The Liar's Lullaby

The Liar s Lullaby Edgar Award winner Meg Gardiner returns with a third propulsive groundbreaking thriller about forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett and the lies that are even dangerous than fame Tasia McFarland is a wash

  • Title: The Liar's Lullaby
  • Author: Meg Gardiner
  • ISBN: 9780525951728
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edgar Award winner Meg Gardiner returns with a third propulsive, groundbreaking thriller about forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett and the lies that are even dangerous than fame Tasia McFarland is a washed up country pop singer desperate for the break that will get her topping the charts again The tabloids have raked over every part of Tasia s rocky life, following e Edgar Award winner Meg Gardiner returns with a third propulsive, groundbreaking thriller about forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett and the lies that are even dangerous than fame Tasia McFarland is a washed up country pop singer desperate for the break that will get her topping the charts again The tabloids have raked over every part of Tasia s rocky life, following every high and low, her addictions, her breakdowns, her increasingly erratic behavior and every broken relationship The highlight of this lowlight reel her failed marriage to an ambitious Army officer whose political talents earned him a spot in the nation s highest office Tasia McFarland is the ex wife of the President of the United States So when Tasia writes a song with politically charged lyrics, people take note and her star begins to rise anew In the spectacle driven opener of her comeback tour, she is lowered into a stadium on a zip line and as helicopters fly overhead she fires her prop Colt 45 at the fireworks filled stage Tasia is riding high Until she s killed by a bullet to the neck, before the shocked crowd of 40,000 When video can t prove that the shot came from Tasia s own Colt.45 and the ballistics report comes up empty, the authorities call on forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett to do a psychological autopsy and clean up the potential political disaster But as Jo sifts through the facts, she only finds questions Was Tasia s gun loaded Did she kill herself in one last cry for attention Were her politically charged lyrics the rantings of a paranoid woman losing her grip Or warnings from a woman afraid and in danger For Jo, pouring over Tasia s past quickly becomes a race to extinguish the conspiracy rumor mill before it incites a level of violence that reaches America s highest corridors of power and tears apart the very fabric of our nation.

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    • Meg Gardiner

      Meg Gardiner is a bestselling, Edgar Award winning author A former lawyer and lecturer at the University of California, she s also a three time Jeopardy champion Born in Oklahoma, she grew up in Santa Barbara, California, and lives in Austin.China Lake won the 2009 Edgar award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best Paperback Original The Nightmare Thief won the 2012 Audie Award for Thriller Suspense audiobook of the year Phantom Instinct was named an O, the Oprah magazine, Best Books of Summer Meg s latest novel, Into the Black Nowhere, features rookie FBI agent Caitlin Hendrix Don Winslow calls it A terrifying and brilliant read It s the sequel to UNSUB, which is nominated for a Barry Award for Best Thriller and is in development as a TV series by CBS Find Meg on Facebook Facebook MegGardinerBooks Twitter MegGardiner1 and Instagram Meggardiner1.Series Evan Delaney Jo Beckett

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    • OK, now WHO recommended this? Oh, right, Stephen King. I blame you, uncle Stevie. No, this did not have "three" edge-of-your-seat suspense set pieces. If it had any, I don't remember them. One of the main "suspense" themes involved a pop starlet -- it was so lame, made no sense--those lyrics with the hidden meaning? Really?? -- most children's publishers woulda said, "no way." Main character, pyschiatrist Jo Beckett did not engage me, tho am willing to hear from other readers. You get some point [...]

    • This is a series I started years ago when I only read mysteries and sub genres of it.Meg is a forensic psychiartist who helps the police determine the stste of mind of the victim.This time Tasia McFarland is the victim. She is a famoussinger who pulls of an elaborate stunt into a staduim.Something goes wrong and she is dead.Was it suicide murder or accident?

    • After a disappointing second installment in the Jo Beckett series, Meg Gardiner bounces back with "The Liar's Lullaby."Singer Tasia McFarland is killed during her show in San Francisco. Normally the death of a country music star wouldn't be front page news, except that she's the ex-wife of the President of the United States and she's paranoid that someone is out to get her. Beckett happens to be at the concert and is called in on the case to determine if the death was suicide or if Tasia was kil [...]

    • 3.5This is the second book I've read recently of Gardiner's, and she has a wonderful way of putting women front and centre of her high-action thrillers. Not 'woman', not a hard-ass lone wolf who only bonds with the love interest, but women plural. Her women are strong in a variety of ways, not just physically. It's probably a sad indictment of the rest of the genre fiction I usually read that this still seems novel and fabulous.

    • This book if very hard to like and I didn't finish it. The plot is weird and nothing about this book feels particularly realistic. The actions of the many characters are stupid and annoying. The narrator really was terrible and rubbed me the wrong way.

