Lead Me On

Lead Me On Raw animal magnetism a big red flag to prim and proper office manager Jane Morgan After a rough childhood with a mother who liked her men in prison jumpsuit orange Jane changed her name her look an

  • Title: Lead Me On
  • Author: Victoria Dahl
  • ISBN: 9781426845987
  • Page: 323
  • Format: ebook
  • Raw, animal magnetism a big red flag to prim and proper office manager Jane Morgan After a rough childhood with a mother who liked her men in prison jumpsuit orange, Jane changed her name, her look and her taste for bad boys So why is she lusting for William Chase with his tattoo covered biceps and steel toed boots The man blows things up for a living She givesRaw, animal magnetism a big red flag to prim and proper office manager Jane Morgan After a rough childhood with a mother who liked her men in prison jumpsuit orange, Jane changed her name, her look and her taste for bad boys So why is she lusting for William Chase with his tattoo covered biceps and steel toed boots The man blows things up for a living She gives herself one explosive, fantasy filled night with Chase The next day it s back to plain Jane and safe men But when her beloved brother becomes a murder suspect, it s Chase who comes to her rescue And Jane discovers that a man who s been around the block knows a thing or two about uncovering the truth.

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      I have my mother to thank for my passion for writing My mom is an avid reader of popular fiction, and I began reading highly inappropriate books around the age of eleven, I think Thanks, Mom, for always leaving those delicious books strewn about To Tempt a Scotsman, a Golden Heart winning historical, was my first published book Here I am signing the cover A Rake s Guide to Pleasure which was excerpted at the back of Scotsman is my second.Due to my all around goofiness, my agent suggested I also try my hand at a contemporary romantic comedy Boy, is my agent smart I had a great time writing Talk Me Down, the story of a young woman who goes back to her small hometown in Colorado and causes a huge stir with her secretive career and her burgeoning relationship with the chief of police Not only did I have a great time writing it, but Tara Parsons at HQN liked it too So if you like cold weather, hot sex and dirty jokes, be sure to check out Talk Me Down out in January 2009.Speaking of cold weather, my family and I live in a beautiful ski town in Utah No, I don t ski I prefer to sit inside with a hot toddy and a good book while the snow falls It s especially beautiful to watch when from the inside I have a wonderful husband and children, and the house is kind of crowded, what with the dukes, Scotsmen, police chiefs, and naughty ladies running around, but my family is very understanding about my imaginary friends Good thing, since they refuse to leave

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    • 5 stars – Contemporary Romance Dahl’s Tumble Creek is a fun, sexy contemporary romance series with quirky, realistically flawed heroines, totally delicious, to-die-for, yummy heroes, loads of sarcastic, witty humor, and smokin’ hot love scenes. Lead Me On is no exception and in fact, I think it just might be my favorite book in the series so far.Prim, proper, polished, and proficient office manager Jane Morgan is looking for a secure relationship and a stable, neatly planned future with th [...]

    • Even though the heroine of this book, Jane Morgan, at times drove me absolutely crazy, it didn't matter, because I loved this story! It was hot, cute, funny, sexy, frustrating, and somehow it even got me crying. A very enjoyable, thoroughly developed little romance, with characters you'll have no trouble picturing in your head, and featuring an awesomely sweet, sexy, to-die-for hero that you'll just want towell, I'll leave that up to your imagination!This is the third book in Victoria Dahl's Tum [...]

    • “Jane Morgan had ruined him. Ridden him hard and put him up wet. He might never recover.Mentally he was even worse off. Who was this girl?” Jane Morgan is prim and proper. Someday, she wants to marry well, live in a nice house and raise a nice family. She doesn’t do bad boys, she shouldn’t do bad boys but she cannot help being attracted to what looks to be a bad boy, Chase.Raw, animal magnetism a big red flag to prim and proper office manager Jane Morgan. After a rough childhood with a m [...]

    • I think that the question of whether or not someone will like this book depends on how they read romance.If you read a romance for the hero and like to place yourself in the heroine's shoes, or if you like to imagine the heroine could be your best girlfriend, then this book would be a stinker for you. If they read romance with an equal eye towards the hero and heroine for the story rather than the escape, then the heroine becomes a complex character rather than an exasperating head case you want [...]

    • This is the best book in this trilogy! You could even read it as a stand alone, since there is no on going story threading between them. Here we meet Jane, the very uptight admin at an architecture firm. Or is she? One day, in walks Chase, a sub contractor. A 6’4” tattooed hunk of man that makes her heat up on sight. Chase senses her attraction to him, but she refuses to go out with him. We slowly learn about Jane and her past. She tries to keep her family hidden because she is ashamed of th [...]

