I Love a Man in Uniform: A Memoir of Love, War, and Other Battles

I Love a Man in Uniform A Memoir of Love War and Other Battles From the author of the acclaimed memoir Strip City comes an eloquent and funny account of this former punk rock stripper s unlikely marriage to an officer in the U S Army From harrowing emotion to the

  • Title: I Love a Man in Uniform: A Memoir of Love, War, and Other Battles
  • Author: Lily Burana
  • ISBN: 9781602860834
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of the acclaimed memoir Strip City comes an eloquent and funny account of this former punk rock stripper s unlikely marriage to an officer in the U.S Army From harrowing emotion to the dishy details of being an Army wife, Burana bares her heart and soul as a modern military spouse.

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      468 Lily Burana
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    About “Lily Burana

    • Lily Burana

      Lily Burana is the author of three books, including Strip City A Stripper s Farewell Journey Across America, Try, and a memoir entitled I Love a Man in Uniform Strip City was named Best Memoir in 2008 and Best Book of the Year in 2001 by Entertainment Weekly.Burana also works as a journalist and has freelanced for The Washington Post, GQ, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Self, Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, Details, The Village Voice, and The New York Observer She serves as a contributing editor for New York Magazine and Spin Burana married a Lieutenant Colonel in 2002 In 2008, she founded Operation Bombshell, a burlesque school for military wives She currently lives with her husband in New York.

    859 thoughts on “I Love a Man in Uniform: A Memoir of Love, War, and Other Battles

    • Following her memoir/travelogue/burlesque history, Strip City, Lily Burana met and married Mike, a historian and active-duty Army major who taught at West Point. Burana, a former stripper, punk, and all-around questioner of authority, suddenly found herself in a new world that seemed to have all kinds of rules she had to learn to follow. She also had to confront a knee-jerk distrust of the military and a hatred of all things twee.In the course of making a marriage (Mike deployed to Iraq shortly [...]

    • Lily Burana, author of Strip City, is back with I Love a Man in Uniform, a book about her marriage to a West Point officer. Not the most likely candidate for my reading tastes, but that is the wonder of reading beyond your horizons! I picked this book up to pass along to my friend Ryan, an officer in the U.S. Navy, and his wife, when I had the unexpected chance to meet Burana at the author reception at Winter Institute, where she was seated next to Brandon Sanderson. That odd couple may not be a [...]

    • You all know how I feel about memoirs: don't trust 'em. Not my fault, I've been hurt before. BUT, I found this book absolutely charming, brutally honest (sometimes more than I think I needed to know) and very entertaining. It starts off strong, giving you a picture of the "perfect" Army Wife and then Burana tells you she is not that woman. Usually, the best compliment I can give to a memoir is that it "reads like fiction". This, to me, means that it isn't slow or overly detailed or dry like some [...]

    • I appreciate the brevity of this book, and this officer's wife was incredibly brave to bare her family's problems to the entire world. Coming from a military family, I understand how difficult it is for an officer's wife to portray her marriage as anything other than perfect. However, her problems are not new problems among military families; they are actually quite common. There are literally thousands of families that deal with the stresses of military life every single day. Some spouses are f [...]

    • This book was a joke. Ms. Burana does NOT represent the Army wife community in any aspect. Well, maybe the fact she was a former stripper, as some Army wives are. The similarities stop there. While her experiences are Interesting, there is not a shred of "typical" anywhere in them. She marries an officer, has no children, yet still manages to whine about being "so depressed " about living in strange places and not fitting in. The whole time I read this book I wanted to take it and pound someone [...]

    • Great memoir! Burana wrote about so much more than a man in uniform. Painfully honest, Burana shares her soul and writes about love, absence, stripping, life-altering changes, childhood abuse, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder. Beautifully written, incredibly engaging, heartbreakingly sad yet ultimately triumphant – it was a roller coaster of emotions but Burana is eloquent and clear. I was captivated by the details of Army life, the stripping industry, and PTSD.

    • Burana's previous memoir is about stripping, and at a first glance, I Love a Man in Uniform seems quite the about-face—Burana fell for and eventually married a military officer, and when his posting took him to West Point, she was engulfed in military-wife culture. It was something of a shock to her system, but she went into the relationship and the posting with as open a mind as she could manage: But what did I have to lose? Maybe he would surprise me. As much as I had been invested in seeing [...]

