Kiss of Darkness

Kiss of Darkness The woods have always been full of whispers in Transylvania of terrors that go back centuries to the legendary Vlad Dracul himself Ignoring their professor s grave warning beware those who would prey

  • Title: Kiss of Darkness
  • Author: Heather Graham
  • ISBN: 9780778323433
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • The woods have always been full of whispers in Transylvania, of terrors that go back centuries to the legendary Vlad Dracul himself Ignoring their professor s grave warning beware those who would prey upon the innocent several visiting students travel into the forest and disappear Now their professor, Bryan McAllister, believes that a dark cult is at work and that theirThe woods have always been full of whispers in Transylvania, of terrors that go back centuries to the legendary Vlad Dracul himself Ignoring their professor s grave warning beware those who would prey upon the innocent several visiting students travel into the forest and disappear Now their professor, Bryan McAllister, believes that a dark cult is at work and that their next gathering will happen in America When psychologist Jessica Fraser is approached by Bryan for her assistance, she is hesitant Something about Bryan unnerves Jessica deeply, yet she cannot ignore the incredible pull she feels toward him Now, as reluctant allies, they unite to seek the truth The search takes them from the forested mountains to dimly lit clubs in New Orleans French Quarter, where perversion goes beyond sexual to life threatening And everywhere, whispering on the wind, is the dreaded word vampyr.

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    • Heather Graham

      Also published as Heather Graham Pozzessere and Shannon Drake.New York Times and USA Today best selling author Heather Graham majored in theater arts at the University of South Florida After a stint of several years in dinner theater, back up vocals, and bartending, she stayed home after the birth of her third child and began to write, working on short horror stories and romances After some trial and error, she sold her first book, WHEN NEXT WE LOVE, in 1982 and since then, she has written over one hundred novels and novellas including category, romantic suspense, historical romance, vampire fiction, time travel, occult, and Christmas holiday fare She wrote the launch books for the Dell s Ecstasy Supreme line, Silhouette s Shadows, and for Harlequin s mainstream fiction imprint, Mira Books.Heather was a founding member of the Florida Romance Writers chapter of RWA and, since 1999, has hosted the Romantic Times Vampire Ball, with all revenues going directly to children s charity.She is pleased to have been published in approximately twenty languages, and to have been honored with awards frorn Waldenbooks B Dalton, Georgia Romance Writers, Affaire de Coeur, Romantic Times, and She has had books selected for the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild, and has been quoted, interviewed, or featured in such publications as The Nation, Redbook, People, and USA Today and appeared on many newscasts including local television and Entertainment Tonight.Heather loves travel and anything have to do with the water, and is a certitified scuba diver Married since high school graduation and the mother of five, her greatest love in life remains her family, but she also believes her career has been an incredible gift, and she is grateful every day to be doing something that she loves so very much for a living.

    140 thoughts on “Kiss of Darkness

    • It is a very Fluffy book and though I enjoyed the simplicity of the story (because I am a huge sucker for this kind of genre) I would not say that it was the highest quality of writing and story line; which of course is very predictable. It is full of cliche's and typical heroes/villians. Yet, if you are looking for something that will not fill your mind but allow you to zone out, then I recommend this book. Or if you are a sucker like me and like Vampire novels then I say "What the hell, it is [...]

    • Vampires abound in this bookmpires of all types, including the so powerful Master. He is back at full strength and on the hunt. A hunt that starts with wild parties to lure in the innocents and feast. Jessica Fraser finds herself drawn into the Master's schemes in a most unusual way. She is hunting himbut how does she know of his existance and how can she expect to stand a chance against his power. The answer to this lies in an unexpected blast from the past (the very very distant past), in the [...]

    • I found this book lying around the house, so picked it up and breezed through it. This book won't make you smarter or more interesting or a better person. At most, it will keep you from staring blankly at the wall while in the doctor's waiting room. Yes, it's vampires. Yes, it's N'awlins. Yes, there are three erotic sex scenes. Other than that, Ms. Graham simply moves the characters from scene to scene to scene. I'm not sure that she's even been to New Orleans (the protaganist lives in a million [...]

