Tail of the Blue Bird

Tail of the Blue Bird Sonokrom a village in the Ghanaian hinterland has not changed for thousands of years Here the men and women speak the language of the forest drink aphrodisiacs with their palm wine and walk alongs

  • Title: Tail of the Blue Bird
  • Author: Nii Ayikwei Parkes
  • ISBN: 9780224085748
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sonokrom, a village in the Ghanaian hinterland, has not changed for thousands of years Here, the men and women speak the language of the forest, drink aphrodisiacs with their palm wine and walk alongside the spirits of their ancestors The discovery of sinister remains possibly human, definitely evil in a vanished man s hut brings the modern world into the village inSonokrom, a village in the Ghanaian hinterland, has not changed for thousands of years Here, the men and women speak the language of the forest, drink aphrodisiacs with their palm wine and walk alongside the spirits of their ancestors The discovery of sinister remains possibly human, definitely evil in a vanished man s hut brings the modern world into the village in the form of Kayo a young forensic pathologist convinced that scientific logic can shatter even the most inexplicable of mysteries.But as events in the village become and incomprehensible, Kayo and his sidekick, Constable Garba, find that Western logic and political bureaucracy are no longer equal to the task in hand Strange boys wandering in the forest, ghostly music in the night and a flock of birds that come from far away to fill the desolate hut with discarded feathers take the newcomers into a world where, in the unknown, they discover a higher truth that leaves scientific explanations far behind.Tail of the Bluebird is a story of the mystical heart of Africa, of the clash and clasp between old and new worlds Lyrically beautiful, at once uncanny and heart warmingly human, this is a story that tells us that at the heart of modern man there remains the capacity to know the unknowable.

    • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ☆ Tail of the Blue Bird - by Nii Ayikwei Parkes ✓
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      Nii Ayikwei Parkes Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tail of the Blue Bird book, this is one of the most wanted Nii Ayikwei Parkes author readers around the world.

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    • A classic whodunit detective novel set in Ghana, with a literary flavour, written by a poet, with a sharp and perceptive use of local dialect. It focuses on Kayo, a forensic scientist trained in Britain and who had worked for a British police force. He has returned to Ghana and is working for a company doing mundane forensic work for a private company and hoping for something better. The girlfriend of a minister finds something that may be human remains in a village in the interior. There are wh [...]

    • I really loved this one. It's a criminal procedural type novel set in Ghana & does a great job of mixing modern-day police work & forensics w/ the older village traditions in Ghana. There is a mix of dialects so it takes a little bit of feeling to get into the cadence & rhythm of the storytelling (& there is apparently an online glossary available but I preferred to sink into the story & just go w/ the flow w/out stopping to look up the words), but it's really lovely once you [...]

    • It feels good to read an entertaining story like this: Tail of the Blue Bird by Ghanaian writer, Nii Ayikwei Parkes. He is presenting us with an original murder mystery, an adventure story that moves beyond fact-based evidence with believable, well drawn characters. Despite its fantasy-like cover image, Nii Ayikwei Parkes's novel is firmly grounded in modern-day Ghanaian reality that incorporates urban as well as rural life and with it the need to bridge the different cultural, linguistic and sp [...]

    • A mystery novel with supernatural overtones. The tension and harmony between modernity and tradition, ambition and righteousness. A coming of age and homecoming, and to my mind a powerful gesture of conciliation between what is worthwhile in the new and old, something postcolonial societies in particular struggle to achieve, I think.

    • Eine großartige Variante eines Kriminalromans, eine Geschichte zwischen Moderne und Mythen in Ghana und ein Erzählstil so einnehmend und warm, dass man noch mehr und mehr von Nii Parkes lesen möchte.

    • A young scientist and forensic expert, Kayo, is coerced into investigating some foul smelling, presumably human remains found in a small village far away from the Ghanaian capital of Accra when other policemen are baffled by the villagers' lack of cooperation. A newly-minted forensic investigator, a genteel and polite Ghanaian man educated in England, is forcibly coopted by the chief of police (who, obviously, has his own agenda in pursuing the case). Kayo and his assigned partner Garba use take [...]

