Queen of the Sylphs

Queen of the Sylphs It was a dream come true Solie had her own battler a creature of almost infinite magic who could vaporize legions in the blink of an eye and would willingly suffer a thousand bloody deaths to protect

  • Title: Queen of the Sylphs
  • Author: L.J. McDonald
  • ISBN: 9781428512160
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • It was a dream come true Solie had her own battler, a creature of almost infinite magic who could vaporize legions in the blink of an eye and would willingly suffer a thousand bloody deaths to protect her She was his love More simply, she was his queen Many others feel the same The new built settlement is a haven for all Erected by sylphs of earth and fire, air and wIt was a dream come true Solie had her own battler, a creature of almost infinite magic who could vaporize legions in the blink of an eye and would willingly suffer a thousand bloody deaths to protect her She was his love More simply, she was his queen Many others feel the same The new built settlement is a haven for all Erected by sylphs of earth and fire, air and water, the Valley is Solie s dominion But, lovers without peer or killers without mercy, the very nature of their battler protectors means peril It is not in any sylph s nature to disobey, and while some are hers to command, others are the slaves of Solie s enemies the jealous, the cruel Those who guard her must not fail Their peasant born ruler is not yet safe as QUEEN OF THE SYLPHS

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      282 L.J. McDonald
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    About “L.J. McDonald

    • L.J. McDonald

      I first started writing in 1986, when my grade ten English teacher read some of my poetry and said that I had talent I was so floored at the concept that I started writing short stories My parents weren t quite so thrilled that I was doing something that took my away from my schoolwork, so I arranged to write a novel for two school credits, thereby turning writing into homework Those two credits resulted in the creation of the novel Cure for the Phoenix, which I haven t read in over twenty years and which will likely not see the light of day Even now I remember it as being quite clich d, though my husband likes it I did make some attempts to get published over the years, and almost made it at one point, but other things were on my mind To me, not submitting was easier than dealing with rejection slips, so I stopped trying I did still keep on writing though It s true that for writers, it s a compulsion I just never considered the idea that anyone other than my husband would want to read any of it That changed when I picked up a book titled Moongazer by Marianne Mancusi It had an ad in it for the Shomi Romantic Fantasy Novel Writing Contest, where the winner would get a guaranteed publishing contract in Canada and the United States I mentioned it to my husband and he nagged me until I entered the first three chapters of The Battle Sylph in March of 2008 Sometime after that, I was wandering the Shomi site and found a link to a page detailing what features the judges were looking for Other than my book being fantasy, I hadn t done a single thing on the list and figured I must have lost My husband said, okay, wait for them to confirm that, then ship it out to the next company You re not hiding for the next twenty years this time So, time passed, and the contest closed The day after the winner was chosen, I was emailed by someone at Shomi who did confirm that, yes, I d lost the contest, but the head Editor liked my three chapters so much he wanted to see the rest of the book So I had a minor heart attack and sent it in I then heard nothing until November 2008, when I was contacted by Chris Keeslar, Senior Editor for Dorchester Publishing, asking if the book was still available I said yes, as were the four sequels A week later, he bought the first three books in the series and I had another near heart attack I also decided I needed an agent It s a lot easier to find an agent when you submit emails with subject lines that read I have a guaranteed publishing contract for three novels need an agent Within a month, I d signed with Michelle Grajkowski with the Three Seas Literary Agency, and the rest, hopefully, will be happy history for everyone.

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    • Review below and atnloversbooksandmoreSometimes a book grabs you, and places you in the author’s beautifully created world so effectively; you cannot imagine the story ending. I fell in love with McDonald’s The Battle Sylph (book 1 in the Sylph series) and craved more. I read The Shattered Sylph (book 2 in the Sylph series) and almost immediately began bugging the author for the release dates of the next book in the series. I was like a squealing fangirl when I received an ARC copy of Queen [...]

    • This is the third book in L.J. McDonald's Battle Sylph series and, while I generally liked the first two, I really didn't care for this one at all. The first two were pretty entertaining and the world building was original and creative. In this third book, McDonald advances the timeline by six years and instead of a new hero and heroine, this book revolves around life in Sylph Valley under Queen Solie and catching us up with the changes that have occurred. Generally, I like that kind of thing. I [...]

    • Wow. This book had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning to the very last page. It is somewhat of a departure from the previous installments in the series. Each of the first two books focused on the love story of an individual couple with the backdrop of the rich complicated world the author has created. But not this book. This book features all of the characters we already know and have come to care for, without a central love story. It feels a little different, but I still loved it [...]

    • Review crossposted at The Book Pushers thebookpushers/2011/09/29/Ever since I read the first book of the series, The Battle Sylph, I have fallen in love with the world of the elemental shapeshifting sylphsm and the humorous and fast pace writing of L.J McDonald. So when I had the chance I eagerly devoured the Queen of the Sylphs which is the 3rd instalment of the sweeping, romantic fantasy series. It is a marked departure from the previous two books because the action and the focus of the book i [...]

