Seer of Souls

Seer of Souls DANTE ROSSETTI Awards for Young Adult Fiction Winner Chanticleer Reviews To save the world they must be born of the world The battles between the Kingdom of Cathair and the Primordial forces at

  • Title: Seer of Souls
  • Author: Susan Faw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • DANTE ROSSETTI Awards for Young Adult Fiction 2016 Winner Chanticleer Reviews To save the world, they must be born of the world The battles between the Kingdom of Cathair and the Primordial forces at Daimon Ford are the stuff of legends Desperate to save the world, two immortals choose to be reborn as mortals, wiping away all memory of their divine existence But evenDANTE ROSSETTI Awards for Young Adult Fiction 2016 Winner Chanticleer Reviews To save the world, they must be born of the world The battles between the Kingdom of Cathair and the Primordial forces at Daimon Ford are the stuff of legends Desperate to save the world, two immortals choose to be reborn as mortals, wiping away all memory of their divine existence But even as Cayden, and his twin sister Avery make the ultimate sacrifice, other gods are plotting against them At the point of birth, divine intervention and powerful, ancient magic are called upon to snatch their souls from the dying flesh of a princess s poisoned womb The royal family of the Kingdom of Cathair has always been the physical Spirit Shield of the world With the murder of the entire royal family, who guards the secrets within the castle walls Can the magic of the gods, old and new, ensure the safe keeping of the immortal treasure within, and if they fail, who will choose for the unborn Helga, the goddess of the underworld, is not amused and has set into play a diabolical scheme of her own There is a little place called Sanctuary by the Sea and chaos is about to pay a visit This is Seer of Souls, Book one of the Spirit Shield Saga, a fantasy read for all ages.

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      A lover of unusual worlds, Susan is a masked crusader for the fantastical world Championing mythical rights, she quells uprisings and battles infidels who would slay the lifeblood of her pen It s all in a night s work, for this whirlwind writer Welcome to the quest.Dante Rossetti Grand Prize awarded for Best Young Adult Fiction of 2016, Chanticleer Reviews, for Seer of Souls.First place, best Young Adult Mythology, 2016, Chanticleer reviews, for Seer of Souls.Find out how it all began You can download the prequel novella to the series for free SOUL SURVIVOR THE BATTLE OF DAIMON FORD Visit susanfaw to download your copy

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    • 馃挐 FREE on today (12/20/2017)! 馃挐DANTE ROSSETTI Awards for Young Adult Fiction 2016 FINALIST! To save the world, they must be born of the world. The battles between the Kingdom of Cathair and the Primordial forces at Daimon Ford are the stuff of legends. Desperate to save the world, two immortals choose to be reborn as mortals, wiping away all memory of their divine existence. But even as Cayden, and his twin sister Avery make the ultimate sacrifice, other gods are plotting against them. At [...]

    • DNF @ 36%If you read my status updates, you'll know what my main issues with this one were: nothing was explained and nothing was happening. There were random bits of information throughout but nothing that gave me a concrete bearing for why these kids were special or had magical abilities. In my opinion, the prologue should have been expanded a bit to give us a bit more information about the birth of the twins and why they were seen in prophecies. The backstory felt very rushed from everything [...]

    • DNF. The quality of the writing--that is to say, sentence structure and the like--was fine. The soul of the book, however, felt fairly dead to me. It took a heaping of The Most Typical Fantasy Tropes, draped them over flat characters, and was utterly unengaging as a result.

    • After being fathered by Tolkien, midwifed by the likes of Zimmer Bradley and McCaffery, brought to maturity by those such as Jordan and Martin, there came a long, dry spell in the genre of fantasy, rife with the trite, the rehashed, and the lack of heart. Then came a bright revival, with burgeoning talents such as Rothfuss, Weeks, and Brett. And now, with her debut novel, Seer of Souls, Susan Faw shows that she stands head and shoulders alongside the aforementioned new authors, revitalizing a mo [...]

    • Grrat storyReally good pace throughout the story. I felt there was just the right amount of characters plus information given to keep me going along nice and easy. The plot is a classic, but with a few original elements to make it unique in its own right. Looking forward to the sequels when I'll get my hands on them :-)

    • Seer of Souls by Susan Faw is the first in an exciting new fantasy sage, the Spirit Shield Saga. With this first book, Faw introduces readers to a magical world that is full of intrigue, political strife, and adventure. The two main characters are twins Caden and Avery, who both just so happen to a have hidden talent of magic. I really enjoyed getting to know each of these characters; both were full of personality and were wonderfully developed. They seem to grow up quite a bit throughout the no [...]

