Paradise Rules

Paradise Rules From the author of Sweet Restraint comes a story about one woman s island under another man s rules To most people Hawaii s crystal blue shores are an inviting opportunity to escape reality But for

  • Title: Paradise Rules
  • Author: Beth Kery
  • ISBN: 9780425230121
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of Sweet Restraint comes a story about one woman s island, under another man s rules To most people, Hawaii s crystal blue shores are an inviting opportunity to escape reality But for Lana Rodriguez, who grew up there, the picture perfect vacation getaway disguises the bitter truths she escaped years ago, and not without some emotional scars Now a succFrom the author of Sweet Restraint comes a story about one woman s island, under another man s rules To most people, Hawaii s crystal blue shores are an inviting opportunity to escape reality But for Lana Rodriguez, who grew up there, the picture perfect vacation getaway disguises the bitter truths she escaped years ago, and not without some emotional scars Now a successful blues singer, Lana is returning to Waikiki to control her own destiny, with a bold defiance when it comes to men, romance, and sex A local celebrity, businessman, and island god, Jason Koa is every woman s dream, but for Lana, it s not love at first sight Though their start is rocky, they can t deny the passions they arouse in each other Jason decides it s time to show Lana who makes the rules on this island, and in the bedroom But will Jason s attempt at breaking Lana s shell reveal secrets that neither are prepared to face, or will they allow themselves to get swept away by a tidal wave of desire

    • Unlimited [Contemporary Book] ✓ Paradise Rules - by Beth Kery Í
      255 Beth Kery
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    • Beth Kery

      Beth Kery is the New York Times and USA Today best selling author of over thirty novels, novellas and serials She writes contemporary romances as well as erotic contemporary romances, her hallmarks being emotional intensity, leap off the page realistic characters and steamy sexual tension.

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    • I finally finished this one, and I'm kind of bummed that it was just an okay read. But it seems to me that Beth Kery is becoming a hit or miss for me. I loved Wicked Burn and Daring Time, but Sweet Restraint was so-so for me and unfortunately, so was Paradise Rules. There were some good things about it: loved the (Hawaiian) island locale, the writing and dialogue were well done, the trademark earthy, raw sex scenes were there (in abundance), the plot was fairly original, butI just never fell for [...]

    • 3 ½ stars – Contemporary Romance/Erotica/BDSMDisappointingat’s the one word summation for how I feel about Kery’s Paradise Rules. It had the potential to be an intriguing, scorching hot erotic read, but unfortunately it just fell flat for me. I loved the exotic Waikiki, Oahu island setting and the numerous, beautifully descriptive references to the culture, locale, climate, and wildlife almost made me feel the sun on my skin, the sand beneath my toes, and the tropical breeze on my face. I [...]

    • Lana Rodriguez and her personal assistant Melanie are vacationing in Hawaii. Lana is a semi-famous blues singer who is trying to keep a low profile. She isn’t too thrilled about being in such a touristy place like Waikiki, but since Melanie needs a bit of R&R due to a nasty divorce, Lana sucks it up. Both women decide to do a little surfing and end up taking lessons at the Jason Koa Surf School. The school is run by a former Olympic medalist who has quite the reputation on the island becau [...]

    • There is a reason why Beth Kery books get “auto-buy/rush to the store/hound my local bookseller” treatment. Her erotic romance books are first-rate, expertly crafted with the right amount of character development, chemistry and emotion turmoil to make you care and boiling hot sex scenes to make you squirm. Wicked Burn has always been my favorite Beth Kery book, and really just one of my all time favorites, PERIOD. But Paradise Rules’ story of Jason Koa and Lana Rodriquez was just as good a [...]

    • Lana Rodriguez is a popular singer with a smoky voice and a childhood she's done her best to forget. When her assistant, Melanie, needs a holiday to escape her ex-husband's nasty divorce tactics, she agrees to go with her to Hawaii - the one place she never wanted to return to. As reserved and cold as she seems, Lana's eye is caught by the uber-attractive Jason Koa, a surfing coach and owner of a popular beachside restaurant. Jason is part of a large family headed by Grandmother Lilly. Once an O [...]

    • Wasn't very good. Definitely does not measure up to Kery's other reads that I enjoyed: Wicked Burn and Release. While her standard sizzling chemistry is still there, none of the other things that I've liked in her books were present: well-defined and (mostly) likable hero and heroine, strong relationship development, good emotional and personality chemistry (in addition to the always physical), and interesting subplot. Explosive, another Kery book, at least had that last.Surprisingly, if I had t [...]

