Melody of Us

Melody of Us To Whom It May Concern This book was written for you It s our story Anson s and mine You see we met when we were five I moved in next door He wrote me a letter Asking me to leave I couldn t Through

  • Title: Melody of Us
  • Author: A.L. Wood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To Whom It May Concern, This book was written for you It s our story Anson s and mine You see, we met when we were five I moved in next door He wrote me a letter Asking me to leave I couldn t Through notes on a page, Anson became my best friend We ve spent almost our entire lives loving each other We never said the words But now Now he s said it No secretTo Whom It May Concern, This book was written for you It s our story Anson s and mine You see, we met when we were five I moved in next door He wrote me a letter Asking me to leave I couldn t Through notes on a page, Anson became my best friend We ve spent almost our entire lives loving each other We never said the words But now Now he s said it No secrets No lies Can forgiveness be given I need your help, I need your advice Read our story Love, Lyrik Everly

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      A.L Wood the Accidental Serial Writer, resides in Queensbury, NY with her wonderfully supportive husband and just as creative daughter If you can t find her writing, reading, listening to music you can find her traveling the world with her family A.L Wood is always working on the next book and loves connecting with her readers Be sure to read her twisty rollercoaster ride of emotionally charged books.You can follow A.L Wood on Facebook here facebook ALWood Or on Twitter twitter ALWoodAuthor Find out about New Releases and Author Events at alwoodauthor

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    • Asshole hero left heroine but once a year come back home to fuck her and fuck with her literally. Didn't like the ending h accepted him back in life without a backward glance when he is ready to settle down no sorry no groveling nothing

    • TSTLI would have loved this book but the h was such a TSTL. All she did was wait for the H to visit her. Not worth my time. He lived his life and she stagnated.

    • Arc received on behalf of The Wandering Bookaholic in exchange of an honest review A book little different to the rest!I really liked the way this story was written and told, it was like both main characters were speaking to me directly, giving me their side of their story. It made me feel like they were telling me directly and I think for a story with as much emotion as this one has, it was needed to be told this way so that the reader could fully feel what each character was going through.I lo [...]

    • Melody of Us is the story of Lyrik and Anson. They met as five-year-olds and started writing letters to each other when Lyrik moved into the house next door. Five-year-old Anson was not happy to have Lyrik move in next door and his first letter to her was a note for her to leave. Hurt and insulted Lyrik promptly sent him a note back, stating she would not be leaving. This began years of letter writing and the start of a beautiful lifelong friendship that would later turn into an undeniable love. [...]

    • What a great story! I loved reading about Lyrik and Anson's relationship. There were so many life lessons written in between the lines. Mainly, we should never take people we care about, for granted. We should never miss the chance to tell them we love them. It could all be gone in the blink of an eye. This story is also about second chances and forgiveness. I am so glad I decided to read Melody of Us. I look forward to reading more amazing books by A.L. Wood.

    • 5 Musical Stars!!! Melody of Us was an amazing and romantic story!! Is about two person Lyrik and Anson who feel in love with each other since they were children. This book started in the present and is wonderful written in the past!!! I love that the author started the story when they were children and "hate ech other" but after some time they became best friends and they start to grown up and the feelings are stronger and the things change! Lyrik is a girl who has really difficult family, her [...]

    • Good story.I enjoyed reading this book. I liked seeing the evolution of the characters. I do wish the epilogue was a little longer and maybe more in the future.

    • Have you ever wondered why you met someone? I have several times. Can you remember the exact moment you met your best friend? The first words they said to you? I can't, but then again I was only 4 months old. She and I have been friends since, which is saying something since we will both be 44 this year. To be honest she is another sister by now. I promise there is a reason to that little ramble, Lyrik and Anson have that kind of friendship. Lyrik meets Anson at the age of 5, and who knew that h [...]

    • I absolutely love best friend romances. The characters always claw their way into my heart and stir up my feelings for my once best friend. (Obviously I didn't get my HEA with him but I still love him to this day)Anson & Lyrik's story start when they are 5. Lyrik becomes Anson's new neighbor. They were from 2 completely different upbringings and try not to be friends because of it. They try pushing each other away but they only manage to pull each other closer. Their journey heartbreaking ye [...]

    • What an absolutely beautiful story! OMG I truly LOVED Lyrik and Anson's journey from young children into adulthood.I think this is the first story I've ever read by AL Wood and let me tell you, she delivers! I don't want to give any spoilers away so I'll be general.I personally so connected in many ways with Lyrik. Reading their journey brought back so many sweet memories from my own life that I'd completely forgotten about. It made me smile and still does.Yes there were sad, heart breaking mome [...]

    • Melody Of Us by A.L. Wood was my first book by this author but it will not be the last. I loved the story of Lyrik and Anson. This book touched on all my emotions and at times my heart broke for both of them and the struggles they faced in their friendship.Love isn't always easy but when it comes together is a beautiful Melody!!!

