Much Younger Man

Much Younger Man Aly is a thirty five year old high school English teacher divorced not thrilled with her job a little lonely One day she takes the train instead of driving home and is recognized by Tom the son of

  • Title: Much Younger Man
  • Author: Dianne Highbridge
  • ISBN: 9781569471470
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aly is a thirty five year old high school English teacher, divorced, not thrilled with her job, a little lonely One day she takes the train instead of driving home and is recognized by Tom, the son of her best friend After this first accidental encounter, they meet again, and again Aly finds herself taking the train, looking forward to this interlude Tom is tall, blondAly is a thirty five year old high school English teacher, divorced, not thrilled with her job, a little lonely One day she takes the train instead of driving home and is recognized by Tom, the son of her best friend After this first accidental encounter, they meet again, and again Aly finds herself taking the train, looking forward to this interlude Tom is tall, blond, handsome, an athlete, intelligent, sensitive even a gifted musician The moments they spend together become the most meaningful part of their lives Then he wants How can she resist They are perfectly suited in every way but one Tom is a much younger man.

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      167 Dianne Highbridge
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      Dianne Highbridge Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Much Younger Man book, this is one of the most wanted Dianne Highbridge author readers around the world.

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    • I was totally intrigued by the number of favorable reviews this book has received, given the subject matter is one that perhaps the majority of readers would find, on the surface, distasteful. Surprisingly, the praise for A Much Younger Man is not unfounded, as the author handled the relationship between Alyson & Tom very delicately, easing the reader into a relationship probably deemed taboo by the majority of civilized society. I mean, seriously, how many love stories have you read where y [...]

    • I was surprised to see how well-received this book was, and was eager to read it myself. The story is about Alyson, a 35-year old divorced high school teacher who falls in love with her friend's 15 year old son. My favorite part of the book is when Aly, racked with guilt and unable to sleep, writes up a list of comparable scenarios from literature and popular culture: "Mrs. Robinson Der Rosenkavalier. The Marschallin, making losing sound great. Kate Chopin. What kind of sell-out is that, The Awa [...]

    • This was a beautiful book, a quick read, and very different from a lot of the other younger/older books I've read. Highbridge touches only lightly on the usual developmental milestones that tend to define these books (work & school, parent & child etc) and focuses more on the work of separating and rebuilding the emotional ties and relationships that these milestones dictate. For all the scandal potential, AYM maintains a calm steady voice, never veering into drama even as dramatic event [...]

    • Finally, a troubled romance with a decent ending. Not as much like a Lifetime movie as I expected and good overall.Sidenote - not available for Kindle, so I ordered the paperback. Much amused when my email from said "Your order of 'A Much Younger Man' and 3 more items has shipped"

    • This book reads like the wet dream of a woman deep in the throes of a midlife crisis - and really, I'm all about the nontraditional romances, so you have to fail pretty hard to make me give up in disgust at a story like this. But it was just so lame.

    • Riflettete con me: che cos’hanno in comune Romeo e Giulietta, Rose e Jack Dawson, la Bella e la Bestia, King Kong e Jessica Lange, Edward Cullen e Bella Swan, Cenerentola e il Principe Azzurro, Tarzan e Jane? L’amore nonostante la DIVERSITA'. La libertà di amarsi nonostante tutto. Sto leggendo un libro che parla di amore fra diversi, dove la differenza è quella di un numero, il numero 20. Ma non è lui ad avere vent’anni in più, è lei. E, chissà perché, questo cambia tutto. Questo li [...]

    • This book is written so well that you don't feel as though she, the older heroine, took advantage of him, the much younger hero. If it had been that, I wouldn't have read this story. He's a teenager when they meet; the privileged son of the heroine's friend. She's an attractive woman in her mid-thirties. Besides being charming, he's clearly quite perceptive, clever, and mature for his age. Their love story is written intelligently in very poetic language without being overly graphic. There isn't [...]

    • A Much Younger Man is a beautifully written novel. They are two people who do not quite fit into the world they inhabit, Aly is emotionally damaged from an abusive marriage and Tom is the product of two professionals he has been well educated culturally and socially. It still begs the question what would a then 15 year old boy see in a woman who is one of his mother’s peers? But that question isn’t as glaring as it would be in the hands of a less accomplished storyteller. To read the full re [...]

    • This book is one of my "Great Guilty Pleasures" titles. A Lolita for women! A 30 something year old teacher has an intense affair with her best friend's 16 year old son (Don't worry TOO much, in this book 16 is the legal age of consent)It's actually as sweet book and the characters have a lot of depth to them. Even though it is all sorts of wrong, it's such an emotional read and the characters were so sympathetic and realistic. I would not condone the events in this book in real life, but it rea [...]

    • Hard to peg this one. The subject matter of course is a little uncomfortable but so was the author's writing style. I just can't put my finger on it--it seemed so fragmented and incomplete. Otherwise, I can't really say much about the book. Perhaps I was hoping for a real zinger like the movie "Notes on a Scandal" based on the book by Zoe Heller (which I haven't read) and found this story falling far short by comparison.

    • It took a little bit to get used to the writing style, but I enjoyed it once I got used to it. A great love story, but I'm still having a hard time with the boy's agepage 206: "Out of all the things that happen, on all the journeys you make, in only a few will you ever see a meaning. You take them if you can or if you must, and let the rest go. The ones you keep, they're yours."

    • Lyrical, beautiful, simple, heartbreaking, healing, perfect. I read it in two days. Anyone who would rate this book less than 4 stars, or would dislike it because the subject matter is taboo or the writing seems unrealistic has never experienced, secretly or publicly, love for anything that the world might view as taboo. Which would lead me to ask, are you really being honest with yourself?

    • A much younger man indeed. Found it a bit disturbing that he was so young to start with, wouldn't like my son dating a 35 year old woman. Her being a teacher makes it even worse, because she is someone we trust to look after our children. Book was ok but I can't say I liked it.

    • Saw this in a "Books that will change your life" list. Umm Little explanation how or why these two "fell in love". And why is it ok for a 30-something teacher to have a relationship with a 16 year old again? (Even though the age of consent in Australia is 16?)

    • The story revolves around a 35 year old teacher and her blossoming love relationship with her friend's 16 year old son. Very true-to-life, the novel handles such delicate subject matter in a sensitive and unique way. Great character development.

    • It was well-written, but in no way did it provide any insight into the character of a 35 year old woman who "takes up" with a 17 year old boy.

    • This book was not quite as dramatic as I was expecting, despite the concept. It was very much a "the heart wants what the heart wants" story, and was pure in its intent.

    • Finished the first chapter, and that's enough for me. The style is unique, perhaps even literary, but too choppy for my current needs. My eyes and head hurt. I'll leave this book for someone else.

    • Really a 2.5. A quick, guilty pleasure-type read. It kept me occupied for a couple of nights but it's certainly not the best book that I've ever read.

    • Beautiful book. I believed in the characters and wanted them to be together even though she was twice his age. It's rating is between a PG-13 and R (just so you're not surprised, lol)

    • The relationship is illegal and inappropriate and the fact that she tries to justify it to herself makes me hate her even more

    • This is not a romance! I would put it under serious fiction. What an intense read. Her writing reminded me of Hemingway. Review coming up!

    • Read it after reading this author's second book, which I enjoyed. Also wanted to understand such a relationship. Well written in a sensitive way.

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