If Birds Fly Back

If Birds Fly Back Linny has been living life in black and white since her sister Grace ran away and she s scared that Grace might never come back When Linny witnesses the return to Miami of a cult movie star long pres

  • Title: If Birds Fly Back
  • Author: Carlie Sorosiak
  • ISBN: 9781509835867
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • Linny has been living life in black and white since her sister Grace ran away, and she s scared that Grace might never come back When Linny witnesses the return to Miami of a cult movie star long presumed dead, she is certain it s a sign Surely lvaro Herrera, of all people, can tell her why people come back and how to bring her sister home Sebastian has come to MiamiLinny has been living life in black and white since her sister Grace ran away, and she s scared that Grace might never come back When Linny witnesses the return to Miami of a cult movie star long presumed dead, she is certain it s a sign Surely lvaro Herrera, of all people, can tell her why people come back and how to bring her sister home Sebastian has come to Miami seeking his father, a man whose name he s only just learned An aspiring astrophysicist, he can tell Linny how many galaxies there are, how much plutonium weighs and how likely she is to be struck by a meteorite But none of the theories he knows are enough to answer his own questions about why his father abandoned him, and why it left him in pieces.As Sebastian and Linny converge around the mystery of lvaro s disappearance and return their planets start to collide Linny s life is about to become technicolor, but finding the answers to her questions might mean losing everything that matters.

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      For the last five years, Carlie Sorosiak has split her time between the UK and the US, hoping to gain an accent like Madonna s Her pastimes include petting cats and drinking copious amounts of tea Her books are IF BIRDS FLY BACK and WILD BLUE WONDER You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at carliesorosiak Note I check very, very, very rarely, so I m sorry if I don t respond to requests

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    • This was pretty entirely super cute! I did struggle a small squidge with feeling entirely invested in the story, but it featured a bunch of nerds and an adorakble friendship-turned-romance with plenty of fun dialogue -- SO I CAN GET BEHIND THIS. I also literally got behind it when I was reading and dropped it on my face. Thank you to all the universe, stars, and pebbles upon the shores that I read a paperback and didn't die or lose my eyes. Life can be kind.It's dual narrated by Linny and Sebast [...]

    • I mean, impartially speaking, it's pretty good. Things in this book: movies, Miami, kissing, more kissing, astrophysics, missing people, love, questions about finding your place in the world, and a bird or two.

    • My full review can be found at United by Pop.This story chronicled an adorable blossoming romance that made this the perfect read, for this time of year. Their growing attraction was obvious to the reader but I still enjoyed reading of their emerging emotions and tentative struggles to restrain them. Scenes of an absolute adorable nature followed their accepted summer romance and I now know that no more perfect date can exist if it doesn’t involve a ball pit and a horde of energised twelve-yea [...]

    • Maybe people fall together while they’re falling apart?Okay, so this book was ASTONISHINGLY good. It’s addicting and super fun and stars a duo of unforgettable characters who start the summer romance to END all other summer romances.Case in point: the ball-pit scene. I don’t think I’ve ever read a scene that was as swoony and perfect as that one. And then it just keeps getting better from there, with more incredible, cinematic and unforgettable scenes. This book really captures that that [...]

    • i actually found myself really enjoying this book, it was sweet and nerdy and set in dual povs which I loved, it was such an adorable readis book wasn't a quick read for me, but it was one of those books that i found myself reading on my phone on my break at work, waiting for a friend, just any quick opportunity as the chapters were quite nice and short so i could get a few chapters done in such a short time.i loved the relationships in this book, the ones between friends and parents - i love ho [...]

    • Holy bananas, this book was good. I loved every bit of it. The famous, elderly cult writer who shows up at the old folks' home where Linny volunteers, mysteriously reappearing after three years' disappearance. The gorgeous screenplay Linny writes to cope with the fact that her sister disappeared out the window one night and hasn't been heard from since. Linny's notebook entries about people in history who disappeared and why they came back. The excerpts from A Brief Compendium of Astrophysical C [...]

