Night of the Loving Dead

Night of the Loving Dead Pepper Martin heiress turned cemetery tour guide has her hands full with work two hotties and the ghosts who won t let her rest or work or shop in peace The last thing Pepper wants during her Chi

  • Title: Night of the Loving Dead
  • Author: Casey Daniels
  • ISBN: 9780425225554
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pepper Martin, heiress turned cemetery tour guide, has her hands full with work, two hotties, and the ghosts who won t let her rest or work, or shop in peace The last thing Pepper wants during her Chicago business trip is ghosts seeking her help, as they ve been doing ever since she hit her head on a tombstone Then again, being bored stiff during a seminarPepper Martin, heiress turned cemetery tour guide, has her hands full with work, two hotties, and the ghosts who won t let her rest or work, or shop in peace The last thing Pepper wants during her Chicago business trip is ghosts seeking her help, as they ve been doing ever since she hit her head on a tombstone Then again, being bored stiff during a seminar might actually be worse than being with bored stiffs.The specter of Madeline a young woman in a lab coat wants Pepper s help Before she died, Madeline worked with Dan Callahan, the sexy, mysterious doctor who once saved Pepper s life According to Madeline, Dan s in danger But, little does Pepper know, there s to the story, including a devious doctor and an obsessive, crazy love

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    • Casey Daniels

      A pseudonym used by Connie Laux, A.K.A Miranda Bliss and Kylie Logan.A couple years ago I applied for a part time job as a tour guide at a historic cemetery not far from where I live Why Well, aside from the fact that the job would force me to step away from my computer and remind me that there was a life beyond writing even in a place where just about everybody was dead , I love cemeteries.No, really I mean it I really love cemeteries.Think about it A cemetery I mean a really good old cemetery, not these new memorial parks where every headstone is flat to the ground and every one of them looks the same is really a museum without walls Take a peek into any cemetery that s than sixty or so years old and you re bound to see interesting architecture, sculpture and art There are stories, too, everywhere you look One memorial can give you a glimpse into generations of a family s history Another might suggest tragedy Still others speak of undying love and precious memories.Is it any wonder that a writer s imagination is bound to take flight in a cemetery That s exactly what happened to me I didn t get the job, by the way, but as I drove home from the interview, I did get the idea for Pepper Martin, a cemetery tour guide whose enthusiasm for cemeteries does not rival my own After all, what could be perfect that an amateur sleuth surrounded by dead people And if she just so happened to be able and see and talk to some of them, all the better I learned to love mysteries early thanks to my dad, a Cleveland Police detective who enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories and spent his days off searching for stolen cars Often on those trips, I was in the back seat and to this day, I have Dad to thank for my knowledge of some less than savory parts of the city Later, I read my way through every mystery story I could get my hands on Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle are still among my favorites.I have a degree in English, experience as a journalist and writing teacher, and lots of ideas for Pepper Martin mysteries When I m not writing, I m usually with my family and our two dogs, Ernie, an adorable Airedale pup, and Oscar, a rescued Jack Russell who spends far too much time watching TV I enjoy knitting, gardening and of course, stomping through cemeteries in search of history, stories and inspiration.

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    • It was ok. But the previous books were better. Let's see how book number 5 is (I already bought it) 👻

    • Looking for a fashion-conscious detective to the dead? Pepper Martin is a fun, spunky character with a penchant for getting in way over her curly red tresses. Night of the Loving Dead is the fourth book in the Pepper Martin series, a book I grabbed from the bargain bin, and it was such a fun read that I'll be going back to check out the other books in this series. Pepper can speak with the dead and uses her gift to solve mysteries for the ghosts she encounters. Since she's not dead herself, she [...]

    • I liked this a bit better than the previous installment. However, I wish the author would just sort out the love triangle as it really doesn't add anything.

    • (2.5 Stars)After reading through four books in the Pepper Martin Series and wading through all of the sexual tension between Pepper, Dan and Quinn, I was totally let down. Why? Well, after all of the wait, we don't get a hot love scene. All we get is "Good morning." Really? Even Young Adult novel gives the reader more. I not suggesting erotica but after all of the trading Ms. Daniels should have provided us with a little kissie face!So, here we go again. Pepper goes to a conference for her boss [...]

