The Drowning River

The Drowning River Meet Sandro Cellini Florence s answer to Donna Leon s Guido Brunetti One wet November in Florence the grieving widow of an eminent Jewish architect comes to visit Sandro Cellini good husband disgr

  • Title: The Drowning River
  • Author: Christobel Kent
  • ISBN: 9780312621018
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Sandro Cellini, Florence s answer to Donna Leon s Guido Brunetti.One wet November in Florence, the grieving widow of an eminent Jewish architect comes to visit Sandro Cellini, good husband, disgraced ex policeman, and recently turned PI, to ask him to investigate her husband s suicide Cellini takes her on out of sympathy, although this first case makes a downbeat staMeet Sandro Cellini, Florence s answer to Donna Leon s Guido Brunetti.One wet November in Florence, the grieving widow of an eminent Jewish architect comes to visit Sandro Cellini, good husband, disgraced ex policeman, and recently turned PI, to ask him to investigate her husband s suicide Cellini takes her on out of sympathy, although this first case makes a downbeat start to his new career There seems no doubt that Claudio Gentileschi, a Holocaust survivor and lifelong depressive found drowned on a bleak stretch of the River Arno, did take his own life, and initially Cellini imagines that his only duty is to support the widow through her time of mourning.But as Cellini doggedly retraces the architect s last hours through the worst rains since the devastating floods of 1966, a young Englishwoman is found to have gone missing from the city s community of hard drinking, high living art students, and Sandro s search turns abruptly into something grimmer and urgent than he could have imagined, as he uncovers a network of greed and corruption that is hidden under a veneer of tradition and refinement.The Drowning River is a spot on, atmospheric new mystery, the first in a series featuring Cellini.

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    • Christobel Kent

      Christobel Kent was born in London in 1962 and now lives in Cambridge with her husband and four children in between she lived in Florence She worked in publishing for several years, most recently as Publicity Director at Andre Deutsch Her debut novel A Party in San Niccolo, was published in 2003.Series Sandro Cellini

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    • I wanted to like this book because a series set in beautiful Florence, Italy, seems enticing. Moreover, the book has been very well-reviewed.BUT I could not get past page 9 because of the writing. I realize that serious readers can disagree about style and aesthetics. Stylistically, the lengthy sentence fragment annoys me. A sentence such as "However, although when I first visited the Kaffeehaus in the Boboli gardens, it was open for customers and entirely possible to sit on its terrace overlook [...]

    • The book, The Drowning River, by Christobel Kent, is about a man, named Andro Cellini,who has recently quit from being a policeman in the city Lorrence. As this women comes to him for help. She asks to take a look at his suicide to see if it was set up and not actually a suicide. After some time of thinking about it Andro takes the case to work on and open a new business for himself. My favorite part of this book is when he starts to investigate in the case and sets up for shop to figure out thi [...]

    • Totally enjoyable book! Set in Florence, so that's fun right off the bat. Former police officer turned private investigator Sandro Cellini is great. And a bunch of great female characters. Iris, an English art student whose roommate disappears, helps Sandro solve the mystery, and at the same time learns some valuable life lessons. Sandro's wife, Luisa, and their friend, Lucia, are also terrific. The city of Florence becomes a character too. Would make a good movie!

    • Set in Florence, this novel introduces a new sleuth on the scene, a worthy successor to Aurelio Zen, Guido Brunetti and Gabriel Allon. Very well written and crafted (except for one slip where the word "hummus" is used where "humus" was obviously meant, unless it is a British variant of "humus") it is a great start to what I hope will be a series of "Sandro Cellini" novels.

    • I vacillated between two and three stars for this review. I'm reading this for a book club - and to be honest, I probably wouldn't have got through the first few chapters if I hadn't been obliged to read it for the club. The problem, really, is Commisario Brunetti. Every other Italian detective novel has to live up to his standard. Unfortunately the hero in this novel isn't a smartly dressed, well educated detective with a charming family. He's the stereotypical down-at-heel, hard-done-by, forci [...]