    • I'd decided not to buy this book because I knew the heroine was going to royally tick me off, but then I was poking through the books at K-Mart and figured I might as well read it. I ended up liking the book a lot more than I thought I would. Which is not to say that I liked the heroinez I didn'tbut I liked everything else about the story. And I loved Chase.Series Note: This is the third book in Dahl's "Tumble Creek" series, but this book can probably be read on its own.Summary:Jane Morgan has s [...]

    • Another great contemporary from Dahl.So few times authors seem to get it just right but Victoria Dahl is very good at developing a real relationship. In this book Jane has a mess of a past that she is ashamed of and slowly (willingly and not so willingly) that past is revealed to Chase. It wasn't all revealed at once causing the "big conflict" that the characters have to get over right before the end of the book when everything is magically resolved. No. Here Jane is slowly revealed over time an [...]

    • This book blew me away; I loved the first two books and couldn't wait for this one to come out. I knew it was going to be a good read because Jane seemed so untouchable in book 2, but what I got was beyond good. Jane's character hit close to home for me even though our pasts weren't exactly the same in a lot of ways they were and I understood where she was coming from. It broke my heart actually, and maybe that's why I feel so protective over Jane. I know its silly to feel protective over a char [...]

    • 4.5 starsVictoria Dahl has a sense of humor that strikes a cord with me. Every. Single. Time. Every. Single. Book! With LEAD ME ON the giggles started at page 10 and set the pace for the most of the book!Quote:But even his promising career couldn't make her forget the fact that he made love like a rabbit. () She'd tried to let it go. She really had. A man couldn't be judged on the depth of his thrusts alone.Victoria Dahl had me laughing, panting, frowning and even tearing up right there in the e [...]

    • I remember Stacy talking about a Victoria Dahl book recently on Twitter, and she messaged me and told me she thought I would really like her style of writing. When Lead Me On was offered as an ARC on NetGalley, I was more than eager to try Victoria Dahl for the first time. Stacy was right – Victoria Dahl writes the kind of book I love – sexy, romantic and funny. An overall story that entertained me the entire time, and added a new boyfriend to my list (and he entered quite high on the list I [...]

    • Rating: 4.5 out of 5.Meet Jane, plain Jane. Once a bad girl gone wild, now she is the epitome of prim and proper. As a secretary her work is without fault, her business clothes tailored to hide everything, hair done up in a severe style. She only dates eligible bachelors: veterinarians, dentists and lawyers. Surely nothing can go wrong there? But her life lacks the excitement and passion that she is so addicted to. In comes Chase, the man who refuses to be called by his first two names. He has n [...]

    • This is the third and final book in the Tumble Creek Series. You can read this easily without having read the first two, I did and didn’t feel lost at all.Jane Morgan has worked hard to put her ugly past behind her. Keeping her both her clothing and her manner reliable, appropriate and always business like, Jane has made her self indispensable to her boss. She loves her job and the feeling of accomplishment it gives her.When tattooed and rugged William Chase steps into her office, she sees a m [...]

    • This will be the last book I read by Victoria Dahl I think. I loved Talk Me Down. It was fun and silly. Start Me Up wasnt that good, but I liked Quinn ok. This book was just stupid. Jane treated Chase awful and he hung around her like a love-struck, neutered puppy. No Balls.

    • No ha estado mal. En algunas partes ha ido un pelín lento pero lo compensaba en otras. Creo que el que más me ha gustado de la serie es el segundo, seguido de esta novela.

    • Prim and proper woman tries to hide her white-trash past. She rejects a great guy because of his looks. I loved the endingORY BRIEF:Jane’s mother had relationships with men in prison. Due to father problems, Jane bleached her hair, wore lots of black eyeliner and slept around. At age 18 she transformed herself. She changed her name to Jane and became an office manager for an architect. She now acts prim and proper and only wants to date guys in business suits. Chase shows up at the office with [...]

    • 4/5; 4 stars; A-This review is for the audiobook. I had read the story before but enjoyed the audiobook just the same. The author manages to tell a funny and touching story and at the same time explore some of the very real damage that can be unwittingly be done to kids by parents as well as how hard it is to shake off the past. I thought the narrator, Savannah Richards, did a good job with the story and the characters.If I hadn't read the book before I don't know if I would have stuck it out wh [...]

    • When taken for what it is (literary smut), this book, within its genre, isn't terrible. It isn't, however, anything mind blowing. The sex is fairly standard, though the situations are fairly unique. The characters are cookie-cutter cutouts. Chase is rather shallowly depicted, and Jane is Well, Jane is just plain annoying. I get the whole plot line about her wanting to run away from her past, but did she have to be QUITE such an uncompromising, snobby bitch? Few authors are capable of crafting ch [...]

