When Sparks Fly

When Sparks Fly Polaris just got a little hotter Perhaps it was his wild black hair and indigo eyes or maybe it was his enigmatic aura but there was something about Hyna Blue that drew Gem The man had clearly done

  • Title: When Sparks Fly
  • Author: Autumn Dawn
  • ISBN: 9780505528025
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Polaris just got a little hotter Perhaps it was his wild black hair and indigo eyes, or maybe it was his enigmatic aura, but there was something about Hyna Blue that drew Gem The man had clearly done hard labor, his cybernetic implants gave him increased strength, but he was no longer whole and now he was getting drunk in her tavern.Yes, Hyna Blue aroused instinctsPolaris just got a little hotter Perhaps it was his wild black hair and indigo eyes, or maybe it was his enigmatic aura, but there was something about Hyna Blue that drew Gem The man had clearly done hard labor, his cybernetic implants gave him increased strength, but he was no longer whole and now he was getting drunk in her tavern.Yes, Hyna Blue aroused instincts both carnal and nurturing Gem s blood had been fiery to start with Blue heated it even .Of course, since the planet of Polaris discovered its trainum mine, things were hot all over Prosperity had blown in on a solar wind, along with many disreputable types, the least deceptive of which were the shape shifting aliens The ruined beauty of one patron and his drunken proposals were the least of Gem s worries and perhaps her one solace Like her father had named it long ago, this inn was The Spark Gem had to survive the blaze.

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    • I couldn't spend any more time with these characters before I felt the need to rip my hair out of my skull.Gem is a bitch. She thinks she can do everything, all by herself. She's somehow judgmental while having the personality of a toaster oven. She lets her sister Brandy walk all over her and has no idea how to interact with a member of the opposite sex. And with two TSTL moments in the first 17% of the book, I just couldn't take her anymore.Blue is a dick. I dunno what "ruined beauty" is, but [...]

    • Good read, action-oriented futuristic romance. I read her No Words Alone sometime ago and really liked it - this book comes before that one on the chronology of the universe. The heroine from Words is just leaving home for the academy to become an explorer. [In the world of publishing, Words was published before this one.:] Gem, the oldest Harrisdaughter, manages her inn and her family with precision, control, and formidable to-do lists. Enter Hyna Blue who seems to be a ne'er-do-well drifter wh [...]

    • What the heck did I just read? Some how I always seem to pick up books by this author and when I look at them and read the back I get this feeling that I'm going to hate the characters. But no matter, I wipe clean the slate and begin my read. 'I really hate this chick.' I find myself thinking as I continue reading. By the end of the book I'm staring in shock at the choices all of the characters have made ("What do you mean you'll just up and let your sister go join the galactic explorers or what [...]

    • Having placed "No Words Alone" on my keeper shelf, I was looking forward to what I thought was the 2nd installment about a trilogy of sisters set in the future on a world called Polaris.First of all, this book, while published second, is actually the first chronologically. This is Gem's story. Her sisters are Xera (heroine of Now Words Alone) and Brandy. They run an inn/bar called The Spark, and that's about the only part of the book that's sparking for me. Multiple tropes that really weren't ev [...]

    • Better than I expected. Gem was a little silly sometimes, but she always seemed to come to her senses before major drama ensued. The sci-fi aspect of the story wasn't a huge focal point. Often in these types of novels, the author is so proud of their "inventions" that the frequently go off on tangents that are a turn off for your standard romance fan. I'm an even bigger sci-fi fan than I am romance fan, so I found some of the space age descriptions Dawn came up with here surprisingly interesting [...]

    • The heroine has always been the responsible one, the reliable one, the sister who can lead and offer control over her world. Since her father died, she's felt it's her duty to take over the bar and she's done just that. She rules her establishment with an iron fist and has everything in it's place. The hero, a stranger to town who's been frequenting her business, is a compelling man. He is flirtatious and overtly forward with his comments but he is also damaged. He is half mech, his arm and his [...]

    • So the mixing pot of peoples on Polaris, we read about Xera's bossy feisty older sister, Gem Harrisdaughter. Gem falls for a wild dark man with indigo eyes, Hyna Blue. Gem runs the inn/tavern the Spark that her father built before passing away. Blue is one hot stubborn guy with a lot of baggage, so Gem has her work cut out for her.It was tough to keep up with all the mystery and assassination attempts left and right and center, but it did keep the story exciting and fast paced. I read No Words A [...]