    • Sandro Cellini stands at the window of his new office. He has sharpened the pencils, prepared some file folders, and sat wondering why he had an office at all. Sandro had been a well-respected and successful investigator in the police department that served and protected the people of Florence. After nearly thirty years on the police force, Sandro had allowed emotion to rule his decisions rather than the rules of the department. All he wanted to do was offer some comfort to a father whose child [...]

    • This first book in a detective series had some of the flaws often found in first books. I didn't know the characters so I had to meet them and figure out who would be in future books and who was only temporary. There had to be some explanation of why the private detective was no longer with the police and that sort of thing. But I loved the setting in Florence, Italy, and the case the detective was investigating wrapped up neatly. I enjoyed the relationship between the middle-aged detective and [...]

    • Although the ending was predictable I enjoyed this novel very much. Some reviewers have complained about the writing style but I thought the settings and characters were interesting and the short chapters made it easy to read.

    • Enjoyable detective novelI really enjoyed this book. The backdrop of Florence and the art world woven into the disappearance of a young girl and apparent suicide of an old man, had me gripped from the first chapter. Looking forward to the next instalment!

    • While this is listed in as "Sandro Cellini #1," it is actually a sequel to "A Florentine Revenge," in which most of the characters in this book are introduced. Sandro and Luisa Cellini and Giulietta Sarto all play major roles in the earlier book.I really enjoyed the first half of "The Drowning River," but to some extent lost patience with it after that. Many things I liked about the first book continue in this one -- some nice writing, a sense of actually being in Florence, and at least the fir [...]

    • (3.5 stars) This new series introduces Sandro Cellini, a newly minted private investigator, who after years in the police force in Florence, Italy, was forced to retire early after providing confidential information to a victim's family. As he waits for business, Sandro watches the world go by his window and worries about his wife's health. His first case is to investigate an apparent suicide of an elderly Jewish gentleman. The case is brought to him by the man's wife who cannot believe he would [...]

    • Who can resist an Italian detective devoted to his wife? First Donna Leon’s Brunetti stole my heart and now Christobel Kent’s Sandro Cellini, private detective, in A Time of Mourning. I listened to the audio version but couldn’t find it listed on so am posting my comments here.The suicide of a venerable artist is Cellini’s first case since he retired from the police force in Florence, Italy. His investigation of the old man’s suicide on behalf of his wife who is adamant that her husba [...]

    • This book chosen randomly from the library shelf proved to be the perfect summer read. Set in Florence, November 2006, 40 years after the last time the River Arno jumped its banks, the novel is steeped in the atmosphere of cold old buildings, misty alleyways, coffee houses smelling of wet wool, and rain, rain, rain, and even a repeat of the 1966 flood.A British art student goes missing; her roommate is concerned when the roommate's purse is found in Boboli Garden. About the same time, an eminent [...]

    • As others have said, there is no listing for an audio edition but this is the version I listened to on holiday in Italy. It is an intelligent crime novel about a lost foreign student and a vanished artist. Though I picked it largely as being recommended in The Rough Guide to Tuscany & Umbria 5, unfortunately it is continually raining in the novel, so not exactly the perfect holiday read by the pool! The detective, Sandro, is also rather downbeat but nevertheless I found it a thoughtful tale [...]

    • I am not quite sure what to make of this novel. I don't know how it came to be on my list of books to read but my guess is that it had something to do with its Florentine setting. And that may well be the reason I don't feel quite right describing it as merely OK. A fleeting phrase described somewhere important to me. I feel faintly ashamed of being so easily handcuffed to a story by nostalgia. That said, I did also keep reading to find out whether Ronnie, the missing girl was dead, alive or on [...]

    • A melancholy private investigator tackles two murky murder cases set in Florence, Italy. An elderly man walks into the river Arno and drowns. A young English girl named Ronnie disappears without a word to her friends. These events eventually become crimes as Sandro Celleni, a disgraced former police officer and now a private investigator answers the plea of the man's widow to solve his apparent suicide. The drowned man led a double life unknown to his wife. Iris March, the roommate of the missin [...]

