Revelation The biggest mystery of alld Reed is dying to learn the truth Two months after Cheyenne Martin was found dead in her Billings House dorm room exclusive Easton Academy is rocked by another stunning rev

  • Title: Revelation
  • Author: Kate Brian
  • ISBN: 9781847384812
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • The biggest mystery of alld Reed is dying to learn the truth.Two months after Cheyenne Martin was found dead in her Billings House dorm room, exclusive Easton Academy is rocked by another stunning revelation Cheyenne was murdered No one knows who the killer is, but everyone agrees that Reed Brennan, who took over Cheyenne s role as Billings s president, gained the mThe biggest mystery of alld Reed is dying to learn the truth.Two months after Cheyenne Martin was found dead in her Billings House dorm room, exclusive Easton Academy is rocked by another stunning revelation Cheyenne was murdered No one knows who the killer is, but everyone agrees that Reed Brennan, who took over Cheyenne s role as Billings s president, gained the most from her death Once the most powerful girl on campus, Reed is now powerless to stop her classmates accusing whispers Rumors begin to swirl that she killed Cheyenne.And just like that, Reed is kicked out of Billings.She s lost everything her friends, her home, her boyfriend and Reed knows the only way to get it all back is to figure out who really murdered Cheyenne And she has to do it fast because the killer is still out there The Reed investigates, the she uncovers And as any Billings Girl knowscrets can be deadly.

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      Kate Brian is the author of the SHADOWLANDS TRILOGY SHADOWLANDS, HEREAFTER ENDLESS , as well as the New York Times bestselling PRIVATE and PRIVILEGE series, and the wildly popular MEGAN MEADE S GUIDE TO THE MCGOWAN BOYS She also writes teen fiction under the name Kieran Scott.

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    • Much as I love the Private series, I will admit that Reed tends to grate on my nerves after a short while. Thankfully once the girl seems to hit rock bottom, she finds she has a spine of her own, and she gets some Noelle worthy snaps.Most of Revelation revolves around Reed trying to win her way back into Billings as well as her attempts to find out who really killed Cheyenne. I have spent every other book since Sabine appeared shrieking that there's something just not quite right about the girl [...]

    • through and through this series is a guilty pleasure of mine reminding me of my young high school days where i wished i went to a boarding school like this with such high level of academics and socialites, oh how times have changed. now all I ever want to do is travel and explore the world. back to the bookis one was kind of depressing and i felt bad for reed, she has this stalker that keeps messing with her mind and the ending is predictable unfortunately, i still enjoyed this book however from [...]

    • I think book was my favorite so far, even if it wasn't Reed's best time. I've gone through some things Reed has: the ostracizing, the humiliation, the pain. Yes, Reed did make a mistake at the Legacy, but it wasn't all her fault. She was set up and fell for it because of her vulnerability. After everything I've read, I'm not looking at Noelle to be the one who does Reed in, in the end. Although Noelle is bitchy and has this air about her, I think she grew to care for Reed in her mysterious yet c [...]

    • Have you ever been stalked thought to be a murderer, and trying to win back all your friends at the same time? Well Reed Brennan has! In this mystery book called Revelation written by Kate Brian you will be able to get an instead look on Reeds crazy mixed up life and how she’s dealing with everything she’s going through. Reed lives and goes to school at Easton Academy a private school were the drama is sky high! Reed got kicked out of the Billings house where she used to live at school and i [...]

    • This was a reread for me but I still really enjoyed it. Kate Brian really has a knack for writing pageturners. And her endings always have insane cliffhangers - especially this one! I really enjoyed this series the first time I read it and I'm still enjoying it the second time around.

    • I described Ambition as 'really fucking exciting', but if I had to describe Revelation in a couple of words it would be 'lonely' or 'hopeless'. Reed is completely ostracized after the leak of the Dash video, and with the exception of Sabine, all the Billings Girls refuse to talk to her out of fear that Noelle would find out. She's kicked out of Billings, her ex-boyfriend is dating Satan incarnate, the entire school thinks she murdered Cheyenne, and the masses of guys that were courting her a wee [...]

