Folly du Jour

Folly du Jour Brutal murder embroils Scotland Yard commander Joe Sandilands in the intrigue and violence of late s Paris in CWA Historical Dagger Award winning author Barbara Cleverly s tour de force of suspens

  • Title: Folly du Jour
  • Author: Barbara Cleverly
  • ISBN: 9780385341844
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brutal murder embroils Scotland Yard commander Joe Sandilands in the intrigue and violence of late 1920s Paris in CWA Historical Dagger Award winning author Barbara Cleverly s tour de force of suspense In a box at the famed Theatre des Champs Elysees, an ex soldier and knight of the realm is dead, his throat savagely cut In a jail cell, diplomat George Jardine, his evBrutal murder embroils Scotland Yard commander Joe Sandilands in the intrigue and violence of late 1920s Paris in CWA Historical Dagger Award winning author Barbara Cleverly s tour de force of suspense.In a box at the famed Theatre des Champs Elysees, an ex soldier and knight of the realm is dead, his throat savagely cut In a jail cell, diplomat George Jardine, his evening clothes stained with the slain man s blood, awaits the arrival of his old wartime friend, Joe Sandilands In spite of the evidence, Sandilands believes Jardine is innocent His search for a crucial witness a notorious beauty who quickly vanishes leads to the discovery of a shocking series of unsolved murders Is Sandilands hunting a serial killer Or has he stumbled upon something even sinister and carefully orchestrated As the final, chilling pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Sandilands launches his own counterattack against a killer whose sadistic agenda is about to become horrifyingly clear.

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    • Barbara Cleverly

      Barbara Cleverly was born in the north of England and is a graduate of Durham University A former teacher, she has spent her working life in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk she now lives in Cambridge She has one son and five step children.Her Joe Sandilands series of books set against the background of the British Raj was inspired by the contents of a battered old tin trunk that she found in her attic Out of it spilled two centuries of memories of a family especially a great uncle who spent a lot of time in India whose exploits and achievements marched in time with the flowering of the British Empire.

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    • Joe Sandilands and Sir George Jardine are back, and they're in Paris. It's 1927, and numerous cultural icons of the time are present -- from Lindbergh to Josephine Baker to a young crime reporter named Simenon. Joe, in Paris for an Interpol conference, is brought in to help when Sir George, recently retired and thus no longer protected by diplomatic immunity, is found standing over the body of a fellow Englishman in a box at the theater where Baker is performing. The corpse was that of a thoroug [...]

    • This mystery was OK, entertaining enough so that I really want to give it 2 1/2 stars. I loved the Sandilands mysteries set in India, in large part for the "local color." This one set in Paris left me a bit cold. Joe is a nice enough guy, but not all that interesting (though easy to be around after spending time with Ian Rutledge, Charles Todd's much more troubled WWI-vet-back-as-an-English-policeman). There were many references to a prior story involving Sandilands and two other prominent chara [...]

    • First one I've read in this series. Well written, nice plot twists and historically accurate. Worth reading when you want a quick, well written mystery. Nothing sloppy and a bit of depth to the characters.

    • There is a "great divide" in the Joe Sandilands series and it comes between the stories set in India and the ones after that. The first four novels are absolutely amazing, 5-star spectaculars! After that, Joe goes home to England and fades among the rest of the amiable, agreeable, but ultimately forgettable crowd of literary Scotland Yard detectives. I will keep reading them anyway, because, as you can see from the 4-star rating, his "average" beats other's "best" by a long way! I haven't been a [...]

    • Joe Sandilands is back from India and is going to a conference in Paris, France. When he gets there he finds that his very good friend, and the officer he reported to in India, has been accused of murder while attending a very risque performance in a Follies performance. Joe meets up with his French colleague and they go together to to the jail where he is being held and interrogated. From that point on, Joe and his friend tirelessly search for the people who had actually done the slaying, as we [...]

