By Way of Accident

By Way of Accident They say in every guy s life there s a girl he ll never forget and a summer where it all began Well for me is that summer and Brooke Sommerfield is that girl But that was nearly nine years ago

  • Title: By Way of Accident
  • Author: Laura Miller
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  • Page: 168
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  • They say in every guy s life there s a girl he ll never forget and a summer where it all began Well, for me, 1999 is that summer, and Brooke Sommerfield is that girl But that was nearly nine years ago And what they don t tell ya is that you ll blink, and both the summer and the girl will be gone I have no idea where Brooke ended up She disappeared that same summer I mThey say in every guy s life there s a girl he ll never forget and a summer where it all began Well, for me, 1999 is that summer, and Brooke Sommerfield is that girl But that was nearly nine years ago And what they don t tell ya is that you ll blink, and both the summer and the girl will be gone I have no idea where Brooke ended up She disappeared that same summer I met her And kind of like when you move something on a wall after it s been there for a long time and everything around it is faded, that s how I feel about Brooke She wasn t there very long, but when she left, everything around her memory sort of dimmed That is until a letter postmarked the year she left mysteriously resurfaces And call me crazy everyone else has but I have to find her I have to know what became of the green and gray eyed girl who stole my last perfect summer I have to know if she believes in second chances because I do even if they do come with goodbyes.

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    • 3 stars!Upon reading the blurb for this book, I knew it was one I had to read as soon as I got the opportunity. Some of my favorite books are second chance romance stories that take my emotions for a spin and through the ups and downs of these characters’ lives, somehow finding their way back to each other again gets me every. single. time. So as much as I was expecting to love this one, I just couldn’t because the author employed a clichéd and unrealistic plotline that lead me to wonder ju [...]

    • I love the sound of this! It's a second chance romance with a bit of a twist. — Nine years ago, the hero fell in love with a girl When the summer ended, she disappeared. Then a letter she left mysteriously appears and even though he has no idea where she is, he sets out to find herSTANDALONE

    • 5+ BREATHTAKING FATE STARS!Here's a book that completely took my breath away. By Way of Accident touched me like not many other books have before. Its unique story it's absolutely beautiful and the way is told transported me to magical sceneries, to places filled with so much meaning, and to moments that conveyed love in ways that I haven't experienced before. This book was just a mesmerizing experience!"Life passes you by when your eyes are closed."By Way of Accident is the story of River Asher [...]

    • "Just remember, the single most important thing in this world is love."By Way of Accident is "pure" love!   I find a sweet & innocent beauty in all of Laura Miller's books.Though reading  them makes me emotional and sentimental, I will cherish those memories, and smile.  : )To Brooke & River, I dedicate  Ed Sheeran's "Photograph", "Loving can hurtLoving can hurt sometimesBut it's the only thingThat I knowAnd when it gets hardYou know it can get hard sometimesIt is the only thing t [...]

    • Items ticked off: 7Courage takes over. And it acts alone. It pains me to write this review. I've enjoyed Miller's works in the past. Her book My Butterfly was a hit with me as I loved the writing. Given, that book had a predictable plot, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. So when I saw the blurb to this book I was really excited. A boy goes looking for his long lost love? Yeah, I was all in for that. It sounded different from other New Adult stories, and I wished for as much.Unfortunately, while the [...]

    • True love has a habit of coming back. Maybe by way of accident or simply just fate. This book was so refreshing especially as it was told in his POV. And my oh my he was such a beautiful story teller. I was captivated right from the start. I'm such a happy reader right now. I can't stop grinning :) This book is pure sweetness that you can't help but feel like you are young and in love :)

    • 5 VERY SWEET STARSI loved By Way of Accident!! The book and River Asher stole my heart away. I knew from reading the synopsis that I just had to read this book and from the moment I picked up By Way of Accident I couldn’t put it down. Laura Miller’s writing was beautiful, she really made me feel like I was right there with River throughout the entire books.By Way of Accident is told from the point of view of River Asher. The story starts out when River is only thirteen years old spending his [...]

