De vallei van de paarden

De vallei van de paarden De stam die Ayla als klein meisje heeft opgenomen en als een van hen heeft opgevoed verstoot haar omdat ze als jonge vrouw te onafhankelijk en te ondernemend is geworden Ze wil proberen mensen te vin

  • Title: De vallei van de paarden
  • Author: Jean M. Auel G. Snoey
  • ISBN: 9789027456847
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • De stam die Ayla als klein meisje heeft opgenomen en als een van hen heeft opgevoed, verstoot haar omdat ze als jonge vrouw te onafhankelijk en te ondernemend is geworden Ze wil proberen mensen te vinden die denken en leven zoals zij en zwerft alleen door het rauwe prehistorische landschap Ze blijft in een vallei waar ze vriendschap sluit met de paarden Daar vindt ze ooDe stam die Ayla als klein meisje heeft opgenomen en als een van hen heeft opgevoed, verstoot haar omdat ze als jonge vrouw te onafhankelijk en te ondernemend is geworden Ze wil proberen mensen te vinden die denken en leven zoals zij en zwerft alleen door het rauwe prehistorische landschap Ze blijft in een vallei waar ze vriendschap sluit met de paarden Daar vindt ze ook de man voor wie ze liefde gaat voelen en met wie ze verder trekt.

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      172 Jean M. Auel G. Snoey
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    • Jean M. Auel G. Snoey

      Jean M Auel, n e Jean Marie Untinen is an American author best known for her Earth s Children books, a series of historical fiction novels set in prehistoric Europe that explores interactions of Cro Magnon people with Neanderthals As of 2010 her books have sold than 45 million copies worldwide, in many translations Auel attended University of Portland, and earned an MBA in 1976 She received honorary degrees from her alma mater, as well as the University of Maine and the Mount Vernon College for Women She and her husband, Ray Bernard Auel, have five children and live in Portland, Oregon.

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    • Dad: "So's the book?"Me: "Hmn. Well, I like the first two thirds or so, that's all survivalist nerd stuff. But after that, it kind of turns into caveman porn."(Later that week)Dad: "SoI borrowed your book."Me: "Oh."(Uncomfortable silence)Me: "Sowhat did you think of it?"Dad: "Well, you were right, the first two thirds is for survival nerds. After that, though"(Uncomfortable silence)Me: "Caveman porn?"Dad: "Not just that. *Bad* caveman porn!"

    • I've never seen a series take such a downturn so fast!When we last saw Ayla in The Clan of the Cave Bear, she had been banished, sentenced to death by the clan leader, Broud, who hated her. The Valley of the Horses takes place immediately after, as Ayla begins to wander the steppes in pursuit of her people. Eventually, she settles in a valley populated with horses. While she is there, she befriends a horse and ekes out a living.Oh.My.God.I don't think I've ever seen a series shoot itself in the [...]

    • She walks away alone, a figure in the vast, savage, uncaring, desolate, almost empty region, of what is now the Ukraine, expelled by her adopted, Neanderthal, cave dwelling band, Ayla, at 14, is forced to leaves her small, beloved child, Durc, behind, cursed by the only people the Cro -Magnon girl can remember, into the unknown, what the young, fearful woman, believes, will be a final, fatal, fleeting journey. With a few belongings , the prehistoric teenager, has, told by the female, who raised [...]

    • Ouch. I’ve never known a series to go so downhill in the second book!When I read The Clan of the Cave Bear I was swept up into a prehistoric world filled with spirits, survival and a wonderfully intricate belief system. After the end of that book Ayla is out on her own, battling the elements, wild animals and her own loneliness. It sounded so promising. But parallel to following Ayla, we also follow two men - Jondalar and his brother Thonolan, unsure of how they will fit in to Ayla’s tale. W [...]

    • I didn’t mind that it devolved (devolved, get it? hehehe) anyway, I didn't mind that the book turned out to be porn-for-women-who-pretend-they-don’t-like-that-sort-of-thing-because-its-soooo-low-brow, but what I DID mind was that it became CLICHÉ porn. Oooo he’s a man whose been with tons of women but never felt True Love!Oooo she’s a woman who’s been raped in a way sanctioned by her culture and never had an orgasm! Ahhhhh he’s a man who yearns to love a woman who is his equal!Ahhh [...]

    • This one goes down as my all time, #1, best read. I learned SO many things and gained more strength and independence than I though possible. The story is this, Ayla is cast out from her family, leaving behind her only son, to survive in the ice age and the wilderness alone. She has the knowledge of a medicine woman, and the skills of a sling to assist her survival. But the greatest challenge is the loneliness. She teaches herself to hunt with spears, to make knives, baskets, and implements for c [...]