    • Absolutely loved this one!Caden and Avery are twins who've been raised by their father on a farm in a town pretty far from the castle where the queen resides. The very same queen who has outllawed magic and is searching for the two people who may have a better claim to the throne than her. She will do anything to get them. The twins are pretty average with the exception of a small magical talent they hide from prying eyes. This becomes much harder when Caden is conscripted into the queen's army [...]

    • Visually descriptive with captivating, believable characters, Seer of Souls takes the reader into a world that is easy to imagine and feel a part of. The adventures of Cayden, Ryder and Avery, with the help of ancient creatures called Primordials, as they fulfill their destiny, are at once riveting and heartbreaking. The story is a page-turner and I found myself pulled into the narrative right from the start. With magical creatures, an army of dark spirits, a corrupt queen and an evil goddess of [...]

    • A clever story by a talented writer in a genre I usually avoid. The plot is not over complicated which tends to be a weakness in fantasy books and from me that is a big compliment in itself. The minor critical comment I have relates to character development which while not greatly affecting my enjoyment of the book it is the reason this is a four star and not a five star from me. Without harbouring on this it is really just a matter of more meat needed to be put on the bones of some of the lesse [...]

    • I love fantasy if it's well-written. The world-building has to be competent, the characters engaging and the plot well-realized and significantly short on holes. Susan Faw's Seer of Souls checked all three boxes.Cayden Tiernan has lived in a small village with his twin sister Avery, far away from an evil Queen who is scouring the land for the one person with the power to depose her, the one person who can foil the plans of an even darker force that threatens to plunge their land into darkness.Wh [...]

    • An entertaining ride from start to finish, Susan Faw's debut novel is fun with a serious story telling heart at its core.I must apologise to the author and readers who follow my reviews as I have tried to publish this twice and failed - digital gremlins now dealt with, I can now do this review.The story is not overly new in plot, and the characters never really grew on me until the book's excellent final third section. As many reviews have already covered the plot I will just summarise by saying [...]

    • DNF 8%Take my review with a grain of salt: 1) I am on a kindle-clean-out binge 2) I haven't read too much of the book 3) YA fantasy is not my favorite genre. Impressions: - The writing itself is quite good although the dialogues are a little flat. - Way, way, wayyyy too many POVs. After the short prologue, I already have gone through 5 POVs, each two or three pages long: Ziona, Cayden, Avery, Alcina, then back to Cayden. - We have an evil queen, twins with magical powers and a prophesied destiny [...]

    • Be ready for Susan Faw鈥檚 grand adventure, where she serves up a world in which humans and the not-quite-human Primordials must make peace and work in harmony against a common foe. This young adult novel, liberally seasoned with mysticism and magic, incorporates themes from mythology, folk/fairytale, and legend, with an Adonis-like hero, a battle between good and evil, and the restoration of a monarchy to its rightful ruler.Seventeen-year-old Cayden Tiernan, a seemingly simple shepherd boy, liv [...]

    • I loved the world building and the characters in this book. I loved how the talents and powers of the twins was slowly revealed to the readers as well as to them. Some of the war stuff and slaughters were a bit graphic but I loved how it ended and can't wait to see what happens next.

    • ***** I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *****True Star review: 3.5 although I rounded up to 4 instead of down to 3 because the ability of the story to develop throughout the book and the potential for the series to be amazing. I've already download the second book and I'm excited to read it.When I first started reading this book I was unsure if I would finish it. It was difficult for me to get into because there was such a lack of description to help me vis [...]

    • Can one die and be born twice?This story is an epic journey of twins destined for more than their simple farm. Much like other fantasy epics, there is a battle of good and evil. Prophesies and hidden meanings. Of course, everyone is not whom he or she appears to be. Friendships are formed, Allies found, Enemies hover near and there is betrayal, love, hope and sacrifice.Cayden & Avery born to simple farmers in a town called Sanctuary-by-the-Sea. Both appear to have special abilities. Cayden s [...]

    • Take your average fantasy story and you鈥檒l see a handful of commonalities: evil king or queen, outsiders, some magic, maybe a dragon or two. Perhaps, if you鈥檙e lucky, you鈥檒l find a damsel in need of saving and a plucky band of ne鈥檈r-do-wells out to save the day. Seer Of Souls has some of those things, which is to be expected of a fantasy novel. Other things, such as the dragons and damsels in distress, are lacking. Again, not a bad thing. There鈥檚 really only so much you can do with dam [...]

    • Susan Faw leads us into a fantasy world in her book 鈥淪eer of Souls (The Spirit Shield Saga, Book One).鈥漌ho was the Seer of Souls? The truth of the birth of Cayden and Avery was kept a secret for seventeen years. A wizard who knew that secret was alive and imprisoned in the Queen鈥檚 castle. The wicked queen wished to capture and execute them because of a well-known Primordial prophesy. Evil spirits hunted Cayden, but his magical powers helped him evade them. Ziona and Sharisha who were Primo [...]

