Last Argument of Kings

Last Argument of Kings The conclusion to the First Law trilogy is here Battles will be fought kings will be made love will be won and lost and cities will be destroyed Magic is going to be unleashed heroes will fall and

  • Title: Last Argument of Kings
  • Author: Joe Abercrombie
  • ISBN: 9780575084162
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • The conclusion to the First Law trilogy is here Battles will be fought, kings will be made, love will be won and lost and cities will be destroyed Magic is going to be unleashed, heroes will fall and the First Law will be broken once again The end may be coming.

    Last Argument of Kings The First Law Trilogy Joe Abercrombie is the New York Times bestselling author of The Heroes, Best Served Cold, Red Country and the First Law trilogy The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged, and Last Argument of Kings He is a full time writer, and occasional freelance film editor, Last Argument of Kings The First Law, by Joe Abercrombie Last argument of kings is an appropriately epic, dark and brilliant ending to a trilogy filled with great characters and a beautifully crafted, intricate plot It provides a definite if somewhat disappointing ending to the trilogy that still leaves space for the characters and story to be further explored in the following standalone novels. Last Argument of Kings First Law Wiki Fandom Conquest The Last Argument of Kings Board Game Conquest the Last Argument of Kings is a mass battle fantasy wargame produced by Para Bellum Wargames The rules of the game have been written by one of the industry s lead game designers, Alessio Cavatore and his studio Riverhorse. Conquest The Last Argument of Kings Conquest the Last Argument of Kings is a mass battle wargame produced by Para Bellum Wargames The rules of the game have been written by one of the industry s lead game designers, Alessio Cavatore and his studio Riverhorse The rules are quick and easy to learn for a new player but are still able to offer a new and complex strategy to master. Getting the last argument passed to a shell script Stack This shifts the arguments by the number of arguments minus , and returns the first and only remaining argument, which will be the last one I only tested in bash, but it bash How to use arguments from previous command Stack Just as M meta dot or esc dot or alt dot is the readline function yank last arg, M C y meta control y or esc ctrl y or ctrl alt y is the readline function yank nth arg.Without specifying n, it yanks the first argument of the previous command. To specify an argument, press Escape and a number or hold Alt and press a number.

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      Joe Abercrombie was educated at Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Manchester University, where he studied psychology He moved into television production before taking up a career as a freelance film editor During a break between jobs he began writing The Blade Itself in 2002, completing it in 2004 It was published by Gollancz in 2006 and was followed by two other books in The First Law Trilogy, Before They Are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings He currently lives and works in London with his wife and daughter In early 2008 Joe Abercrombie was one of the contributors to the BBC Worlds of Fantasy series, alongside other contributors such as Michael Moorcock, Terry Pratchett and China Mieville.

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    • Because, even after the first two volumes, every character will STILL surprise you. Because Glokta is the best fantasy character I've found since Tyrion Lannister. Because Logen is a mushroom-cloud-laying motherfucker. Because you should've seen it coming but you didn't. You really didn't. Because even "gritty" fantasy writers are usually afraid to go this far against expectations. Because you will laugh. You will get angry. Because you will hate the ending. Because the ending is perfect. Becaus [...]

    • and so the excellent First Law trilogy concludes. this was a splendid experience and certainly a hearty one as well. many things to consider and many enjoyments to be had. a full meal! and quite a bitter feast at thatd here is the Last Argument of the title, succinctly delivered by the ferocious sorceror Bayaz:"Power makes all things right. That is my first law, and my last. That is the only law that I acknowledge."SPOILERS FOLLOWthis is a really marvelous series. bold in intent, clear in purpos [...]

    • "Say one thing for Last Argument of Kings, say it's dark fantasy at its best" Logen's father said. After finishing the book and the trilogy, I decided to give this book a rating of 5 stars. Why? well, as Logen Ninefingers always said "you have to be realistic about these things."Last Argument of Kings is the conclusion to the First Law Trilogy and it completely delivered on all aspect of great quality dark fantasy. It provides a fitting ending to the trilogy, it's dark, funny, bloody, oh yes it' [...]

    • ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Say one thing for this reviewer, say she's a weak-minded sucker.She really enjoyed the first two books of Joe Abercrombie's The First Law trilogy. This story was original, had a unique style, fascinating characters, and a darkly cynical style. She liked it. It was fresh. But she was kind of hoping, even daring to expect, that the last book, Last Argument of Kings, might have an ending that was, if not perhaps exactly happy, at least somewhat satisfying.Unf [...]

    • Onvan : Last Argument of Kings (The First Law, #3) - Nevisande : Joe Abercrombie - ISBN : 575077905 - ISBN13 : 9780575077904 - Dar 536 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2008

    • As the Gurkish march on Adua, Bayaz schemes to defeat them, Jezel discovers his secret parentage, and Glokta tries to learn things no one wants him to know. Meanwhile, the Northmen are holed up in a fortress in the hills with Bethod's army at their gate, waiting for the Union army to arrive. Will they arrive in time? Is even Bayaz enough to defeat the Gurkish?Apart from my Dark Tower reread of 2011, It's been a long time since I read the final book in a fantasy series. I guess re-reading the Elr [...]

