Voracious Hungry for a good read Voracious is A GRIPPING ATAVISTIC SUPERNATURAL THRILLER sexy sensuous and terrifying BRAM STOKER AWARD WINNING AUTHOR CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN Madeline Keyes gift to touch someone

  • Title: Voracious
  • Author: Alice Henderson
  • ISBN: 9780515146028
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hungry for a good read Voracious is A GRIPPING, ATAVISTIC SUPERNATURAL THRILLER sexy, sensuous, and terrifying BRAM STOKER AWARD WINNING AUTHOR CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN.Madeline Keyes gift to touch someone and see flashes of the past has set her apart from family and friends She finds sanctuary in the wilderness, until a backcountry hike in Glacier National Park turns inHungry for a good read Voracious is A GRIPPING, ATAVISTIC SUPERNATURAL THRILLER sexy, sensuous, and terrifying BRAM STOKER AWARD WINNING AUTHOR CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN.Madeline Keyes gift to touch someone and see flashes of the past has set her apart from family and friends She finds sanctuary in the wilderness, until a backcountry hike in Glacier National Park turns into a hunt with her as the prey Because something that s not human is out there And it s hungry.

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    About “Alice Henderson

    • Alice Henderson

      Alice Henderson is a writer of fiction, comics, and video game material She was selected to attend Launchpad, a NASA funded writing workshop aimed at bringing accurate science to fiction Her love of wild places inspired her novel Voracious, which pits a lone hiker against a shapeshifting creature in the wilderness of Glacier National Park Her novel Fresh Meat is set in the world of the hit TV series Supernatural She also wrote the Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels Night Terrors and Portal Through Time She has written short stories for numerous anthologies including Body Horror, Werewolves Shapeshifters, and Mystery Date While working at LucasArts, she wrote material for several Star Wars video games, including Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and Star Wars Battle for Naboo She holds an interdisciplinary master s degree in folklore and geography, and is a wildlife researcher and rehabilitator Her novel Portal Through Time won the Scribe Award for Best Novel Visit her online at AliceHenderson.

    135 thoughts on “Voracious

    • This was one intense book! Although published by Jove under their Horror imprint, this book would better be labelled as paranormal thriller with a touch of romance.Madeline is hiking in Glacier National Park, enjoying the solitude and peace of the wilderness, when she senses she is being watched. Right afterward she is caught in a flash flood and nearly drowns. She is pulled from the flood by a handsome man named Noah. Shortly after Madeline sees a strange, sleek humanoid shape crawling on the r [...]

    • Wow, what a WICKED book. I will say this one left me guessing till the bitter end. I couldn't always tell who was who, who was bad who was good And then how would they defeat the bad guy I was surprised! But I did find my self at one point 'liking' the bad guy, sympathetic to his plot in life, almost rooting for him, even though he was HORRIBLE! I must be twisted on some level. Somethng else, that hit more home for me, was the setting. As I live here in the towns at the gateway to Glacier Park. [...]

    • I really liked this book. Often I come across the same type of creatures with the same types of characters in horror stories. The creature in this story was different enough to satisfy my desire for a new type of villain.

    • Creature nere come la pece, con gli occhi rossi, artigli e denti aguzzi, che inseguono escursioniste veggenti nel buio del bosco? Non è proprio la mia trama, grazie.

    • This horror novel is about a young woman named Madeline who has the psychic power to tap into people’s thoughts when she comes in contact with something they have touched. Because of this ability, everyone in the small Montana town where she grew up socially ostracizes her, even her parents. Fortunately, she has met a friend in the form of a new resident, George, and equally fortunate is her future as a college student far away. Tired of alienation and rejection, she takes a trip to Glacial Na [...]

    • I actually finished this, although it's very clumsily written, and in dire need of editing; plot holes and pointless sequences/characters galore. Still, Henderson came up with an unusual type of vampire, (one which feeds on particularly talented people) and I kept reading to see how it would end. It reminded me of those made-for-tv movies we used to see in the 80s; plucky leading lady, sometimes rescuing, sometimes needing rescue, two or three potential love-interests, heart-stopping chases, blo [...]

