Sheep Blast Off!

Sheep Blast Off When a mysterious spacecraft lands in a nearby pasture the lovable blundering sheep get in gear for the ride of their lives Unfortunately these sheep don t know the first thing about piloting a spa

  • Title: Sheep Blast Off!
  • Author: Nancy E. Shaw Margot Apple
  • ISBN: 9780618131686
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a mysterious spacecraft lands in a nearby pasture, the lovable, blundering sheep get in gear for the ride of their lives Unfortunately, these sheep don t know the first thing about piloting a spaceship but there may be someone else on board who does Readers will have a blast with Nancy Shaw s clever rhymes and Margot Apple s hilarious illustrations in this SheWhen a mysterious spacecraft lands in a nearby pasture, the lovable, blundering sheep get in gear for the ride of their lives Unfortunately, these sheep don t know the first thing about piloting a spaceship but there may be someone else on board who does Readers will have a blast with Nancy Shaw s clever rhymes and Margot Apple s hilarious illustrations in this Sheep adventure.

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    • Nancy E. Shaw Margot Apple

      Nancy E. Shaw Margot Apple Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sheep Blast Off! book, this is one of the most wanted Nancy E. Shaw Margot Apple author readers around the world.

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    • Had to do last minute Toddler Time for E. Chose to do this one after browsing her book stack.6/8/16 Space theme. Not so great. I thought the crowd was excited for another book. Turns out they were past their Toddler limit. I read it quickly for the 4 or 5 who were paying attention.

    • Awards: N/AGrade levels pre-k- 3rdSummary: A mysterious spaceship lands, attracting the attention of sheep! While the sheep may not know the first thing about space travel, another passenger may be able to help. With rhymes and a silly story, children will delight in the adventure of the sheep. Review: With colored pencil illustrations and curious ship, this book is filled with wonder and adventure. The vocabulary is new while not too challenging. A funny story to attract all types of readers.In [...]

    • Sheep Blast off! is a great book fiction book to add to a science unit. This would be best for K-2. I like all the rhyming words and the rhyme, for example, "Sheep snoop. Sheep explore. Sheep climb through the spaceship door."

    • A fun, silly book full of astronaut and outer space sheep! Young readers will get a kick out of this one.

    • The pictures tell half the story as sheep investigate an alien rocket and end up in space. Was a pretty good read aloud.

    • Sheep Blast Off! by Nancy E. Shaw, illustrated by Margot Apple is the seventh title in the Sheep sagas and it's a blast! Off, that is. I've always thought these sheep were spacey, but this book proves it. I'm a bit disappointed there was no "Take me to your bleater" moment.The sheep investigate a strange craft that has landed in a nearby pasture, discover it's a spacecraft and take a joyride into space. They even have a spacewalk, but can't figure out how to get home. Fortunately there was an al [...]

    • Nancy Shaw, Sheep Blast Off (Houghton Mifflin, 2008)Another of the Sheep books that doesn't measure up to the original (cf. recent review of Sheep Take a Hike), but that has the interesting side effect of revealing another facet of the original that makes it work so well. Obviously, if you've got a flock of sheep in a jeep with one driving, you're suspending a modicum of disbelief, but once you've gotten to that level, you don't need to go farther; everything works, everything is internally cons [...]

    • Story is about sheep who see a spacecraft crash and they hop aboard and fly it to space. the book is about sheep who stumble upon a spacecraft and somehow they all know how to fly it up to space but have a problem and start to crash but aliens help them out and fly them safely back home. Characters don’t change in any way throughout the book but just go through an adventure, receive a problem, then solve the problem but with assistance for extraterrestrial friends. The illustrations were very [...]

    • From the title, I thought that this book would be a really fun read. Sheep are just so random, and I thought a book about sheep in outer space would be absolutely hilarious. However, it wasn't really that exciting. Yes, the sheep got into a little bit of mischief and it is a fun story, but it wasn't really at all what I was expecting. I think it may also be harder for kids to understand and follow along with, because it's more of an abstract book. You have to follow along with the pictures as we [...]

