Black Rabbit Summer

Black Rabbit Summer Black Rabbit Summer

  • Title: Black Rabbit Summer
  • Author: Kevin Brooks
  • ISBN: 9780141319117
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Black Rabbit Summer

    • ¶ Black Rabbit Summer || Ú PDF Read by ê Kevin Brooks
      116 Kevin Brooks
    • thumbnail Title: ¶ Black Rabbit Summer || Ú PDF Read by ê Kevin Brooks
      Posted by:Kevin Brooks
      Published :2019-05-07T07:40:17+00:00

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    • Kevin Brooks

      Kevin Brooks was born in 1959 and grew up in Exeter, Devon, England He studied Psychology and Philosophy at Birmingham, Aston University in 1980 and Cultural Studies in London in 1983 Kevin Brooks has been in a variety of jobs including musician, gasoline station attendant, crematorium handyman, civil service clerk, hot dog vendor at the London Zoo, post office clerk, and railway ticket office clerk.Kevin Brooks s writing career started with the publication of Martyn Pig in 2002 through The Chicken House which won the Branford Boase Award 2003 and was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal He also wrote Lucas 2002 which was shortlisted for the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize and Booktrust Teenage Prize in 2003 also winning the North East Book Award in 2004.In 2004 he published Kissing the Rain and Bloodline and I See You, Baby and Candy in 2005 In 2006 he published 3 books including Johnny Delgado Series Like Father, Like Son and Private Detective as well as The Road of the Dead a standalone novel In February 2008 he published the standalone book Black Rabbit Summer.As a child, Kevin Brooks enjoyed reading detective novels He writes most plots of the various books he has written around crime fiction He likes mystery and suspence and enjoys putting both of those components into each and every story he writes in some shape or form.

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    • I recently remembered I read this book, but forgot what it was about and such. So, I decided to venture into the reviews, which were all following some sort of status quo: vote two stars, rave about Raymond, call the rest of the book total shit, etc. However, I will have to go against this, because as soon as I remembered the plot, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and instantly said, "I really liked this book." I loved Pete as a character, maybe even more than I liked Raymond. The book was rea [...]

    • Wow. Just when I thought something good would come out from this book, it went straight from being average to zero. Here's the thing, when you write about a certain character (a large portion of it), you expect the reader to care about the particular character. Well, for me at least. I did. I cared for Raymond. The rest of the character? Brooks could have written about them getting into a car accident and died. And I still wouldn't give a crap about them. Because I like the way Brooks describe R [...]

    • Kevin Brooks *slow claps*.Once again you have shoved me into a world of mystery, tugged at my fangirl feelings, played with my mind and as a result left me utterly scarred for life. Okay, first of all, this book is so beautifully entwined together with mystery, grim themes, brilliant characters and not to mention those staggering plot twists. It was going so well. I thought I loved it. I thought this book and I had a connection. I thought wrong. I was on the last chapter, devouring each page - a [...]

    • Ever since I was a fifth grader, I read a book that changed my life. That book was Cryptid Hunters, by Roland Smith. A sci-fi twist of emotion, adventure and surprise - I laughed, I cried, I changed for the better as a person. I must have read and reread it a million times. Whatever. Amazingly, all my life until now (my junior year) this was the response to the oh-so-rarely-asked question, "What is your favorite book?"Then I discovered Black Rabbit Summer. Now, sitting in the library on my own I [...]

    • Title: Black Rabbit SummerAuthor: Keven BrooksPublisher: Chicken House ()Date Published: 2008Genre: Young AdultMain Themes: Missing persons, Friendship, Growing up, Drugs and AlcoholPages: 488Plot (from book jacket):"As kids they were tight. Now they've grown up - and apart. Before going their separate ways for good, they decide to get together one last time.Just like old times.Just the five of them.Saturday night.Nicole asked. How could Pete say no?But the past hurts, personal histories, soon s [...]

    • This book is a coming-of-age crime-thriller for teenagers. I'm not a teenager, and I'm not really a fan of thrillers. This book isn't for me. And yet, I thought it was awesome.The plot centres around of group of friends in their mid-teens. As with any decent thriller, there's sex, booze, drugs and missing people. I've often said that moral ambiguity is the key to any good story, and you'll find that in abundance here.This book might be marketed to teenagers, but the quality of the writing is ver [...]