    • 3.5 rounded up to 4. Very well written, sweet book about two 13 year olds that meet one summer while the boy is working at his grandfather's farm and the girl's family is renting a home in town. They become fast friends and because they are both on the cusp of adulthood their feelings seem to be love to them. Even though nothing physical really happens, they each gain a deep understanding of each other and when the girl's family decides to leave town, they promise each other that they will write [...]

    • *****5+ We Will Be Together Stars*****Absolutely stunning!!This book was so romantic, loving, heartwarming and just phenomenal. River and Brooke’s story was about everlasting love…even at thirteen. It amazes me how this powerful type of love can be described in a story that makes it seem so real. As you read this book your heart and emotions are so exposed. You feel what they feel and go through what they are going through. However that is the sign of an amazing writer and that is exactly wh [...]

    • ** BETH'S 4.5 STAR REVIEW ** I have heard great things about other books by this author by had not read anything by her so thought I would give this one a read. I am normally not a huge fan of YA reads but must say that I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved this book.By Way of Accident is a story two young kids who meet one summer on River’s grandfather’s farm and instantly become friends that turns into something more. But as the summer comes to a close Brooke is once again moving. Th [...]

    • One boy.One girl.One summer.One second chance.By Way of Accident by Laura MillerSeries: StandaloneGenre: Contemporary RomanceAge Group: Young Adult/New Adult crossoverRelease Date: October 21st 2014Length: 215 pagesFormat: Kindle DRCSource: via Author for honest reviewReview Date: November 2014Steam Rating: Mild (Clean Romance)Overall Rating: 4.5+ STARSReview:WOW! This one took me by complete surprise! I had heard a little buzz about this book around the blogosphere so I decided to check it out [...]

    • Laura Miller has quickly become one of my favorite authors. She writes beautiful magic. The first 3/4 of book I felt suffered because too much focus on the characters as young teens. The last 1/4 of story however is absolutely breathtaking and gives all the feels.

    • There is something so pure, so raw, about reading a Laura Miller novel. They never fail to transcend time and space, place and time, taking you somewhere you didn’t know you had the power to reach. Though they aren’t necessarily action packed in the traditional sense that you may be accustomed to, and they aren’t always riddled with drama, her stories make your heart race for an entirely different, yet no less potent, reason. Because one thing you learn within opening a few pages of one of [...]

    • Heart-warming, charming, and pure. I've been transported once again to a blissful and peaceful place and time at the pen of Laura Miller.I always know that when I go into reading a Laura Miller novel, I'm going to experience the tension, the sting, the smiles, and the sweet aroma of romance. Do you remember your first love? I was reminded of just how sweet that first feeling of "love" can be through River Asher's heart. River Asher experiences his first taste of love with Brooke Sommerfield, his [...]

    • Title: By Way of AccidentAuthor: Laura MillerSeries or Standalone: StandaloneRating: Five Stars **ARC provided by the author for a fair and honest review**By Way of Accident is a young-adult contemporary romance that as the story progresses crosses over based on the characters ages into the New Adult realm. It’s told from the point of view of River Asher, the main character and is a second chance at love romance at its finest. The story begins in the summer of 1999 and follows River as he spen [...]

    • I can't fully explain the emotions running through my mind after finishing a Laura Miller novel. Love. Heartbreak. Hope. Maybe the most accurate would just simply be happy. I feel so happy. Every. Single. Time. If happiness means too many smiles to count and many tears, then yeahat pretty much describes how I feel after reading By Way of Accident. If you're new to Laura Miller, here's my one opinion - Go buy every book she has or ever will release. You'll be hooked. I promise.I'll sound like a b [...]

