The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room This is not a romance I NEVER write romances If you re after one please don t read this We are all animals Sophie all of us We think we are so smart masters of our destinies yes We lie to ourselve

  • Title: The Waiting Room
  • Author: Remittance Girl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is not a romance I NEVER write romances If you re after one, please don t read this We are all animals, Sophie, all of us We think we are so smart masters of our destinies, yes We lie to ourselves that we have control But if it does not rain, we die of thirst If it rains too much, we drown Everyone needs to discover his or her own special place in the world This is not a romance I NEVER write romances If you re after one, please don t read this We are all animals, Sophie, all of us We think we are so smart masters of our destinies, yes We lie to ourselves that we have control But if it does not rain, we die of thirst If it rains too much, we drown Everyone needs to discover his or her own special place in the world, but Sophie has found it almost impossible Late one night, in the tumbledown waiting room of a derelict Cambodian train station, she meets a stranger who offers to change her life.Having seen how fleeting and cruel life can be, Alex has found his own way to deal with its uncertainty With the help of Marcus, his mentor, he has come to believe it is only through artificially imposed order and physical discipline that one can find a semblance of serenity.Alex is certain he knows how to cure Sophie of her existential angst But lurking beneath his altruism, does he have his own agenda The Waiting Room is a dark erotica novella exploring the limits of sexual domination and submission.

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    About “Remittance Girl

    • Remittance Girl

      Remittance Girl is a writer of erotic fiction NOT ROMANCE OR EROTIC ROMANCE Most of my work is short stories, but I do write some longer pieces serials, novellas, etc I live as an expat in a small Southeast Asian country, where I teach, write and grow orchids I live with a cat called Seven Although writing is not my main profession, it is the focus of my life I hope that shows in the quality of my work.As a writer, I feel very strongly that the erotica genre has suffered greatly over the years from a lack of quality, good editorship, and a dearth of publishers willing to put new material out there It seems to have been appropriated by two literary camps romantic fiction and pornography These days most erotic fiction is either a romance novel with the spicy bits left in or, on the other side of the spectrum, stroke fiction with the solitary and express purpose of providing guided masturbatory fantasies.This is sad, because I think erotic fiction, as a genre, should be neither and both those things, but it ought to be , as well I have no objection to representations of romantic entanglements in erotica, just as I have no objections to them in a sci fi novel Nor do I have any objections to a reader finding that a specific story arouses them to the point of wanting to masturbate That s also fine But there are perfectly good genres where either of those reader desires are fulfilled specifically.I believe that erotica, as a genre, should deal with the theme of erotic desire and, ideally, how desire informs, changes and manipulates the lives of the characters who are desirous If erotic fiction can be this, then I think it has the potential to be an important cultural product, and should be proudly included in the literary cannon.Some of you will have cleverly noticed that Remittance Girl is not the name I was born with I decided to use a pseudonym because it is in keeping with the tradition of the Victorian pornographers I could have chosen a name that sounded like a name, but where would be the fun it that This is my identity for my writing, and for my online persona I ve had it for many years now.The name itself is a reference to a remittance man describes a remittance man thus Remittance Man In the 19th century, the English usage of the word usually referred to money sent from England the opposite direction to today s usual usage of the term A remittance man was an exile living on money sent from home Within Victorian British culture, this often meant the black sheep of an upper or middle class family who was sent away from the UK to the Empire , and paid to stay away These men were generally of dissolute or drunken character, and may have been sent overseas after one or disgraces at home.If you wish to contact me, please email me at remittancegirl at gmail dot com

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    • Although I had the "pleasure" to come across 3 flashers in my life so far, it never occurred to me to excitedly spread my legs for them. The heroine in The Waiting Room does exactly that though, when she misses the evening train to Phnom Penh and is stranded on a deserted train platform in Battambang, Cambodia, with a German backpacker.It was a waiting room - a shell with no window fittings or doors, a decidedly dead Coke machine which probably hadn't worked in years and, very much to her surpri [...]

    • It is erotic. It is dark. It deals with Dominant/Submissive themes. All the stuff we love, right?I find myself in a mental flurry because there is so much to say about The Waiting Room I am unsure where to begin. I want to approach this review as less of a personal experience and more of a review but it is very difficult. Let's see how I do.The Waiting Room is 122 pages in PDF form and comes in at approximately 40,361 words. Remittance Girl (RG) uses language in a way I can only describe as stic [...]

    • Amazing. Infuriating. Intensely erotic. Absolutely stunning. Ultimately satisfying. And suprisingly funny at times.Coherent review to come. All I can say now is I loved every letter of it.Thank you, Katinka, for recommending this author.

    • I usually don't read novellas, I like to feel drawn in by a longer story and novellas usually feel lacking. However, this novella was just long enough. I was so absorbed in the reading that any longer would've been too much. This story is a psychological delving into the mind that is wholly realistic and gritty yet strangely pure and beautiful.In every literary genre I read, I find that there is this huge block of popular books, within the genre, that I just can't relate to. Other readers of the [...]

    • I'm sitting here debating between 4-5 stars but Alex completely won me over and I never felt like kicking the heroine so 5 stars it is

    • This is literary erotica. The distinction between it and erotic romance may not seem very large but the chasm can be huge. Largely psychological with a couple of protagonists who you desperately want to get to know this one screws around with your head quite a bit. I did not get Sophie at all for the longest time - didn't understand her. Alex I got - he made sense to me and his background was just out of reach until he started talking to his mentor in the intervening chapters. The push and pull [...]

    • Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerThis review on Dear Author caught my attention. The subject was daunting to me, but I usually enjoy the books Janine recommends so I decided to check out the author. That’s how I came across The Waiting Room.The book opens with Sophie getting ready to spend the night in the waiting room of a Cambodian train station. She’s not alone, there’s a man there as well. She falls asleep but a noise of a zipper lowering awakens her, and when she opens he [...]

    • 2.5 StarsThis started off as a really good read. Alex and Sophie meet at a waiting room of a train station in Cambodia, and have a little tryst, which turns into a full blown sexathon for a few days while they're waiting for the torrential rain to clear.Although it was generally well written, it left me feeling somewhat confused, in a 'what the fuck is going on?' kind of way. I'm a bit hungover today - maybe it's me??? I liked Alex, but I wanted to know more about his backstory with Marcus. Soph [...]

    • Without question, five stars for this psychological drama with an understory of D/s any plot details would be a spoiler, and I'm just not willing to do that to any of you, dear readers.I was sucked in on the first page and did not put the book down - I read it straight through to the end. Not a HEA book, either - which made it feel so possibly real. I enjoyed Sophie's struggles - both internal and with Alex - the denouement was not entirely predictable - and there were no loose ends left at the [...]

    • This is my favourite kind of erotica, a story that makes you think, and one that has enabled me think of other erotica stories I've read in a different light some have moved closer to the porn side of things whilst others closer to the erotic. For me erotica is more than a set of instructions neither is it a written 'visual' of a porn film, it doesn't need a 'love' story, The Waiting Room has/is none of these, but the mere fact that the story is still milling around in my head is testament to it [...]

    • Originally reviewed at The Forbidden Bookshelf.The Waiting Room begins with a very unusual introduction. Alex and Sophie’s first meeting in an outdoor waiting room of a train station in Cambodia is very unexpected. They are both expatriates who are on their way back to Hanoi where they both work. It seems the next train is not due for several hours and nightfall has quickly descended upon them. Sophie decides to sleep on one of the benches but is soon woken by the sound of a lone stranger’s [...]

    • Remittance Girl must be applauded for her talent in the art of transporting her readers out of their chairs and into the moment. The Waiting Room is a trip to Southeast Asia as vividly presented as the emotional conflict suffered by her heroine. Amazingly detailed and nuanced, I enjoyed the psychological ingredients laced into every aspect of this unconventional love story. I will term it a love story, in that the characters developed a strong bond in a short amount of time. Though it won't offe [...]

    • I love this author's work and that is why I am giving this novella 5 stars. Other reviewers have given the synopsis of this book. So I will say that if you are looking for evocative, intense, hauntingly,descriptive writingen this author is for you. Reading the scenes of the Cambodian railway station - you feel as if you are there, can feel the humidity, the heat. This book would be one of the best I have read in this genre. The writing is beautiful.

    • Totally loved Sophie and Alexwhat a wonderful readwe all need a lover like Alex.d who taught Alexwhy Marcus and at the age of 23me thought provoking stimuli going on herewell worth the read

    • I purchased The Waiting Room a few years ago and it occurred to me tonight that I hadn't written a review.I usually write reviews of emotionally driven ineloquent drivel, partially as some sort of exercise in mind dysentery. As if I don't get it all out now, somehow I'll forget, which probably isn't the best way to write reviews. I try to process it while it's still raw but sometimes I find that I would have been better off sitting on it awhile—that and the fact that there are so many other re [...]

    • If I had to use a single word to describe Remittance Girl's The Waiting Room, it would be intellectual. This isn't a book designed to send your hands to your crotch for a quick release. Saying that it's intellectual does not take away from it's erotic elements. The sex is arousing and the scenes well written. RG does an amazing job of showing how the sexuality of the characters was shaped by intense psychological and physical experiences. My favorite scene involves willing submission of a strong [...]

    • This was a random find for me and the blurb sucked me in. I liked the characters and the initial shock of the opening chapter. Call me a sicko, but all I needed was that first encounter to get me hooked. It wasn't a beautiful story with a saccharine ending. It was complicated, dark and dirty and it was sad. Happily ever after isn't for everyone.

    • Yeah, meh, whatever. All the more disappointing because Remittance Girl can write, this is a poor show of terrible exposition, characters that haven't been fully explored and some dialogues that I want to unsee. Out of all her works I have read, this is the one I least enjoyed, and I would recommend reading any other of RGs works first before this one, which I find to be the least elegant.

    • So great. Like a super kinky gritty foreign movie you start watching and you cant look away even though its 3am you know you have work the next day. The story is fantastic, almost ugly at times but somehow even the ugly just made it more fascinatining and beautiful, if that makes any sense.

    • So, no rating, because honestly, other than the non traditional settings ( which I flat out loved) I have no idea how I feel about this book. I'm glad I read it, and will in all likelihood, look up more Remittance Girl titles, but it's definitely not my usual type of book.

    • This book is a polished diamond. The characters are amazingly complex, and I was left wanting more. I also have the overwhelming desire to discuss this book, an impulse I haven't had in a while.

    • I love books like this - equal parts erotic, intelligent and well written. Though this is a novella, the length is perfect for the story.

    • Want a book to haunt you long after you read it? This is a phenomenal piece of work. The prose and imagery invoke delicious sensations in the recesses of one's mind - especially mine.

    • 4 stars out of 5.dark erotica- BUT this one is as much about the mind as the body. :)

    • Loved the story, loved the characters. I would describe this as erotica for intellectuals. Best $3 I have spent in ages"No one has died from this, Schatze. Never. I promise." (less)

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