    • I didn't really like the ending, but overall, this book was awesome! It wasn't even the suspense that got me--and believe me, that was great too--it was simply the originality of the story. There are many fiction books out there involving voracious creatures like vampires and werewolves but this story was a LOT different from all of that.Like I said, I didn't like the ending, but I hope to heaven there is no sequel because it's fine the way it is! I love Alice's writing style! Cheers to her!

    • L'ho iniziato diversi mesi fa e per un contrattempo l'ho dovuto mettere in pausa, quindi c'ho messo un'eternità a finirlo e nonostante la mia memoria vacillante è rimasto vivo il ricordo dell'inizio, una volta recuperato.L'ho trovato veramente molto bello, fin dalle prime pagine. Avvincente, pieno di colpi di scena. Una narrazione incalzante nonostante le approfondite descrizioni di personaggi e luoghi. Così appassionante che mi dispiace averlo finito.

    • Voracious, by Alice Henderson was a decent book. It definitely wasn't the best book I've read, but it wasn't too bad. I didn't feel that the love interest was natural, as in, I felt like the author put it in there just so teenage girls could rant about how much they love him, or whatever. But I did like how he had a part to play in the whole story, he wasn't just a useless character added in for no reason.

    • I really enjoyed this book! The storyline provides a unique take on shapeshifters and the main character, Madeline has the unique ability to touch an object and learn information about the person who last touched it. The writer's style allows you to feel the fear and sadness within the characters. I just wish the ending had been a little more detailed.

    • I picked up this book from the horror section. Why it was there I don't know as it's more a fantasy book. It didn't scare me or anything. However, having said that, it was still entertaining. It was interesting to read about Madeline's gift and how it affected her daily life. I thought the ending was a little abrupt. Otherwise a good read.

    • Amazing! Creepy, suspenseful, scary, creativeI loved the myth it told about how it all started. And it was nice to see that a woman was the one who finally defeated the creature, not her man-friend, even though I thought what the creature thought about Madeleine was creepyThis is a supernatural thriller in the tradition of a cat-and-mouse chase. I recommend it.

    • An ancient shapeshifting predator sets his sights on Madeline. By consuming his prey, he can gain the knowledge and skills of his victim and he wants Madeline's psychometric ability. Who can she turn to for help, though, when the predator can become anyone he wants to be?This was a fairly decent horror story.

    • Horrifyingly sexy!I have re-read this book countless times and am again because I didn't put the date on here I finished it. And I'm happy I didn't. The monsters- Madeline's psychic powers. The twisting, uncertain waters of plot twists that Alice Henderson creates. A genius. This book will forever be one of my favorites. It is a classic.

    • Voracious is a real page-turner! Alice Henderson does an excellent job of keeping the audience in suspense. The protagonist, Madeline, is hunted by a supernatural creature in Glacier National Park. A psychic, she must use her unwanted gift to stay ahead of the game. A fast and tense pace is maintained throughout; well worth the read!

    • This was the perfect "just bought a lounge chair and now I am going to sit in the sun" book. A good solid read. It moved fast and I was intrigued the whole time! I tend to lose interest pretty quickly sometimes, but this one kept me on my toes!

    • Hey guys, this is my friend Alices book. She is the one who wrote the Buffy novels that my wife Erin loved so much. I ordered my copy through and expect it any day now. Now go get your copy and help support a local author! Not to mention the fact that she is a great writer who's cool.

    • agh, this was a Cujoe verses the Vampire kind of book. I literally he reviews looks good, but this was just too weird of a story. Happy to toss this one out!

    • A surprisingly gripping story with twists and turns that I didn't see coming. Exciting even until the end. I couldn't put it down!

    • It's quick, it's entertaining, then it's over. There's not much to it, but it's also not full of infuriating plot holes or obnoxious characters or plot contrivances. A good beach read.

    • It's a first novel, but the plot was rather unoriginal and the dialogue was really bad. There were no surprises and I felt sorry that the paper was wasted.

    • Ma per carità O.ONeanche vale la pena recensirlo, non ci penso neanche.Noioso da morire.Ripetitivo aBBestia.Insomma, evitate.

    • This one was killer. Snort pun intended. Kept you guessing. Intense non boring details. Engaging page Turner with just enough heat.

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