The Hanged Man's Song

The Hanged Man s Song In The Hanged Man s Song a super hacker friend of Kidd s named Bobby suddenly disappears from cyberspace and Kidd knows that isn t a good sign Going over to his house he finds him dead on the floor

  • Title: The Hanged Man's Song
  • Author: John Sandford
  • ISBN: 9780425199107
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • In The Hanged Man s Song, a super hacker friend of Kidd s named Bobby suddenly disappears from cyberspace, and Kidd knows that isn t a good sign Going over to his house, he finds him dead on the floor, his head bashed in and his laptop missing and Kidd knows that really isn t a good sign The secrets on that laptop are potent enough to hang Kidd and everybody else in BoIn The Hanged Man s Song, a super hacker friend of Kidd s named Bobby suddenly disappears from cyberspace, and Kidd knows that isn t a good sign Going over to his house, he finds him dead on the floor, his head bashed in and his laptop missing and Kidd knows that really isn t a good sign The secrets on that laptop are potent enough to hang Kidd and everybody else in Bobby s circle just to start with so there s no question that Kidd and LuEllen have to try to track it down, not to mention that Kidd would dearly love to get his hands on the man who killed Bobby But before he can get very far, the secrets start coming out anyway and they re staggering than even Kidd imagined Because it s not just about the lives of a circle of friends and colleagues now, oh no it s about something much, much bigger And much, much scarier

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      See also John CampJohn Sandford was born John Camp on February 23, 1944, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa He attended the public schools in Cedar Rapids, graduating from Washington High School in 1962 He then spent four years at the University of Iowa, graduating with a bachelor s degree in American Studies in 1966 In 1966, he married Susan Lee Jones of Cedar Rapids, a fellow student at the University of Iowa He was in the U.S Army from 1966 68, worked as a reporter for the Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian from 1968 1970, and went back to the University of Iowa from 1970 1971, where he received a master s degree in journalism He was a reporter for The Miami Herald from 1971 78, and then a reporter for the St Paul Pioneer Press from 1978 1990 in 1980, he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Pulitzer in 1986 for a series of stories about a midwestern farm crisis From 1990 to the present he has written thriller novels He s also the author of two non fiction books, one on plastic surgery and one on art He is the principal financial backer of a major archeological project in the Jordan Valley of Israel, with a website at rehov In addition to archaeology, he is deeply interested in art painting and photography He both hunts and fishes He has two children, Roswell and Emily, and one grandson, Benjamin His wife, Susan, died of metastasized breast cancer in May, 2007, and is greatly missed.

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    • Very enjoyable and entertaining book! Too bad this is the last book of the series. I like the Kidd books better than The Virgil Flowers series because he and LuEllen are such loveable characters!

    • The Kidd series is, without question, one of my favorite fiction series. In fact, I've been waiting patiently for another installment from Mr. Sandford since 2003! Of the four novels, The Hanged Man's Song stands out as the finest work. Since reading it for the first time, I grabbed the abridged audio version read by Richard Ferrone and have listened to it multiple times. THAT is how good the story is. Just make sure you read the first three books first

    • This is the fourth and final Kidd & LuEllen novel, final because John Sandford has stated that sales are not high enough to justify bumping Virgil Flowers from his schedule in order to produce a fifth installment. After reading The Hanged Man’s Song, I suspect the quality of this effort is part of the reason for the series’ demise.The protagonist is a computer hacker and because the World Wide Web is his arena, this begets an additional expectation beyond the thrilling conclusions that a [...]

    • The Hanged Man’s Song is the fourth (and final?) of the Kidd/LuEllen novels by John Sandford. The first two, The Empress File and The Fool’s Run, were written under his own name, John Camp. This book should not be read by someone who is not familiar with the series until they have read the first books. The character, Bobby, who is murdered in the first chapter is integral to the first books and without that background, the reader would not know who has been killed. Kidd and John (another ear [...]

    • Out of all the Kidd novels, I thought this was the best one. After a "virtual" friend and associate is murdered, Kidd is brought in to the chase of his lifetime. Bobby, who was probably the most world-renowned computer hacker, was murdered and Kidd knows that this situation is about to get 100 times worse. With Kidd being an artist (painter) and a hacker himself, he understands that any information that was on Bobby's (stolen) computer could incriminate himself and everyone else that worked in t [...]

    • I started this one, knowing that it's the last (that I know of) of the Kidd series, and wondering if it would be just abandoned, killed off, or what? It's another great example of Sandford/Camp's story-telling abilities; a likeable cast of continuing or occasional characters, none flawless, all contributing to the flow. Bad guy who is perceived one way at the start, and is seen to change (by perception) as the action progresses. Guys who should be good turn out to have more than a whiff of rot a [...]

    • I'm actually sorry to see this series end. This was an enjoyable book, perhaps the best of the series. Sandford must have known he was going to end the series, as he ended this one with no where to go. It could have gotten so much better if it was extended into the future we have now where cyber hacking and events affect so much more of our lives than it did back when the Kidd series of books was written. The only thing I can guess is that Sandford really didn't understand computers all that wel [...]

    • I didn't know this series existed until last week. I'm a big fan of the Virgil Flowers series, but have only one left to read, so this is a welcome discovery (I find the "Prey" series a bit too graphically violent). I'll be digging into Nos. 1-3 in good order. One cavil about Hangman's Song (small spoiler alert upcoming): it's not clear to me why the stolen laptop is in such demand, when all the villain had to do is offload its contents onto another device.

    • An interesting read about a man with some computer skills as well as criminal skills investigating the death of a computer genius who has a bunch of files that may embarrass a lot of politicians. He shows off his detective skills in tracking down the killer and dealing with him and the consequences of the release of some of the files. There are some interesting twists that occur along the way to keep you guessing.