    • SERIOUSLY?! Perché questo romanzo non ha un seguito? Dov'è il mio finale Kevin Brooks, ah?!Il libro mi è veramente piaciuto ma più le pagine e si assottigliavano più mi rendevo conto che scoprire la fine di Raymond era impossibile e di fatti scopriamo che fine fanno TUTTI tranne Raymond, Raymond che è il protagonista indiscusso di questa storia. Il narratore è Pete ma il protagonista è Raymond, l'unico personaggio di cui alla fine mi fregasse davvero qualcosa. Mi bastava anche una sola r [...]

    • Coming-of-age and friendship warp together with a dark mystery subplot in this YA novel. It's a good summer read as its title says.

    • I love the way Brooks writes. I had to make myself go to bed at 3:00am but couldn't wait to wake and finish this book. He has a way of making you turn the page and forget timeat's bad for meI should be doing other things but I love getting lost in his works.I have to admitI usually hate mysteries, I'm a thriller reader, so when I saw this was down as a mystery, I was hesitate. I really didn't want to give Brooks a bad review. This book was the first mystery that kept me guessing until the end, a [...]

    • In un periodo costellato da letture molto impegnative che a rilento arrivano alla conclusione, si presenta l’estate del coniglio nero, scelto nel club di lettura come prossimo appuntamento. Un libro fresco sul quale la lettura scivola veloce portandomi velocemente in quello stato di necessità/bisogno tipico dei libri che mi catturano fin dall’inizio.Con una buona dose di suspance, mistero e noir Brooks porta il lettore a conoscere i bassifondi di una cittadina inglese che altro non rapprese [...]

    • I enjoyed this book. Great style of writing, the characters were very relatable and you cared about what's going on. At first I thought it was a boy-meets-girl kind of thing, but it's more like a missing-person's murder mystery. Very intriguing and had me hooked very early on.It's interesting because one of the characters is a thug-type who goes around with a knife threatening people, and turns out he didn't have anything to do with it, lol. What I don't understand is Raymond?Basically, Raymond [...]

    • Pradėjus skaityti pamaniau , kad ši knyga ne tokia gera kaip kiti autoriaus kūriniai . Atrodė kone pernelyg vaikiška , beveik sapalionės . Bet paskui viskas įsibėgėja ir kuo toliau tuo darosi įdomiau . K.Brooks išlaiko savo talentą , moka perteikti paauglių mąstyseną , jų pokalbius , bet taip pat supina tikrai įdomų trilerį su puikia pabaiga . Ko gero būtent už pabaigas , kurios niekad neatsako į svarbiausią klausimą , keltą visą knygą , aš labiausiai ir pamėgau šį [...]

    • This was a really great book, the characters were so well written and had their flaws created so perfectly. I love a good thriller and a crime novel but this book also covers a lot of LGBT issues in a very blasé way, which was so refreshing. Black Rabbit Summer was recommended to me by a friend and I would thoroughly recommend it too!

    • i did not care for the ending, the main character is annoying at times especially in the last few pages. its an unsolved mystery there are so many loose ends, he builts up the story so well but doesn't resolve it, something that reader expects the most WHAT HAPPENED TO RAYMOND ??

    • Letto con gli occhi di adulta mi ha parecchio angosciato.I ragazzi del mio gruppo di lettura Teen ne sono andati pazzi.

    • The only thing I didn't like is that we don't find out what happened to Raymond However, you can easily assume what might have happened to him

    • Recensione anche sul blog bookishadvisor/Se cercate un libro che vi lasci un segno indelebile L'estate del coniglio nero è il libro che fa per voi. Non è il solito YA smielato, zeppo di stereotipi, ma un romanzo ricco di temi scottanti, importanti che colpiscono il lettore, lo appassionano alla storia e ai personaggi.Era da molto tempo che non mi appassionavo così ad un libro YA Fiction Mystery con protagonista maschile, all'inizio ero titubante ma pian piano che si prosegue nella letture si [...]

    • Kevin Brooks ist kein Unbekannter, trotzdem habe ich mit "Black Rabbit Summer" meinen ersten Brooks gelesen - es war sicher nicht der letzte. "Aber es war kein Stofftier. Stofftiere bluten nicht. [] Ich schloss die Augen und hoffte, es würde verschwinden doch als ich sie wieder öffnete, war der abgeschlagene Kopf von Black Rabbit immer noch da, noch immer ans Tor geschlagen, noch immer rot tropfend im Regen." Kevin Brooks - Black Rabbit Summer, S. 165 Pete hat den Sommer bisher gelangweilt ve [...]