    • Although I claim to be a big fan of the memoir genre, I will admit that eventually in every memoir, I find myself irritated. I start reframing the story the author was trying to tell in coulda, woulda, shoulda. Memoirist authors re-construct their feelings and reactions into a narrative arc, and we get so deep into their thought processes that I face the threat of the too familiar, and that kind of knowing kind of becomes annoying. This was particularly the case with I Love a Man in Uniform (cut [...]

    • This was one of the most unlikely things I'd ever have guessed I would read. I found it in my favorite home-town used book store, and I read the blurb on the back. Huh. Might actually be interesting. Though I myself come from a family with lots of military folk, I have opposed every war in which the US involved itself, and I consider the American Civil War the last truly righteous US war. But I could see that this memoir had an outsider's point of view, and from my (strangely many) friends who d [...]

    • This book couldn't have come at a better time for me. My mom actually recommended it to me because the general story reminded her of my life. No, I'm not a former stripper, but I am a very liberal, some might even say radical, in love with an Army officer. Believe me, if you told me in 2003 when I was in the streets of Austin protesting the Iraq invasion that 6 years later I would be plastering a yellow ribbon on my car in support of my boyfriend going off to Afghanistan I not only would have la [...]

    • I discovered Lily Burana when I read her rodeo romance Try, so when I got the chance to read I Love a Man in Uniform, I had to take it. I'm very glad I did even though it wasn't the book I was expecting. The cover and the blurb led me to believe I was going to get a fun read, and there were parts of it that were. I mean, come on, an ex-stripper wild child marrying an Army Military Intelligence officer? That's gotta be one of the ultimate worlds-collide stories. And it is. Lily didn't have an eas [...]

    • This memoir was a roller coaster that I enjoyed, hated, enjoyed, cried on and enjoyed again. My husband served in the Army for 8 years. He stayed on two years more than his required six, leaving only when I was pregnant with our second son. I related to so very much in this book, from the feelings of alienation to being different to the constant feeling of fear.I feel that Burana is a wonderful, witty writer and, as a freelance writer, I loved how she said she got writer's block with her first a [...]

    • I feel a little cruel . I know what Lily Burana experienced was remarkable to her. But in her telling, it's far less remarkable for this particular reader.I picked this up based on reviews positioning it as a story of opposites--riot girl former stripper and military guy--falling for each other and struggling with love and war. But Burana and her husband seem like two peas in a pod from the very beginning, so no tension there. Burana apparently falls immediately in love with the military traditi [...]

    • I found this memoir a little annoying. While the begining is fast and gets you going along. You find yourself falling in love with both the author and her husband, soon enough you are BORED. You can only read about her stuggles with depression for fifty pages before you want to throw the book down (which I almost did). I'd suggest military spouces read it if you are bored, other then that I wouldn't suggest it.

    • As a retired Navy wife, I read this book for insight into the other service. Burana is an excellent writer with clever turns of phrase. I enjoyed sections a great deal, but didn't want to read about the stripping life.The book is insightful as a reminder that not all military wives are alike and the challenges of finding who you can best be within your husband's career. Her chapters about enduring a deployment are important for any military spouse--it's incredibly difficult, emotionally draining [...]

    • This is the story of a former punk-rawk stripper turned Army wife, and what it means to be a military wife in post-9/11 America. Lily is not just a war bride, she is a War on Terror Bride. We travel with her from her first meeting with her husband-to-be, through his deployment in the Global War on Terror, and back to the coddling traditions of the West Point community. Along the way, Lily takes us through her harrowing crisis that nearly destroyed her marriage, but that ultimately made her a str [...]

    • The book really illustrates some of my conflicting views on supporting the troops, but being troubled with what they do. It was really relevant to my life when I read it. Here are some quotes that resonated with me:You know what's hot about soldiers? They know things, important things about protection and survival. The great outdoors is the great unknown to me, and to revere my man as a sage of this realm had real meaning. He taught me about chewing match heads so mosquitoes don't bite you-- the [...]

    • Lily Burana: reformed punk rocker, child rebel, former stripper, Army Officer's wife. Wha-what??? If you are like me, you just had to do a double take there. But that's right Lily Burana is all of those things and more.I Love a Man in Uniform is Lily's memoir of how she met, fell in love with and married Mike, her Army Officer husband.But this is not simply a love story. This is not one of those gooey novels that make you feel sticky just reading it. This story includes a lot of self doubt, hurt [...]

    • Lily Brana delves into just about every aspect of the military life in one enjoyable and fun read. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the humbling. The dynamics of military wives and the, at times, ancient practices of the military community. Rank, the Army alphabet, protocol, and so much more. this book was eye opening and really gave me a greater understanding for what I would face in the military world. As a military spouse you give up just about everything to play the role as devoted and loyal [...]