    • The end of this series is a cleverly crude mirroring of it’s opening, and it’s just so damn hilarious. I’m saying no more regarding that, but Abercrombie never fails to make me laugh. Logan Nine-fingers is such a great character; he really is one of the strongest aspects of this series. His wise courage allowed him to defeat the impossible. Only he would have survived such an ordeal. Abercrombie sure knows how to write an excellent battle sequence, but the one on one combat at the end of t [...]

    • The last book in Abercrombie’s dark fantasy trilogy. Done. Dusted.It’s going to be a while before I’ve properly assimilated everything that happened over the course of the series. It’s quite something, and it’s well worth your time if you enjoy genre fiction.Last Argument of Kings – thoughtsStrange and painful events seemed to follow in his wake like stray dogs barking behind the butcher’s wagon.Like I mentioned in one of my earlier reviews, it isn’t clear whether this wants to b [...]

    • Okay, so here's the thing with this book and why I gave it no stars:1) It's the third and final volume in a trilogy that up to this book was pretty much as good as fantasy gets: good characterizations, egaging plot, nice overall writing style, etc etc etc.1a) I specifically liked the first two because they were surprisingly nasty, not dark mind you (no brooding emo heroes of the night), nasty.1b) "Nasty" isn't meant sexually either, incidentally, in case you were flashing to Janet Jackson right [...]

    • “Mercy and weakness are the same thing in war, and there's no prize for nice behavior.”When your two favorite characters in a book are a master torturer and a warrior who occasionally is filled with so much bloodlust that he forgets who he is and is as likely to kill a friend as much as a foe you really shouldn’t be surprised to have mixed feelings at the end of the series.But I was surprised. Maybe I’m too used to the series I’m reading ending by tying everything up neatly in a bow an [...]

    • Disappointing. This book probably deserves better than two stars, but I just can't bring myself to call it good, because I didn't really enjoy it even though I read it fairly quickly. Don't get me wrong: it's interesting enough, and the characters are still vaguely engaging, and there's plenty of action. By all means, the formula is there (even though it does feel a little bit tired).So what's the problem? I guess I was just hoping Abercrombie would be able to salvage some of his characters and [...]

    • 4.5 starsLast argument of kings is an appropriately epic, dark and brilliant ending to a trilogy filled with great characters and a beautifully crafted, intricate plot. It provides a definite(if somewhat disappointing) ending to the trilogy that still leaves space for the characters and story to be further explored in the following standalone novels.SPOILERS Jezal's character development was easily the best written in this series and among the best I've seen in any fantasy. From his introduction [...]

    • Secrets revealed! Plots twisting here and there! Maybe you could outguessed some of plots? The good news is even if you did outguessed a plot, it didn't make the story less fun. Some of the plot twists were actually simple, but the author's execution skill is marvelous. Oh yeah, your memory that still held the details of book one would be rewarded handsomely on this book.

    • Wow what a satisfying and thrilling conclusion to the first law series! Abercrombie does a full circle and connects the story arc beautifully in this last book! The characters all have defining and proper conclusions. Nothing is sugarcoated and much on the contrary this almost feels like a Grimm dark fantasy ending. Amazing characters, hilarious dialogue and non-stop action makes this a must read!5 Stars

    • "Book 3, the final one! We're almost there!""Yes, Sir, Mr.Abercrombie.""So, let's see. We casted characters already and invented plots. What needs to be done now.""Perhaps an ending?""Really? Aren't you enjoying my fabulous characters?""Of course, but you know, a good story needs an ending.""Did Robert Jordan knew that? Does Martin think so?""Well, I'm not sure""And they sold way more books than I did.""Hm, this is true. But weren't you going somewhere with the story?""You're right, but maybe th [...]

    • This is the conclusion of a grimdark fantasy trilogy. At this point practically everything I can say about the plot will be full of spoilers, so the most generic description will have to do. A war is raging in the north between Union and united barbarians. Another war is about to start in the south: people led by powerful and practically indestructible flesh-eaters quietly prepare to conquer Union - unless the northern barbarians do it first. Everything seems to be lost, but some powerful people [...]

    • 8.5/10Reading other peoples reviews of this book makes me feel like a sourpuss only going for the 4 star rating. I fully enjoyed reading people’s reviews and bringing back the memories of those who I have since said my farewells to and glad to see that so many people differ on certain things such as favourite characters, whether they enjoyed the ending overall and if this is one of the better fantasy series to come onto the scene in recent years. As a trilogy I can’t fault this series, the w [...]

    • Although "Before They Are Hanged" is still my favorite book in the trilogy, I finally decided to rate this book full 5 stars too. At first I was thinking about a 4.5 but now I realized, that the only issues I had are just fully representing what the whole series is about: That not everything happens in the way we want it to happen. It is about flawed characters which are able to do very questionable things in some of the most horrible situations we can imagine. When it comes to the complexity of [...]