    • REVIEWED FOR SASSY DIVAS BOOK BLOGIn By Way of Accident you meet two youngins who are 13 years old. This story is told in River's point of view. River grew up on his grandpa's farm. One day after bailing hay he stops on down to the creek to cool off and meets a fine young lady named Brooke. They hit it off right away, talkin' turns into kissin' and before you know it they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Shortly, thereafter, she breaks the news that she's moving away. Her family moves around a lot. [...]

    • When I read the blurb for the book I was entranced with the plot. It fit everything in my criteria for a sweet second chance romance which I must admit I am a sucker for. I was reading with high expectations right from the dedication page.But sadly this book wasn't my cup of tea and I regret to give it 2 stars. Maybe my expectations were too high from the number of 'outstanding' reviews but I often found myself skimming through the pages. However I really enjoyed the narrative voice throughout t [...]

    • And folks she done it again. One of my auto read authors made me swoon with the 13 year old boy. Yep! You heard me a boy who loved like a man.

    • By way of accident drew me in straight away by the innocent gorgeous looking cover and the extremly intriguing and unique blurb. This looked like a great story from the blurb alone and I thought instantly that this story was going to a really true, heart warming/breaking love story that will stay with you long after you finish it. I knew it would be one of those stories that would stay in your heart foreverd I was right. This book was really about second chances, fate and love. The story was ext [...]

    • Love the whole River and Brooke theme it was a nice touch !! I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I love a male POV so that won me over. I could really relate and believe in his struggle to forget about Brooke. I mean at age 13 your selfish and your whole life revolves around very few things. Meeting a hot girl by the water in the summer and having an amazing connection is obviously something that would definitely stay with anyone forever. Maybe some would fully move on but not everyone doe [...]

    • By Way of Accident solidifies the fact that Laura can write a book from any point of view with absolute ease. I’ve seen a lot of authors struggle with writing a book in different point of views, be it a male author writing a book from a female POV or a female author writing a book from a males POV. Laura; however, has mastered this, and did a flawless job with it in By Way of Accident. We first got a glimpse of her ability to do this when she wrote from Will’s POV in My Butterfly, and she di [...]

    • River meets Brooke when he is 13 and she lives in his small town for a summer. They fall in love and River continues to carry the memory of Brook with him through his life and would like to reconnect with her more than anything. He finally gets a chance to see her again, and hopes that she will still feel for him the way he feels for her. I'm struggling with this review a bit because I'm not sure whether it is just personal preference keeping me from fully engaging with this book. I found it ove [...]

    • Laura Miller is an author I have read often and each time I am enthralled and unable to put the book down. By Way of Accident is my favorite so far (see below for her other books). The fact that it is written from a teenage boy’s point of view to start and then follows that boy as a college student made it incredible. Who can possibly understand a teenage boy’s mind? Laura Miller obviously does. River, the boy in this story, is a typical boy. Then he meets Brooke and his life forever changes [...]

    • So I honestly only picked up this book because I needed to read a local author for a challenge and this was the first one I found that sounded somewhat interesting.I loved it.River and Brooke meet when they're 13 and "fall in love". After a summer together they're seperated by Brookes moving away. They say they'll keep in contact through letters and they do for awhile. Then River gets one saying she's moving again and will send him her new address when she gets there. He never heard from her aga [...]

    • This book was refreshingly different for one it is told from the central male characters POV, which for one is quite different to the other books i have read. It is a story of second chances and going after what you know in your heart you want even when you first experienced it from a young age. Though time passes River and hi feelings fail to falter for Brooke. The story is so sweet but not in a sickly way it is heart warming and makes you remeber that moment when you where younger and you met [...]

    • Review of By Way of Accident by Laura MillerReview done for Hooked on Books4 out of 5 starsRiver was 13 when he met his first love. He didn’t know what it was about Brooke, but that summer she taught him about life.Unfortunately, Brooke’s family was constantly moving, so she was gone by the end of summer.River and Brooke lost touch with each other after awhile but River could not forget about her. He went through all the typical teenager stuff but Brooke was all her could think about.Nine ye [...]

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