The Three Kings: A Christmas Dating Story

The Three Kings A Christmas Dating Story Who s bearing gifts this Christmas Three hot single guys Christy de la Cruz has it all a great career as an interior designer for the stylish homes of New Mexico marriage to a tall and handsome man

  • Title: The Three Kings: A Christmas Dating Story
  • Author: Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez Alisa Valdes
  • ISBN: 9780312605339
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who s bearing gifts this Christmas Three hot, single guys Christy de la Cruz has it all a great career as an interior designer for the stylish homes of New Mexico, marriage to a tall and handsome man, and a great family especially her cousin Maggie But as the holidays approach, she s down to two out of three that handsome husband has walked out the door CWho s bearing gifts this Christmas Three hot, single guys Christy de la Cruz has it all a great career as an interior designer for the stylish homes of New Mexico, marriage to a tall and handsome man, and a great family especially her cousin Maggie But as the holidays approach, she s down to two out of three that handsome husband has walked out the door Christy is so not up for dating until Maggie takes Christy on as the ultimate romantic project Just like the wise men in the nativity story, Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar arrive bearing gifts and displaying their best stuff One s a pretty boy, one s a rugged cowboy, and one s an animal lover Which one will win Christy s heart Everyone Loves Alisa Valdes Rodriguez s Novels Intoxicating New York Post Exhilarating Jennifer Crusie Must haves Latina magazine

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      380 Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez Alisa Valdes
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    902 thoughts on “The Three Kings: A Christmas Dating Story

    • When I started this book it was within a few hours of Three Kings day 2014. I wasn't sure if that was divine providence or serendipity. Either way, I'm glad I read this novel. Alisa is very good at writing about flawed characters who have much to learn about themselves and others. The old adage is every good story has about ten possible themes. But another school of thought is they are all really boiled done to a single plot thread: who am I? This book excelled at that. It's about a young woman [...]

    • I should make a shelf for "Wanted to Abandon but stupidly carried on". On paper, this book should have been perfect for me. Light Christmas story, with a romantic bent. But no, I kept reading, because I kept hoping that there would be something redeemable. There wasn't. I was jarred by the homophobic language early on. It's not like I've never heard the word, but it is not ok to keep using them even though the main character keeps saying they are offensive. I loved the passage where she stood up [...]

    • I liked it a lot, but only gave it 3 stars because of the unnecessary gay/white bashing. Yeah, she qualified it, yeah the more educated charactars constantly admonished the others about it, but I thought it was lazy onher part. Zach could have been a bit more rounded out. I mean, anybody that shallow- why would he have married her in the first place, let alone have good sex with her and stay for 6 years. So the set-up was weak and phony. the other parts were pretty good, though some seriouslydis [...]

    • The Three Kings is a novel minimally inspired by Christmas, although it is billed as "A Christmas Dating Story". Unfortunately, the main character is so shallow and selfish that anything she does to improve herself in the end seems like too little. The 3 "kings" she has to date are cardboard cutouts who would work out better in a crappy chick flick. Besides, I'm not Latina or prejudiced against 2nd generation Mexican Americans, so I don't feel like I should have to read a 300 page diatribe from [...]

    • I love all of her books. This one wasn't as strong I didn't think, but it was a different novel than her Dirty Girls books. It was definitely amusing and easy to relate to the characters. It has some twists and turns so even though you think it is predictable, it isn't quite. If you've read her earlier books I'd definitely recommend this. But if you haven't I'd start with the The Dirty Girls Social Club and make my way up.

    • Okay, I read this in one afternoon. I'm not usually an avid fan of chick lit, but it was it interesting enough. Clearly predictable. I knew which guy she'd end up with from the start. Of course the one I liked ended up being a real tool which goes to show how I always pick the wrong guys, haha.

    • This really gets 3.5 stars. A light and fun dating story, but with a lot of heart and family story behind it. I really liked the perspective from the Latina POV, both those in the more traditional roles and the one who "escaped" and I enjoyed the fact that the story was as much about family love as it was romantic love. It would have gotten four stars but I found the ending too predictable and a bit rushed. Despite that, this was a great back to work after the holidays book.