    • [throws a bucket-load of stars at you]I don't know where to start, it's been what a week? Still not freaking over it!Reading this was one hell of a nerve-wracking emotional roller coaster, every time I add a fantasy series to my list of favorites of all time, I would think that there's no way I'll ever get to experience this intense emotion ever again (dramatic I know) but then some genius sociopath like Joe Abercombie would write something like this evil trilogy and Voilà! you are messed up fo [...]

    • Excellent completion of the series, but I think the writer with this book just opened a fantastic world in which live characters from the book. I love writing Joe Abercrombie and high-maintenance I think I'll read a few more of his books. Honestly, sometimes a writer does not have any mercy on the main characters, but in a world that they live anyway no mercy for anyone. The book is so much upheaval, lies, and deception that you simply have to enjoy reading. I've enjoyed. If you like fantasy boo [...]

    • Wow. Just finished, and that was a book that was just wow. Made expectations, fulfilled them, broke them apart into little pieces and reassembled into a huge jagged collage of a work. Amazing. Glokta continues to be the character you would love to hate, except that he is the very essence of tortured humanity. Jezal grows beyond a self-involved ego into a man willing to stand for his beliefs--except that he remains manipulated and somewhat ignorant of the extent to which he is played. Logen unfor [...]

    • "Delightfully twisted, and evil." The excerpt from The Guardian tells everything you need to know about Joe Abercrombie. He writes twisted fantasy where the characters are as wicked and dark as the plot twists and morale is not a relevant consideration for any decision. And he writes it well. In short time he has become one of the leading names of the genre, mainly thanks to the First Law trilogy that concludes in the Last Argument of the Kings.And after finally completing the trilogy, I can't h [...]

    • Nimeni nu primeste ceea ce merita, "Trebuie sa fi realistic".Trebuie sa recunosc ca as fi putut foarte usor sa urasc cartea aceasta, si am avut destule motive, dar vine Abercrombie si si cu talentutul lui scriitoricesc le varsa, le aduna le leaga cu funda si trage concluzii care iti lamureste intrebari, dar lasa sfarsitul suficient de deschis cat sa-si puna cititorul intrebari. Regretul vine cand dai ultima pagina si te desparti de personaje. Au fost personaje pentru care am fost trista , pentru [...]

    • While reading the final hundred pages of this book, there is one quote that came to mind: “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.” It’s from my favourite tv-series Battlestar Galacticabut it could be a tagline on these series as well. I have to admit after book 1 and 2 I thought that these trilogy was really good, but I didn’t fully understand the utter brilliance it supposedly had. Now after book 3, I get it. This last book is the culmination of so many things and [...]

    • Say one thing for Joe Abercrombie, say he writes like a motherfucker.I've been recommending this series to all of my fantasy-reading friends, most especially those all into the George R.R. Martin type of gritty-ass fantasy.See, I did it myself. I hate it when Abercrombie gets compared to GRRM. But how do you avoid it? So I word it thus: in the world of dark, realistic fantasy, Martin is Hitchcock and Abercrombie is Peckinpah. That's the only way I can make that comparison and sleep at night. Plu [...]

    • Prvi zakon odličan od počeka do kraja.Trilogija puna dinamike,humora i obrta.Likovi su dobro razvijeni.Tu i tamo neka predvidiva situacija ali ne u tolikoj meri da pokvari celokupan utisak.Bilo je uživanje čitati.

    • Just finished The Last Argument of KingsMixed feelings.Definitely it is not worth re-reading, otherwise it would be like Logen, pissing into the wind. Real life is depressing enough, why make it worse?I didn't expect a happy ending, but everything, absolutely everything to be bad? While you have to be realistic is a good motto, the ending is not realistic because life is shit and people do not change is overplayed.The Blade Itself starts with a chapter 1 - End, and The Last Argument of Kings end [...]

    • Say one thing about Joe Abercrombie, say the man can write!I am still amazed by the quality of the prose and overall finesse of this series. I absolutely loved Abercrombie's writing style and respect the polished excellency that this entire series carries.The profound depth of the characters is also something I must applaud. None of them were really 'the good guy' but I found that I loved them, not only DESPITE their faults but oftentimes BECAUSE of their faults. My only complaint was of some of [...]

    • It is the last book in The First Law trilogy (happy 'cause it ended quite good and sad 'cause it ENDED)and I can say for sure that it is the most striking in the trilogy and one of the most gripping stories I've read so far. My praises to the authorThis books encircled me with action, magic, mysteries and did it wildly. And without a doubt it's the characters that rule this trilogy. The Bloody Northmen and the Union, with Bayaz pulling the strings have the key roles. The author is able to involv [...]

    • Cărțile sunt o oglindă a lumii; chiar dacă imaginea reflectată poate fi distorsionată, totuși recunoaștem ceea ce vedem în jurul nostru. Unele cărți pun accent pe personaje și pe frământările lor, altele pe acțiune, altele pe descrierea lumii. După cum am subliniat mai devreme, Prima lege este o carte în care personajele transformă universul ficțional într-unul posibil, într-un fel de recreere a trecutului prin prisma prezentului.Există o multitudine de personaje care popu [...]

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