Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters I m coming for you babe He whispered into the empty room Wait for me Everything seems to be looking up for Dylan and Blake They have a home a beautiful daughter and the support of their families Bu

  • Title: Uncharted Waters
  • Author: Noah Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I m coming for you, babe He whispered into the empty room Wait for me Everything seems to be looking up for Dylan and Blake They have a home, a beautiful daughter, and the support of their families But right as it seems life couldn t get better, Dylan is called back to work on an urgent scouting mission to the Shadow Pack s sister pack the Blood Pack, run by noneI m coming for you, babe He whispered into the empty room Wait for me Everything seems to be looking up for Dylan and Blake They have a home, a beautiful daughter, and the support of their families But right as it seems life couldn t get better, Dylan is called back to work on an urgent scouting mission to the Shadow Pack s sister pack the Blood Pack, run by none other than Arulean Black s mate Unable to let his team down, Dylan leaves his fianc and daughter behind When Blake gets word that the Blood Pack has captured Dylan, he has to make the hard decision to leave his daughter behind to go save his mate He ll give anything and everything to find his fianc , and he finds a valuable ally in the dragon shifter, Arulean, who also has a loved one held hostage by his errant mate With some help from some new friends, Blake has to use all of his experience, knowledge, and skills, as well as the strength of his mateship bond, to find and rescue the love of his life, or die trying DISCLAIMER THIS IS A VERY HOT AND STEAMY BOOK, OVER 50,000 WORDS M M LOVERS, INTENDED FOR 18 AND OLDER.

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    • Noah Harris

      Noah Harris is a 28 year old bisexual man currently single and living in a small apartment in New York.Being a natural introvert with significant extrovert tendencies he expresses himself through the world of writing MM books, often with a darker, paranormal twist His books are written from the heart of his deep, sensitive and mysterious, but playful and creative, wild spirit.Noah is dedicated to giving something back to the universe, sharing generously in his successes and inspiring and motivating others through his writing and in any other way he can He believes in living a natural, healthy lifestyle and has embraced meditation as a way of clearing the noise in his head and allowing his dark creativity to shine through in his books.He is determined to reach out to as many readers, who he considers his friends , as he can through his unique personal touch and through building like minded communities online It is this personal touch, with his readers, that sets him apart from most other authors today.

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    • An awesome end to an awesome series.I have loved Dylan and Blake right from the first book.And I have loved the author's writing style since then, too. The characters are written so descriptively that I feel at one with them, feeling their every emotion as strongly as them. The secondary characters are given equal importance, in that their characters are developed and portrayed in an equally great manner, making us clear on their mindset and intentions.This book was the best of the series, a com [...]

    • ***** Dylan and Blake's adventures are fantastic ! ***** Blake is a big, tough, badass Alpha with super "tech" expertise. Dylan is our unusually large Omega, who is also a Navy SEAL and kick's butt, too.Now they have Lily, their sweet daughter and are beginning to question how much longer they will be doing dangerous jobs. Dylan has been on assignment, spying for the Shadow Pack against the Blood Pack, and he's disappeared. As things happen, Arulean, a dangerous dragon shifter also has a loved o [...]

    • ***4 Stars***The author definitely saved the best for last! This final installment was filled with tons of suspense and a good dose of action. With Dylan being captured and held prisoner, Blake must use all his cunning hacker resources to find and rescue his mated naturally he does it in his usual confident and charming way.Blake and Dylan's bond is put to the test, and not only does it flourish but it also strengthens. Seeing these two be physically apart, but closer than ever emotionally was b [...]

    • Great Conclusion and HEA for Dylan & BlakeAn excellent conclusion to this series! I have really enjoyed this M/M navy SEAL trilogy and think Noah Harris did a great job bringing this story home. While I am greedy and would Love to catch up with Dylan & Blake in the future, I am also satisfied with this conclusion and HEA! Lots of love in this story and action packed to keep you flipping through the pages as fast as you can! 5 Stars

    • This is the third book in the M/M Navy Seal Series, I found it to be one of the best paranormal books I have read, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. What you will find in this book is: a partner gone on a mission (Dylan), his mate (Blake), a bloodthirsty dragon (Lyphnia), drama, suspense, intrigue, twists & turns, action, shifters, soldiers/fighters, captured, violence, torture, desperation, allies, friendship, loyalty, mates, rescued, love, emotional feelings and erotic scenes. The story [...]

