Miranda's Big Mistake

Miranda s Big Mistake Even the worst mistake of your life can lead to true love in the endMiranda s track record with men is horrible Her most recent catastrophe is Greg He seems perfect gorgeous witty exciting And he an

  • Title: Miranda's Big Mistake
  • Author: Jill Mansell
  • ISBN: 9781402218323
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • Even the worst mistake of your life can lead to true love in the endMiranda s track record with men is horrible Her most recent catastrophe is Greg He seems perfect gorgeous, witty, exciting And he and Miranda are in love until Miranda discovers he left his wife when he found out she was pregnant.With the help of her friends, Miranda plans the sweetest and mostEven the worst mistake of your life can lead to true love in the endMiranda s track record with men is horrible Her most recent catastrophe is Greg He seems perfect gorgeous, witty, exciting And he and Miranda are in love until Miranda discovers he left his wife when he found out she was pregnant.With the help of her friends, Miranda plans the sweetest and most public revenge a heartbroken girl can get But will Miranda learn from her mistake, or move on to the next perfect man and ignore the love of her life waiting in the wings

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      Jill Mansell lives with her partner and children in Bristol, and writes full time Actually that s not true she watches TV, eats fruit gums, admires the rugby players training in the sports field behind her house, and spends hours on the internet marvelling at how many other writers have blogs Only when she s completely run out of displacement activities does she write.Jill Mansell s books have sold over ten million copies and her titles include Making your Mind up, Fast Friends, Good at Games, Sheer Mischief and Solo, among many others.

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    • DUMB. DUMB. DUMB. SO DUMB IT HURTS.JUST SHUT UP. YOU'RE STUPID MORE PLEASE! YOU DUMB B****Jill Mansell's books (that I have had the misfortune to read) have so far been an insult to any self-respecting intelligent (or even semi-intelligent) audience. All seem to follow the same premise of ultra chick lit trash. Be prepared to lose brain cells when reading her trite, clichéd rubbish.The heroine is generally naïve and either unsuccessful in her career or from a disadvantaged background. A confir [...]

    • Miranda's Big Mistake is a very long book. If it was shorter, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more than I did. Sadly, the problems I had with it far outweigh the good.While reading it on my Kindle, there's a huge formatting mistake. There are no spaces or dashes to indicate a character shift. One second I read about one character then the next I would read about another. It was all very jarring.So I mentioned that this was a long book. What's funny is that it could have ended 50% through t [...]

    • A light and funny read. I enjoyed it so much that even though my GSCE exams are starting in 4 days I STILL devoured this book within 2 days. I loved how Jill linked all the lovely characters up, it was so cool I mean, one way or the other, directly or indirectly, everyone's' lives were linked together. throughout the book I felt like killing Greg Malone and Daisy. I must say, they were the most annoying characters ever, made me foam at the mouth! then there was dear Florence and Tom and gorgeous [...]

    • This started off well enough, though I did find Miranda faintly irritating from the start - she's just too ditsy and so terribly nice that I instantly took against her, as it were. However, that's not a huge problem, as her friends and colleagues provide a far greater level of interest and have a decent-ish amount of page space - so if you get fed up with Miranda, then you soon have Chloe (who is Greg's newly pregnant and abandoned wife) and Bev (the man-mad colleague) to look forward to and con [...]

    • But enjoyable, nonetheless.Miranda is the trainee at one of the trendiest hair salons. It's not quite clear how she has managed to keep her job- her regular tardiness is something of a joke among the shop workers. She lives with an elderly lady, doing things around the house for cheap rent. She's a bit of a pushover, always wanting to help others out. She's a bit of a dull character, with a ridiculously complicated love life. She first falls in love with Greg, only to find he isn't what she thin [...]

    • This was another fun read from Jill Mansell. Again, her cast of characters are so loveable that you want them to be your friends! Miranda's life seems to be a mess - but she is surrounded by many friends who love her and care about her - from her landlady Florence, her boss at the hair salon, Fenn and her best friend Bev. Even though she seems to have her share of bad luck when it comes to men, it seems that everyone who comes in contact with her is instantly taken in by her warm and giving pers [...]

    • Doua carti am citit de aceasta autoare, ambele mi-au placut foarte mult. Sper sa se mai traduca si altele!

    • Really? (view spoiler)[Does it have to be a formula one champion, and DIE (hide spoiler)]But since it was Jill Mansel writing, it was still a lot of fun to read.Not among the worst of hers either, this one. Quite OK overall.

    • My first thought upon picking up this book club selection was who in the world writes a 500 page Chick Lit book? I mean, that really defeats the purpose of something light and easy to read on the beach. But I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this huge book. It was confusing in certain parts because the story is told from multiple perspectives and at times they were disjointed. And some of the British humor and terminology lost me for a moment, but the overall tone of the book was pretty [...]

    • A escrita de Jill Mansell é sempre tão divertida que quando pegamos em qualquer livro dela começamos a viver aventuras do mais hilariante que possam imaginar.Este livro tem personagens fantásticas e exuberantes: adorei a tresloucada Miranda, que deve ser das pessoas mais distraídas à face da Terra, o que faz com que ande sempre enredada em confusões sem saber como sair delas.Por outro lado temos a doce e equilibrada Chloe, que a braços com uma gravidez não planeada ainda tem o "bónus" [...]

