lost it so looked at my library and they had it so i read it i loved it <3 you have to read it the first one it great that the one I'm reading no spoilers please!! <3

    • This. Book. Is. Amazing.There are simply no exact words to describe this story--but I might go with wonderful, enchanting, magical, and beautiful. Miss Rachel Roberts did a great job of outlining the plot but hiding enough secrets to make the readers intrigued--and describing the characters and differentiating them and their unique characteristics that make them, them.We have three twelve-year old girls: Emily, Adriane, and Kara. Emily's personality is typical--she's the shy, new girl in town, b [...]

    • Book DescriptionThree very different young teens, Emily, the shy one, Adriane, the outsider, and Kara, the power shopper, are all drawn to a secret place deep in the woods where they discover a portal to another world. Wondrous animals have emerged from the portal, desperately seeking the magic that will keep them alive. Though the animals are peaceful and good, what follows them through the portal is twisted and evil and bent on destroying them all.The Fairimentals have chosen these three fourt [...]

    • I'm conflicted on how to rate this book. On one hand, I loved this series as a kid (the first six books anyway; I wasn't aware there were more) but on the other hand I didn't particularly enjoy reading it as an adult.While it easy to give this five stars based on how much I adored this series as a kid, I have ultimately decided to rate it based on my experience reading it as a fully grown adult. Anything higher than three stars would be purely based on nostalgia rather than my actual reading exp [...]

    • Kadang sesuatu yang sepertinya tidak melakukan apa-apa bisa memiliki dampak besarSemula, Emely Flecher, anak baru di Stonehill dengan rambut pirang dan mata coklat. Ibunya adalah dokter hewan yang baru bercerai dan melihat lowongan di Stonehill. Emely sangat mencintai hewan.Adriane Charday, cucu Nakoda, sang penjaga Suaka Ravenswood. Kedua orang tuanya adalah artis yang sering bepergian ke luar kota. Adriane memiliki kulit berwarna cokelat dengan rambut hitam panjang serta mata hitam. Adriane ce [...]

    • This book made me think about reading more Fariy Tales.But this isn't a ordinary Fariy Tale its one of those book when you don't or don't know what to decide to know that person.And furthermore this book is about a main girl name Emily which has moved in a town.She works with her mom and found herself in a zone of magical cat.And in the part of taking care of the cat she met a girl named Adriane she's a ousider which lives in the Avalon woods, and discover Emily while she went in a peek in the w [...]

    • Emily ever sense she was a kid never belived in magic. But all that changed when she met a strange girl named Adriane, a talking ferret, and a wolf that can turn into mist. What was going on?Then she dicovered a forest filled with strange animals like those everywhere. She then found out the forest was going to be chopped down because the government didn't know of the magical creatures. I liked Avalon by Rachel Roberts because of all the magic and twists in this suspenseful book. This book is go [...]

    • When I was in the fifth or sixth grade, I remember reading this book. I picked it up in my schools book fair and really liked the cover. I also thought it had a lot of potential. When I read it, I remember liking it, but that is all. It isn't the most memorable book. I reread it recently just to refresh my memory (I read it in about three hours total) and I think it is a good story line, just not for people over the age of about eleven. In all, it's a good book and I enjoyed it but it is definit [...]

    • 01-21I love Emily already, she has the life I've always imagined my own kids living: surrounded by animals everywhere you turn. She is very caring of them, especially the margay/ocelot type thing (Well, I'll let you know when I find out what it is and what attacked it).01-22 Less than 24 hours and I have finished the book. I love Ariel, the snowy owl that bonded with Emily. Storm is pretty cool too, and Ozzie even though technically he's not an animal is awesome.

    • This was my first ever series that i read and kept. I have all 12 or 13. I have a rather large 'library' now and i love just looking at my lovely Avalon books. It was so amazing. Sadly book 4 got ruined by my little brother so now I'm looking for a new one. I just can't bring myself to throw the ruined one away though. This is such a heart warming, true friendship, and fantasy series. It is just so good, I would get called out in class and get in trouble for reading this.