    • If you鈥檙e a fan of fantasy adventure stories set in a magical kingdom, then you鈥檒l like this. I have to admit that I was bored to tears by the Hobbit as it had at times overlong descriptions of the things found in Middle Earth. Seer of souls thankfully doesn鈥檛 do this, the pace is fast and there is lots of action. I could have actually done with a bit more explanation as there remain many questions; like who exactly is the evil Queen Alcina, where did she come from, and what made her go to [...]

    • I won a copy of this book in a giveaway.This is a book worth reading. It had the common fantasy plot of good vs. evil with the element of magic and mystery woven in but there was a bit more to this book. It was deeper and richer. The characters were well drawn and easy to relate to and the dialogue was realistic. The story itself was engrossing. My only small complaint is with the beginning of the book. I felt there should have been more information in the prologue to give some depth to the sto [...]

    • If you鈥檙e a fan of fantasy series like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, you鈥檒l love Seer of Souls. It鈥檚 not my typical read, but I must say that I found it quite enjoyable. The author does a great job in creating the fantastical world of the Primordials and the Kingdom of Cathair. The main characters, Cayden and his twin sister Avery are immediately likable which easily draws you into the story. There are complex story lines, adventure and romance which would appeal to a wide audience. I [...]

    • Seer of Souls is set in a fascinating fantasy world where the immortal Primitive race faces off against the realm of man, in the kingdom of Cathair. The story focuses on twins Cayden and Avery, who have a magical heritage that they have to uncover. They embark on adventures that will lead them to discover secrets hidden in their past, and the fact that they may be the only ones able to safeguard the future. The characters are well written, the world is believable and real, and the villains are c [...]

    • This is a very well structured story with complex plot lines and very likeable, convincing characters. It held my interest all the way through and I really enjoyed the read. Faw really lays the groundwork for this wonderful fantasy read and allows room for sequels to follow. I look forward to reading more from this author! Well done!

    • Not a genre I usually read, but I loved this. I went away for a couple of nights and forgot to take my tablet and I missed the characters so much. They felt like family. Susan Faw is a certain story teller, with an ear for poetry too.

    • Seer of SoulsThe Spirit Shield Saga #1by Susan Faw, October 2016304 pages, ebook, hardcover, paperbackFantasy, mythology鉁湲鉁湲猸扞 purchased this at the current price and this is an honest review for which I am not being compensated in any way.Cayden and Avery Tiernan are twins who are growing up with some magic powers in a land where the Queen鈥檚 Guard hunts down those with magic and destroys them. The Primordial are also hunting for these two particular young people, though, and have be [...]

    • Death and nefarious manipulations, greed for power and rule, have followed the prequel into the new novel. The magic sucked up by the effects of the medicine wheel in Soul Survivor has combined with efforts making it illegal under the rule of a cruel queen (Alcina) to see it now largely absent. The wizard of the fell has been stored away in the belly of the dungeons without access to his power. But sometimes certain forces are not to be contained or curtailed. Cultural knowledge passed down by t [...]

    • This novel has a magical feel and taste that makes it appealing I guess to young people who still have some imagination and can still accept the world is not only what they have been told at school or on television. The world has secret passages, dungeons at times very deep under beautiful chateaux and mansions. Appearances may have to be kept but they are only appearances and nothing else, and Mrs. Bouquet is nothing but a Mrs. Bucket. Reality is always deeper. The author works on that depth in [...]

    • Calificaci贸n: 2/5No s茅 ni por d贸nde empezar con este libro.La historia en s铆 es buena o al menos tiene potencial para mi, pero la forma en que se va desarrollando me deja mucho que desear.No logr贸 sumergirme completamente en el mundo que intenta pintar pues, a mi parecer, le falt贸 m谩s profundidad en cuanto al desarrollo de la historia y m谩s realismo. No me malentiendan, s茅 que es un libro de ficci贸n y no se supone que deba ser real, pero hasta en un mundo de ciencia ficci贸n deber铆a h [...]

    • Over the course of the summer, I had a chance to meet Susan Faw in person while we were both attending the Elmvale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Street Party. It was there also that I picked up a copy of Seer of Souls to read since it had been on my TBR list for quite some time.Without giving too much of the plot away, the story focuses around twins Cayden and Avery who are the object of an ancient prophecy involving a struggle for the control of the souls of the dead. There may also be a deity or three [...]

    • This first book of the Spirit Shield Saga is so much more powerful than its prequel, i have really loved reading this book and became engrossed in it right from the start! Cayden and Avery the twin mortal children are very lovable, more so than the godlings in the prequel were! They are bonded to one another hence can feel each others feelings and communicate telepathically and Cayden also becomes so bonded with Ziona, one of the primordials who come to protect him. The twins are the rightful he [...]

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