Night of the Living Trekkies

Night of the Living Trekkies Jim Pike the disillusioned manager of a hotel that is hosting a Star Trek convention finds himself leading a ragtag crew of survivors as a strange virus turns the convention goers into zombies

  • Title: Night of the Living Trekkies
  • Author: Kevin David Anderson Sam Stall
  • ISBN: 9781594744631
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jim Pike, the disillusioned manager of a hotel that is hosting a Star Trek convention, finds himself leading a ragtag crew of survivors as a strange virus turns the convention goers into zombies

    • Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ✓ Night of the Living Trekkies - by Kevin David Anderson Sam Stall ✓
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    • Star Trek + ZombiesForeWIN!This story more than delivered on everything I was hoping for going into it. It met or exceeded expectations in terms of both writing (crisp, polished and very funny) and characters (genuine, endearing, and smart), and the narrative was slick, fast paced and well laid out (i.e twas nary a boring page). In fact, the overall quality was so surprisingly high that it made me wonder why this book isn’t better known, especially given its popular ingredients. Speaking of th [...]

    • Zombiese Final MenaceThese are the struggles ofa bunch of Trekkies trying to survivewhen a zombie outbreak hitsa Star Trek convention,to boldly go where no zombie has gone before!This novel was FUN-tastic! and "creepy good" ;)Honestly I didn't think that I'd enjoy so much this book and I don't know what made me to buy it but I am truly glad that I did it since it was a wonderful experience.It was fun, it was entertaining, it was written with great style and inventive.Most of all, the author must [...]

    • What can one expect from a book called Night of the Living Trekkies?1. Freaky zombies ✓2. Trekkies in homemade uniforms ✓3. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Trek references ✓4. Serious, gory, Zombie slaying madness ✓5. A Convention on the Edge of Forever ✓6. Nuclear Blasts ✓7. Twists and turns ✓8. Plenty o' death ✓9. A Kirk style hero and his buxom, leggy, scantily clad partner ✓10. The obligatory, cheesy, happy-Trek ending ✓Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall deliver on every expect [...]

    • When a zombie outbreak hits a Star Trek convention, it's up to Jim Pike, hotel manager, to get his sister and her friends out aliveThis showed up in my ebook deals a couple days ago. I'm a Star Trek fan and I liked zombies before the concept was run into the ground so this promised to be some brain-chomping good fun.And it was. There are plenty of Star Trek references for the Trekkers and lots of zombie goodness for the fans of the reanimated. When you've got Klingons, a woman dressed like Princ [...]

    • This was fun.Jim Pike was deployed to Afghanistan two times and lost several members of his squad when he happened to be in the hospital for a bleeding ulcer during an ambush. Ever since then, he's felt responsible for their deaths. As a civilian, he's chosen "safe" and easy jobs so he doesn't have to worry about letting anyone down. When the story begins, he's a bellhop/newly promoted assistant manager at a two-star hotel where a Star Trek convention is about to take place.Little does anyone kn [...]

    • Two Star Trek convention attendees are on their way to the Klingon Feast. Here is a snippet of their conversation:"Now you're freaking me out," Gary said. "I'm freaking myself out," Jim said. "But I know two people who were bitten today. One of them developed a really strange rash on her shoulder. And a lot of my coworkers are calling in sick. Isn't this how zombie movies always start? With lots of minor, seemingly unrelated incidents?""There's just one problem with your theory," Gary said. "Zom [...]

    • This is a book about a zombie outbreak that takes place in Houston in a hotel that is hosting a Star Trek convention. Wait, I'm just going to say that again. This is a book about a zombie outbreak that takes place in Houston in a hotel that is hosting a Star Trek convention. Whatever you thought of when you read that sentence, whatever expectations entered your head at the sight of those words - hear me now. This book fulfills that promise times one hundred. I am not kidding. This is hilarious, [...]

    • This is an extremely silly bookbut isn't that the point? :DThe blurb says it all. Our hero is Jim Pike (yes, Trekkies -- that's his real name) & he's a young army vet suffering from PTSD after two disastrous tours in Afghanistan. His newest job is glorified bellhop at a Houston convention center named the Botany Bay (yes, Trekkies -- THAT Botany Bay), which is currently playing host to a weekend Star Trek geekfest. But between hosting Klingon dinner parties & chasing face-painted morons [...]

    • Up to this stardate I've managed to avoid the zombification/vampirization-of-beloved-literary-icons genre (though I have enjoyed the GR reviews of these works) but based on Brad's review and the fact that it's Trekwell, "resistance is futile," as they say.I'll probably warp through this over the weekend.________________________________________________________________A surprisingly good Zombie-Star Trek adventure. You actually kind of really care about what happens to the people in the book: Jim [...]

    • Ever since zombies invaded the pages of Jane Austen with great success, publishers have been searching for the next great mash-up novel. Earlier this year, we got "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter," a funny take on the historical biography that asked what if Honest Abe was really a vampire slayer? On the other end of the spectrum is the Hugo-nominated zombie/steampunk novel "Boneshaker."And then, somewhere in the middle is the mash-up, "Night of the Living Trekkies." The story is a satire, bringi [...]

    • I just finished this one and while it's a bit of a mixed bag (seems to be a phrase I use a lot lately) on the whole (as is that one) this is a thoroughly enjoyable book. This is a sort of cross genre parody seriocomic tale of the zombie apocalypse a Star Trek convention. There are places where the novel touches on many, manyny books and movies that you almost undoubtedly have seen and read. The best part of the book in my opinion was/is the parody. The cliches from zombie, science fiction and ho [...]