    • Jessica, a pyschologist, is exposed to a vampire cult while at a conference in Transylvania only to find a similar cult springing up when she returns to her home in New Orleans. When a young acquaintance is bitten, Jessica decides to take out the Master vampire. She is joined in her hunt by Bryan McAllister, a warrior who has spent his centuries of life destroying vampires. Jessica is drawn to him but is also afraid of him as Jessica is a vampire herself and Bryan doesn't believe any vampire can [...]

    • Though it tells you that it is a Vampire Book Story, but I was very disappointed since I really enjoy reading vampire novels. It wasn't a terrible read but the book did a little to much jumping around for me from one group of characters to another made it a very choppy read, didn't flow very well. Wouldn't recommend spending money on the book but if you get it free from downloading is okay.

    • This is said to be a "Stand Alone" novel, but I felt many times that I was in the middle of a sweeping story-line, and that I'd missed some novels before this one. There are some 'evil' vampires here and some creepy scenes. There are also a few "hot" love scenes.Over all I liked it. I just feel like I was dropped in the middle of a long story.

    • This was an interesting enough book, i enjoyed it, but it did leave me slightly confused at times. It apparently seemed to "change the rules of the game" more than once. I felt it just totally jumped, without warning, and without much explanation. I won't detail, as it would be a spoiler, but do be prepared for a couple, possibly confusing, surprises.

    • I borrowed this book from the library by accident. I actually liked it and it had some nice surprises. It was able to keep my attention also which isn't something many books have been able to do lately!

    • this is a really funny/action bookey were constantly fighting with somebody matter whos pov it was in. it had a good endingbut i do wish it would have went into more detail at the end thougho well

    • Great quick read with all the elements needed for suspense and action. There were several surprises which kept me alert for more clues. If you like vampyres and warriors - highly recommended for a weekend "need to read something" book.

    • Between the presence of vampires and the mysterious attractions between characters, Kiss of Darkness by Heather Graham might help satisfy your preferences while you wait for another Shannon Drake book.

    • I beleive this is the socond book I've read from this series and I liked it. I'm not going to give anything away but I couldn't put it down. Not the greatest book ever hence the 4 stars but a worthwhile read.

    • I recently got into Heather Graham and this is the fourth book of hers that I have read, and the only one I have not enjoyed. The story seemed disjointed and the characters were underdeveloped and flat. It was a struggle for me to finish it.

    • Great book, though I seem to remember a scene where they talk about how she has a heartbeat, when she shouldn't, and couldn't find it, but yeah, this was a great book!

    • This book is not initially what I expected, but I really enjoyed it probably because I am a vampire nut. Anyhow, it's probably one of my favorite Heather Graham books.

    • Good story. Interesting take on vampires. I started with #7 in the Vampire Alliance series, so now I'm going to have to read all the others!

    • This is part of Heather Graham/Shannon Drake's vampire series. Lately, they have been hit or miss, however, this was one of the good ones! Enjoy!

    • I usually love vampire books but I thought this was just awful right from the beginning. I read about 150 pages and decided to move on to something else.

    • While on a trip to Romania, the heroine discovers and intervenes on a party than intended to murder the occupants. And though she was able to save a lot of kids, some, like Mary, did not escape unharmed. Now back in New Orleans, the heroine continues her psychology practice and convincing confused teenage kids that ' vampires' are not real and it's unhealthy to want to be one. Life in the magical city is good. She's surrounded by friends. But, something evil is coming. She can feel it in the air [...]

    • This was bad writing, plain and simple. When I first started reading it I could tell it wasn’t well written, it doesn’t take any time at all to decide whether you like the way something is written. The prologue was confusing and the characters were hard to keep up with, so following along was a task. Then she jumps into modern times with a psychologist who I think is just that. But as the novel progresses the author drops these huge bombs right into the story with no warning whatsoever. All [...]