    • L.J. McDonald's Queen of the Sylphs is her latest book set in the same world that she began in The Battle Sylph.As the story begins, Solie has settled in as Queen of Sylph Valley. She has also grown into her new duties and responsibilities. She may sometimes mourn the days when she was a carefree girl who could afford to have simple friendships, but she is confident in the role that she has taken on, and she has every right to be.The surrounding kingdoms are threatened by Sylph Valley. Their uno [...]

    • Okay, yikes. Now, I'm prone to leave reviews if I feel that a book was especially good (5 stars out of 5) or horrendously awful (0 stars out of 5) - and I'm going to have to say that Queen of the Sylphs was ESPECIALLY BAD.How bad? After all, this book has an over all high average based on the cumulative score of over 100 voters - how bad can it be? Well my friends, let me start by saying that this book was so painful to read that if allowed for us to rate 0 or less, I would have been on that op [...]

    • There are once more assassins in the Valley of the Sylph. Presumed to be sent from King Alcor, Leon , as the former head of the king’s security should be able to identify them, but Leon and Ril have not returned from their mission to save Lizzie. Without knowing who sent the assassins, Solie is reluctant to kill them. Deception and turmoil seem to be the theme of the day. As someone in the valley is killing battle sylph masters. The peace they had worked so hard to create is now in jeopardy. I [...]

    • This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: September 5, 2011 (Available Now!)Publisher: Dorchester PublishingImprint: N/AAuthor’s Website: ljmcdonald/My Source for This Book: Part of a Series: Yes, Book 3, SylphsSeries Best Read In Order: YesSteam Level: WarmI struggled so much in writing this review, because I wanted it to remain spoiler-free — so much so that I found that I couldn’t even write a good synopsis without giving away cruci [...]

    • I love this series and to say I am emotionally invested in the characters would be an understatement. This installment of the series was hard to read. The author takes you on a road full of angst and shock. There were quite a few moments in my head thinking ”What? NO! NNNOOO!” It was good to finish the book, I didn’t feel happy at the end, but at ease. I wouldn’t recommend this as a stand-alone, just because I think you need to see where the characters come to appreciate them. But if you [...]

    • Yet another awesome entry into the Sylph world! I am always blown away by how richly detailed her worldbuilding is, yet how easily the reader is integrated into that world and the story being told. I liked that McDonald doesn't pull any punches - unafraid to transform a good character into a bad one or even kill them if necessary. A/B+

    • I really REALLY love this series - but #3 in the series just seemed so disjointed. I usually have no problem following multiple characters and threads, but this one - it just seemed to be all over the road.

    • There Is No UtopiaSix years ago, a young girl named Solie was brought to a castle to be a sacrifice, to die at the hand of a pompous king's son so he could enslave a battle sylph, a magical creature from another dimension. Things didn't go so well for the son or the king. They went much better for Solie, who named the battler and became his love and master.He made her his queen.For six years Solie has ruled as queen of Sylph Valley. The battle sylphs protect their queen and the hive above all th [...]

    • Origianlly posted at: longandshortreviews.cA Long and Short of It "BEST BOOK"This book made me angry, and I wanted to screech and stomp my feet and battle someone, anyone just so I wouldn’t feel so helpless anymore. I have never gotten so hyper from a book that I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I even smacked the top of my desk, hurting my hand, when a very unexpected and horrid thing happened that totally shocked me. I screamed, NO!!!” This is not an easy story [...]

    • Als Leser wünscht man sich immer, dass ein Autor an seinen Büchern wächst und die von ihm erschaffene Welt mit jedem weiteren Band erweitert und vertieft. Solche Erwartungen hatte ich auch an Schattenmacht, den dritten Band dieser Reihe, denen er leider nicht ganz gerecht werden konnte. Denn dafür unterscheidet sich dieses Buch viel zu sehr von seinen Vorgänger. Zum einen ist er der dünnste Band der Reihe, womit ich aber kein Problem gehabt hätte, wäre die Geschichte aussagekräftiger ge [...]

    • Liebe und Verrat,Ehre und HassMitten in einer kargen Einöde ist das blühende Reich Sylphental entstanden. Doch das junge Land unter der Führung der mutigen Königin Solie und ihren magischen Kriegern wird von den Nachbarreichen nicht anerkant. Besonders die Königin hat viele Feinde und ihre Feinde haben viele talentierte Attentäter!Niemand in Sylphental war wirklich glücklich übder die Idee, jeden auszusperren, der nicht aus dem Tal stammte. Aber sie hatten keine andere Wahl, außer sie w [...]

    • Inhalt:Solie herrscht nun als Königin über Sylphental mit seinen vielen Kriegs- und Elementarsylphen und eigentlich scheint alles in Ordnung zu sein-die anderen Königreiche beginnen langsam, mit dem Tal zu handeln und Solies Kriegssylphen scheint sie davon abzuhalten, Sylphental den Krieg zu erklären. Dann beginnen jedoch die Morde und niemand scheint sich mehr sicher zu fühlen. Jemand scheint es nicht nur auf Solie abgesehen zu haben, sondern auch auf die anderen Frauen, die einen Kriegssy [...]

