Lost In The Jungle

Lost In The Jungle Four backpackers meet in Bolivia and set off into the rainforest on a dream expedition lured by the promise of uncharted villages and forgotten tribes hidden in places tourists only dream of seeing B

  • Title: Lost In The Jungle
  • Author: Yossi Ghinsberg
  • ISBN: 9781840246728
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four backpackers meet in Bolivia and set off into the rainforest on a dream expedition, lured by the promise of uncharted villages and forgotten tribes hidden in places tourists only dream of seeing But what begins as the adventure of a lifetime quickly becomes a struggle when they get lost in the ian jungle.

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    About “Yossi Ghinsberg

    • Yossi Ghinsberg

      Yossi Ghinsberg is an Israeli adventurer, author, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and motivational speaker based in Australia.Ghinsberg is most known for his survival story of when he was stranded in an uncharted part of the Bolivian jungle for three weeks in 1981

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    • On the inside of the cover of the book I am reading there is written in ink: "Ron: I think we could have co-authored this book!! Merry Christmas. Erik 2005"Would love to hear their story as well, so it is too bad that Erik didn't write his last name in the book, because then I could try to find him on the internet and if I had found him, I would have let him know that I now have the book and so on.I also would have loved to have taken a trip like this one when I was younger, that is, if I had no [...]

    • The book opens with Yossi Ghinsberg's 'Acknowledgements': a page and a half of flowery, gushing, quasi-mystical thank yous. This didn't auger well. Yossi Ghinsberg's writing style is pretty basic. I wonder if this is a translation - which might explain his style.I have read a few accounts of what could be labelled Travel Misadventures, Personal Disasters, or Idiots Taking Silly Risks & Living To Tell The Tale. These include, Touching the Void: The True Story of One Man's Miraculous Survival, [...]

    • As far as the storyline goes, it is incredible, amazing, and a total 5 star entertainment keeping you on the edge of your seat until you finish the book. Then, if you think that it is actually a true story, and that these people get into all that trouble because of their absolute stupidity and unawareness of what might be happening to them, you ask yourself "why should i give this book 5 stars"? They are idiots who are convinced that going through the jungle is no different than walking through [...]

    • I read the book "Lost in the Jungle", though when I search for that in this is what comes up. Same author, so I am assuming it's the same book (hopefully better edited than the .99 deal I got)I almost didn't make it past the first third of this book. I put it down for several days, with no intention of picking it back up. Three of the four men that this book is about are very unlikable; they are arrogant, brash and had zero respect for the jungle or its inhabitants. They mistreat every animal [...]

    • The main story (a jungle trek gone bad) is slow to get started, and the character interactions are not very believable, despite this being nonfiction. Much of the book is taken up with petty bickering between the characters. The story reads more like the diary of a junior high school girl than the survival story of a grown man. It only gets 2 stars because the adventure manages to shine through in parts. Overall not worth the time.

    • "Jungle" is a wonderful, thrill ride of a book. Its the true story of Yossi, a young man just out of the Israeli army who is traveling around South America after his tour of duty. I can easily picture him, backpack and guide book in hand, striking up conversations with people at hostels and in bars as many travelers are wont to do. His travel plans get changed when he meets a man in Peru: Marcus. Marcus convinces him that instead of heading to Machu Picchu he should go to Boliva, with Marcus, in [...]

    • Three different things pulled me toward this book, and I'm going to list them, not in order of their importance to me, but in chronological order of when I learned about each. First of all, Daniel Radcliffe is currently filming the movie adaptation of the book. Second, the author and protagonist is an Israeli Jew, and third, since it's about survival in nature, I hoped it would interest my oldest son. As it turns out, my son says he doesn't want to read any books about survival in nature unless [...]

    • Had to quit reading itI normally love books like this, but Ghinsberg and his buddies were imperialistic idiots. I've read ian accounts by men in the early 20th Century that sounded less bourgeois, arrogant and racist (he refers to indigenous tribes as "savages" on more than one occasion). If you're looking to read a better book on ian adventures by white guys, read The Lost City of Z or The River of Doubt.

    • picked up this book in search of a nail biting adventure, instead I received a mind blowing, badly written, boring journal. I would rather read an account of someone who ventured into Walmart Asda to buy a pickled egg. I am shocked in regards to the authors lack of descriptive writing and to why he needs to literate boring details, such as eating a cucumber. it's as if a seven year old has written it

    • What an adventure. Four young men from very diverse backgrounds meet in South America nd decide to "explore" the jungle. They had no idea what they were in for and were even less prepared for the trip. This book is about the essence of stupidity. A thrilling page turner with a surprise ending.

    • Being a "mochilero" myself, a lot of feelings in the book are very relatable. Backpackers experience such a diverse palette of emotions while setting themselves in the unknown, be it the jungle or the concrete jungle. As for the book itself, it felt very much like I was being told a story by one of my elders, complete with words of wisdom at the conclusion of the book. A couple parts did drag on a bit, hence the 4 stars. All in all, I highly recommend the book. It is a fairly quick and easy rea [...]

    • I saw there was a movie based on this (I know, a lot of my posts start like that - just leave me alone) and I LOVE survival stories, so I gave this one a whirl. Though I definitely agree that it was harrowing and that guy should not be alive, the book just didn't grip me as much as I thought it would. The real survival story started about halfway through, and it was all narrated in first person, of course, but just not the greatest writing, though it did communicate his feelings (fear, excitemen [...]