    • I liked this book overall, but not as much as the other books this author has put out. So:Christy's been left by her husband and she's trying out dating advice via The Rules to land herself a new boyfriend with limited success. Maggie, her cousin, sets her up on 3 dates with 3 cousins each in a sort of Bachelotte theme to land herself a boyfriend. Christy is the outsider of her family, called 'too white' because she left the barrio, got a good job and is middle-class rich. Maggie, her cousin, st [...]

    • Reviewed by: Bela M. Member of Livin' la vida Latina Review: This is the first novel I have read from Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez (I know, silly me, right?) But I'm sure glad I started off with this one. Christy is someone most of us could relate to--independent, self reliant, a non-traditional Mexican. She was a sarcastic, cynical woman boasting with money-making confidence, except when it came to men and relationships, which she was totally clueless on (that's why she got the book on dating rules.) [...]

    • The Three Kings is a cute, romantic Christmas story with a chick lit feel. Christy's husband left her for another man and she hasn't really dated since. Her cousin decides to change that by setting her up with three men, the boy who made fun of her when she was younger and his two cousins. She turns it into a game, where each man gets three dates with Christy to prove he's the right man for her, all while her family makes wagers on who the winner will be.The competition between the three men whi [...]

    • I have to disclose off the bat that this isn't a Christmas book. It's a dating book set during Christmas time. It's too good not to share! Alisa, as always, has captured the essence of "me". No one can describe my environment quite like her. I mean, what other writer has been able to so adequately describe "MEChA types" that "generally live in Nob Hill or High Desert, and have lots of bumper stickers on their Subarus."? Or write such witty one-liners such as "Envy marries envy and they live happ [...]

    • I'm still in the mood for fiction by Latina authors and Valdes-Rodriguez is one of my all time favorites and I've read all her adult novels.This time around she tells the story of Christy de la Cruz, a highly successful interior designer to high end clients in New Mexico. After her marriage ends, she finds herself turning to the internet and dating books like The Rules to piece her love life back together. At the end of her romantic rope, she prays to the Virgin Mary to send her some single, eli [...]

    • I was very excited about having the opportunity to read this book, mainly for the anticipated humor and the holiday setting, but my expectations fell flat. I have read many notable "Hispanic" writers and Valdes-Rodriquez seems uncomfortable in her native skin. The story has the loose plot of finding a husband, after losing her first husband to the gay society. The story oozes sarcasm about men, rich people, New Mexico, and the Hispanic people and their customs. The whole book generated a sense o [...]

    • Valdes-Rodriguez is known for making strong central female characters. I felt like Christy's insecurity leaked poison throughout the novel. Please read her other novels - they are "readable in one sitting!"I also felt like Alisa's editor said, "hey Christy, do you think you could write a Christmas novel?" And Christy responded, "no, but I could just modify the one I'm currently writing to have three biblical names and end on the Three Kings Day." This novel would have been much stronger if it ju [...]

    • This was way too chick lit for me. I ended up skimming through this book. A former "fat girl" who is now a knockout(of course) wishes for 3 suitors and they appear. They are related to each other and named after the 3 Wise men. This sounds much more interesting than it is. This is a totally predictable, forgettable story; for instance, the guy the main character likes the best pretends he's poor but he's really rich and the crude, rude cousin - she really has a heart of gold. I've read this all [...]

    • Decent for "chick lit" and enjoyed the author's funny and knowledgeable description of Albuquerque's Mexican-American life. However, I thought the heroine's epiphany (pun intended) occurred way too quickly and unrealistically at the end. Also, in what I saw as an effort to "save" the book from turning into a romance novel, the author did not provide adequate closure with the lead male in the book. And, let's face it, this was really a romance novel, so I wanted assurance as the reader that Chris [...]

    • I liked this book a lot. It was a light hearted funny story. I think I enjoyed the book so much because I related to Christy the main character, a very sarcastic latin chic. While I'm not a latina, I am a minority and sometimes relate to my culture the way she related to hers, not necessarily a good thing, you'll see what I mean when you read the book. At any rate, the story was very funny and easy to read. I'd definately recommend it.

    • Fun chick lit but the end I suddenly tied up neat and clean. A man's love enlightens the main character, please!

    • Great read! I am a bit biased because Alisa is my buddy but loved to read about the places I love in New Mexico. Really warm and charming.

    • Fast and easy read. Book Club chose it for December because of the Three Kings theme. Plus, it's shorter and December is always a madhouse for most of us. I like her writing style and characters.

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