    • 4.5 out of 5 StarsARC provided by NetGalleyEvery so often a book will come along and sweep you off your feet, capturing your attention from the first sentence until the very last page. It will magically transport you to a world you desperately want to hold on to, and never want to leave. For me, that novel was Queen of the Sylphs. It was a shockingly beautiful tale of creatures that I have come to love, and one new queens struggle to protect a kingdom and provide peace and prosperity to its peop [...]

    • This is the 3rd book of the series, and should not be read as a standalone, reading the previous installments will be a great help following the characters. I haven’t read the others books and there were some sections that I had to really use my imagination to sort of guess where it was coming from. Through the whole book there a lot of ripples arising from the previous stories. Reading the previous books reviews, I get that this one is different since it relates events and activities for the [...]

    • Well, it took me a while to finally read the 3rd part simply because I read beforehand what the book was about and what might come and I didn't want any bad drama for the people in Sylph Valley. Anyway, I finally started reading it and I barely couldn't put it away. I still like the world that was created and whole bunch of characters, but there were also a lot of characters that I found highly annoying, e.g. Justin, Gabby and her Sylph, Sala I guess it's great when an author creates a characte [...]

    • I really enjoyed this installment of the Sylph series. In fact I think I enjoyed this one most of all. The story switches POVs of several different characters as well as a few sylphs, but it doesn't get confusing, in fact I really enjoyed getting to know all the characters much better. We even get a glimpse of what it was like in the hive world where the sylphs were born.I still felt that Solie and Heyou (the main characters of the first book) were still a bit too immature to be rulers, but I fe [...]

    • it took me a while to read this book and it wasn't that it was bad i think it was just that i'd read so many of this series in a row i needed a break and honestly the reason i rated it low is probably one of the things the author did almost too well the villian was probably one of the worst i've ever read about and i've read several evil villians but i couldn't help it, it kind of made me want this book to hurry up and be done in many ways i see the battle sylphs like over protective dogs to a g [...]

    • Well, I have to say, this was again, another pleasant surprise. At this point, if you're reading this, you should have read the first two books in the series, but I won't give any spoilers away.Needless to say, this was just as enjoyable a read as the previous Sylph books. This one though, went in directions I was not ready for emotionally and it was heartbreaking to say the least in more than one place. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen and how this story was going [...]

    • This is the third book in the series. The first two focused on the romances of Solie/Heyou and Lizzy/Ril respectively. There is no single romance in this book. We do see those previously established romances grow, as well as get insights into several other battle sylph/sylph master pairings.Instead of a romance, the strongest plot thread in this book is threats to Solie's life, in terms of assassins, and a series of sylph masters all being killed in odd ways. All that serves to have the battlers [...]

    • Book 3 overlaps just slightly with The Shattered Sylph. We see all the major and secondary characters in this one. This story is told in multiple points of view; major characters are killed/severely injured (both physical and emotional). While there is a lot of death in this one; it also spurs personal growth with those who survived. They learn what their greatest weaknesses are and also their greatest strengths. The sense of family also plays in the the storyline; family is the family you make, [...]

    • Mitten in einer kargen Einöde ist das blühende ReichSylphental entstanden. Doch das junge Land unterder Führung der mutigen Königin Solie und ihrenmagischen Kriegern wird von den Nachbarreichennicht anerkannt. Besonders die Königin hat vieleFeinde und ihre Feinde haben viele talentierteAttentäter!Ich bin überrascht, aber Band 3 ist noch besser als die beiden vorigen. Solie und ihr Krieger sind beide erwachsener geworden. Trotz der Fantasy ist in diesem Band sehr viel Intrigen, Verwirrunge [...]

    • Amazing book! This is one of the best series I've read. It's a perfect trilogy: leaves you with a very satisfying feeling. But, since we heard of letters from a citizen who traveled to another hive, we might get his story in a future book. LJ McDonald is just a wonderful writer. A great gift of hers is the ability to write an evildoer that's mean, nasty and evil without making it so creepy that it ruined my enjoyment of the book (hint hint, JR Ward!). Romance, fantasy, politics, idiots and geniu [...]

    • I enjoyed this latest in the series, but it was decidedly different from the first two. The plot was rather simplistic and the stupidity of some of the characters was not believable and I assume was used to further the plot. Meh. Some things dragged out too long, like how many times did the sylph look through the gate, and how many times did the villain get away with murder. Why weren't the sylphs still checking everyone that got close to the queen? Jeez.Still, I liked the ending, particularly C [...]

    • The third title in this series brings the entirety to a higher level. LJ has not only created an intriguing world, she has made it a very cohesive world. With the continued growth of the characters and the strong delineation of the various personalities of the Sylphs, LJ has retained the integrity of her world allowing a real attachment by the reader to the characters. This makes it stand out from many other 'world building' paranormals, fantasy romance, etc.

    • Loved it. I love this series, I can't wait to read more. The world-building is fantastic - believable. A lot of heart to counteract the considerable darkness. This book turned this series into a bit more of a serial fantasy than a paranormal romance, but it was so gripping and I so enjoyed revisiting Sylph Valley, I didn't mind this turn at all.

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