    • Barbara Cleverly began Joe's adventures in India during the time of the Raj. I especially loved those stories filled with such detail of the English troops and their families in India before the independence of India.This story is set in Paris when painters and writers were everywhere and the characters who were in India once again make an appearance in the story.Well researched and well written Barbara Cleverly's books are always worthwhile.

    • Pretty good book. This was my first Joe Sandilands mystery, and I liked the time. I was also surprised by the perp, so that's fun.

    • I had kind of forgotten about the Joe Sandilands mystery series. Nice to get reacquainted with Joe and this one takes place in Paris. Lots of local color or the time between the two world wars. Plus a thought provoking who and how done it.

    • FOLLY DU JOUR (Licensed Investigator-Joe Sandilands-Paris-1927) – VGCleverly, Barbara – 7th in seriesConstable, 2007, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9781845295288First Sentence: Harland C. White of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shuffled resentfully after his wife, May, through the Egyptian rooms in the Louvre museum.*** It is Paris, 1927, Lucky Lindburgh has just landed and Josephine Baker and American Jazz has taken Paris by storm. Commander Joe Sandilands has come to Paris in aid of his friend, Sir Geo [...]

    • Ms. Josephine Baker makes a grand appearance, as does Louis Armstrong and the music of the jazz age in Paris. Joe is caught up in a plot-twisting murder investigation while in Paris on a Scotland Yard mission. The French police believe they have their man, but Joe knows better and sets out to find and convict the culprit. This book left me confused at times; the plot twists were okay but the dialogue was overplayed and stiff. I never really got ahead of Joe, except for the very last revelation o [...]

    • An ok mystery, but kinda disappointing after the last Joe Sandilands book, which was fantastic. This one is also set in France and is a fairly entertaining, if brief, novel. But I was annoyed with Famous Person in a Historical Novel syndrome in which one famous person after another and one famous event after another just happen to brush shoulders with or somehow involve our protagonists. I thought the book should have used either Josephine Baker or Charles Lindbergh, but not both. And then there [...]

    • I haven't been reading this series in order. They seem to me to be hit or miss in terms of being a satisfying mystery. This one certainly has the charms of taking place in Paris in 1927 with cameos by Lucky Lindy, Josephine Baker and Georges Simeneon. The not so smooth mechanics of the plot however got in the way of my enjoyment.The distinctive, very British voice of Sandilands's speech and thoughts characterize almost every character's speech and thoughts as well. I really appreciate it when an [...]

    • This is my first Barbara Cleverly and I will be reading more!I have to admit, I didn't warm to her writing style at first (though I can't put my finger on why), but the plot was well contrived and Joe made a good,if uncomplicated, hero. She had obviously done her research on Paris in the 20's so the sense of place was terrific.I usually hate it when authors shoehorn famous people into their fiction, but in this instance I loved the artful and not over-done inclusion of Josephine Baker and her lo [...]

    • Barbara Cleverly is one of my new favorite mystery writers. Her books are just literary enough that I don't feel guilty reading them, they're light enough to be beach reading, and they have fun historical settings with just enough action. She does a good job of plotting and pacing, and "Folly du Jour" is a perfect example of everything I like about her books.The only thing preventing me from giving her books more stars is that there's very little character development; it's part of what makes Cl [...]

    • Best yet!I love this series, particularly its sense of time and place. This one is especially well done. Though I loved when Sandilands was in India, the author did an amazing job of recreating Paris in the roaring twenties! I highly recommend searching for Josephine Baker on youtube where you can see actual film of her descending into the audience in an egg then dancing the charleston - exactly as described in the book! One other clever little touch: Georges Simenon, author of the Maigret books [...]

    • Barbara Cleverly does not disappoint me. It has been a while since I last read one of her novels. This is the latest in the Joe Sandimans series, this one set in Paris in the 20's. It is the time of Josephine Baker and Lucky Lindy. I enjoyed the references to some of my favorite places in the City of Light, which made the story come alive for me. As Cleverly lays out the pieces of the puzzle, she keeps the mastermind shrouded in veiled references to a powerful organization most evil, until Sandi [...]