    • I really like this book! It was super suspenseful and dramatic, but in a good way. I also liked how detailed the characters were described because it made me feel like I knew them. Also, the cliffhanger at the end made me mad but now I want to read the next book!

    • The 8th book of the series, we find Reed suddenly an outcast and a loner, when just a couple of weeks ago she was the queen bee. I found the book to be the most emotional one of the series. It was sad in a lot of aspects and I really felt bad for Reed, and even nervous for her at times. Although sad, it gets your emotions all racked up so you really get into the book. I finished it in one day. So it wasn't my favorite story-wise, but it was the most engaging. I just wanted Reed to be back at Bil [...]

    • Reed Brennan was kicked out of Billings.Everyone thinks that Reed killed Cheyenne Martin, so her reputation has been tarnished. Noelle Lange feels betrayed; Reed made out with Dash, her on/off boyfriend. That's why she is making sure Reed gets what she deserves. And the worst part is, Josh, Reed's ex-boyfriend, dating Ivy Slade, her worst enemy. Reed is determined to find out the real murderer of Cheyenne Martin. Before it's too late.You see the rating? Yes! I rated it 5 full stars!!That was ver [...]

    • ***Spoiler Free Summary By Emerald BookWorm***I didn't know a thing about this series going into it. My boyfriend (now husband) would always go to the library to pick up books for me and he stumbled across this series and brought me the first book, thinking I would enjoy it. /// Well he was right lol. /// I was instantly hooked and reserving the next book within 24 hours. /// This series is definitely not realistic and is pretty dramatic lol , but it's lots of fun and it was the first time I'd e [...]

    • Uno dei miei preferiti in assoluto in tutta la serie! Ci si ritrova tutto: la riconquista di un posto elitario, la riconquista dell'amore perduto, il mistero, il thriller, l'investigazione, la psicologia di una persona che sta perdendo la testaLa pecca come al solito è la protagonista.(view spoiler)[Ma io mi chiedo: ti entrano in camera, ti distruggono tutto, sei sicura al 100% di avere uno stalker: perchè cavolo non chiami la polizia?? Alla fine le prove c'erano. Ma no, Reed come al solito è [...]

    • Talk about cliffhanger!!! I ran to grab the next book!! Don't read this unless you have the next book ready to go!!! Wowzers!

    • I felt bad that Reed had to get kicked out of Billings for what she did to Noelle. And having to watch her ex, who she is still in love with, date someone else. Reed suspects the girl, her ex is dating, to be the killer and stalker. This book was very suspenseful. Reed investigated who was stalking her and who killed Cheyenne. There's a cliff hanger at the end of the book.

    • A solid conclusion to the second murder mystery in this series. This book moved quite quickly and Reed somehow was less annoying. Unfortunately the twist was quite predictable given Reed had run through almost every other possible suspect. Enjoyable, but not overly exciting. 4/5

    • I am sorry I wasted time on this book. It was part of a series and way to weak to stand alone. I won't be able to recommend it to students and that is just sad.

    • I loved seeing Reed get a little bit of backbone. I knew who the killer/stalker was, but I didn't guess the reason. P.S.: the dedication was adorable

    • It was enjoyable enough, if not quite as good as the last one I read. I think the cast of characters is far too big!

    • Revelation the 8th book in the Private series by Kate Brian made me wanting the 9th one more than any of the other series other than Twilight that I had read. The very idea of Ariana lurking around in the shadow of my life made my skin crawl. "What if she's on campus somewhere this very second?" Revelation starts out after Reed came back to Easton, only to find out that her Billings sisters had voted her out after the students of Easton seen a video of her and Dash McCafferty during a hot make- [...]

    • I had a hard time trying to finish this novel, I checked its rating score here and it was high, so I forced myself to continue reading with the hope that it will get better, but it didn't. As I noticed it's a series of novels, and I read only this one, maybe this contributed somehow to my lack of interest, but overall, I would say it is teenagers' novel. Not that teenagers should read this kind of books, no one should, but I assume that they would enjoy it more. All it talks about is a bunch of [...]

    • Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooLife couldn't possibly get any worse for Reed Brennan, could it? Welcome to book eight of the PRIVATE series by Kate Brian. When we left the Girls of Billings in AMBITION, Reed had just pulled of the coup of the year with the fundraiser to save the school, only to have her reputation smeared across campus via the technology of cell phones. Someone had caught her 5-minute make-out session with Dash McCafferty, Noelle Lange's on-again/off-again boyfriend. Reed ha [...]

    • When we left the Girls of Billings in "Ambition (Private, Book 7)" Reed had just pulled of the coup of the year with the fundraiser to save the school, only to have her reputation smeared across campus, when someone distributed her short make-out session video with Dash, Noelle's on-again/off-again boyfriend. That is one girl you should never cross. Returning to Easton Academy after Thanksgiving break, she receives the shocking news that the Girls of Billing have voted her out. Everyone in Easto [...]

    • RevelationSeptember 16, 2008 Simon PulsePgs.288 $9.99Kate BrianISBN-13: 9781416958833Imagine being in a school where every year at least someone in the school was in a crime scene, or did a crime. That would be very scary, or even creepy. Now Imagine being accused for doing something you didn't do and everyone in your school was against you. That would be scary and embarrass. In Revelation is where you'll fine the situation where there is a crime every year, and people are being accused for doin [...]

    • SO YEAH, I HAD ALREADY SORT OF SPOILED ME ABOUT THIS TOO. BUT NOT ENTIRELY THANK GOD!I felt a tiny growth coming from Reed, a little bit of maturity maybe. Feeling regret for what she did to James only because of Noelle, and how much she had hurt Josh, then how Noelle actually did only cared about herself. I felt proud of her for trying to blackmail her and run over Amberly Crazy Wannabe. Anyways, I still don't like her addiction to be a BG after all she went through, I don't get her as I would [...]

    • ‘Revelation’ is the eighth book in the ‘Private’ series. Unceremoniously ejected from Billings House, Reed ends up living next to her enemy, Ivy. As people begin spreading the rumour that she had murdered Cheyenne, she resolves to clear her name and uncover the true killer. Meanwhile, she tries to win Noelle back and struggles seeing her ex, Josh with Ivy.Reed’s fall from grace was certainly unpleasant to read about. The author captured her feelings of sadness, desperation and anger pe [...]

    • I am about half way through the book and it is really interesting. I enjoy books that i can sink my teeth into and understand properly. The main character is Reed. The setting is in a university that is split into two groups, Pemberly and Billings. Reed is in Billings, in fact, she is president of Billings. It is an apparent privelage to be accepted, or voted, into the part of university named Billings where both Reed and Noelle have spent 5 millions dollars each. After Reed gets hot and heavy w [...]

    • Reed's character as usual annoyed me in this book. She is one of the most selfish characters that I have ever read while trying to be hero in every book. Reed is kicked out of billings by almost unanimous vote and is forced to live in Pemberly right next dorr to her stalker/potential murder/ boy friend stealing, Ivy. Reed spends the next few week trying to find out who killed Chyanne to clear her name and find a way back into Noelle's good graces after the video of Reed and Dash went Viral. Not [...]

    • This book is the sequel to the Private series, so there was a flashback where in Legacy, where Reed made a huge mistake and hooked her bestfriend Noelle's boyfriend Dash. Noelle and the other Billing girls sooned found out that Reed and Dash were kissing,it was somehow videotaped. Which means there's someone stalking Reed. She is kicked out from the Billings, now she is stuck with Ivy Slade in the Pemberly's. Rumors started, and people is thinking that Reed was the one that murdered Cheyenne. Re [...]

    • Cheyenne Martin was murdered, there’s no doubt about it. And that’s jut the tip of the iceberg of the drama in Reed’s shoes. She’s been voted out of Billings, all the creepy Cheyenne stuff is happening again, and oh yeah, Reed murder suspect number 1.To clear her name, Reed starts investigating the case herself.List of suspects:IVY SLADEMissyLornaMarcTreyS.O. –> Whomever that isBut she’s not the only one trying to solve this murder, and she’s not the only one who creepy things a [...]

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