    • While I still love Pepper, Dan, Quinn and the rest, I found this book a little irritating. First off, the character of Madelyn was irritatingly one dimensional. I found it interesting that in stereotyping Pepper, she became a pretty giant stereotype herself. I never did figure out why Pepper agreed to investigate, I mean Madelyn was a complete jerk and several times I would've just told her where to go, even if she could haunt me for the rest of my life. I didn't think the danger Dan was in was [...]

    • I have to say I was very underwhelmed by this novel. The first half of it was as boring as hell and repetitive as well. The characters were very two dimensional and the dialogue was quite bad in places. I found the main character whiny and self absorbed. Oh well, can't win them all.

    • This one felt rushed and disjointed. I like the series so I'm going to keep going and I'll just hope the next one is better.

    • Not my favorite of the bunch. Frustrating and felt like we were getting nowhere for the first 2/3. Picked up the last 1/3 and was a faced-paced and a lot of fun. Interesting ghostly interaction!

    • I see what people mean on Madeline being unlikable - egads, what a tool. Didn't see it coming at least. This one wasn't as good since it was outside Piper's usual small town and some of the relationship stuff frustrated me. I wish she'd make up her mind on which guy to officially choose. Onward to the next book soon. Full review eventually

    • So worth the 5 stars. I love every book she has written. All amazingly beautifully written. You easily fall in love with the characters. You laugh, you cry you even want to yell at times. An amazing mix of a cozy mystery with spookey, fun, loveable Ghosts.

    • First of all, I love the title. This series has the most unique titles, and even if reader doesn’t read back of the book, titles would attract their attention. Night Of The Loving Deadhow can you not wonder about title. It seems the more series progress, the more mysterious it gets. I seem enjoy each book more and more. I thought Night Of Loving Dead was plain amazing, it seemed like it had more action in the book that other books in series. Maybe it was me, but to me it seemed that there was [...]

    • I feel like I have waited forever for the next installment in Casey Daniel's Pepper Martin mystery series. In actuality I read the third installment only about five months ago. Since the third book "Tombs of Endearment" was published, the series has actually switched publishers. The first three came out from Avon and the new installment "Night of the Loving Dead" comes to us from Berkley Crime. Some other things seemed to have changed in the actual story as well. "Night of the Loving Dead" finds [...]

    • Night of the Loving Dead is the fourth installment of the Pepper Martin series that I began reading about a month ago. To summarize, Pepper is a down on her luck debutante type. After her fiance dumps her following Pepper’s father’s incarceration for medicare fraud, she begins working as a tour guide in a Cleveland cemetery. Following an unfortunate accident involving a head injury against a tombstone, Pepper discovers she can see dead people.And she’s none-too-thrilled.For the record, I t [...]

    • I love Pepper Martin! She is so witty along with this awesome looks. I love what your doing Casey.Your other books I have enjoyed each one. I was so tickled you did a twist and change with this one.From the first I seen the difference it is so kool and unexpected. I’m l o v i n g it.I am so glad we are up-front doing the Quinn vs. Dan. I have so been waiting on this.- – Oh dear it is time for nominations… I better wind this leg of the review up to tell you this… so far. I am totalling en [...]

    • Pepper Martin is one of my favorite characters in a book. I can read the books in any order and laugh and empathize with Pepper as she goes through her travails as newly not-rich and with her ability to talk with the dead. Casey had me at DON OF THE DEAD, the first in the series. Excellent titles and a superb premise. Pepper has her hands full in this one. She gets to go on a business trip to Chicago for Garden View, the cemetery she works in. She even gets to give a speech, "Reactions to the Re [...]

    • As always Pepper gets herself into quite a mess; she and Quin finally make the move towards being more than just flirty friends, she is becoming more comfortable with her gift, and her boss Ella not only adores and cares for her, she is trusting Pepper with more responsibilities than ever before.Pepper's heart may still belong to Damon Curtis but that does not mean that she cannot move on with her life, and that is exactly what she is doing.After celebrating her birthday with Quin, Pepper goes o [...]

    • I have been reading the Pepper Martin series for a couple of days now. I read the first one with no big pleasure. The premise is good, but the writing came across stale and the story seemed one dimensional. Read the second one- it had sporadic plot development and inconsistent shallow characters. Read the third- I didn't love it either. SO why would I keep reading? Why even give the fourth one a try you my ask? Well, there is a twofold answer. 1) I have a serious problem starting a series and no [...]