    • I have a fondness for sheep, something I never felt before when I made constant fun of my sister for loving these fuzzy creatures. "I love sheep toor LUNCH!" Now I wish I could take it all back. This book leads the way. Wooly little creatures get stuck on a UFO with lovable aliens who look as sheepish as they are! What a cool way to look at alien "invasions" when aliens by and large as seen as objects of fear, instead of as good people. Did not ET prove that? And can we not love sheep anyway? As [...]

    • I think that children might enjoy the book, although it was slightly boring and not a lot happened. The pictures were really fun to look at and the children might like the story of sheeps wondering onto a spaceship and taking off without really knowing how to control the ship. Thankfully, they are saved by an alien hiding behind a door and he kindly flies them back home. I would not read this to children in a classroom because there are not a whole lot of lessons to take from it, but it would be [...]

    • I didn't enjoy this book on the first reading. It felt like nothing much happened. However, when I looked at it again I discovered the funny little parallel story of the alien discovering the sheep on board his spaceship. The alien part of the story is only told through the pictures, which means this isn't the best read-aloud for a baby (too little to get it). Maybe we'll come back to the sheep series when he's a bit bigger.

    • !. Sheep Blast Off (picture)2. Nancy Shaw3. Illustrator: Margot Apple4. Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company5. Date of publication: 20086. Summary Sheep blast off through the stratosphere in a spaceship. I loved the illustrations in this especially the colors. The illustrator used colored pencils and it looks great. This book would be perfect for teaching younger students 1-3rd grade about rhyming.

    • Michigan author Nancy Shaw has been writing 'the sheep books' since 1986 when "Sheep in a Jeep" debuted. Book seven in the series takes the sheep into outerspace. A spaceship lands nearby and the loveably goofy sheep end up blasting off. This latest book is a fun romp with Shaw's hillarious illustrations that hold a story of their own. The sheep books are written so that they are easy for beginning readers, making use of a large font, rhyming text and simple words. Check them all out!

    • My four year old picked this one out at the library after her sister found as many Astronomy books as possible. After reading (and sometimes translating science jargon) about pulsars and supernovas, it was refreshing to read about a bunch of silly sheep who managed to accidentally shoot themselves into space because apparently aliens are careless.

    • I thought this science fiction book was very unique and hilarious. I like how the author rhythms the words in every page. I thought the sheep taking over the space ship was funny and return back to earth. A lesson plan for students is to create their own story of aliens abducting an animal on earth. Than to draw a picture reflecting their overall story.

    • A nice departure from the usual accidental-trip-into-space-on-an-alien-space-craft (if their is such a thing) genre. :) The main characters are sheep and even the aliens are green sheep-like creatures. Nice rhyme.Nice illustrations.

    • Not as good as Sheep on a Ship, but it probably deserves 3 stars. My particular library copy stank, quite literally. I couldn't quite tell if it was book mold or cleaned off vomit, but I'm afraid it will forever scar my reading experience of this title.

    • Genre: Picture BookPublication Date: 2008In this book, students get to watch a herd of sheep steel a rocketship from some unexpecting aliens. The sheep do not really know what to do with the rocket ship and therefore, they get into some mischeif!

    • This was a fun simple book to read, my 4 year old granddaughter giggled through out me reading it to her. The text is full of descriptive words. Short two or three word sentences. As we follow the sheep as they get into a space ship and go on adventure.

    • This has to be the oddest sheep book. They bumble their way into a spaceship, and fly around for a bit before coming home.It has the same rhyming as the other books, but truthfully, I don't like this little foray into science fiction. The semi-realistic ones are better, imo.

    • As always in this series, the pictures are imaginative and tell a great story. In this case, it strays a bit outside the text, which just adds to the fun.

    • I don't want to retire the sheep, as one reviewer suggested--I want them to go underwater in a sub next!

    • My least favorite sheep book so far, probably because of the alien aspect of it. Funny rhymes, sheep getting into problems and then solving them. All in the days life of a sheep, right?

    • Rhyming text and delightful pictures, but not a lot of opportunity to interact with an audience. This book is best shared one on one.

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