    • 4.5 stars. Another hard and fast psychological thriller from Author Meg Gardiner. When a hard-charging female rock star dies in a questionable stunt during a concert at the San Francisco Giants' AT&T Park, forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett is quickly brought in to determine exactly what happened. Was it an accident? Suicide? Or murder? The rock star was bipolar with a definite paranoid streak, and as Dr. Beckett probes into her state of mind by going through her songs and questioning her frie [...]

    • Book is actually called The Nightmare Thief - error above - Daddy Reinigergives daughter Autumn a 21st birthday gift of a "dream" urban reality game. Kidnappers trun it into a nightmare --- Dr Jo Beckett amazes herself by making herself a "nightmare Thief" by saving the day! CD in the car - lots of sick/crippled days -- took a long time!

    • In a word Terror, followed by conspiracy, power corruption reaching the highest corridors of power. Political jealousy mixed throughout. Wow to this was a maximum thrill ride. Love, Love, Love the Jo Beckett (Gabe, Tang too) series, hope this continues beyond the existing 4 books!!!

    • If you've been reading my blog for a while you might remember how much I've enjoyed the Jo Beckett series by Meg Gardiner, and how much I was looking forward to the third installment, The Liar's Lullaby. I wasn't blogging regularly yet when I read The Dirty Secret's Club, but I did write a review for The Memory Collector so check it out!Let me fill you in a little on this series. Jo Beckett conducts psychological autopsies as part of criminal investigations to determine if a person's death was t [...]

    • Gooodreads Description- Edgar Award winner Meg Gardiner returns with a third propulsive, groundbreaking thriller about forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett and the lies that are even more dangerous than fame. Tasia McFarland is a washed-up country-pop singer desperate for the break that will get her topping the charts again. The tabloids have raked over every part of Tasia's rocky life, following every high and low, her addictions, her breakdowns, her increasingly erratic behavior-and every broken r [...]

    • Jo Beckett and her sister, Tina, are attending a concert in the Giants’ ballpark when Tasia McFarland, a wildly popular and controversial singer, is shot dead in the middle of her performance. She was shot by her own gun while standing on a balcony ready to fly to the stage on a zip line. Jo is called in to help determine if the death is an accident or something else.Tasia, the ex-wife of the president of the US, was writing her autobiography. Jo meets the ghost writer early on and learns that [...]

    • When Tasia McFarland, a country singer, dies from a gunshot wound during a concert, it is unclear how or by whom she got shot. Tasia was holding the gun herself at the time, but did she commit suicide, did somebody pull the trigger for her and was the bullet that killed her even from that gun?Because the cause of Tasia’s death is unclear, Jo Beckett, Forensic psychiatrist, is asked to look into the case.But the more Jo looks, the more questions she ends up with. Tasia was bi-polar so was this [...]

    • Risk is her businessWell, either I am just getting used to her style…no, there is some needed improvement in the storytelling of Meg Gardiner. She has created a character with wit and grit. I like Jo's sense of humor, which is subtle for the most part. And that mountain climbing skill—a great ability to have to get down from the fifth floor. There is plenty of action, and the clues to the bad guys match the story. There are convolutions, deaths, and near deaths. And Jo is accepting an aspect [...]

    • 3.5 stars, actually. It may be a 4 star book, but it just wasn't what I was looking for.The book delivers on the thrills, the mystery, the twists and turns of the plot. The issues I had with the book could be plusses for someone else.The first problem is that this is the third book featuring Jo Beckett. There's no confusion over events missed in the previous books-- plot-wise, this novel stands alone. My issue was that I never had a chance to get to know Dr. Beckett. The character showed growth [...]

    • This was a good action/suspense story that combines country-music performers, the President, and political intrigues.When country-singer Tasia McFarland, ex-wife of the President is shot during a stunt at her concert, there are many questions about whether her death is murder, suicide or accident. When the detective investigating calls in forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett to look into the situation.This is a series, but even though I have not read others, I had no problem following the story or e [...]

    • I'm a huge Meg Gardiner fan – both her Evan Delaney series and her Jo Beckett series. This is the latest installment in the latter and it does not disappoint!Being a forensic psychologist has it's caveats. It can make you a target for grieving family and psychopaths, and in a high profile case such as this, stalkers, conspiracy nuts, killers, and government intimidation. Jo must investigate this case quickly and thoroughly as she is feeling pressure from all sides to wrap things up (and everyo [...]

    • Here I am writing reviews on books that I finished half a year ago, without the benefit of recent memory to inspire more thoughtful consideration. And so the best I can offer for now are overall impressions.My overall impression of this installment of the Jo Beckett series: another good one. This one was experienced differently in that I listened to audiobook versions of the first two books. It took a couple of tries to get going with the ebook for some reason, but I finally got into it once I g [...]

    • The third Jo Beckett book was the last one I hadn't read of the Meg Gardiner books we currently have (which is everything except The Nightmare Thief, which just came out). It's clear to me that Meg is at the height of her storytelling power. There's no fat in the book, and it definitely has the trademark slam-bang final sequence. At first, I was a little put off by the premise as it starts with the death of the President's ex-wife, who is a big singing star. It seemed a bit far-fetched or contri [...]