    • This is a wonderfully complex book about the sisterhood of friendship and an unwitting love triangle with a very deceptive Mr Wrong. There are several love stories woven into this one book, all of them charming, but the revenge plan cooked up by those wronged by Mr Wrong was by far my favorite--it had me holding my ribs and crying with laughter and re-reading it a couple of times to savor the cleverness of it. Mansell's characters really leap off the page and into your heart. A fun, fun read!

    • Nesta autora nada me surpreende nas histórias de amor que são contadas pela mesma. Adoro! Embora haja algumas personagens pelo meio que poderiam desaparecer que ninguém dava conta. Acho a história de Mirada e Greg mal resolvida aliás consegue-se saber logo pelo início mas lá se acabam por entender mesmo que seja quase para o fim do livro. Adorei!!!!aviciadadoslivros/

    • Mansell's stories are some of my favorite chick-lit books. Her stories provide charming characters and the right humor that makes me happy. This one was no exception. I loved the characters and the story. Except for one thing: the part with the race car driver. Sometimes JM adds a story line that's just a little too much. I felt that Myles's part in the story was unnecessary and provided nothing to the overall plot. Other than that, it was another hit.

    • I have become addicted to Jill Mansell!! Her books are fun, fast, and she really spins a great story! I totally enjoyed the complications that her characters experienced in their lives. There were so many fun moments and a few of those "aha" ones to boot. Who can resist characters that pop off the pages and really pull the reader into their tale? Mansell delivers another solid Brit Chic adventure and I can't wait to read another one of her books!

    • If reading one of Mansell's books is like eating cotton candy, reading two in the same week will give you a toothache. It did make me want to visit English countryside, and the characters were fun. The characters in this kept me reading long after the story was satisfying kind of like fudge- you know you shouldn't have one more piece, but that nut looks soooo inviting!

    • Enjoyable read but not one of Jill Mansell's best. To start with it was incredibly long and when I thought it was wrapping up, it just kept going on and on. It's like the author had a heap of good ideas for a book but probably needed to select the best few rather than cramming them all in the one book. I loved nearly all the secondary characters but couldn't stand Miranda! She seemed a little too pathetic and annoying to me and I couldn't understand why every man she met seemed to fall madly in [...]

    • It was a light and easy read, just not very convincing or believable. At times, funny and sometimes endearing. But there was so much going on that I don't think Mansell had time to develop any one of the 5 storylines well enough. It all was wrapped up neatly with a bow on top, but life just doesn't happen like that. I like a happy ending but It was a little much for my taste. I'd read her stuff again, but only if I needed something kind of mindless and easy. Not horrible, not great.

    • I love Jill Mansell! Her characters come alive & are always filled with a cast that you can't help falling in love with. I liked all the different stories & pairing off. And Miranda is so funny & quirky. Yes the book was long but it had to be to tie everything & everyone together without short changing it & us, the readers. Thank you & I can't wait to read another

    • Four stars for what it was “fluffy” fiction. I really liked all the characters and it was fun. Sometimes I felt like the chapters left characters for too long. Overall it was a fun beach read book. I think I will go to this author when I am looking for something fun.

    • Great readHumour and romance. What more does a girl need from a good chicklit. Would be a great book to take away on holidays.

    • Loved it! Jill Mansell has again written an excellent book with so many amazing characters. Loved the way the author had so many characters and very cleverly intertwined their stories to make a wonderful book.

    • Frothy, light hearted, strong characterization, and twists in the storyline that kept my interest to the end- in other words a very entertaining read and one of the best in the typical chick lit mode.

    • This was probably one of my least favorite Jill Mansell's so far. I found Miranda kind of annoying and felt that it was unrealistic for every guy she meets to fall in love with her (Greg, Daniel, Miles). I disliked the *SPOILER* death of Miles, it felt like the cheap way out - why bother with having the character there in the first place? I loved Chloe and her plot line. I wasn't too keen on Fenn to start with but their romance grew on me and I was happy with the way her story panned out. I actu [...]

    • Considerada a rainha do chick-lit, Jill Mansell é autora de vários livros bestsellers e já vendeu mais de três milhões de cópias. As suas comédias românticas arrancam gargalhadas e através das situações mais caricatas, faz as suas personagens numa roda viva até chegarem ao seu merecido final feliz. Doce Vingança não é excepção, e promete-nos uma aventura atribulada, cheia de encontros e desencontros, paixonetas e amores eternos, tudo isto em redor do “desastre” em pessoa, Mi [...]

    • Love is always just around the corner in a Jill Mansell novel - with a few surprises and a lot of humour on the way to happinessMiranda is thrilled when she meets Greg at a cocktail party. He's gorgeous, he's funny - and he's very keen. Just what a girl needs to put some sparkle in her life. Heavens, he's practically perfect! Greg likes Miranda a lot. She's young, she's pretty, and she never talks about babies. Of course he hasn't told her everything about himself - even the sweetest girls can b [...]

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