    • Kidd is a harder storyline to maintain than Lucas . . . this one is copyright 2003 . . . old-school in terms of computers . . . they referenced Palm Pilots . . . won't be too long and nobody will know what he's talking about . . . interesting way to store passwords and user names so encrypted files can't be accessed using the computer the files are stored on . . . characters not quite relatable . . . reference to Strunk and White and eliminating all adverbs . . . maybe that's the problem . . .

    • Heard this on CD. Very good book in Harlan Coben's "Kidd" series. The other Kidd book I heard on CD was ok+, but I really enjoyed this one. Very good story, very well written, very well read/performed. A more personal story and I liked that.

    • Listened to this while we were driving on vacation and what a great story! I wish there were more audible in this series. The story is great! I love the Kidd and LuEllen series. The narrator, Richard Ferrone, did a wonderful job of voicing the characters. More than worth your time.

    • I really enjoyed the story, the suspense and the ending. The paperback edition had a short author's note that said, "most adverbs were eliminated."Now, when I read Sandford, l will try to find them and see if they add to the story.

    • Taut plot, good story telling, likable characters. Good beach read. Good Series to come back to. Four star lunch.

    • Last of the Kidd books. 😞 I really enjoyed this series and was impressed with Sandfords knowledge of hacking. Sorry to see Kidd come to a close.

    • I loved this book and was sorry that it was the last book of the Kidd novels. The good thing is that the author incorporates the Kidd character into his other Prey novels.

    • This is possibly the last book in the Kidd/LuEllen series and I think the best so far. It has the Sanford writing I enjoy.Bobby has been brutally beaten and murdered in his home and his laptop is missing. As his close circle of hacker friends also known as “The Ring”, find out about his death, they are all concerned about the data that is out there floating in the world. Bobby had a degenerative nerve disease since early childhood and had been in a wheelchair for the last fifteen years. “T [...]

    • Gripping Plot + our familiar characters warm in 4th "Kidd"While Sandford is known far and wide for his dozen or more " Prey" series, starring Lucas Davenport, often in chase of serial killers, this novel comprises just the fourth entry in the artist/computer expert, Kidd. [If he has a first name, we don't know it.:] In the first three stories, Kidd is for hire to generally right wrongs for clients who cannot acquire justice for usually white collar crimes by conventional methods. Most of what Ki [...]

    • John Sandford is mostly known for his "Prey" series, starring Lucas Davenport. This book is fourth in the lesser known Kidd/LuEllen Series. Kidd is a computer expert who is also a quite good painter. LuEllen is simply a very good thief. Kidd often gets himself into tough situations in his role as a computer consultant which is how he met LuEllen. I still don't know their family names. Most of what Kidd and LuEllen do is technically illegal, but generally in the pursuit of what he and she see as [...]

    • It is the story of a hacker who was slain and his murder took his IBM notebook with him in a relation with a DDD deep datagroup, when he had the IBM he began releasing 47 Gigs of data collected, Kidd wanted the notebook of his friend back. Like Mc Gyver he build a Wi Fi Antenna with a stew canned bottle, interesting concept but be prefer Wi Fi 2400 Kilohertz and data are a preview of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, Sandford could not know that in 2003 during hurricane Katrina. Interesting co [...]

    • The Hanged Man’s SongBy John SandfordAs murder mysteries go this is a good read. The first chapter’s action and dialog come across like a middle school drama contest. But once you get past that the story settles into an easy, light read. I’m a slow reader and I finished it in one leg of a trans-Atlantic flight which answers the question why I would be reading such pulp fiction anyway.The frontispiece is full of previous novels by the same author and you soon realize that you are walking in [...]

    • This is the forth book in the Kidd and LuEllen series by John Sandford. Very early in the book Kidd learns that "Bobby" is dead - Bobby who has been his computer backup and the source of information on his most important jobs. Kidd then sets out, with the help of LuEllen and another friend (John) to find Bobby's killer, and to recover his computer which has information that could hurt them all. This might be the best of the Kidd and Luellen books, but the conclusion of the story suggests that it [...]

    • Maybe this is a 4 star, but I picked it up and put it down a lot and it was hard to keep track of the characters and exactly what was going on. The action did pick up toward the end. Sandford is one of my favorite crime fiction authors, but the Kidd and LuEllen characters, who are the protagonists in this novel, are not particularly likable characters. And on top of that, since they're both computer geeks it probably helps if you're really into that stuff.In this novel, an anonymous friend of a [...]

    • Kidd is a Vietnam vet and an artist, not successful enough to support himself he supplements his income with a little computer hacking on the side. He also trains regularly doing karate and has a cat. His closest friend is a burglar named LuEllen who sometimes is more than just a friend, depending upon her mood. In this book Kidd's main online friend, Bobby, is murdered by an unknown stranger. The murder starts a chain of events that drags Kidd into investigating who committed the crime and how [...]

    • The Hanged Man's Song appears to be the last of the Kidd series by John Sandford, and it's a pretty good one. I wish Sandford would write more of these, but he seems to have lost interest. There is something appealing about the (unlikely) combination of a values-centric, white knight, with a tarnished lance (in the form of a laptop) who goes about righting wrongs while occasionally playing Robin Hood. This one brings a few characters from previous novels into the foreground, though unfortunately [...]

    • At first, I wasn't sure I was going to like this book, however, once it got rolling, I really enjoyed it.The characters were well developed and the storyline was good with lots of detail and twists and turns. I love his Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers series' and the main character in this is a departure from that which may be why I had doubts when I first started reading the book. In my mind the main character of this book (Kidd) is Lucas Davenport if he was on the other side of the law. Sti [...]

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