United We Stand

United We Stand Dramatic gripping and moving this sequel to the award winning We All Fall Down will captivate readers It s September th and New York City is at a standstill somber bleak and shocked in th

  • Title: United We Stand
  • Author: Eric Walters
  • ISBN: 9780385666404
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dramatic, gripping, and moving, this sequel to the award winning We All Fall Down will captivate readers.It s September 12th, 2001, and New York City is at a standstill somber, bleak and shocked in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks Will knows he and his father are lucky to have escaped others, like his best friend James father are still missing andDramatic, gripping, and moving, this sequel to the award winning We All Fall Down will captivate readers.It s September 12th, 2001, and New York City is at a standstill somber, bleak and shocked in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks Will knows he and his father are lucky to have escaped others, like his best friend James father are still missing and soon presumed to be dead Poignant and dramatic, United We Stand is a young adult novel about heartache, self discovery, and the power of friendship.

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      Eric was born in Toronto in 1957, which makes him real old But, as Eric says, Just because I have to grow old doesn t mean that I have to grow up In his many roles as parent, teacher, social worker, youth sports coach and writer he is in constant contact with children and young adults He draws from these experiences and feels that this helps him to capture the realistic interaction between young people the conflicts, tensions, stresses and interests that make up their lives.Eric began his writing as a teacher He taught in classes from kindergarten up and his stories often reflect the curriculum that he was teaching He always read stories picture books and novels to his students and this helped him to understand what children liked, responded to, and were inspired by He enjoys the enthusiasm of his students and often looks at them to provide him with the inspiration to pursue a particular topic in both the classroom and in his writing.Eric tries to write every day When he has a story idea he starts with research This could involve reading books, watching a documentary, or trying to experience the things that his characters are going to go through This could include rock climbing or riding white water for STARS , spending time in a wheelchair Rebound , playing and walking with tigers Tiger By The Tail , hanging around a tough biker bar Diamonds in the Rough , standing out in his backyard in a blizzard wearing a T shirt and shorts Trapped In Ice , or traveling to Africa Alexandria of Africa The most important thing anybody ever told me about writing was to write what you know and the only way to get to know things is to do your homework and research before you write, Eric stated.Once the writing begins the story is always playing around in his head He takes any opportunity, even if it s just a few minutes between presentations, to put things down, either with pen and paper or on his laptop.Prior to entering teaching and writing Eric was a social worker B.S.W M.S.W B.A.Hons specialized major psychology He worked in a variety of settings including child welfare, private practice, a mental health centre, and, for twenty years on a part time basis as a Crisis Social Worker in an emergency department He stopped teaching 4 years ago and left the ER only last year.The majority of Eric s time is spent in the company of his wife, children and dogs Lola a big standard poodle and a little white dog named Winnie The Poodle.

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    • A sequel to We All Fall Down, United We Stand is sort of not as great as the first. Will is helping is friend James to find his dad at 9/11. James's father was still in the tower when the towers fell. James wants to believe that his dad is still alive but Will thinks there's no chance. So Will and James go to the 9/11 scene and try to find his dad. But in the way is that their underage to help, making sure that their parents don't know about it, Will's conditions, and James in denial and anger.

    • once a again that great book called we all fall down came back for a sequel!!! Now not as good as I thought it would be. :\ I tried to love it, I really did but it just wasn't that good. But It was still a good book and I didn't give up on it so thats a good thing.I do love the cover of the book though, so nice! OVER all it wasn't as good as the first book but it was still good.

    • The sequel to we all fall down was great! united we stand is a realistic fiction story and i would give it 5 stars because it was great. It takes place just after the twin towers collapsed from the airplane terrorist attack, The main character struggles to keep his head on straight after being in that kind of disaster.

    • This book is a great sequel book to the original United We Stand (We All Fall Down #1). This book is about the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the New York World Trade Center. Our protagonists were inside the tower during the time of the attack. They were above the attack. The author includes many small details that help you imagine what it would have been if you were in the World Trade Center at the time of the attack. Also, this book is a great book because it is a good book to relax. If [...]

    • this book is a great aftermath story of 911. Will and his best friend are still recovering from yesterday's terrorist attack. Wills friend, James. suffered the loss of his dad after the building collapsed. in the book will and James go down to ground zero secretly tho do something brave. I don't want to give any big spoilers, so i won't say any more. all in all this is a great read. I wouldn't say that it's better than the first book but it's still great story.

    • United We Stand is the sequel to Eric Walters' brilliant novel We All Fall Down. The action picks up the morning of September 12, 2001. Will and his father know that they are lucky to be alive after the collapse of twin towers. Will's friend James has still not heard from his father, a fireman last seen going up the stairs of tower two to rescue those still trapped above.The action mostly follows Will as he tries to help James deal with his father being missing, and, increasingly, assumed death. [...]