    • As reviewed for ReadourlipsblogWoohoo! This book has A LOT of sex! Coming from me, that’s saying something! It’s the kind of book that you can not only polish your pearl to, you can polish a string of pearls to. But wait! I’m getting ahead of myself. I was just so excited. Ok, deep breath. *fans herself*We start the book by meeting Lana Rodriguez. New Yorker, Blues Singer, damaged by childhood, Queen Bitch when she wants to be, Lana. She and her best friend and personal assistant, go to Ha [...]

    • Paradise Rules by Beth KeryContemporary Romance- Oct. 6th, 20094 starsParadise Rules demonstrates why Beth Kery is an author to watch out for! In her latest installment, she explores the journey of her heroine’s transformation, one that includes some very erotic scenes that kept me glued to the pages!Lana Rodriguez has issues. When you are popular and famous people try to take advantage of you and she has had to learn the hard and painful way to protect herself and her own. When her friend Mel [...]

    • The story just took off for me and I loved it! Lana is a famous jazz/blues singer who is bringing her good friend and assistant, Melanie, on a vacation to help Melanie get over a bad divorce she is going through. Melanie chooses Oahu, which has lots of bad memories for Lana, definitely some bad history that has screwed her up. They first run into Jason, the "it man" of the island, when they sign up to take a surf lesson- he is late for their lesson. He is getting a "hands on lesson" in the back [...]

    • Eh is was a good read. I would have given it 5 stars on the heated scences alone! However Lana was such a whack jobI mean she was too angry.d not in a good way or for really a good reason. The one thing I did like is Beth did no the make them head over hills in love even by the end. Of course I loves Jason! Decen read to pa as a quiet Sunday afternoon.

    • For an erotic book, I really liked it. The story did not really start until after the half way mark. Was it a fantastic story? No. I beleive the sex scenes are what made this book for me. Also the location in the book adds to the overal read. In my opinion, do not pick this book up until your in the mood for a HOT read with a small amount of story.

    • I can never warm up to BK's heros. They always come across as total jerks. Jason's dominating attitude became old really fast.

    • I have been wanting to read this book for a long time and the price tag on always deterred me from buying it. I finally caved and got it last night. I'm not disappointed that I bought it, because it IS hot and the descriptions of this Hawaiian paradise and what Jason and Lana do in it give "sex on the beach" a whole new meaning. I thought the plot was really fantastic. Hawaiian local royalty/businessman/former surfing champion meets former secret Hawaiian native turned blues/jazz star whose mus [...]

    • Above average for some great, hot sex scenes with a dominating guy, but the story conflicts could have been betterORY BRIEF:Jace is 35. He is a former Olympic gold medalist in swimming. He owns a restaurant and surfing school in Hawaii. He’s a hot hunk. Lana is a famous blues singer. She hates Hawaii because she had some troubling times there as a child. She reluctantly comes to Hawaii with her friend Melanie. Melanie is going through a rough divorce and wanted this vacation. Lana calls an esc [...]

    • I really liked Lana here but then I do like the tough, cold heroines. I also liked Jason but I felt that we didn't really get as good a grasp of his character. On the other hand, the story is very much Lana's and how she confronts the demons of her past. I do kind of wish the sex scenes weren't always all about Jason dominating Lana. I get that it was part of his trying to break down her really impressive walls but I would have liked maybe a little evenness in that exchange.

    • Lotsta folks think Lana is a bitch. I like Lana. A woman raised by a jackass alcoholic father who used her gifts to make a living finds herself on her own in a male-dominated business. Shields become necessary. Jason Koa is HOT. The man is a master of the bedroom rodeo. And the beach rodeo. And the boat rodeo. Just sayin.The ending was abrupt and an epilogue would've been well-received.

    • Well, Beth, you were right about me and this book LOL!Am I glad I read it? Definitely, yes.Did I enjoy the wonderful steamy relationship? Definitely, yes.Did I miss the I Love You's at the end? Definitely, yes.Would you consider an epilogue, please?!?!

    • It was good but then I found the ending rushed me their story is unfinishede ending of this book should of been the beginning of their relationship.