    • Jo Beckett, forensic psychiatrist, is involved from the harrowing beginning to the almost bitter end. Are people being manipulated by the government? Is an anti-government conspiracy (esp. anti-President McFarland) the reason for the first murder? Or was it really only suicide? Is NMP the terrorist? and who is the person taking on the persona of Thomas Paine & quoting the original Thomas Paine in his blogs?Jo is right in the middle, from the moment she attends a rock concert with her sister. [...]

    • This is a new author for me and a new main character--that of Jo Beckett, a forensic psychiatrist. Now that is also a new medical speciality for me--one who studies a person who has died, or been killed in order to determine the decedents state of mind and reasons for behavior before death.We follow the career of a manic/depressant washed-up country-pop singer who also happens to be the ex-wife of the president of the U.S. who is murdered (or was it suicide?) during a high wire come-back concert [...]

    • I am liking this series a lot. As I have said before, I like the San Francisco detail Gardiner uses. I also like the characters a lot. The books are a little formulaic and the hour long chase and climax scenes get a little old. She does a great job with the detail, however, so the scenes form a good picture in my mind. I like the development of the characters. I think the author handled the subject of the President well, meaning that we all know who was President when this book was written and t [...]

    • As I mentioned last month, the introductions are awesome. And, I’m really getting into the characters, especially Mr. Peebles. Mr. Peebles is a capuchin monkey who serves as an emotional support companion. When the main character is stalked by the media, she enlists the aid of her neighbor and Mr. Peebles. Basically, they let Mr. Peebles “attack” the newscaster in a funny way. The serious part of the book is a singer who dies at her concert and Jo Beckett is brought in to help the police f [...]

    • This book took me a long time to finish because although it was exciting at times the plot was boring. I usually like this series which stars Jo Beckett forensic psychologist and her boyfriend Gabe. I think the constant chapter changes from person to person if what made this book only ok for me. I wish that the whole novel would have been from Jo's point of view, not the psycho killers. I really don't like political thrillers and this one was borderline. There were a few twists that happened tha [...]

    • Perhaps this book would have been a 3 star if I had read it instead of listening to the audio version. You know how sometimes a reader can completely turn you off a book? In this book, the portions concerning NMP are read in an angry voice that has a touch of the 'nails on chalkboard' effect on me. I really struggled to stay with the book during those parts. I also disliked the stereotyping of country music. The lyrics and comments in the beginning of the book were so outrageously horrible that [...]

    • Tasia McFarland is the ex-wife of the President of the U.S.A. and she's also on a cross-country country music tour to rebound her career. Her tour becomes a tragedy when she is killed by a bullet in the neck in in front of the crowd. Jo, a forensic psychologist is called in to examine the facts and determine if the case was murder or suicideWhy I started the book: Ex-wife to the President murdered in front of thousands? Pretty cool hook.Why I finished it: The thriller/mystery was fast clipped an [...]

    • jo beckett, i seriously love you. marry me? this one has a pop star, the president, assassination plots, biographers, the paparazzi, a determined newscaster, mr. gabe quintana, and all the things i love about san francisco (but also hate).oh! and amy! amy broke my heart. i love the little porcupine. and mr. peebles! and tina! and ferd really taking a role. i love the crazy crew that makes up jo's life. i love the people that love her. basically, like i said, these are my very favorite things. (t [...]

    • Tasia, a singer-songwriter, dies during an act in a stadium. She is killed by a bullet. Suicide or murder? Tasia is the former wife of the president of the United States of America. She has a history of depressions and manic periods. She also left a special song which could be interpreted that she committed murder. Jo was at the site when it happened. She is involved in the investigation, she needs to make a psychiatric profile. But it's difficult when everyone seems to work against you. She wan [...]

    • Meg Gardiner began the Liar's Lullaby with a bang and she really picked up the pace in the last quarter of the book. Jo Beckett, a forensic psychiatrist, is hired to determine if a country-pop star's killing is suicide or murder. Tasia McFarland is huge is in her own right and is also ex-wife to the President of the United States.I liked the Jo Beckett character and would like to read more books in this series.

    • I'm never disappointed by a Meg Gardiner book. NEVER. Reading the Jo Beckett series is always my guilty pleasure. I read about this author in a Stephen King editorial in Entertainment Weekly. When he said he read her first Dana Delaney series book on a flight to England I was interested as to who could get another author to do that. He wasn't wrong! I wait for her next book with great anticipation and I haven't been disappointed yet!

    • Country music superstar Tasia McFarland is bi-polar and has a long history of paranoid behavior. She also happens to be the ex-wife of the President. When she is killed during an opening stunt at a concert, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Jo Beckett is hired by the SFPD to determine if Tasia committed suicide or was murdered. Third in the Jo Beckett series. Fast-paced and keeps you guessing. Highly recommend the series.

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