    • 4 Dirty Romance Stars I would not recommend listening to this one while you drive your daily commute. You run the risk of swerving and speeding yourself into a reckless driving situation. You have been warned.

    • This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger3.5 starsI have been a fan of Victoria Dahl’s Tumble Creek series for years, so when I stumbled upon a copy of Lead Me On, in my favorite used book store, I was quick to snap it up. It was the only book in the series I had yet to read and I had a great time.Jane Morgan is the uptight and in-control office manager at Jennings Architecture. She and Chase meet as he comes to pick up some project materials from his latest excavation project. Ja [...]

    • If you've read the previous book "Start Me Up" you'll recognize Jane as Quinn's ultra professional secretary. She's just as organized and cool as she seemed in the last book, but now we get a little insight into what makes her tick.Chase is working with Quinn on a residential project and meets Jane when he goes to the office. He hits on her as a whim but Jane turns him down. He ends up giving her his business card in the hope she might change her mind and give him a call. When Jane gets a little [...]

    • Lead Me On is the final book in Victoria Dahl’s series set in the small town of Tumble Creek, Colorado, and since Victoria Dahl likes surprising her readers, Lead Me On is not set in Tumble Creek, Colorado, but it is set in Aspen, a resort town near Tumble Creek. Jane Morgan (not her birth name) has worked very, very hard to prove that she is prim, proper, and untouchable—the perfect, consummate secretary. But deep down, she fears that she’s never going to be able to eradicate her past. Wh [...]

    • This wasn't my favorite book of the series, but I definitely still enjoyed it!Jane is Quinn's (from Start Me Up) assistant in his architectural firm. She keeps him organized & is good at her job - because her job is her life. She chooses to keep it that way though, because she wants to be a regular Jane, hide from her past, her family, & the secret of who she used to be. When the sexy Chase walks into her office though, her world is turned upside down & she can't get him out of her m [...]

    • Si señoras y señores 0.1 star!Por donde comienzo con este libro Veamos la principal, es molesta, superficial, antipática, grosera, ególatra, si narcisista (todo soy yo), si tuvo una infancia fea ok ,de adolecente ella decidió ser ligera de pensamiento y moralidad (digámoslo así), pero el punto es que de grande decide que NO, no más seré alguien respetable y recatado, seria de carácter, me vestiré de forma modesta, no reiré, no dejare que nadie sepa quien es mi familia, los negaré y [...]

    • Lead Me On4.5 StarsDue to her troubled past, Jane Morgan has changed her name and created a new life for herself. The only thing missing is a man to share it with, but Jane is weary of the staid men that she has been dating. Enter William Chase, a physically intimidating and tattooed demolitions expert, who rings all of Jane’s bells, but epitomizes everything that she has renounced in her life. Can Jane accept who she truly is in order to be with the love of her life?Barring one or two small i [...]

    • I want William Chase! OMG he's amazing, sweet, hot, sexy, tattooed, did I mention hot? *had to get that off my chest*I was not expecting the turn of events with prime and proper Jane, whom we meet in Start Me Up.*MINOR SPOILERS*Jane's not really Jane, she's Dynasty! She comes from a messed up childhood, that turned her into a very messed up teenager, and one really bad moment made her turn her life around. Except in turning her life around, she distanced herself from her family completely, chang [...]

    • Yet another book that took me ages to finish! This time it was mainly because of the heroine who annoyed me so much that I had to put it aside and only got back to it when I wasn't in the mood to try to find something else.Jane, the heroine, is a buttoned up receptionist who cares far too much about the opinions of others. To that end, she's created this whole new persona for herself, hiding everything relating to her past, from her real name, to her family and even her true desires. When she (v [...]

    • Jane Morgan is finally living the respectable life she feels she needs. Her seedy past and roots are behind her, and no one knows that she hasn't always been the consummate professional she portrays. When she meets Chase, she realizes that her penchant for bad boys is still a part of her. Jane tries to keep her relationship with Chase superficial, but he is a hard man to relegate into a corner of her life. She has to come to terms with her past before she can accept what is in store for her futu [...]

    • Lead Me On was a solid finish to the very fun Tumble Creek series.This one started off with a bang, and I found that I just couldn't put it down. Luckily I picked this one up on a Saturday so I was able to finish during the course of the day. I can see that Jane could rub some readers the wrong way, but I thought Dahl did a great job on her characterisation, and I could totally see why Chase found her fascinating and compelling.This was a very hot read, and while Chase wasn't as complex as Jane, [...]

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