    • Natalie SamsRichEnglish II14 October 2011Book Review CBrooks, Kevin. Black Rabbit Summer. London: Puffin Books, 2008. Print. Teenagers are exposed to temptations and peer pressure every day but it only takes one wrong decision to alter a life. These bad decisions are not evident until the consequences have already presented themselves. One wrong interpretation can led to a series of bad events and possibly, change in long-term goals. Narrated by a detective’s son, Peter Boland, Black Rabbit Su [...]

    • ETA: I just thought of something a little disappointing. I really thought there was more to the whole thing with Eric and Nic sharing everything. I thought that was including Wes. I even thought there might be something incestuous going on (I swear there were undertones) but that didn't seem to be where he was going.I think this is the best book Brooks has written since Kissing the Rain, I really do. I even liked it better than Candy. Which is such a relief because after his last two books I was [...]

    • Da quando la scuola è terminata diverse settimane prima, la vita del protagonista, l'adolescente Pete Boland, è dominata unicamente dall'apatia. Il non fare nulla è la sua parola d'ordine. Durante una di queste giornate tutte uguali, viene contattato da Nicole, che gli propone di fare una rimpatriata con gli altri ragazzi del vecchio gruppo di amici e passare una serata insieme, come ai vecchi tempi.Come ai vecchi tempi, sì, riunirsi nel loro rifugio segreto e poi andare al luna park, magari [...]

    • Ho letto questo libro spinta da una grande curiosità. Le recensioni super-positive lette in rete hanno fatto la loro parte, ma anche la cover e il titolo hanno contribuito perché davano l'impressione di qualcosa di sconvolgente e torbido, e io sono attratta da libri del genere quindi mi sono lasciata prendere all'amo. In realtà è stato un libro abbastanza carino, molto (moltissimo) adolescenziale, sicuramente scorrevole e anche un po' accattivante (a tratti, non sempre) però lontano anni lu [...]

    • In questo romanzo si può vedere il passaggio dall'infanzia all'adolescenza-tutte le sfumature dell'adolescenza, a seconda del contesto e dell'educazione ricevuta- dove i passatempi cambiano, da innocenti a molto pericolosi, con il rischio poi di non sapere gestire le situazioni, arrivando a conseguenze drammatiche, ed è anche il periodo dove si comincia a capire chi sono i veri amici.Protagonista è Pete, un ragazzo di 16 anni, che all'inizio dà l'impressione di essere abbastanza depresso, pe [...]

    • I've read several of Kevin Brooks' books and each one has left me in the middle of the spectrum. I don't know if I like his books very much, but I continue reading them all the same. This one left me slightly disappointed. Five friends, Pete, Pauly, Eric, Nicole, and Raymond decide to meet up one last time before twins Eric and Nicole leave for Paris. Pete has been depressed lately, Pauly is a total druggie, and Raymond is.well, strange. Raymond speaks to his black rabbit(hence the title of the [...]

    • Questo libro l'avevo adocchiato in libreria tempo fa e, dopo qualche mese, finalmente sono riuscita ad averlo! (Grazie alle mie amiche che me l'hanno regalato)La trama mi ispirava davvero tanto, ma anche ciò che è scritto all'interno della copertina:"Allora eravamo amici.C'erano legami tra noi.Ma allora le cose erano diverse. Noi eravamo diversi. Eravamo bambini. Poi a poco a poco tutto era cambiato. Il mondo diventa più grande, ci si perde di vista, gli amici di infanzia diventano"amici che [...]

    • So far, I'm losing interest. I think that this book, as phenomenal as it is, isn't as entertaining the second time around. I think it has to do with the fact that after Raymond goes missing, everything goes insane in the search for him, and everything going on with Pete. When you know what happens, all the excitement is just less entertaining.Don't get me wrong I love this book. In fact, I feel like the great thing about it is that the story of coming of age mixed with this mysterious disappeara [...]

    • Reviewed by Angie Fisher for TeensReadTooIt's a rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood, leaving old friends behind for a future beckoning with invitations of bigger and better things to come. There is a reason we outgrow friendships. Sometimes things are better left behind. Peter wasn't even thinking when he got the phone call; after all, it was summer. If he would have been, he'd have stuck with Raymond and let the others go on without them without looking back. As it was, nostalgia got [...]

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