Angel: After the Fall, Volume 4

Angel After the Fall Volume The excitement of After the Fall continues in this latest offering from Whedon and Lynch With truths revealed master plans laid out and people dying it s clear evil is winning the fight in Los Ange

  • Title: Angel: After the Fall, Volume 4
  • Author: Brian Lynch Joss Whedon Stephen Mooney Franco Urru
  • ISBN: 9781600104619
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The excitement of After the Fall continues in this latest offering from Whedon and Lynch With truths revealed, master plans laid out, and people dying, it s clear evil is winning the fight in Los Angeles In this decisive story, a climactic battle will see Angel live free or die for the final time.

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    • Brian Lynch Joss Whedon Stephen Mooney Franco Urru

      Brian Michael Lynch is an American film and comic book writer.

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    • Ugh. What a crappy ending. Spoiler time: (view spoiler)[Angel gets himself killed, which cause the Senior Partners to revert time to the point at which Season 5 of Angel ended. Which means, of course, that none of this mattered. I loved both the Buffy and Angel TV shows, but for some reason this struck me as too much. It seems like, no matter what the characters do, it will never really matter because there's always some reset button that will set the plot wherever the hell the writers want it t [...]

    • Much better than the last one. The final issue is a bitweird, it does not fit with what I think the tone of the show is, but issue 16 was PHENOMENAL. Well, I might be biased because I enjoy shows breaking my heart, but whenever Wesley saves the day, it's a good day.Note: WESLEY DESERVED BETTER.

    • I really enjoyed the After the Fall series. Admittedly, I'm not a huge comic/graphic novel fan. The format is just not my style, lots of fits and starts and jagged edges. But some of the art is really wonderful, and the hardcover collection volumes (4 in total) are really well made and lovely, with extra art and very cool comments and extras by the author at the end. I enjoyed the experience. And most of all I finally have a resolution to that awful day in the alley. The story arc really capture [...]

    • A powerful installment in the Angel mythos that provides one thing; much needed closure. This offers a grand look at the complex nature of the characters in Angel's world (a world of only grey where good and bad bleed together). This is the series finale that the show was unable to provide. A must read for fans!

    • If this is the general direction that a potential season six would've gone, then it would've been a spectcular finale. While I'm interested to read more Buffyverse comics, I feel like After the Fall at least gives me a sense of closure to one side of coin if I decided to not read anymore. I at least have my Angel ending.

    • It wouldn't be a finale in this universe if not for the deaths and resurrections of many of our main characters. I will say my favourite moments had to do with the full circle nature of Conner and Angel's relationship, and the Burkle Wyndam-Pryce wing of the library.Sadly, Doyle was not featured.There wasn't all that much else that was sad, really. Angel and co finally found their way out of hell and lived happily ever after. The way that was doneI'll admit, I had my reservations. Angel and co m [...]

    • When people say the L.A. is going to hell, Joss Whedon and gang really took that literally. This whole graphic novel series picked right up where the television show ended. The powers at Wolfram & Hart were less than pleased by their defeat at the hands of Angel and his allies. As a result, the pretty much dropped the whole city off the map and into the pit of hell, where it has been overrun by demons and monsters of all types.This seems to be the concluding volume that deals with all of the [...]

    • The final volume of After the Fall brings us closure, while leaving the story open enough to be continued. Gunn has a plan to fix everything - by killing Angel and using a mystical altar to jumpstart Illyria's time powers. Things get worse for Team Angel as Illyria reverts to her classical demon form instead, and seeks to end existence itself; Connor, Groosalugg, the dragon, and more fall during the massive battle. Making a final play based on Wolfram and Hart's plans for him, Angel takes on Gun [...]

    • Thanks to IDW's slow paperback release schedule I'd actually forgotten a lot about what what going on in this story. At the beginning I found myself quite confused about what was going on. In addition to that I felt the art seemed to be very rushed and so I found myself not really enjoying it. For those reasons I only got about half way thought when I first started reading and it didn't make me want to keep going.However with Dark Horse's new Angel & Faith line going strong I found myself wa [...]