    • This book was a lot of fun. The geek in me loved the idea of a zombie outbreak at a Star Trek convention. I'm not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination, but I love the Star Trek movies and the original series. How can you not love Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Lt. Uhura? And, of course, Mr. Sulu (George Takei is just awesome). But I digress. This was a fast, fun read. It had the right amount of cheese, gore, one-liners and general geekiness to make this sci-fi nerd happy. I probably woul [...]

    • I'm a proud second-generation Trekker, and everybody knows that zombies are awesome. So when somebody writes a book about a zombie outbreak at a Star Trek convention, my only response has to be, "Shut up and take my money." Here's the thing: Night of the Living Trekkies works equally well as an affectionate parody of Trekkies/Trekkers and as a zombie book. Seriously. The zombies are frightening, gruesome, and even have an original touch. (Alien parasites! How very Trek.) There's good action, wit [...]

    • I thought this would be a spoof all the way through. I was plesantly surprised to find it much better written than I had expected. Not an award winner---but definitely worth reading once.The slow build-up of how Jim Pike pulls a diverse group of fans together to survive is well done. I liked the ending. And I do not want to say much because I do not want to spoil things for readers.It starts a little slow, but I recommend keep reading for a bit. I thought it improved as it went along. It is defi [...]

    • You cannot fault a book that does exactly what it says it will. You can judge this book by its cover. You can judge this book by its name.I mean c'mon, if you are not immediately enticed by that sick & silly cover, then this book probably just isnt for you. Its for people that love Star Trek, and who love zombies*, and just want to ready some brain candy and have some fun. The book is predictable, but the writing is solid, and you will grin your whole way through. * I dont love zombies. I am [...]

    • I got pretty much what I expected going in: plenty of Trek references, a high body count, digs or references to other sci-fi stuff (Star Wars, Stargate, Aliens, Babylon 5), and scenes where the characters reflect and grow and the music grows louder.So now that I've popped my mash-up cherry, next up is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. :D

    • This was a fun, brain-less novel. It is a zombie story set at a Star Trek convention, which is an interesting mix. It felt a little bit like the authors were like, "Hey! What if we write a book about my favorite thing and your favorite thing!?" Bam! Zombies meet Star Trek. That said, neither element was terribly developed. I am not a huge Star Trek fan and given the choice between meeting Mark Hamill and William Shatner, I'd choose Mark Hamill just about every day. Although, I bet William Shatne [...]

    • So Star Trek and zombies? Well, despite the shelf, I am not all that fond of zombies. They lack a certain something. But this book isn't too bad, and makes good use of fan trophes, movie trophes, and so on. You do care a bit for the characters, sterotypes that they may be based on.

    • I would not call this book good. The book decidedly needs some editing. But it was exactly what I wanted from a book about zombies attacking a Trek con.

    • I remember seeing this book when it came out and then it slipped my mind. Stephen's review put it squarely back in the middle of my radar. To be fair, Stephen's reviews are always good reading, but this one was so darned enthusiastic that I paid extra attention.If you hate both Star Trek and ZombiesI don’t know what to tell you. You obviously have made some wrong decisions in your life that have led you to this unfortunate circumstance. Maybe you should go and take a long hard look at yourself [...]

    • Take a large Star Trek convention in a big Texas city and add a zombie apocalypse to it along with some delightful characters and you've got a really enjoyable read. The Star Trek (and some Star Wars) references here were thick and fun. It contains a bit of graphic horror but I don't think it's enough to turn most weak stomachs off. All the chapters were named after well known Star Trek episodes. The final couple of concluding chapters were very well done and wrapped up the story quite nicely. Y [...]

    • I grabbed this because I love Star Trek and zombies so the idea was awesome but it was much better then I anticipated. The "zombies" were actually infected with an alien parasite (a similar idea to Stephen Kings Dreamcatcher) and have an inner networking system so they can work together. The story takes place at a hotel hosting Gulfcon or as I like to think of it "Gathering of the Trekkies" (star trek fan cosplay) where a man who works there tries to go from room to room avoiding zombies to find [...]

    • Really more of a 2.5 than a 3. It was better than "ok" but I didn't like it enough to want to recommend to a friend. The story seems pretty typical of zombie stories rampant in today's movies, TV, books and graphic novels. The addition of the Star Trek convention and the Star Trek/Star Wars references added a bit of whimsy and fun. The book didn't seem to be able to make up its mind if it wants to be a horror story or a true parody. The book was a quick read and provided some mild amusement.

    • Not a book I would normally pick but it was a bookclub selection, so I did read it. It was entertaining, but no surprises on the bad guy. It read like an episode of Star Trek would play out on TV. A quick entertaining read.

    • Lo ves en una estantería, piensas que será otra basura más del machacado género zombi que aprovecha algo con tirón y le mete infectados. Te animas a comprarlo, lo haces sin pensar, automáticamente. Luego descansa en tu habitación durante meses hasta que ves una película de serie b y te acuerdas del libro, en ese momento te convences en que será tu próxima lectura.Te sientas en tu cómoda butaca con semejante mierda de portada, lo abres y lees.No es lo que uno piensa. Se trata de que en [...]

    • I was a bit skeptical about this book considering the name and all but after reading Stephen's review I was pretty much sold. The book did not disappoint. The characters were solid and likable, the story three tons of fun, and the zombies were actually interesting in their own way. As I child I watched the old Star Trek, as a preteen I watched the Next Gen, as a teenager I watched Night of the living Dead, Braindead, etc. so this was a very fun combination for me.

    • What a fun ride! Trekkies wielding bat'leths and tasers against zombies at a convention. I simply couldn't put it down.

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