    • Se lleva tres estrellas y no cuatro por lo insípida que me ha parecido la introducción. Tiene un primer capítulo muy divertido en el que enfrenta las costumbres tradicionales con la adopción orgullosa (y un tanto ridícula a veces) del modo de vivir europeo por alguna gente de Ghana. El caso es que luego cambia de punto de vista y nos movemos para el resto del libro con el protagonista, un antropólogo forense ghanés que ha estudiado en Inglaterra, y que representa el equilibrio entre las d [...]

    • The first thing that hit me with this book was how unapologetically Ghanaian it was. Nii fills the book with urban pidgin English and rural Twi as well as direct translations that will leave non-Ghanaians scratching their heads.The best part of the book is not the scientific deductions of the protagonist, Kayo, or the greed and corruption of Inspector Donkor, but the spellbinding storytelling of the old hunter, Opanyin Poku.The logic defying mystery seems to be a rebellious attempt by Nii to ass [...]

    • I loved the writing in this novel. It was more poetic than anything and that alone served enough purpose to appreciate it. I thought that in some parts it was fragmented and unclear. The beginning seemed to be too much of a ramble about the hunter when it was clear that the forensic scientist was the protagonist. The image of a woman following a blue-tailed bird was clearly intended to be stunning but it slightly irritated me because of the unexplained nature of the woman following the bird into [...]

    • Schuld an dem Schlamassel in Großvater Opanyins Dorf war das Mädchen aus dem Nachbarort, das mit einem wichtigen Minister zusammenlebte. Hätte sie das eklige Ding nicht entdeckt, wäre nie die Polizei ins Dorf gekommen. Der junge Polizist aus Accra spricht Opanyin Poku als Dorfältesten auf Englisch an und lässt es an der üblichen Höflichkeit einem alten Jäger gegenüber mangeln. Seine Ermittlungsergebnisse fallen entsprechend mager aus. Da Inspektor Donkor eines Tages gern Polizeipräsid [...]

    • Die Lesung im Weltempfänger-Salon machte mich neugierig auf dieses Buch. Daher „subbte“ es dann auch nicht lange. Leider hielt das Buch dann aber doch ganz, was ich erwartet hatte. Dass es kein klassischer Kriminalroman ist, war mir klar. Aber vor allem vom Aufbau des Buchs wurde während der Lesung ein vollkommen falscher Eindruck vermittelt. Auch das Ende fand ich etwas schwach.Pluspunkte sammelt das Buch aber für die gute Darstellung der Verhältnisse im heutigen Ghana: der Unterschied [...]

    • Un bon argument, amb un bon plantejament, uns bons personatges i un magnífic entorn. Llàstima que, a la cuina, la barreja no acaba de quallar. Nii Ayikwei Parkes proposa un exercici d,unió de la novel·la negra amb la màgia de les tradicions ancestrals africanes. Si, però no. Falta explicar-ho millor. Falta posar una mica més de llum sobre la terra on passa l,acció: L, ocell blau ens promet una visió lligada a la terra i a les persones que no s,acaba de funcionar (un dels principals esce [...]

    • maybe 4 stars is a bit strong, but well written tale, enjoyed its setting and fresh angle to things, often mentioning a minor description that added to the whole feel of the book. for me a 3.7 :)

    • When the girlfriend of the minister for roads and highways spots a disgusting red lump of flesh in a hut in the village Sonokrom, what normally would have been ignored and left to the villagers suddenly becomes a matter of national importance. Inspector Donkor wants a promotion, and he believes that one of the only forensics specialists in Ghana–Kayo–can get it for him.What Kayo finds in the village is a people still steeped in the culture of the countryside, in touch with Onyame and the anc [...]

    • This is not translated fiction, although really it could be, as it has lengths of conversation in the pidgin of Ghana with little more than context to help the reader to decipher it. But it is a lovely tale of the clash between modernity and traditional values, and somewhat mystical in its acceptance that science and technology do not always have the answer when the age-old magics are at play in the world. So what happens in the book? Well, the girlfriend of a high-level politician finds a missh [...]