    • Another reviewer placed this book in the category “Idiots Taking Silly Risks & Living To Tell The Tale". I agree. lolllIdiotic decisions:1. Went in the jungle on a whim during the rainy season (so it rained a lot almost every day) and the ground is constantly wet if not soggy (we don’t call it the rainforest for nothing)2. They walked so much in water that their boots fell apart3. Their guide wasn't a professional hiking guide; just a guy who pretended to know what he was doing (the guy [...]

    • I like stories based on real life events, from three reasons:1. the characters and plot are authentic. The fact the story is real helps me understand that the characters are true and alive (or might be alive, sadly). Sometimes, in adventure books I feel like some characters are so magnificent or lionhearted that they just can't be real and Intelligible. In the true story, I can point out characteristics of the character, and know that they were absolutely real: if someone is very brave and risk- [...]

    • Wow. Any desire that I had of ever traveling through a jungle has just vaporized.Don't give up on this book half way because, like me, you thought this is the story of some ignorant young hippies who decide to brave mother nature without any preparation. If you like the show Survivor, with all its soap opera drama, then you'll love the beginning part of this trip. Four semi-acquainted non-Bolivian men decide to go out on the Bolivian jungle on their own. Drama ensues. Fights and arguments and "y [...]

    • Jungle Book ReviewThe memoir “Jungle” is “A thrilling book… one man's amazing adventure opened up the Bolivian wilderness to the world,”(The Washington Post). It's a breathtaking gripping roller coaster assuring you a great ride. This galvanized memoir by Yossi Ghinsberg is a thrilling journey through the wilderness. It narrows Yossi Ghinsberg, Kevin Gale, Karl Ruchprecter, and Marcus Stamm excursion through the “Jungle” in attempts of survival. This memoir offers a variety of enga [...]

    • "La vida es bonita - Life is Beautiful"সত্যিই জীবন অনেক সুন্দর। এই খুটি বিহীন বিশাল আকাস, শান্ত স্নিগ্ধ হিমেল বাতাস, বয়ে চলা স্রোতস্বিনীর ছলাৎছলাৎ কাব্য, ডানায় স্বপ্নের রঙ নিয়ে ছুটে চলা প্রজাপতি, পাখির কলতান। প্রক [...]

    • My mother lent me this book because she thought I would enjoy. It's quite the adventure story! I actually sat down and read the entire book in a single day, because I couldn't stop reading. At first, it takes a chapter or two to adjust to Yossi's writing style, but once you have arrived in the rainforest, it's impossible to stop reading because you to know what happens next. For me, having been in South America recently, in Peru and even in the rainforest, it was very easy to imagine the settin [...]

    • This is an amazing book. This book reads similarly to Touching the Void by Joe Simpson which I read earlier this year. Both are amazing stories about survival in the harshest of circumstances. I got extremely engrossed in Ghinsberg's story, really feeling the highs and lows of the journey as he related it. It seems easy to look back and pinpoint the mistakes the group made, but I guess when you are in that situation then things can seem very different.An excellent read.

    • An extremely interesting story of survival and the horrors of the psychological impact as well. I didn't care for his writing style, and he came across quite arrogant in the beginning of the book, which was a bit of turn off.Regardless, still a worthy read and am amazed he did survive, it was definitely close to hell he pulled through.

    • I didn't find the writing style to be rich enough so I decided not to give it a 5 stars (I don't know if it's a translation). BUT ANYWAY this book builds up from a dream adventure into an incredibly agonizing survival mission. A true man versus nature story, but also a lot of information for backpackers. It will make you crave your next trip!

    • This is an amazing true story. The author was in Bolivia when he decided to head out in the ian jungle with three others. Their adventure turning on them and survival became the goal. It's hard to believe what this man endured and how he held on to a shred of sanity through his ordeal. Good read and well written.

    • It's hard to believe three reasonably intelligent young men would follow such an obvious shyster into the jungle. He was acting dodgy before they even left! It's easy to judge from the comfort of my couch.Yossis' story is incredible. Only someone with true grit could have survived that ordeal. An amazing adventure book.

    • What a great read. I added this book to my wish list cause I like survivor stories and this one was recommended to me by amazon plus it had good reviews.When I started I did not know anything really about this book and that is the best way to start reading so I won’t spoil here but I am going to tell you, if you like survivor stories buy this book. I can just say one word. Wow!!!

    • Really good book. The first half, I was starting to get a little tired of the whining and strange relationships & interactions; but at the turning point-I was gripped and on the edge of my seat the rest of the book. Unbelievable & amazing story.

    • Surprisingly good!While it's obvious that Yossi isn't a professional writer, his story more than makes up for it. It starts slowly, but around midpoint it becomes quite a page turner. For some reason I wanted to read some "jungle adventure" and this really fits the bill.

    • What a page turner! I saw the dramatized version of his experience in the rainforest near Bolivia and just had to read the book. As I have always said, the best stories are based on real experiences. Highly recommended!

    • 4 1/2 stars.You won't want to put this book down. Yossie Ghinsberg's inspiring, true story of being lost in the Bolivian jungle does not disappoint.

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