Fringe Dwellers

Fringe Dwellers Fringe Dwellers reviewed by Donna Langevin author of In the Cafe Du Monde and other books of poetry and winner of the Ray Burrell Award for PoetryImmigrants businessmen professors librarians comp

  • Title: Fringe Dwellers
  • Author: Shane Joseph
  • ISBN: 9781897475447
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Trade
  • Fringe Dwellers reviewed by Donna Langevin, author of In the Cafe Du Monde and other books of poetry and winner of the Ray Burrell Award for PoetryImmigrants, businessmen, professors, librarians, computer wizards, tradespeople, panhandlers, alcoholics, victims of incest, two ghosts who meet in the cemetery what do these members of the enormous cast of author Shane JosepFringe Dwellers reviewed by Donna Langevin, author of In the Cafe Du Monde and other books of poetry and winner of the Ray Burrell Award for PoetryImmigrants, businessmen, professors, librarians, computer wizards, tradespeople, panhandlers, alcoholics, victims of incest, two ghosts who meet in the cemetery what do these members of the enormous cast of author Shane Joseph s characters have in common Highly readable and suspenseful, there is a common quest for well being and happiness that unifies the cast However, it is the individual journeys that make this book of short stories fascinating Each character is a fringe dweller not necessarily because of economic status, social class or being a newcomer to Canada, but because he or she often has a past that has shut others out The consequences are lives in which loneliness and isolation are paramount Thus, each character must seek a kind of personal redemption by confronting the past in order to move on in positive ways Sound familiar Dostoevsky, Conrad and many other writers have wrestled with a similar theme as their protagonists engaged in life s struggles.Shane Joseph who obviously draws on his own experience as an immigrant and his many career stints to create a sense of reality, dares to offer some plausible solutions One s fate is never changed by anything as momentous as a lightning bolt, miracle, winning a lottery or grand religious enlightenment On the pilgrimage toward redemption the only angels in Fringe Dwellers are the flawed but kindly strangers encountered by chance In Virtual Guy, a software consultant offers to share his hotel room with a business man when their flight is cancelled due to a snowstorm Their interaction enables the latter to move on after his divorce and to revamp his career In the title story, Vinod, an immigrant from India befriends Sid, an embittered war veteran He drives him to a hospital where the staff is so caring that Sid ends up working at a hospice after his recovery In Silence, Andrew a busy executive who had neglected his wife goes to a weekend retreat As he holds the hand of a dying old man, he realizes at that moment it was a good proxy for his wife who passed away while he was on a business trip Thus, simple acts of kindness and compassion allow the characters to atone and to reach out again In the powerful Let My People Stay, this theme is played out on a grander scale When her congregation of elderly white people becomes excluded by a Chinese congregation using her church, Rev Julia Styles holds an outdoor service where all immigrant groups are welcome Sound preachy or simplistic Shane Joseph is too thoughtful a writer to fall into the trap of formulaic writing Sometimes a character is beyond salvation In Rage, the woman suffering from incest finds release rather than redemption by murdering her brother In many other stories the secondary characters fall by the wayside because they lack insight and the compassion that make change possible.The well crafted Fringe Dwellers is an appealing read because of the reliable and relevant theme of second chances Fringe Dwellers can be purchased online at or via the publisher s website at hiddenbrookpress

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    • Shane Joseph

      Shane Joseph is a graduate of the Humber School for Writers in Toronto, Canada He began writing as a teenager living in Sri Lanka and has never stopped Redemption in Paradise, his first novel, was published in 2004 and his first short story collection, Fringe Dwellers, in 2008 His novel, After the Flood, a dystopian epic set in the aftermath of global warming, was released in November 2009, and won the Canadian Christian Writers award for best Futuristic Fantasy novel in 2010 His story collection, Paradise Revisited, was shortlisted for the ReLit Award His latest novel, In the Shadow of the Conquistador, was released in the fall of 2015 and his latest story collection, Crossing Limbo, in 2017 His short stories and articles have appeared in several Canadian anthologies and in literary journals around the world His blog at shanejoseph is widely syndicated.His career stints include stage and radio actor, pop musician, encyclopaedia salesman, lathe machine operator, airline executive, travel agency manager, vice president of a global financial services company, software services salesperson, publishing editor, project manager and management consultant.Self taught, with four degrees under his belt obtained through distance education, Shane is an avid traveller and has visited one country for every year of his life and lived in four of them He fondly recalls incidents during his travels as real lessons he could never have learned in school husky riding in Finland with no training, trekking the Inca Trail in Peru through an unending rainstorm, hitch hiking in Australia without a map, escaping a wild elephant in Zambia, and being stranded without money in Denmark, are some of his memories.After immigrating twice , raising a family, building a career, and experiencing life s many highs and lows, Shane has carved out a niche in Cobourg, Ontario with his wife Sarah, where he continues to work, write, and play in a rock band.Shane Joseph, believes in the gift of second chances He feels that he has lived many lives in just a single lifetime, always starting from scratch with only the lessons from the past to draw upon His novels and stories reflect the redemptive power of acceptance and forgiveness.

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    • Twelve Different Interpretations of “Fringe”One of the most surprising aspects of this excellent short story collection is its twelve different interpretations of “Fringe.” The title story—“Fringe Dwellers”—finds us in a very typical starting point: an immigrant family and father trying to find a way to make it in a new, unfamiliar land. However, the other stories relate to the “Fringe” in ways that are less than obvious. Several of the main characters of the stories are what [...]

    • 1.Fringe DwellersThe story of a family of Indians who had come to Canada for a better future for their kids and also the story of a war hero (Sid) who still suffers of war traumas and despises Canadian government. Quite moving. The Indians get to a better status through hard work and through studying, while Sid decides to go to hospital to have his lung problems cured. I enjoyed to see the sort of “communication in spirituality” and indirect moral support. Sid’s painting serves as encourag [...]

    • Fringe Dwellers explores the lives of everyday people that society shunts into the fringes simply because life’s vicissitudes have conspired to isolate them. The characters in these twelve stories are unremarkable on the surface but complex and endearing when their lives are opened up and examined.Shane Joseph portrays both the tragic quality of these character’s lives and their determination to find redemption from cruel twists of fate, the weight of past mistakes or loss in many forms. Int [...]

    • Fringe Dwellers is a collection of short stories where characters have hit rock bottom. These pitiful individuals walked away from life as they knew it seeing no way out of the dilemmas they may or may not have created for themselves or, as some might say, boggled down in the clutter of life to fester in the mire. However, after words of encouragement from strangers and in the mist of the jumbled thoughts that told them to give up, these misfits managed to heed the advice and change their lives [...]

    • Shane Joseph’s twelve fringe dwellers, presented in twelve griping short stories, are realistic inhabitants of segments of our society. Each are searching for love and meaning in their life, within their own environmental reality. As well as having four degrees, Shane has traveled the world gaining personal experience. This knowledge of different cultures certainly comes through in his writing. His insights about war, grieving, immigrants, homelessness, relationships and religion emerges thro [...]

    • This Author pulls off the job delivering exactly what the title suggests,,,,, short stories regarding an assortment of people living on the edge of finding redemption. You can smell the environment, the character and experience emoptional transition as it happens to the characters. Be prepared to feel sorrow, joy, pain, and have it all feel great. I'll be reccomending this for my book club consisting of over 400 members.

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