    • A copy was provided by the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewI don’t consider myself a big fan of summer contemporaries simply because I live on an island where it's practically summer every single day. I always find them cliche and predictable, especially with the whole tourist aspect which I hate.If Birds Fly Back is the complete and total opposite of what I just described. In this novel, we are presented with a mystery. Linny’s older sister, Grace has disappeared [...]

    • This is so raw and real and wonderful. You're all going to love this to pieces. And wait until you meet SEBASTIAN.

    • "Let me tell you something about hands. They’re not one-size fits all like hotel slippers. Ours slot together with an audible chink. (At least I can hear it.)" I had the privilege of reading an early copy of this work. It's funny and sweet, and the characters are memorable, engaging and endearing. It reminded me of what it was like to be young again and in love. Linny is smartly written, easy to identify with and to like. Sebastian is adorable and his voice is also authentic, written as a boy [...]

    • This book was SO. GOOD. I adored Linny and Sebastian--they're both such unique, interesting, lovable-but-flawed characters and I want them to be my IRL friends. And Alvaro! He was as much a magnetic pole for the reader as he was for the characters; I was so impressed by how Sorosiak was able to convey the kind of ineffable draw he had for people even though he didn't have a ton of screen time. There's so much to love about this book: the quirky, unique personalities of everyone in it; the sweet [...]

    • If I were going to teach a class on voice, this book would be my assigned reading. IF BIRDS FLY BACK is told from the dual POVs of Linny and Sebastian, a couple of teenagers reeling from the loss of two important people who have separately disappeared from their lives. There was so much about this book to admire: in particular, I found the structure of it to be so clever, interesting, and unique. Linny's scraps of facts on famous disappearances; Sebastian's quotations from A Brief Compendium of [...]

    • LINNY: "Ever since my sister disappeared, I’ve been living in black and white. Full-on classic movie without any of the good bits. It’s the sad channel, twenty-four seven."SEBASTIAN: "For the last seventeen years I’ve made up stories about my dad. The guy bolted before I was born—and that’s all I know about him. That he left." Linny's sister Grace disappeared during her junior year, leaving a gaping hole in Linny's life.Sebastian's mother just told him about his biological father's ide [...]

    • “Theoretically, everything should be explainable. But what if the explanation is that things are a gazillion times simpler than we think? That we don't need theorems to figure out our own lives? What if it’s as simple as a boy loving his father? A girl loving a sister? A boy loving a girl?”If Birds Fly Back is a beautifully emotional story that resonates love, longing, and hope. This is a story about family and expectations and longing and grief. Linny is left reeling after the unexpected [...]

    • What a gorgeously written, absolute gem of a debut! Carlie Sorosiak deftly weaves themes of loss, abandonment and identity into one of the most captivating romances I've read. I adored Linny and Sebastian! The story's structure works brilliantly in the alternating POV of the two main characters but what elevates it to another level is the addition of the character's coping mechanisms: Linny's screenplay and excerpts from Sebastian's favorite physics text. Drafting the screenplay helps Linny get [...]

    • This book is absolutely, positively amazing. I am normally a slow reader but I could NOT put this down. While the amazingly sweet, true-to-life romance will definitely draw you in, there is so much more to discover and think about in this book. Alvaro's character is so perfectly written, the relationship between Linny and Grace is so painful and raw but so beautifully written that you just want to drown in it with Linny. The friendships are genuine and all the characters are people you would act [...]

    • The idea of this book sounded so good, but the reality of it is so much more. IF BIRDS FLY BACK is lovely and heart-wrenching and hilarious and unique and beautiful, all at once. I couldn't help but fall in love with Linny and Sebastian, as well as the minor characters, like Alvaro and Linny's dad. Linny's and Sebastian's stories are compelling and their emotions feel real. Sorosiak hits every emotional beat perfectly. I cried and squealed and swooned in every place that I wanted to and in plent [...]

    • It's only been a few hours since I finished reading If Birds Fly Back, but I cannot stop thinking about it. This world and its characters felt so, so real—I loved seeing the world through the perspectives of Linny and Sebastian, and I absolutely adored Álvaro, the eccentric elderly man who brought them into each other's lives. The Miami beach setting was vibrant and distinctive, too; every time I picked the book up, I was easily and immediately transported to their world.While I adored If Bir [...]

