The Dry Salvages

The Dry Salvages Award winning author Caitlmn R Kiernan best known for her contemporary settings gothnoir tales of pain and wonder and atmospheric stories of Lovecraftian terror was first published as an author of

  • Title: The Dry Salvages
  • Author: Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • ISBN: 9781596060067
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Award winning author Caitlmn R Kiernan, best known for her contemporary settings, gothnoir tales of pain and wonder, and atmospheric stories of Lovecraftian terror, was first published as an author of dark science fiction Now she returns to sf with a masterful thirty thousand word novella, The Dry Salvages.Three centuries in the future, though much of Earth has been crAward winning author Caitlmn R Kiernan, best known for her contemporary settings, gothnoir tales of pain and wonder, and atmospheric stories of Lovecraftian terror, was first published as an author of dark science fiction Now she returns to sf with a masterful thirty thousand word novella, The Dry Salvages.Three centuries in the future, though much of Earth has been crippled by war, pollution, and catastrophic climatic change, man has at last traveled to the stars and even found evidence of at least one extraterrestrial civilization In a bleak and frozen Paris, at the dawn of the 22nd Century, an old woman is forced to confront the consequences of her part in these discoveries and the ghosts that have haunted her for almost fifty years The last surviving member of the crew of the starship Montelius, exopaleontologist Dr Audrey Cather struggles to remember what she s spent so long trying to forget the nightmare she once faced almost ninety trillion miles from Earth.

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    • Caitlín R. Kiernan

      Caitl n Rebekah Kiernan born 26 May 1964 is the author of science fiction and dark fantasy works, including ten novels many comic books and than two hundred published short stories, novellas, and vignettes She is also the author of scientific papers in the field of paleontology from

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    • "Lying awake, calculating the future,Trying to unweave, unwind, unravelAnd piece together the past and the future,Between midnight and dawn, when the past is all deception"T.S. Eliot, "The Dry Salvages"Caitlín R. Kiernan is a skilled cartographer of horror landscapes, mapping out other-dimensional territories within various urban horror-fantasies (many with eye-rolling covers that apparently do an incredible disservice to the prose within). I'm not too familiar with her work, outside of her com [...]

    • Absolutely exquisite. I haven't read anything this good since being introduced to the works of Samuel R. Delany and M. John Harrison. This is a story I shall revisit again and again through the years. I've read a number of Kiernan's weird fiction stories and wasn't sure how she'd fare with a purely science-fictional one, but I must say that she knocked it out of the stratosphere.

    • One of the best SF novellas ever, right there with Beggars in Spain, Nightwings, Houston, Houston, Do You Read? or Nightflyers.

    • Brilliant writing, but very brief. While this has been called Kiernan's return to sci fi, it is very much a horror novel. If you remove the starships and andrdoids, you are left with a Lovecraftian tale of scientists who go to the edge of the abyss and find madness. The writing is wonderful and the tension, particularly in the second half of the book is spectacular. My biggest complaint is that the book is brief, and doesn't give suitable attention to relationships between characters and the inc [...]

    • The Dry Salvages could also be called "A book in three pens." Taken from the longhand account of Dr. Audrey Cather in 24th century Paris, it is her attempt to come to grips with the events surrounding the starship Montelius trip to Gilese 876. The previous expedition, sent to an exoplanet to study the fossil record and the remains of an alien mining operation over seven thousand years old, has gone dark. Of the four people to go, only Dr. Cather returns.This short novel speaks more in what it do [...]

    • This is the second time I've read this short novel, because I didn't feel that I gave it a proper chance the first time around--maybe a decade ago. Then I read it for plot--well, that was a mistake. And I read it for an answer. Not totally a mistake, only partly one. More relaxed in my reading this time I was still occasionally bothered by all the foreshadowing and the author's need to telegraph dread. But the writing is lovely. The "world" is beautifully done, just the right amount given and wi [...]

    • A re-read. I think I appreciated this more, the second time around. A small ground of scientists is sent to join a research team already at a remote moon. When they arrive, they discover that something has gone horribly wrong: the humans are missing or insane, and the humanoid robots are the only ones keeping the mission afloat. Told by a surviving member of the mission, looking back on the events from a distance of many years, the story explores some interesting and complex aspects of what it m [...]

    • Set 300 years into a bleak future, Man has reached the stars, and through space travel discovered the remains of a civilization on a dead moon thousands of miles from Earth. Fifty years later, the last surviving crew member of the star ship Montelius secretly writes down what she remembers, and what Earth's leaders want her to forget, about that harrowing mission. Although I'm not usually a fan of hard sci-fi, at 123 pages this novelette is masterful in language, characters and setting. Atmosphe [...]

    • The Dry Salvages is a wonderfully spooky SF novella I picked up just in time for Halloween. Kiernan takes a concept that could have easily been a cheap, throwaway pulp short and breathes an incredible amount of depth and character into it. And dread - don't forget the dread. Since it was a small-print-run novella from Subterranean it might not be easy to track down, but that's what Interlibrary Loan is for.

    • While the beautiful use of language in this book may make up for a narrative that bounces around too much, it doesn't save the book from its ending. The first third of the novel built up an impressive sense of dread, but there was no payoff. I was left wondering why, exactly, three of the characters offed themselves for the milk-and-water events at the core of the story.One of the earlier reviewers may have been correct about the problem with seeing Cthulhu.

    • This is pretty much hard core science fiction horror. Scary in spaceships, but I'm being flip and this book is way better than that sounds. It's a quick read, almost more a novella than a novel, and I read it through then reread the last 75 pages and decided that if interstellar anthropology ever actually becomes a thing, no way I'm signing up.

    • 4.5 starsThis is a very well written novella that I really enjoyed. I read this from The best of Kiernan volume 1 called 'Two World's And In Between'. Caitlin uses wonderful prose and her style used for this story is very effective and it kept me eagerly turning the pages. Recommended for weird fiction fans.

    • Accessible sci-fi with some superficial resemblance to the SA Corey space opera series "The Expanse", but with very creepy undertones and a Lovecraftian structure in which more is slowly revealed. It is a slim volume and a quick read, and left me wanting to know more but also maybe glad I don't! Highly recommended.

    • Wow. A short novel that leaves you wanting more. No answers, no real conclusion, just a mystery. Unsettling and eerie. I really like Kiernan- she writes like a modern Ray Bradbury. Also liked her "A is For Alien" and "Threshold" and the "Red Tree". Did not like her "Drowning Girl" as much.

    • God, this book was so good. I was already in love with Ms. Kiernan's prose because of The Red Tree, but this tipped me over into full-on awe. I don't even remember what happens but I still get shivery snippets lodged in my brain sometimes. Perhaps it is time for a summer reread.

    • Despite being one of her only sic-fi works, this story was fantastic. I've read much of Kiernan's work, and this suits up wonderfully to be one of her best works.

    • Great hard scifi work, great terror work as well. Sad to hear the movie fell through, but the book does more justice, in a way.

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