    • I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book."OMG The trilogy was phenomenal. This story was excellent regarding Blake and Dylan. This final story showed the true nature of a mate's bond. Dylan captured, abused, tortured, and missing his family in a prison by the Blood Pack, sister pack to the Shadow Pack. Blake longing for his mate Dylan goes back to his former "pseudo" pack Shadow Pack to get some help in rescuing his mate. His former Alpha gives him the help with his formidable [...]

    • This series was so incredible that I will probably re-read again at some point. It was quite literally the best M/M shifter series that I've EVER read. Noah has proven time and time again that he is worthy of nothing less than 5 stars with everything that he writes. I never make that statement likely. You absolutely must one click and you need to read this story in order. Dylan gets called back to duty to scout the Blood Pack while still on paternity leave. Much to Blake's dismay he goes. He als [...]

    • Title: Uncharted WatersAuthor: Noah HarrisPublisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformISBN: 978-15404299XBuy Link: amazon/MM-Uncharted-WReviewer: Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb:Navy Seal 3I’m coming for you, babe.” He whispered into the empty room. “Wait for me.” Everything seems to be looking up for Dylan and Blake. They have a home, a beautiful daughter, and the support of their families. But right as it seems life couldn’t get better, Dylan is called back to work on an urgent s [...]

    • I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of the book.What a great final episode! Noah Harris once again left me breathless and engrossed in his book. The actions starts right at the beginning when a call from Dylan’s teammate reaches out to Blake to tell him Dylan had been kidnapped by the Blood Pack, a notorious monster group of shifters wanting to conquer humans and make them bow to the dragon and shifter world.Blake doesn’t waste time to get ready to go find his mate and leaves his b [...]

    • Uncharted Waters is the third and last book in the Sailing Deep series from Noah Harris.Even though a lot has happened in the previous two books, Uncharted Waters can be read as a stand alone. Which is not easy to pull off.Blake and Dylan are the proud parents of a beautiful baby daughter Lily and living together in the home town they grew up in.But as nothing in life is sunshine and daisies, so is Dylan and Blake’s life about to take a turn for the worst.Dylan was send out on a mission to obt [...]

    • An awesome MM Paranormal novel which is well worth the read. Noah Harris has really outdone himself as he continues to bring this trilogy to life. The storyline is strong and intense. The characters continue to be well developed. Dylan, a Navy Seal, has left his fiancé, Blake, and their 6 month old daughter to set up surveillance on a dangerous Shifter pack in Russia, The Blood Pack. He has been captured and Blake knows he must go get him free. Blake has gone to the last Pack he was involved, t [...]

    • **)5 Uncharted Stars•.•*) .•*)(.• (.•`*Noah Harris is my go to author for far out paranormal.From the beginning I have enjoyed the Navy Seal series. And now with its conclusion, the growth and development of the man behind the pen is thrilling. In book one aptly named Sailing Deep, Navy Seal Dylan, an engineered omega became "mate" to Blake, a computer expert when they both infiltrated the Shadow Pack. Having known one another in another life, these two saved each other, increasing the [...]

    • This was an awesome finish to the series about Blake and Dylan. Blake is a spy and Dylan is a navy seal. They met during a spy mission and Dylan was captured. Blake saved him by pretending that he was his mate. The second book brings them home and their relationship blossoms. In this third book, Dylan once again goes on a mission and is captured by the evil female mate of the dragon leader of the Shadow Pack. The Blood Pack holds Dylan and tortures him for information. Blake goes after him, leav [...]

    • 5 StarsBravo Mr. Harris, on another successful book! I fell in love with Dylan and Blake from the moment I started reading book one, Sailing Deep. And that love continued until the very end of Uncharted Waters. I loved the suspense and adventure we as the reader were taken on as Blake searched for Dylan and Dylan just tried to survive the torture he was put through by Lyphnia’s pack. I read this in one sitting. I absolutely could not put down this book! I’m so sad to see the end of Dylan’s [...]