    • After a shaky start Joss Whedon (showrunner) and Brian Lynch (chief writer) wrap up what would have been Angel season six of the television series. At the same time, this serves as a sort of a transition from publisher IDW to Dark Horse. The last couple of volumes have seen the pace of the story telling pick up, as LA has been transplanted to Hell (well some would say it is already there) and Angel has been turned human. Wesley is still dead, and Gunn is a vampire. While Angel has been fooling o [...]

    • Finally. The end of the Fall. Thank God.The final volume of this set brings back the two worse artists of the series, Mooney and Urru. There isn't much that I can complain about with their work that wasn't said in reviews for volumes 1-3 and that applies to Lynch's terrible writing as well.I will say that I thought that the hardback books looked good. The covers were nice and mine had the little string bookmark attached. The binding looked good and the books were sturdy and heavy. If nothing els [...]

    • The ultimate showdown: more dragons, a Pegasus, sword fighting, a telepathic floating fish, and a T-Rex!Illustrating, is Frank Urru, same artist from the first two volumes and Spike:After the Fall. He does a fine job but, after seeing Nick Runge's illustrations in volume three, it's hard not to be disappointed. Urru's versions of the characters are not as detailed as Runge's and are sometimes difficult to recognize.Then there's the ending. Wow. I can't say much without spoilers, but suffice to s [...]

    • I didn't really know how I expected this arc to go, but there were almost as many surprises as there are pages! I had to read the end twice to fully digest it, and I seriously need someone to compare notes with on the ending. Some might consider it a cop out, but I could see what they were going for, it just would have been more of a revelation if portrayed on film.Without including spoilers, I can't go into a whole lot of detail, but safe to say there are casualties aplenty and your heart strin [...]

    • Overall, a strong conclusion to the After the Fall storyline. It does lots of great things with characters, and has some fun with the mythology. There were more takebacks than I’d like when all was said and done, but Lynch managed to make them make sense, and also left many of the characters in dramatically different places at the end of the series.As a whole, I like the direction After the Fall took from the Angel finale. My only complaint is that Lynch’s story was surprisingly awkwardly wr [...]

    • 3.5*Book source ~ LibraryWhat the hell did I just read? There’s some hinky shit going on in this volume and I’m left scratching my head in bewilderment. I’m not as pleased with this installment as the others mostly because I was clueless as to what was going on. It’s the whole time slipping crap that gets me. I hate that shit. But there is some really awesome back and forth between Spike and Angel. Stuff like what made Angel Season 5 memorable for me as I was not a fan of the show in gen [...]

    • Oh, this ending was probably the one you would want if the one in the TV series did not please you. The moment(s) with Spike and Angel in the end is both heart-warming and funny. That was simply great.Anyway, this ends the season 6 arc, as Team Angel - or what's left of it - tries to save LA from its hell. It has some truly great moments, as well as some of the best artwork yet, but unlike volume 3, I felt this one went into some wacky places that lost me a bit. It made up for it several times w [...]

    • I was pretty unimpressed by the entire After the Fall arc. I've read all four volumes twice (once several years ago, and again last week), and I'm still not sure I could tell you much of what happened. It seemed very repetitive, but uneventful, unless you count repeated fights that all ended about the same: a main character dies and comes backs to life in some unexplained manner. Characters didn't feel true to their live-action equivalents, which was probably the worst part for me. Also, I felt [...]

    • Up until Angel getting killed, this was fairly decent. Gwen's random death was reminiscent of Anya's, where it happened in a flash and treated like it didn't matter, but it's not like any of that mattered once the ending became clear.This was one step up from the "it was only a dream" cop-out. Well, maybe a half-step. Turns out, if Angel dies in the Hell version of LA, everything gets reset to that alleyway battle, making the previous 3 volumes in this effectively just filler content. Sure, ever [...]

