The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals And Organisations Are Working Together To Create A Sustainable World

The Necessary Revolution How Individuals And Organisations Are Working Together To Create A Sustainable World Reveals how corporations and organizations are in the face of looming environmental crises and pressure from social issues finding solutions that ensure both long term survival and real time busines

  • Title: The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals And Organisations Are Working Together To Create A Sustainable World
  • Author: Peter M. Senge
  • ISBN: 9781857883732
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Reveals how corporations and organizations are, in the face of looming environmental crises and pressure from social issues, finding solutions that ensure both long term survival and real time business success.

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      351 Peter M. Senge
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    About “Peter M. Senge

    • Peter M. Senge

      Peter M Senge is a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology He is also founding chair of the Society for Organizational Learning SoL , a global community of corporations, researchers, and consultants dedicated to the interdependent development of people and their institutions from the author s website

    260 thoughts on “The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals And Organisations Are Working Together To Create A Sustainable World

    • I don't want to oversell it, but I really think that everyone should read this book. It's written from the business perspective, but it's relevant to everyone, especially people in communications, business, government and the natural sciences. The authors use "Revolution" in the title, but this isn't a hard-core text. You don't have to be a hippie to appreciate the ideas. What makes this book so amazing is that it takes a lot of very technical and mysterious concepts for people outside of archit [...]

    • This is a book that is perhaps designed for business executives to read, but it actually would do environmental activists a lot of good to read it too. The book begins with a series of case studies about major MNCs - Xerox, Coca Cola, P&G, Alcoa, Nike, BP, Costco, Toyota, BMW, Dupont, GE, and Unilever - that radically shifted their company's way of thinking in order to incorporate a sustainable way of doing business. All of these companies used systems thinking to do so. Many partnered with [...]

    • Alasan utama membeli buku ini bagi saya karena faktor penulisnya. Siapa tak kenal Peter Senge yang kondang dengan buku The Fifth Discipline pada hampir dua dekade yang silam, tepatnya 1990. Buku tersebut telah menjadi buah-bibir di kalangan pemerhati strategi bisnis maupun manajemen terutama yang mendalami pembelajaran organisasi. Premis pokok yang dituangkan Senge saat itu adalah ajakan untuk membudayakan pemikiran sistemik. Contoh yang ia gunakan juga sangat sederhana, yaitu dengan menggunakan [...]

    • What I thought was going to be a profile of organizations working towards sustainability was so much more. A set of guidelines and a prescription for how organizations, businesses, workers can make change and induce more sustainable practices for business.Put a face and name to the method of thinking that I choose over all others - systems thinking (seeing the whole) and provides tools and step by step instructions as to how individuals and groups can implement systems thinking within their orga [...]

    • It's a moderate read with insights on how small steps towards sustainable environment are making a difference. Examples of some big companies are taken to support the idea. Although it is a comprehensive guide for people who want to take inspiration from the sustainable efforts like ethanol cars, coca-cola saving water and so on, but the flip side and detailing as to the real reason behind these companies taking these sustainable efforts and what they are gaining out of it and so on for these ex [...]

    • Enlightened prescription for sustainability The Earth faces grave sustainability problems, including global warming. In this new book, experts Peter Senge, Bryan Smith, Nina Kruschwitz, Joe Laur and Sara Schley discuss how people, organizations and nations are coming together to bring about positive change. The authors demonstrate that sustainability issues are part of an interconnected global dilemma that affects everyone. They urge united action to solve major ecological problems before soluti [...]

    • This book was read at the same time as Meadows' System Thinking. I thought the book had some great examples of large organizations going toward a more sustainable business model. Many people in our reading club thought the beginning was too drawn out, however I disagree. It is the case studies in this book combined with the lessons learned that really made it a powerful read. Being that I am involved in the sustainability industry as a professional, I find it hard to imagine there are people out [...]

    • I liked this book for its hopeful yet practical message. Some businesses really are trying to do the right thing when it comes to sustainability, and they will continue to put pressure on other businesses while forming symbiotic relationships with suppliers. The stories about specific companies' efforts were inspiring. What didn't hold my interest quite as well were the parts about how Jane Doe working for such-and-such a company can work with like-minded coworkers to change the minds of higher [...]

    • Peter Senge is a favorite of mine in the field of organizational learning and participative change. And indeed, his philosophy on how businesses should be run hews closely to the regenerative spirit of sustainability - where people, natural resources, energy, materials, and by-products are fruitfully tapped, stewarded and cultivated with mindfulness towards preserving the ability of future generations to similarly thrive. This is a practical primer on how individuals and organizations can partic [...]

    • Peter Senge makes a rational and passionate case forfor revolution in business to integrate social, ecological and business systems. He provides compelling examples for some of the world's largest companies who already making strides toward sustainable strategies and practices. He also explains the tools and strategies that individuals at any level can use to motivate meaningful change in organizations.

    • "It is a powerful book. People truly do many imaginative things to influence the organization that they choose to work with. It talks about how symbiotic the relationship of people in an organization ought to be. It also sends home a strong message that if you want to survive in these times and ages, we ought to work together. There is so much more power in working together on creating something so very beautiful. I strongly recommend this book.

    • This book expanded my understanding of sustainability and fundamentally changed how I viewed large multi-national corporations in terms of social change (I used think they could only do harm). The book is comprehensive, at once terrifying and inspiring. Most importantly though, it is empowering and offers pragmatic suggestions and potential solutions to the social, environmental, and economic crisis of our times.

    • For such a powerful title I was expecting a bit more radical changes being proposed throughout the book. This might be a good learning material for someone in a large corporation rather than an environmental enthusiast although everyone can take away some useful bits and peaces of knowledge. I found it a little repetitive as well.

    • Senge provides an overview of systems thinking and addresses the importance of sustainability and how organizations should incorporate this concept. Another key point the text brings out is that of economic justice, which is at the heart of sustainability.

    • Ha. The book about really doing something about social injustice. Maybe a little too positive for most grumpy anarcho types but what have they ever contributed anyways? This book is for those who are not afraid to use their power for good.

    • A very interesting and informative read. Although it focuses on businesses, it provided much insight on what we need to do to make some very important changes to the way we work as a society. There were also many interesting factoids about environmentalism that I can use to on people. :)

    • "Anders dan alle andere boeken van Peter Senge. Interessant om te lezen als het gaat om de feiten van de noodzakelijkheid van duurzaam ondernemen. Minder interessant omdat het geen echte handreikingen doet."

    • This book changed the way I look at the world around me - how the Industrial Revolution and business today permeates all aspects of our lives and thinking, and how that's destroying our earth. But the book was also so inspiring in terms of what we can do and how we can work together. Amazing read.

    • I'm listening to this on audio. The content is GREAT! Unfortunately, the reader is a snooze-and-a-half. There's also no cues at the end of each cd to let you know it's time to change them, so it just loops (on my car system), which is annoying.

    • I plan to reread this one periodically. It has so much to offer, especially for people hoping to develop sustainability initiatives at work. A tad wordy, but still very interesting.

    • All about systems thinking and how to take a more holistic approach to solving major problems using creative thinking and sustainable practices.

    • Excellent summary of why companies need to take action, examples of those that have and an invaluable list of tools for creating change within a company.

    • So far I am greatly inspired by this book. Interested in creating a sustainable world? Interested in people of extremely diverse backgrounds and concerns finding common ground? Read this book!

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