    • I really enjoy fluffy mystery novels like these. Ones where the protagonist is light, fun and interesting, she isn’t perfect, but she’s also not TSTL. I especially enjoy them when the mystery isn’t too easy to figure out. The books in the Pepper Martin series are fun, perfect summer reading with just the right amount of love interest, intrigue and mystery. As much as I love books like this, I don’t think I would ever own them unless given to me as a prize in a contest or as a present. Bu [...]

    • Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    • This is the first book I've read in the series and i liked it. it was different. It falls into the Supernatural catagory, which isnt something i usually, but for once its about ghosts and not vampires or werewolves.Pepper can see dead people, and they want her help solving mysteries for them. This one has to do with a mad scientist who wants to be able to connect to the other world and does experiments on a bunch of homeless people. It was kind of sad actually as once hes done testing them, he k [...]

    • In the fourth installment of the Pepper Martin series, Night of the Loving Dead takes her to Chicago, when she deals with a manipulative ghost named Madeleine Tremayne, who's also a bitch, who has an agenda up her sleeve, since she found the perfect suspect in Pepper to pull some strings and trip her up, after her death, three years ago. Pepper also gets involved with her ongoing love triangle between Quinn and Dan, as she uncovers a deadly secret that deals with experiments and the ghostly kind [...]

    • I was delighted to have finally caught up with this one as I'd read the sequence slightly out of order. In this installation, Pepper is away at a cemetery conference in Chicago, so we get some well-earned time away from the usual suspects back at Garden View Cemetery (Cleveland, OH, her home base). In addition, the whole business with Dan is exacerbated and more-or-less resolved. It's fun stuff, I just wish Daniels didn't have to always tell us how supposedly stupid Pepper is. Clearly, she's not [...]

    • This 4th installment of the series was by far the best yet! Pepper is off to Chicago for a conference where she meets the ghost the Madelyn Tremayne. Turns out Madelyn has some dirty tricks up her sleeve and cons Pepper into thinking Dr. Dan is in trouble. I enjoyed this book much better than the other 3 and was gald to finally learn more about Dr. Dan. The plot was well written and took some scarey turns. I reccomend for one to read this series from the begining, and preferably in order. Lookin [...]

    • I liked the book BUT it was a very difficult read for me because I so hated the main ghost in the book. It took me awhile to figure out why I was having such a time getting into this book, then I realized that Madeline was a *itch. I so disliked her character that when ever she was in the book I had no desire to pick the book back up. Strange that I should still give the book 4 stars? Casey Daniels must have done a good job in creating her character to invoke such a strong dislike in a reader. G [...]

    • Pepper Martin can not escape ghosts, even while attending a cemetery conference in Chicago. No sooner has she stepped into the first stop on a tour than she is confronted by a ghost in need of hellp. But this time here friend Dan is also in danger. So Pepper is drawn into a case concerning the disappearance of homeless people and a doctor with questionable ethics.I love these stories. This one has all the chick lit touches you would expect from Pepper, but the story is tighter. There are more tw [...]

    • This was the book in the series that really began to get its voice that spoke to me. Pepper Martin, the sleuth, really begins to understand her 'gift' more and it shows in the writing. Pepper is sent into the underside (homeless world,) of Chicago while attending a convention. A man she saw as a possible lover is more dimensional than ever. The mysteries become confused as Peppers life is endangered.The conclusion is satisfying and gently leads us to her next adventure.This book caught and held [...]

    • I was just about ready to give up on this series. I really don't like Pepper and her relationships are ridiculous. Something about the books just seem so fake. But then, about one third of the way through the book, things started getting interesting. I actually enjoyed this book. The mystery was interesting, maybe because it was about Pepper and her Gift. But I found myself actually finding excuses to keep reading. Hopefully the next book continues this trend and I can continue on with this seri [...]

    • Pepper is a fun character with her red hair, perfect shape and fashion sense that keeps her shopping so she can dress accordingly, and she loves herself! She works as a cemetery tour guide in Cleveland, OH and can see/talk to ghosts. She not only investigates the ghosts murders but also gets herself in trouble investigating present day murders. This time Pepper gets to go to a convention in Chicago where she's once again involved with ghosts and murder.

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