    • I’ll start off by readily admitting, I am probably not completely objective when it comes to books about military wives. But I do believe this one is particularly appealing to a broader audience than others. This is not a how-to-be-a-milspouse book, rather a fascinating memoir. After writing her critically acclaimed memoir Strip City: A Stripper's Farewell Journey Across America, about her previous life as a punk-rock stripper, Lily Burana met and fell in love with Mike, an Army Intelligence o [...]

    • Another fave from this week was I Love a Man in Uniform, by Lily Burana. As you know, I’m engaged to someone in the military, so I am somewhat obsessed with reading about military spouses. This book didn’t disappoint.Burana was an exotic dancer, a punk rocker, and generally a wild child. Yet despite her preconceived notions of conservative, straight-laced military guys, she ends up falling in love with a man in the Army. She describes their courtship, how her assumptions about him were wrong [...]

    • I Love A Man In Uniform: A Memoir of Love, War and Other Battles by Lily Burana was at times funny, at other times heart-breaking, and all-of-the-time honest and true. Ms. Burana, a former stripper, meets an Army officer and falls in love. They get married soon before Mike, her husband, deploys following 9/11, and this is their story of pain, recovery, and the meaning of love.I read this book in a day. Granted, I had a day off so there was a bit of free time there, but I loved reading Ms. Burana [...]

    • I had previously read "Strip City" and first read "I Love a Man" about 2 years ago. This was my 2nd read. I think I enjoyed it slightly less then 2nd time, but it's still a good read.What happens when a former stripper/punk rock writer marries a military man? The results are not always pretty, especially when you add in post-war PTSD for the guy and clinical depression for the gal.Lily Burana has a forthright and snappy writing style and I found her candid memoir to be refreshing. There are othe [...]

    • This book was an impulse buy off the "new and notable" table at the local Barnes & Noble. I had been intrigued by Burana's previous novel, Strip City, and hadn't gotten around to picking it up yet. I was looking forward to experiencing her transition from the woman who undertook a cross-country Farewell Stripping tour to a Representative Army Wife. I am the first person to admit, I am not an expert on military life. My family's line of service is as police and fire - as a result no one in my [...]

    • I loved this book, obviously written with honesty and conviction. More than simply a story about life as a military spouse - though it fills that role impeccably - it also touches on broader themes that many of us can connect with such as finding your place when you're an outsider, reconciling the past with the present, and maintaining individuality while also giving yourself fully to a larger community. Filled with witty observations that made me chuckle, it also delves into intense, raw issues [...]

    • Wow, after 2 months I finally finished this book. I can't really pinpoint what exactly about the book took me so long to get through. Initially, I thought to give it 5 stars, but after some reflection, parts of it were a little disjointed.Pros: Interesting concept; thoughtful and original language; great metaphors; Lily Burana is definitely a talented writer; will hit close to home for mil spousesCons: About halfway into the book things REALLY slow down and the recollections of her childhood abu [...]

    • I was not going to review this. I loved the *wink* title and was just going to check it out. Lily is an intimate and charming writer so I was soon enmeshed in her story. A former goth/stripper/risky/pierced girl (possible reasons surface later), she was enticed (somehow) to investigate her heritage and was at a ceremony for The Daughters of the American Revolution when she met Mike (in uniform. A whirlwind romance later Lily is a military bride. Mike is shipped out to Iraq-The book focuses on th [...]

    • I wanted to love this book. I think the author was so brave to write it that I hate to give it such a lukewarm write up. I felt like much of the military spousal life was given kind of a glancing overview. I felt like she was describing it from the outside. She talked about being worried about being judged by other military spouses or hurting her husband's carreer but really gave no examples or stories to back up that fear (other than being snubbed once for not having childrenwhich, while terrib [...]

    • I really looked forward to reading Lily Burana's memoir and it's been on my to-read list since I first heard about it. I really enjoyed the beginning of the book where she discussed her early life and her relationship with her husband Mike. But, towards the second half of the book after she finished writing about her reconciliation with Mike, and her battle with depression and PTSD, the book began to resemble more of a book of essays on the military than a memoir on Burana's life and marriage. M [...]

    • I picked this up at a used book store near Fort Bragg. It is definitely her memories and less than a typical one about the life of an Army officer's spouse. After reading it I looked a bit into her life and discovered Mike had children from his first marriage, yet there is no mention of any activity with them. She mentions exotic dancer and porn, but it seems more currently in place for shock factor rather than truly detailing her life as a dependent. It was a good read, but yet knowing the life [...]

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