    • I don't know if Kent is trying to make stylistic choices or if she really doesn't know how to structure a sentence well, but, wow, does it make for clunky reading. The real problem is lack of anything remotely interesting in this novel. The mystery is dull and written completely without any tension. It's obvious to the reader who did it way before it becomes clear to the main character.Speaking of the characters. They are as bland, lifeless and have little to no personality. I can't think of any [...]

    • I eagerly anticipated a mystery talking place in Florence , Italy involving what appeared to be interesting characters. I got off on the wrong foot because I kept getting the women confused. Two important female characters were called Lucia and Luisa, only one consonant of difference, and two other major females were Anna and Antonella, somewhat better, but with all the same why not vary the names a little?Then poor Sandro, our hero so unhappy, so worried, so insecure, so wishy washy, how could [...]

    • if this is the 'first' of a series it lacks something for meybe its just Florence, not one of my favorite Italian cities but I did not like the back and forth and sideways local changes that the author put us through. Especially if atmosphere and character is what one is going for here - too many distractions and bad weather! (oh wait. Those are my own prejudices I brought to the read!). This was a friend's recommendation and I'm always up for something she suggests - but as she admits, she also [...]

    • This version published as "A Time of Mourning"Audiobook read by Saul Reichlin.The title comes from the rains in a Florence which are threatening a repeat of the floods in the '60s which devastated the city. Sandro Cellini, who has left the police force in disgrace, is now setting up as a private investigator, and is called in to delve into the death of an elderly Florentinian architect.Meanwhile, an English art student has gone missing, and the two stories soon intertwine.The characters are nice [...]

    • Good mystery story by a author new to me. Our protagonist is a former police detective in Florence, Italy, who has been forced to retire for reasons that are understandable. At the urging of his wife, he has established himself as a private investigator.The author establishes the city of Florence as a strong element to the unfolding story of 2 missing persons. It is this localization of the story and the way the local geography and the people of the city are important to the story that is especi [...]

    • c2009: FWFTB: Florence, art, students, suicide, detective. A better title for this book would have been 'A time of rain'. Rain and water looms large in this book and becomes an evocative background to what is really quite a sad story with some old style tragic characters. The whodunit part is cleverly plotted. I kept thinking that it was so obvious who did it and why and thenmething else is thrown into the mix. The main protagonist is an interesting and well-drawn chap and I look forward to seei [...]

    • I hate the way one's half-written review is erased if one switched to the correct edition part way through.In contrast with the extremely picky and the extremely glowing, I found this to be a well-crafted mystery full of credibly human people with all their frailties and foibles. The writing did not confuse me. Even the awkward sentence in the writers' note about the Boboli Gardens didn't bother me00 it wasn't part of the story.I look forward to reading more by this writer. The setting is great [...]

    • Despite having a rather predictable solution to the mystery and therefore a slightly disappointing ending, this book manages to weave such a rich atmosphere that I was drawn in and mesmerized. It starts out with two separate storylines which eventually intersect. While they were still separate, I hated for one to end and the narrative to switch to the other because I was so engrossed into one character's story. Then it would switch and I'd get just as interested in the other plot line. The book [...]

    • Half checks would be good as this book really deserves 3.5. The setting is very well described and the city of Florence -- and it's oppressively wet November weather -- plays out as a character as critical to the plot and pacing as the two primary protagonists. The dual threads are well-crafted and brought together in intelligent and believable fashion. The 1/2 check demerit is only for the infrequent transitional plotting lapses where I was not quite clear who was doing what. Gaining the thread [...]

    • I'm enjoying this series of mysteries set in Florence by Christobel Kent. It's obvious that the author knows and like Florence. The main characters are believable and likeable. Sandro Cellini a former middle-aged policeman is now a private investigator. He often wonders, if he's up to this career switch. The book, describing the disappearance of a teenage art student, is his first case as a private detective. Wife, Luisa facing a health problem, is supportive and helpful. Giulietta, a former pro [...]

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