    • This book follows Anson and Lyrik and starts with Lyrik asking the reader if she should read the letter Anson has left her. You read through their life together starting when they first met as children. I loved Lyrik and Anson's story so much. It tore me apart and put me back together again. Just read it.

    • I enjoyed this one and thought it could of been better if it was longer. It kept me interested to read the whole way through but felt incomplete.

    • What did I just readI'm completely confused. How did they get to where they ended and the ending was just to sudden. I felt nothing was finished or and to much was left with questions

    • I am in love with this story. It been weeks. WEEKS PEOPLE. And I still think about it! It's hands down one of the best book I've ever read! ❤️

    • 2 Girls Who Love Books BlogI opened Melody of Us up on my Kindle and literally did not want to put it down! A.L. Wood crafted a beautiful story between the covers and the more I read the deeper I fell. I wanted it to hurry up and end yet when I got there all I wanted was more Lyrik and Anson!This book opens with Lyrik and Anson at age five and journeys through 20 years of messy, emotional turmoil. The way the author wrote this story flows so fast and easy. It travels over their lives, not direct [...]

    • 3.5 Stars!I just finished, The Melody of Us, and I feel like I just read a story about two people who love each other, but keep each other at arms length for no reason. Don't get me wrong, I liked the story line, and the characters, but I feel like there was more heartache going on then there needed to be. With Lyrik practically being on her own at such a young age, I was hoping she would have had a happier life and the feeling of being loved and wanted once she got older. I also wish that Anson [...]

    • Melody of Us by A.L. Wood is the story of Lyrik and Anson. They meet when they are 5 year olds and she moves into the house next to his. They are able to see each other through their bedroom windows and communicate via written notes; first in each other’s mailboxes, then in notebooks passed back and forth and eventually through texts and phone calls. This is the story of friendship, love, survival and ultimately growth. They would go to the ends of the Earth to protect each other but each is s [...]

    • A.L. Wood really knows how to write a fantastic book! Once I started, I didn't want to put it down until it got to emotional, I had to take a break. I finished this book at 1:30 am this morning, I couldn't leave it where I had left off. I HAD to finish! I woke up with red, swollen eyes but it was worth all the tears! After everythin Lyrik and Anson have gone through, I'm glad they get what they really needed. I can't wait to see what Wood gives us in the future!! ***WARNING***You may need a box [...]

    • I really enjoyed the writing and plot of this book. The dual point of views made the story ease to connect with and I love seeing both sides of the story. Love starts at a young age for some of us and this book starts at the age of 5. Loving someone for what feels like a life time is challenging and filled with struggles. This book takes you on a journey filled with emotion whether it is love or hate; you feel it just as the characters do. I thought this book was a beautiful love story and I loo [...]

    • I was lucky enough to recieve an ARC of this bookhat a touching story of a friendship that can form between even the most unlikely of people. The "popular guy" and the "forgotten girl". Such a great story of friendship, love and loss. "Like the tide rolling in and out, you can't control it"-A.L. WoodI love that she spoke directly to me, the reader. I really felt like the little boy in The Neverending Story where he's reading in the attic and points to himself while reading, like "Me?" What a uni [...]

    • OMG! This book was AMAZING!I haven't felt this was about a book in a long time. The story of their TRUE friendship and how it grew was written perfectly. I could so see this playing out and actually happening. I felt every emotion being put out by both Anson and Lyrik. I was mad at times and understood both of their storys and reasoning. This is one life long love from childhood to adults, I would so LOVE more of this story. I smiled, laughed, got mad, and yes cried. No not just cried full blown [...]

    • Melody of Us by A.L. Wood had everything I love in a book. First and foremost had all the feels. At some points frustrating the heck out of me, at other points making me hate and love both Lyrik and Anson. We hear (or read the letters) from their courtship (or friendship as the case may be) from the ripe old age of 5 when they just hated each other. As they got older, their relationship became murky while one loves the other no longer does and vice versa. Will these two find their happily ever a [...]

    • When I first started this book I thought another boy meets girl they fall in love and after years apart they reconnect and live happily ever after not this book. Lyrick moves to a run down house with her parents and there she meets Anson. Instead of talking to eachother they write letters back and forth and quickly become best friends. Anson becomes Lyricks rock and helped her through some of the worst times in her life. Anson leaves to chase his dreams and leaves Lyrick behind they fall out of [...]

    • This is my first read by this author, but by no means will it be my last. I loved this book right from the very first page. It starts out when, at 5 years old the heroine, Lyrik Everly, moves into a run down house and notices the neighbor, a boy who looks to be her age, Anson Blake, and decides to introduce herself with a letter. Thus, their love of writing to each other is born. At first, Anson is writing that Lyrik needs to leave and he really doesn't want to be her friend (big 5 year old lie) [...]

    • This book has me right from the beginning, I couldn’t put it down. The only criticism I could give is I want more!

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