    • "How far is it to the towers?" James asked."Twelve, maybe thirteen blocks, but you probably can't get there.""We can't?""The whole area, for at least four blocks in each direction, is barricaded. It's restricted to authorized personnel only."The sequel to We All Fall Down, follows Will as he's trying to piece his life back to normal. But he can't. James's father is still missing. Last seen in the stairwell of the North Tower going up while Will, his father and Ting were heading down. James is st [...]

    • It is the day after the World Trade Centre attacks, and the city is in chaos. Many have survived, but thousands have not. This is the story of how Will, a 15 year old boy, helps a struggling friend accept the reality of losing a father. A breathtaking novel that shows you the power of standing together in the worst of times.I picked up this book because I have read the first book "We All Fall Down", and I absolutely loved it, so I decided to give the second one a shot as well.I finished the stor [...]

    • Eric Walters arrive vraiment bien à décrire ce terrible attentat. Les deux tours jumelles, un symbole de l'Amérique comme étant un état libre et grandiose. Ce qui est arrivé est terrible et bien que je ne connaissais pas les victimes, ça m'a beaucoup affecté. je n'avais que 5 ans quand c'est arrivé mais pourtant je me rappelle avoir vu aux nouvelles, les 2 tours s'effondrer. Ces deux livres nous montre vraiment et en détails, des vies touchées par cet acte terroriste. C'est comme expl [...]

    • Dramatic, gripping, and moving, this sequel to the award-winning We All Fall Down will captivate readers.It’s September 12th, 2001, and New York City is at a standstill: somber, bleak and shocked in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks. Will knows he and his father are lucky to have escaped; others, like his best friend James’ father are still missing . . . and soon presumed to be dead.Poignant and dramatic, United We Stand is a young adult novel about heartache, self-discovery, a [...]

    • I would not consider myself having read this book because I stopped half of the way. I really liked some of the concept that the author was bringing forward. However, the main characters were not interesting and lifeless. They had all of the emotions but somehow it seemed as though they were not developed enough because of the way that they reacted to the situation. Although, I know I am not the one to judge because I have not been involved in this same issue but the story line was not enough to [...]

    • Rated this book, 5 stars because not only does this book about racism, but it is a powerful book, where others have been bullied and need help. I liked how the character stood for themselves, just because of their skin tone. Just because a person has different skin tone as you, doesn't mean that you should bully others. Put yourself into other people's shoes. I believe that racism will one day end

    • I felt really sad for James, and that made me think about losing my father which made me even sadder. The whole time they were "walking", I kept thinking "oh no, Mom is totally gonna find out" and screaming "go home! You have to go home now!" But overall, I liked it. I liked the first one better, though, because there was more action, of course.

    • This is not an amazing book. In my opinion, it is not a n amazing job from the author. However, because the theme is so real, and made damages in so many lives, it made this book a good reading and sometimes, very touching. While I was reading this book, I couldn't help myself but, recall the 9/11 events and the following days.

    • Again, this book felt BOOTYFUL. DERICIOUS. Amazing like mama's BRAIN BISCUITS!I already reviewed the first book, We all fall down, and i liked it. As i said, it ended weirdly, and with the sequel, it filled more but less. It was wierd how it was made, but i still liked it.Really liked it, 4.5/5

    • I thought this book was OKAY. If I was somebody who read the first I would not recommend reading the sequel because nothing really happened. There were no exciting parts. It was just after the tragedy what had happened. Although I did really like the first one and would recommend "We All Fall Down" (the first book) to anyone who loves historical fiction/realistic fiction.

    • This book was an amazing sequel to We All Fall Down, which was one of my favourite books to begin with. In my opinion, it really tackles the feeling left behind by the loss of all those lives in 9/11, especially New York's bravest. I'm a Canadian and I find I'm at a loss for words. I remember seeing it on CNN with my mother, and I was only a child, but I remember the shock.

    • I thought it was a good book, however it wasn't what I was expecting after reading We All Fall Down. This book is that sequel to We All Fall Down. United we stand wasn't as action packed, leaning to the edge of you seat wanting to know what was about to happen, it was more a talk about the aftermath of the World Trade Center terrorist attack.

    • I loved the book! An amazing sequel to We All Fall Down. But we all fall down was more interesting like i couldn't put it down! I insisted we all fall down in just 1 night! But united we stand is still good

    • It was an easy read as it is meant for teens. The story gave a realistic picture of what it is like to go through such a tragedy and the after affects on a person. Liked the two contrasting stories of survival and not.

    • This was a fabulous follow-up to We All Fall Down. Walters deals with the emotions and the grief as the characters grapple with their new reality and try to comprehend what has taken place. Very well done!

    • I didn't find this book quite as strong as the first, mainly because some of the events that happen, less than 24hrs after the attacks, seem a bit far-fetched. However, Walters does a good job illustrating the hurt, anger, and trauma that would have impacted the boys, and their families.

    • Don't like it that much mainly because after the first book, there was really nothing else to tell as a story. It just tells the road of James's recovery from the grief and how Will helps him. Other than that, there was really no story or interest to it.

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