    • Reading this book is like eating ice cream. It's light yet delightful. It's tasty whenever and wherever you enjoy it. Before you realize it, you already finish it, and you're craving for more ^^~I personally love the illustrations in the book; they are adorable. This fantasy-adventure book is probably more fitting for girls rather than boys because the main characters are girls.

    • What I think about the book is that the book is good to read. Every body will read it. The book is about little kids going in the woods.

    • I read this when I was very, very young. It was the first book series I really read all by myself; it was the first book series where I took the book I was reading EVERYWHERE with me; it was the first book series that I cried (sobbed) over when I finished the very last one. Needless to say, I have a lot of nostalgia wrapped up in this series and in this book.Now, I have not read this book again as an adult—partly because I have a lot of college work to do and therefore don't have the time, but [...]

    • With the help of Ozzie Emily, Kara and Adriane, the three mages go on a long journey to save Ravenwood wildlife preserve and Aldenmor from the Black Fire, and to find the meaning of Avalon. The Black Fire is a destructive poison which the Dark sorceress has cast upon the creatures of Aldenmor. Emily, Kara and Adriane are the only ones that can save the creatures from total destruction. To start their journey, each of them found a stone with special properties. Will they put their stones to use a [...]

    • Bea, age 13, writes: Meh -- This book wasn't my favorite. Kara was SUPER annoying I had no sympathy for her, and I wished the black fire would get her the whole time, Adriane drove me crazy by constantly arguing with Kara, and I didn't like how they were constantly calling each-other names. And Phel, despite healing animals, didn't seem that helpful. If he's magic can't he escape the "muggle" warehouse or run from the hunters rather than sitting there and making the girls PICK HIM UP AND THROW H [...]

    • The book series that fanned the flames of my writing & reading passion! Rachel Roberts' debut novel does an excellent job in utilizing creativity and presenting inspiring characters, and the message about finding the magic within yourself is so encouraging. The positive and relatable themes as a whole would make this series suitable for girls 12 and younger. After all, that IS the age the main characters begin this journey. I just wish this series wasn't so underrated! Even though it's been [...]

    • I LOVE this book! It's all about fantasy, friendship and animals! I really enjoy this bookMMARYEmily Fletcher goes into the Ravenswood forest, just expecting to get her dogs out, but she finds much more. She finds a magic jewel, a little ferret, and Adriane Charday, a strange girl who has a jewel like her's. They find beautiful things in the forest, fantastical creatures, glowing jewels and a portal to another world. Along the way they meet Kara Davies, the snob and popular one. Through out towa [...]

    • "​En résumé, voilà un premier tome qui a réussi à me conquérir. Contrairement à beaucoup de séries qui visent les plus jeunes, celle-ci est vraiment intéressante et l'auteure ne prend pas ses lecteurs pour de gros bêtas. Elle explique avec des mots simples mais efficaces et surtout, elle a créé des personnages et une intrigue intéressants et prenants !"Chronique complète: lire-une-passion.weebly/fa

    • I read this book when I was a kid and I love it :) Keep in mind it is a childrens book, but for what it is it's really great. This book in a way actually shaped me into who I am today a bit lol it's kinda funny, looking back. This was the first fantasy sort of book I ever read. This was the book that made me want to be a vet too lol I enjoyed the little funny moments and how certain characters act. This book is all about the love of animals, imagination, fantasy, magic, and scify.

    • I think these books are perfect for any middle-schooler who loves magic and animals. Just like I did and honestly still do. I absolutely adored these books when I was in middle school. Every time I finished when I went back to the city library who reserved and requested them from other libraries for me. These books were a basis for my love of libraries.

    • I read this book when I was little and was so enthralled with the series, when the book store in my area took them out to cycle or because they weren't getting sold well, I was devastated, I would love to read this book series again. As soon as I can find it.

    • I read this series back when I was 11 or so, and I just remember really loving it. Except the original series was only 6 books by Shelly Roberts and the colors of the covers were very vibrant.

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