    • An evening at the Theatre in Paris turns into a nightmare of physical interrogation for a British diplomat returning from years of duty in India. An old acquaintance has been murdered in a theatre box and he is the prime suspect. Enter Joe Sandilands, in Paris for an Interpol conference, who knew the suspect back in India and refuses to believe Sir George is a murderer, even of a man as unsavory as the victim. The engaging mystery unfolds from there, with misdirection galore and many period deta [...]

    • A great British mystery that takes place just after WWI. It started off slowly, gradually building. The plot is complex and I could only guess at the culprit a bit before the jig was up. There is some gore and several killings, but these are told in a careful way. One of the main characters bares my name and she is most interesting! I even got up a map of Paris on my computer so I could actually see where the ;lot was developing. I looked up some French words to get a better flavor of the conver [...]

    • This was another good read but the end was tedious. I couldn't put it down through 4/5 of the book and I couldn't wait to finish reading the last 1/5 because I felt bogged down in the plot. There were some areas that were sketchy to me -- understandable, but not fleshed out enough. That said, it was another feather in Cleverly's cap -- and certainly worth its place in the order of her series. I do like the way that she brings back characters from previous novels.

    • I enjoyed the first few books in this series (the ones set in India), but recently every time I start reading one, I wonder why. This book is set in Paris, 1927 and the dialog is that "smart set" 1920s English you either find charming or annoying. The mystery itself would be fine, if only the detectives hadn't rescued Charles Lindbergh or had Georges Simenon to help them out. Both had me rolling my eyes.

    • This was my first and potentially last Barbara Cleverly. I just could barely finish it - took me about six weeks to get through. I'm not sure why I kept going, possibly because I thought that it could become compelling, but ultimately the characters were not smart or likeable, the plot was farfetched and unbelievable and the writing was confusing for me.

    • Should have started the series with the first book. Too many big gapping holes needed to be filled in. Loved the sence of place, walking the streets of Paris. Did not finish the book, due to dislike of snobbiness of the British diplomate. Who needs people who lie because as an upper cruster they don't need to talk to investigators.

    • Needed a book quickly when I was in the library and this one looked interesting. Hadnt heard of the author before and so it was a bit of a gamble. Did it pay off? Yes, I think so. I enjoyed the read although it wasnt exactly a page turner and so some of the characters got a bit muddled early on.Liked the setting but couldnt help thinking about Poirot/ and Iain Carmichael as Lord Peter Whimsey.

    • I'd taken out several of Cleverly's books at once. I started this, so was determined to finish it. But it took an effort. The narrative bogs down in what I think is an over-grasping to set the period. I did enjoy how she worked current events (and even real-life persons) in to the story, how they even interacted with her fictional characters.

    • Barbara Cleverly's fictional detective, Joe Sandilands, is one of my favorites since he's usually unflappable and less panicky than others. He doesn't disappoint here, even when he confronts an old foe and is threatened by the very killer he seeks. Set in fashionable Paris during the 1920s (and with a cameo by Miss Josephine Baker), this mystery continues the Sandilands tradition well.

    • Joe arrives in Paris expecting to attend a police conference and deliver a paper, but his plans immediately change when his friend Sir George Jardine is accused of murder. Barbara Cleverly has done it again in a mystery filled with twists and turns. Familiar characters return as well. I definitely recommend this book.

    • Set in Paris in the 1920's. Joe Sandilands has just flown in to attend an early Interpol conference when he is called by the embassy to help a fellow Englishman arrested for murder. I liked this book but it moved slowly for me. This is number 8 in the series but the first for me so I'll give Joe another try in the near future.

    • Joe Sandilands is bound for an Interpol convention 1920’s Paris when an ex-British diplomat has his throat cut at a Paris music hall. An old friend of Sandilands is arrested and Joe is drawn into the investigation with the French police. Not one of the best of the series, but well-done cameo appearances by Georges Simenon and Josephine Baker enliven the plot.

    • I've read most of this series. They are historical aristocratic English mysteries. I like the historical info, the writing is smooth, and the stories are engaging. This wasn't my favorite though.Recommend: adult

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