    • I really dug how this series played out. lots of fun fan service and nods back to the show. some surprising character twists that made it feel like a worthy reflection of what another season of Angel could have been. Especially enjoyed their handling of Gunn. however, it seems to run by way too fast. it felt like an entire season's twists told in just 4 episodes. Not that this is inherently bad, but it felt weird in the context of previous Angel "entertainments." maybe it was bad though, becaus [...]

    • I borrowed this from my sister back in September, read the first 2 issues, but then put it down and forgot about it. She's trading the book in at a used book store tomorrow so I had to finish it.I'm not a fan of the art in this series, but the story is pretty good. The writing in this 4th volume is the best it has been in the series to date. I'd give the story 4 stars. The art hasn't improved though. It stayed the same as all the other volumes and only gets 2 stars. Those 2 aspects of the book a [...]

    • Collecting Angel: After the Fall #13–17, this fourth volume, concludes the After the Fall storyline (and if you don't know what that is, start by picking up volume one); and it does so in a very good manner indeed. The whole thing was plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch, and scripted by the latter. Stephen Mooney did the art for the first two issues/chapter, while the last three feature the glorious return of Franco Urru.Without revealing too much, once I came to the final full page panel, [...]

    • Somewhat confusing after all these years since I watched the series - the characters are not introduced in any way and the story goes straight into action. I could hardly remember which characters had survived the series and which hadn't and I'm pretty sure there were a couple of entirely new characters here pretending that they knew everyone (and that I was supposed to know them).Still, once you get into the action, the story offers a decent selection of surprise twists. It even makes fun of th [...]

    • a. the best way to spend the first day of a new year is reading comics books. trust me on this one.b. ya know how a tv series will end unexpectedly and everyday you are stuck thinking about what happened next and it kills you a wee bit inside everyday and then (wonder of wonders) you find out there are comics that explain exactly what took place and your heart sings due to the wonderment?! it was justkeat. but even better.c. i have no words. no brilliant review. just this warning:if you love Ang [...]

    • Angel and his friends continue to deal with having been sent to hell following the battle against Wolfram & Hart. Writing continues to be spot on, though there weren't as many cool extras at the end, just an original treatment of the entire series that was largely scrapped. Disappointing considering what the previous volumes contained. My eyes continued to be completely overwhelmed by the graphic illustrations, but as I am not a general reader of graphic novels, I don't have much to compare [...]

    • The final volume of 'After the Fall' is much better than previous volumes, and actually has some moving moments. Overall, though, this series is underwhelming: the art is meh, the writing lacks punch and consistency, and the storyline is just kind of crummy from start to finish. Really, the best thing about 'After the Fall' is Beta George, the telepathic fish. This series makes even the craziest turns of Buffy Season 8 feel like they make complete sense, and it makes me love the current 'Angel a [...]

    • This volume brought the "L.A. in hell" storyline to a close. I am not a big fan of the way that was resolved (view spoiler)[long story short, Angel tricks W&H into resetting time to before hell came to town, while leaving everyone's memories intact (hide spoiler)] because it felt a little too neat and made some scenes, that had been written quite nicely, essentially pointless. However, the fact that (view spoiler)[everybody remembers everything (hide spoiler)] could have some interesting res [...]

    • The negative reviews that already exist pretty much sum up my feelings about the ending. I don't like that reversing time crap at all. That fact ruined the ending for me and thus only 3 stars. Also because I am confused with one thing: Why the hell are all the lords still there after the time got reversed? I'm so confused and don't understand it. The time got reversed until the point at which the tv series ended, okay. But why doesn't L.A. go to hell again? Can someone please explain? Thanks a l [...]

    • I really had doubts that this story would be able to wrap successfully, but it does so in style, rounding up all of the plot points introduced and setting up a new status quo for a continuing Angel series. If there's a fault, it's that Lynch's internal monologues can be a bit confusing at times making the convoluted story even more difficult to follow. Other than that, this is the Angel story that was waiting to be told and is, in truth, far more compelling than anything on the actual TV show.

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