    • 3.5 stars.This review also appears on my blog, Reading with Jenna.I received a review copy from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.If Birds Fly Back is a summer contemporary about missing people and those who are left behind. The book follows Linny and Sebastian and is told from dual perspectives. Linny’s sister, Grace, ran away from their stifling home environment and Linny has been trying to understand what happened ever since. When she shows up to her volunteering job at a [...]

    • Everyone handles the loss of someone differently as well as reconnecting with someone you didn't know was still alive. Sometimes we pretend that a person is still there, that they have just run away or are vacation. But most importantly we always wonder if they would every fly back. The books follows two characters. Linny, a girl intrigued by people who disappear for days, months and/or years at a time suddenly reappear, and Sebastian, who although is fascinated by space and the amount of galaxi [...]

    • When it came time to read this book, I wasn't quite sure why I requested it in the first place. I liked Linny and Sebastian well enough. I loved that she was into film and he was into physics. They're both dealing with some things and it's an elderly man that brings them together. Plot wise it was just meh. There were some cute moments, but nothing really stood out. Nothing grabbed me. I'm struggling to write a review to explain anything and the fact that it took me 5 days to read it should spea [...]

    • Wait, I need to dry my tears. That was so beautiful!I am not even sure where to start with this book. But, the gif above pretty much sums up what I looked like when I finished reading If Birds Fly Back. You know, where you are so happy and emotional, that you are simultaneously laughing and crying. That was totally me.I immediately fell in love with the characters in this book. Both Linny and Sebastian were so cute and unique. Linny was an aspiring filmmaker, who was trying to come to terms with [...]

    • "I tell you un secreto pequeno, nina. Only two things matter in life. How we love and how much we love." It's rare that I thoroughly enjoy a book as much as I did If Birds Fly Back. Smart, carefully crafted, and full of heart, this summer debut had me falling in love with Sorosiak's story and characters. At times, this novel reminded me of Paper Towns and Wherever Nina Lies, two other books that revolve around the disappearance of a spirited young woman. Although there are clear similarities, I [...]

    • This book doesn't come out for a long while, so I won't do a proper review just yet. However, it's funny, smart, and charming. I'm reticent to admit this, but I even choked up during a few parts. You're going to want to add this one to your to-read list.

    • If Birds Fly Back is a gorgeous debut from author Carlie Sorosiak. Filled with emotion and feeling, this book is a beautifully written story of love, loss and finding yourself. From the first few pages I knew this book was going to be special.I loved the dual narrative of this book and thought it was so well written. I really got to know both of our main characters and felt invested in both of their stories. First up we meet Linny who is struggling to come to terms with the disappearance of her [...]

    • Last book of 2017! I actually really liked this. It has the right amount of sweetness and sadness, which can be hard to find in YA novels. The only thing that could have been improved, in my opinion, is the structure of the novel. Sometimes I felt like it could have used a bit more work, but it didn’t affect my appreciation of this novel.

    • If Birds Fly Back is a poignant debut. This book is refreshingly heartwarming. A little sad, a lot realistic, and something a bit magical. Linny is obsessed with people who disappear and then reappear again. Her sister Grace left home one night and hasn't been seen since. Linny believes if she can study enough reappearances she might be able to bring Grace back somehow. So, when Linny spots Alvero Herera - missing, presumed dead for three years - at the nursing home where she volunteers, she kno [...]

    • This is actually a surprisingly good book! At first I thought it was going to be another mediocre YA romance, but the characters are adorable, the plot - in some ways - is pretty unique and it definitely had me hooked! It's a very cute, colourful love story that should be up there with the Jennifer Niven's and the John Green's!

    • Another well written story about a girl who comes out of her sister's light to find her own place. I like that Linnie isn't searching for love, and yetSome geeky moments, especially with Sebastian's passion for astrophysics.

    • An unfortunate case of "crash and burn". I was enjoying it, if more on a superficial level than actually feeling a strong connection to the characters, but then about 3/4 of the way through I lost all patience with them. Talk about total derailment. :/

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