    • Ayla’s adventures volume two. The writing is as bad as it was in volume one (I detailed all the problems I had with it here : /review/show/) with the addition of hackneyed sex scenes. It makes me almost sad that generations of young girls had their introduction to porn literature through this crap. It’s enough to put you off of both, sex and reading.You might wonder why I read the second volume when the first volume was so bad. It’s a good question and I’m not sure myself. I ordered it o [...]

    • 5 STARSWritten in the early 80's. I suddenly find myself addicted. LOL. This one had a much different feel than the first book. Read a bit more like a romance book but no less appealing. Loved it. Looking forward to book 3!

    • Thank God it is over - 2 starsSilver Broken Gavel for Worst Book Read in 2014Random Ramblings I cannot recall the last time I was so happy to finish a book. I felt as if I had gone up against a ferocious beast and emerged as the winner. Having recently read,REVIEWEDand loved The Clan of the Cave Bear, I fully expected another magical story set it the distant past, long before recorded history. I liked The Clan of the Cave Bear so much, it was my 7th favorite read of 2013. Unfortunately, the Vall [...]

    • I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but this was only partially it. Clan of the Cave Bearcertainly didn't set the bar high, literarily speaking. However, I was taken aback by the shift in tone and emphasis. Whereas Cave Bear seemed genuinely interested in being taken seriously, Valley of the Horses is more interested in titillating housewives whose macrame plant holders still boast spider plants and ferns galore. The whole book smacks of repressed seventies feminism; politics and speculat [...]

    • So far, many complaints. Whereas Clan of the Cave Bear kept me turning the pages, wondering where Ayla was going to toe the line next, its sequel is bland and predictable. Okay, Ayla's got hangups about men and halfway across the continent comes an obvious stud who's never been in love. Gee. I wonder what's going to happen? I honestly want to see Ayla in a better relationship but how much to I have to go through to get there?An inordinate amount of paper was spent on rehashing events in Clan of [...]

    • This second installment of Auel's massive prehistoric saga has many of the same strengths and weaknesses, IMO, as the series opener The Clan of the Cave Bear; my review of that one (/review/show/15569300 ), similarly, has content that's relevant here, and might be worth reading first. The books are definitely intended to be read in order; I'm assuming that most people reading this review have read the first book, and both this review and the pretty accurate description may/will have spoilers vi [...]

    • I liked this book for the story of a girl surviving on her own and her learning experiences but I thought the sex was a bit over the top. I guess I just wasn't expecting that much sex and that much detail. I mean, I really don't need to know that Ayla was turned on by watching horses mate or that Jondalar's "woman maker" was too large for most females. I was under the impression that this series of books was for the "young adult" audience, mostly because I knew lots of people who read The Clan o [...]

    • I'm loving this series. The author does an amazing job with the world and the characters she created. Ayla is such a strong character, having been kicked out of her clan she is forced to survive on her own. She does an amazing job with every obstacle thrown her way, she faces it head on and comes out on top. When she meets Jondalar she learns a lot about herself, I loved the interactions between them and how they both teach each other new things. Overall this was a great read, really enjoying th [...]

    • If you skip every page that mentions Jondalar, this is the best book ever!Minus one star for Jondalar's existence.

    • I am reading this series for the second time now. It has been something like 8-9 years since I last read The Valley of Horses, and I still love it. I am an earth scientist by education (geologist) and profession (water resources/environmental), and I just love Ms. Auel's attention to detail when it comes to botany, animals, and the ecology of the environments that she writes about. Additionally, she is very well versed in the latest advances in anthropology, archaeology, human evolution, paleo-c [...]

    • Unfortunately this was not as good as it's predecessor, The Clan of the Cave Bear, there was a lot less showing and a lot more telling. I still liked Ayla, even though she was perfect in almost every way (and I don't mean that in a good sense), her emotions where very real. I am totally fascinated by this era, and I'm so glad I was introduced to it by Jean M. Auel. Even though I probably won't read more of this series, I have already added some similar titles to my to read list. The Story: Ayla [...]

    • I kind of cringe to admit I bought this book with my babysitting money and read it when I was 14 thinking it was about a young woman and a horse. The salesclerk valiantly did try to discreetly inform my mom that it wasn't really YA reading, but failed to stress that it was because of the sex. Fortunately my mom was right in that I was mature enough to realize that while I was mature enough for the G-rated portions of the book, the intimate scenes were for adults. Granted when I read the series a [...]