    • When I discovered this book on the British Council library bookshelf I knew I HAD to read it. But I didn't know what to expect. It's a joyride alright. Part literature, part whodunit, part mystery- this book defies genres.Kayo (Kwadwo Odemttan) is a Ghanian Forensics Expert returned from the UK but forced to work in a lab run by the greedy Mr.Acquah in Accra. But when a minister's girlfriend finds a weird 'thing' that is red and moving in a hut in the village Sonokrom, the proverbial hell breaks [...]

    • There seems to be a great idea behind this text, a fusion on several levels. The dramatic contrast in the social fabric of modern Kenya is reduplicated in the narrative, a detective story that aspires to incorporate, even reconcile the split by offering a double perspective, coexistence without contradiction.Sadly, the execution reduces this ambition to a quirk. While it is not a bad story after all, even half a year later, having given it all some thought, I cannot figure out how it is supposed [...]

    • An excellent short novel, involving a mystery in a remote village in Ghana and its investigation, primarily by a British-educated forensic scientist. Both the story and the characters are fascinating. Many reviewers have commented on the tension between scientific and traditional worldviews, but this is not a major issue. The conflict arises not so much because of incompatibilities between these perspectives (in fact, the scientist main character fits into the village quite well), but rather bec [...]

    • Een heel Ghanees boek, vol Ghanese woorden, uitdrukkingen, gewoontes en mythes. 'Tale of the Blue Bird'heeft twee vertellers: een oude jager, die het boek begint en eindigt en een alwetende verteller, die ons het leeuwendeel van de roman vertelt, over de jonge forensisch onderzoeker Kayo uit Accra, die door de in- en in-corrupte politie wordt ingeschakeld om een mysterieuze misdaad in het afgelegen dorpje Sokorkrom in Oost-Ghana op te lossen.In het dorpje mengen de forensische feiten zich met de [...]

    • A story filled with poetry and a suspense-filled mystery."The sun was already dipping low, and as we walked I saw the birds flying off to their homes in the redness of the sky. It was as though they had fire in their wings; aburuburu, hornbills, swallows, akroma and sunbirds all in flame like the crackles that fly off my wife's coalpot when she fans the fire hard."This is not your conventional murder mystery. You'll learn twi phrases. You'll find yourself in another world if you're European. A w [...]

    • This book has taken me right to the heart of rural and urban Ghana. Fantastic elucidation of family relationships, culture, the police system, beliefs, traditions, workplace politics, the rural-urban divide, the magic that food weaves as a central point for convergence, investigative forensics and of course today's Africa. Lovely story. The adrenaline around the "thing" is heart beat stopping throughout the book. Nii Ayikwei Parkes is definitely an addition to my list of favourite authors.

    • C'est l'histoire d'un jeune expert médico-légal fraichement débarqué de l'Angleterre qui se retrouve malgré lui ou plutôt contraint (ce terme est plus approprié) d'enquêter sur l'assassinat présumé d'un dénommé Kofi Atta dans le village de Sonokrom au Ghana.Bien que ce livre mette en avant l'un de mes cocktails favoris c-à-d enquête policière, avec un soupcon dévènements mystico-religieux. Ici ca ne prend pas me concernant car l'histoire part dans tous les sens, cela dit ca se l [...]

    • Not my normal genre but I was intrigued enough to read it through in just a few sittings.A simple murder mystery at heart, but it draws on some interesting material between very traditional tribal Africa and the modern world with its science and its corruption.I was a little put off by some of the pidgin patois and localised words for everyday objects which made parts hard to understand. But the story was good and the ending worthwhile. 3 stars.

    • A lovely detective story set in rural Ghana, Tail of the Blue Bird draws heavily from folklore and isn't afraid to leave some things shrouded in mystery. The book ends up being a gentle critique of story-telling in all its forms. As a tribal hunter tells the forensic pathologist, “On this earth, we have to choose the story we tell, because it affects us – it affects how we live.”

    • Relatively short novel which could be classified as a type of mystery, as there are elements of that type of story in it. But it also has elements of traditional stories, and a mix of language in it. I am quite impressed.

    • Loved it. Nii Parkes creates a world and language that stays with you long after you have put the book down. Really easy to read, and really enjoyed this who-dunnit set in a village in Ghana. A clash of two worlds is right.

    • The coolest thing about this detective story is how Twi is interlaced with English and one starts to be able to understand the Twi. It also captures the difficulty of being an educated African returning to Africa.

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