    • I read this series out of order so when the plot jumped I was not ready for it. Up until about halfway it didn't matter and even after they explained a lot. But I am intrigued enough to go back a book or two in the series. Rave parties are being set up by vampires to feed on. It seems the Master vampire is actually trying to get the main character Jessica's attention. She got away from him many times over the years and he will kill all those she loves to get to her. The romance is fairly predica [...]

    • Mi dispiace fare questa recensione negativa, soprattutto perchè adoro Heather Graham, la sua trilogia "The bone island" mi aveva letteralmente conquistato, ma con questa non è scattato il colpo di fulmine!Ecco la trama:"Per la psicologa Jessica Fraser un convegno in Transilvania dovrebbe essere soltanto una normale trasferta di lavoro. Ma una festa a tema sui vampiri in un vecchio castello rischia di trasformarsi in una notte di sangue, e solo grazie a un'oscura premonizione lei riesce a imped [...]

    • "The woods have always been full of whispers in Transylvania, of terrors that go back centuries to the legendary Vlad Dracul himself. Ignoring their professor's grave warning several visiting students travel into the forest…and disappear. Now their professor, Bryan McAllister, believes that a dark cult is at work--and that their next gathering will happen in America. When psychologist Jessica Fraser is approached by Bryan for her assistance, she is hesitant. Something about Bryan unnerves Jess [...]

    • Although psychologist Jessica Fraser has a bad feeling about the trip, she travels to Transylvania for a conference. While there, several college students attend a mysterious, and dangerous, party in the remote countryside, and Jessica becomes involved in the rescue of some of the students from her hometown of New Orleans. The evil she sensed while in Transylvania follows her home, along with professor Bryan McAllister, a speaker at the same conference she had attended. Jessica is drawn to Bryan [...]

    • Okay so let me begin by saying i wasn't expecting much out of this book, I wasn't even sure i wanted to read it but i had the chance to get it free so I went for it. I was in the middle of a Dean Koontz book but it was going super slow so i started this one. I must say it was way better than i thought it would be. The summary made me think "its going to be like adult twilight" but nope not even close. Shows me not to judge a book solely off the summary. I read this book in less then 72 hours, co [...]

    • While I've become a fan of Heather Graham, this book had me scratching my head. Throughout the book, I felt like I had picked up a book that perhaps fell in the middle of a series (which I've been known to do). After searching the internet, I found no indication of it being a part of the series. The characters were good. How to ward against vampires was a bit old-school. Stringing garland of garlic around windows. It sounded a bit too tame for the New Orleans setting but that's just my opinion. [...]

    • Vampires - not handsome, virile, sexy vampires but pure evil ones. That's what Bryan McAllister believes. And, he thinks the Master is coming to New Orleans. Jessica Fraser lives in New Orleans. While attending a conference in Transylvania, she helps to rescue 3 young students. They are also from New Orleans, and although all 3 are alive, there's something definitely wrong with Mary. Bryan and Jessica begin working together, although both are very cautious and suspicious of the other. Just anoth [...]

    • The story was really long and even though I did like the tale, it took a long time to get there and in the end I wasn't sure if I was satified with the end. Jessica and Bryan are drawn together but they don't know why.except that they are both hunting the evil vampire, the Master, and they are lovers from many, many, years ago have found each other again. Good story but too long to get to the point.

    • It would have been a fourIf it didn't start out so slowly. I don't mind descriptions and such but I almost put this down several times never to be tried again. I'm glad I read it since it was good once it got started. I don't know if it matters that I didn't read the other earlier ones in the series or not. I'm going to get more by this author.

    • errternyata ini volume terakhir dari serinyajadi ada yang ngga nyambungdi tengah2 cerita terungkap siap sebenarnya Jessica dan Bryanlebih banyak cerita menangkap si Master lalu Jessica dan dan Bryan kurang banyak dikupastionnya juga kurang detailjadinya kukasih 2 bintang

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