    • Uncharted Waters was very good romantic, cute and adventurous. I read the other two books before I read this one it makes better sense after you read them. I really think Noah is an outstanding author this story is very good. I love Blake and Dylan's story and there baby girl Lily. I thought it was a little sad what happened to the female. It's to bad that this is the last of this series. I hope Noah makes another long book series because this is a very good story. Read this story people if you [...]

    • will always save youThis is the perfect ending to Dylan and Blake's story and I loved it, their relationship is so relatable and the love they have for the daughter is the same one i have for mineWhat wouldn't you do to protect the save the one you love. Dylan and Blake were finally settling down after the birth of their daughter when Dylan is called back. Blake isn't happy about this at all but he knows he can't stop his mate, but when Dylan's team goes dark he knows something is up and he is d [...]

    • What a beautiful book. Noah Harris has written an amazingly great book again, this is part three in the series and its written so well. The characters are bright and you become attached to Blake and Dylan living their love with them on ever page you read. You should check out Noah Harris he writes the best shifter romances out there.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.

    • love love love noah did an amazing job with this series this story shows the true nature of love and the nature of a pack mate and bond it is truly an amazing series and this story brought it all together. i really hope we will see more of this couple in other stories ;) but who knows what will happen amazing job and im so glad i got to review it

    • Audible Review 2.5 Stars for the 3rd installment of this series. This one was a bit better then the rest. Dylan and Blake are secure in there relationship and plan to marry. They have a daughter as well and I guess a house. You see we are not witnesses to any of these happenings. We end book 2 with Dylan telling Blake he is pregnant, then book 3, lily is 6 mos old. UghThe author did not tell us or show us how they got to this point. They skipped the whole pregnancy, telling of the families, the [...]

    • Uncharted Waters is the third book in the M/M Navy SEAL Series by Noah Harris. I loved Uncharted Waters. I have enjoyed watching Blake and Dylan’s love and relationship evolve through the three books in the series, and I loved how their story is wrapped up. Great job Noah Harris. In the final book, Blake and Dylan are now engaged and have a daughter. Dylan has gone on a secret mission to observe the Blood Pack, and Blake has stayed home to watch their daughter until he gets back. Blake gets a [...]

    • This was the perfect conclusion to an amazing trilogy. I was so happy that we got to see more of the Blood Pack & Lyphnia as well as the Shadow Pack & Arulean. The book starts with Blake at home watching over Lily while Dylan has been called back into work to monitor the Blood Pack (similarly to how he was supposed to do in Sailing Deep with the Shadow Pack). Unfortunately, his team is discovered (again) and Dylan is captured. Blake has to get to the Blood Pack to save his mate and reque [...]

    • “He could still feel Blake in his mind, coaxing him and soothing him, warm and comforting…”I was so torn between wanting more Dylan and Blake, whom I’ve grown so fond of in Sailing Deep and Wild Shores, and knowing that every page I turned brought me closer to the end and not wanting their story to be over. Of course, the temptation to dive in was irresistible, and this final installment more than lived up to my expectations of these two shifters. This book brings us full circle, reintro [...]

    • Blake and Dylan make their futureThis was a fantastic ending to the story of Blake and Dylan and their relationship!Unlike the other two books, this one had a focus and start from Blake's POV. Usually we wouldn't see Blake until Dylan did, and then we would hear more about the two of them. Now, these two are very happily together so we start with Blake. Dylan has been captured and Blake will do anything to save him.This made a very concrete staring for Blake and Dylan's relationship. They were a [...]

    • Is it raining? Guuaaah this story was pure emotion. Not in the sense that it was full of senseless feels. More so that it was just so swoon worthy. Blake going to rescue his mate is something we all look for in a SO. To go out and face danger just to save the one you love. Perfect!I was a bit disappointed we didn't get to wotness Dylan being pregnant and giving birth but it has been done before. Omega births tend to be all the same anyways. But reading about the soldier going through labor would [...]

    • A thrilling ending to a trilogy! The story line gets better every time as subsequent books are written about Dylan and Blake.I loved reading Uncharted Waters.Kudos Noah for writing a wonderful book!I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of the book.

    • A perfect ending to a great trilogy. I'm going to miss Dylan and Blake. My favorite alpha/omega couple ever. Read all three. The way they grow to love and trust each other is beautiful.

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