    • 2018 Reading Challenge.I chose the book because of the cover. The book got interesting almost right at the end.

    • ‘Ello, ello, ello, what a bunch of naughty treacles you ladies are. Erotic romance, you have been keeping this from us men, and you tell us off if we go for one of those top shelf magazines that has erotic stories in it. After reading Beth Kery’s Paradise Rules I believe that this book should also be on the top shelf next to said magazines. At times I was blushing like a vicar at an Ann Summer’s party!There is a story in Paradise Rules – honest. Our two main protagonists Jason Koa known [...]

    • I bought this book because I'd read good reviews, but before I'd read Sweet Restraint. I didn't care too much for Sweet Restraint so this one lingered on my bookshelf for a long time. I decided to read it because I was looking for a contemporary read.Paradise Rules surprised the hell out of me. It was really good - very, very erotic. I enjoyed it from cover to cover and there were only a few spots where I felt like"really?". Lana Rodriguez is a famous jazz/blues singer who has come to Hawaii to [...]

    • Oh, oh, what can I say other than my fingers burned cos of this book. Yes it is one of those books that puts fire to the room. Very hot, scorching.These two dislike at first sight, but at the same time there is lust at first sight. And that will soon lead to some hot Hawaiian nights. Jason wants her to let loose. She seems too rigid, uptight, and bitchy now and again. This surely comes from the fact that she hates the Islands. Why, well we will learn that later but it is pretty obvious that she [...]

    • I agree with some of the other reviewers who wrote about this book on . I enjoyed the Hawaiian theme, especially coming from an author who usually writes her novels in a Chicago setting. But my intrigue about the story stopped there as I read more and more of the story. I expected a lot more from this story, but was flat-out disappointed in the relationship between Lana and Jason. By the end of the book, I was just waiting for her to return to her life in New York while he continued hooking up w [...]

    • You have to face your past before you can truly move forward into your future.Lana Rodriguez, famed blues singer, decides to go to Waikiki with her best friend Melanie on vacation. Melanie is recovering from a recent divorce and Lana wants to be there for her. However, Lana doesn't really wish to return to where she grew up, but she does it anyway out of friendship.Eight time Olympic winner Jason Koa owns a local beach side restaurant on the island as well as gives surf lessons on the side. Lana [...]

    • Molten Hot, Steamy Romance Ahead - Hawaii Style: Proceed with Caution!Lana Rodriquez is a successful, blues singer. She comes across, cool, confident and a smidge on the bitchy side. She’s also not a huge fan of Hawaii (even though she lived there for a short time during her childhood), but when her best friend/assistant Melanie suggests a vacation on the island paradise to get over a particularly nasty divorce, Lana begrudging agrees to accompany her.Jason Koa is practically Hawaii’s favori [...]

    • Maybe 3.5 stars, probably closer to 3. I usually really really enjoy Beth Kery's books. It probably means I was harsher on rating this book then I would have been had it been a new to me author. But I guess I expect more from this author. Where she is usually spot on when it comes to balancing character development, the development of romantic connection, other sub plot lines and sex in a book, Kery really failed here. I hate to say it, but there was just too much sex in this one. It was hot, it [...]

    • I am a huge Beth Kery fan, having read "The Affair", "Glimmer", "Glow", "Because You Are Mine" series and most recently the "Make Me" serial series. This one, though.Meh. Certainly glad I did not pick this one up first, because I know for a fact her plots, characters and sophisticated writing style in erotic romance are so much better than this book. Undeveloped plot, history of characters is totally confusing and an ending which just goes "poofwhat happened?" I give it three stars only because [...]

    • This author hit it out of the park. She was able to have just the right amount of dominance from the man and resistance from the woman. The sex was of the charts in hotness without being vulgar. She made me want to be the woman in her story or met the man. Jason was a strong and dominant man but at the same time sensitive to Lana's feelings and needs. The author did a great job of drawing the reader in and keeping their interest. She should give classes to some of her fellow writers. She did a g [...]

    • I was going between a 2.5 and a 3 for this book but I had to finally just give it a three, because I really did like the characters. But.I didn't like the ending. I've read other Beth Kery books and have LOVED them. This one I just 'liked'. (view spoiler)[The ending seemed to abrupt and dangling for me. I think that's my problem with making it through the whole thing and then, bam.over with no real idea of the state of relationship between the hero and heroine. (hide spoiler)]

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