    • Το δεύτερο βιβλίο της σειράς δεν μοιάζει σε τίποτα με το πρώτο. Και ενώ κ πάλι περιγράφει αναλυτικά τη ζωή των προϊστορικών ανθρώπων, αυτή τη φορά όχι όμως των νεάντερνταλ αλλά των κρο- μανιον. Η αφήγηση χωρίζεται σε δυο ήρωες, που εναλλάσσονται ανά κεφάλαιο, την γνωστή και α [...]

    • I thought that this was a really interesting and thought provoking book. Watching Ayla discover the nature of the world around her was genuinely exciting.This book really made me think about the way things are. Although Ayla's world is different from ours, she too has to deal with learning new things. I've always wondered why things are the way they are- why do we speak different languages? Why do we speak at all?Ayla does consider the first question. When Jondalar tells her that only his people [...]

    • It didn’t really take me four months to listen to this audible book but I definitely must have misplaced or forgot about it once or twice! This is the second book of a I don’t know how many books series and my intention at this point is probably not to continue with the series. I know at least one time while I was listening I fell asleep maybe for as long as an hour. But I didn’t feel obligated to go back and listen to the part that I had missed. I thought about why that was and decided it [...]

    • Jondalar is a boring, annoying Gary Stu. Reading about him and Thonolan bored me to tears.Ayla is still sometimes interesting, but her feats are becoming absolutely ridiculous. Honestly, being the first person to tame a horse, create a cart (without wheels, but still), create fire with stone sparks, tame a cave lion (sure, he was a baby, and close to death, but why wouldn't he have eaten her when he got a little older? Don't believe it), and use stitches on a wound? Her sudden grasp of Jondalar' [...]

    • What started out with so much potential in Clan of the Cave Bear, begins to rapidly fall apart in The Valley of Horses. By the time the 4th and 5th books of the series are reached, it's really best to just avoid reading them at all, and try to remember the better moments. Seriously, they aren't even worth reviewing, if only because doesn't offer a negative star option.But here, Ayla still retains some of the qualities of her childhood self. This is set just after her banishment from the Clan, t [...]

    • This is the 2nd book in the Earth's Children Series, a series I began reading in high school. As I wrote in my review of The Clan of the Cave Bear, this book and other early exposure to archaeology thanks to my mom led to my getting a BA in anthropology and working in anthropology museums for several years.Out of the entire series, this is the book I reread most often. I keep it on my bedside table and read bits and pieces of it every few days or weeks. When I do so I always skip over all the Jo [...]

    • Loved this book. Read many years ago.Jean M. Auel, née Jean Marie Untinen is an American writer. She is best known for her Earth's Children books, a series of historical fiction novels set in prehistoric Europe that explores interactions of Cro-Magnon people with Neanderthals. Her books have sold 34 million copies world-wide in many translations.

    • This was way different than The Clan of the Cave Bear, but I stuck with it because I wanted to see what happens with Ayla. Lord. For most of the book, Ayla is alone out on the steppes, fending for herself after being banished from the Clan at the end of the previous book. She is able to create some innovative systems for her survival and we are able to see some recognizable inventions from what she comes up with: a way to track time, more modernized injury treatment than she had before, weapons [...]

    • I really liked The Clan of the Cave Bear. Jean Auel's research brings the stone age to life, wrapping around the story like a perfect mammoth skin blanket. The plot was good. The details and activities of the characters' life were gripping. We felt Ayla's struggle, her plight and so forth. For a big book, it rocked along.This second outing to the distant B.C. grinds along like Ayla is dragging a big stone block behind her. Sure there's plenty of interest in survival stories, but for the length o [...]

    • 2 1/2 starsAfter thoroughly enjoying the first book in the Earth's Children series, The Clan of the Cave Bear , I was really excited to get my hands on the second book. This book is quite different from the first one, as Ayla is alone and we are introduced to the ways of the "Others" (the Cro-Magnons) through the experiences of traveling brothers Thonalan and Jondalar. While the first book gave lots of insight into the prehistoric world and Clan culture, this one focused on survival in the harsh [...]

    • I wanted to read this, the second book in the Earth Children series, because I enjoyed the first book in the series. Unfortunately, this book has quite a bit of pornish/explicit stuff in it that I ended up just skipping over to get to the endHowever, there were a couple of passages that I loved:p. 459: "You beautiful, wild, wonderful woman!"p. 501: "You are strong, self-reliant, entirely able to take care of yourself and of me You are fearless, courageous; you saved my life, nursed me back to he [...]

    • I really expected the book to jump right into Ayla's life and for her to be the main character and focus on her. I was extremely disappointed, however, to read about an entirely weird fantasy that didn't make sense to me. The next chapters went into Jondalar's life, and he seemed to be a bit boring. The chapters jumped around too quickly, telling me information which I did not find useful at all, especially since Ayla and Jondalar do not meet until about the end of the book. And the entire pet c [...]

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