    • So ungodly disappointed. Enjoyed the first book, and jumped right into this. Bad idea. The whole sexual stigma a la Hester Prynne was not an anomaly- nope their society was crazy stringent with their ideals. A family could be ruined if a female was caught kissing a male. I do not live in the Middle East, follow a fundamentalist religion, or am a member of a cult- nor do I want to be. So why would I want to 'escape' for a few hours into this world? Give me a break.I want to punch every female in [...]

    • This isn't a book I would typically read. The whole living on other planets and aliens typically are not on my list of want to read books.However having said that, I have to say that I love Blue! I loved his character from the first moment he entered the book until the last page was turned! I enjoyed the book so much in fact I went searching for the next book! This is a book that I would recommend to all my friends regardless their feel of space books. I was able to relate to the characters, enj [...]

    • Gem, Xera and Brandy run a brewery, bar and inn on the asteroid, Polaris. Gem is the overall manager, Xera handles the inn and Brandy is apprenticing as brew-master. Xera has also been training to join the Galactic Explorers and has given her notice. As she heads out there is an attempt on Gem's life that is foiled by their latest employee, Hyna Blue. Blue is undercover on a narcotics mission and the sister's establishment is looking like the focal point. More attempts are made on Gem and Brandy [...]

    • I liked this book right away. The characters, the futuristic world and the romance was all very believable and well developed. The story surrounds three sisters running a very successful inn that is quickly the center for mayhem. The focus is more on the sparks flying between the oldest sister Gem and Hyna Blue, a sexy drifter who offers to be her bodyguard when someone starts attacking her and her sisters. She's the responsible, reserved and very inexperienced sister of the three and while the [...]

    • Blue and Gem. I didn't find this as compelling as the next book in the series but it was a great read. There's mystery, adventure, romance and everyday life on a another planet! Gem has her hands full running the family bar/hotel after her father died, and listening to the complaints of her little sisters. She's practical and self sufficient but she's also willing to lend a hand when the opportunity arises. And so she offers a job to a no-account drifter named Blue who keeps showing up at the ba [...]

    • From one of my favourite authors, this book was strangely unsatisfying.This is book #2 yet it all happens prior to book #1. Now I knew this before I read it, still it just seemed wrong somehow.On a planetoid far, far away 3 sisters are struggling & on the surface, managing to cope running an inn following the death of their father. Along comes our hero, Blue, unfortunately he is an undercover narc cop.Arson, assassination attempts and our heroine, Gem, trying to retain her virginity in the f [...]

    • Nice first book in a short series. I really enjoyed it. Since I read the series out of order I was happy to finally read about what first happend on Polaris and why both siblings wanted to leave. Blue was rather cute, cuter than I thought him to be and Gem was fierce, like I imagined her to be and at the same time vulnerable.Great first read. I recommend it!

    • Fundamentalmente he tenido problemas con los personajes (ni uno me caía bien) y con la historia, que por momentos me parecía más que absurda, pero si quieres saber más detalles de porqué decidí abandonar este libro y la trilogía, no dudes en visitar mi blog:resumiendotodo

    • I found this an amusing read, even though I clearly missed a few things. Probably because this is the second in a series? I think? I may do a re-read, and see if I just read to fast to catch things. But it was fun, and there was lots of characters that I enjoyed.

    • An ok science fiction story set on a distant planet. It could have use a lot more world building about the universe, the time, the species and their cultures I was a bit lost and craving details. As for the characters Gem and Blue are very cute and sweet.

    • I read the books out of order. I liked xera's story a lot better. The characters just were not as spunky as in the other one. I'm interested to see what the youngest sister has to offer up in her storyline.

    • Meh is all I can say about it. I really didn't feel much for these characters. Also I felt like the book's tone completely changed about halfway through. And honestly I don't see the supposed love between Blue and Gem.

    • Enjoyed SparkMore of a romance with a bit of intrigue. The syfy setting is a change up for this type of romance. Fast read, nice plot.

    • I don't really think it was a bad book. I just really couldn't get into the characters the way I did with Sparks Series, book one.

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