मुसाफिर Cafe

Cafe Cafe perfect We all have one or the other lists in life Musafir Cafe is about all these lists in life and It is a like a stopover in life when we try and slow ourselves down to

  • Title: मुसाफिर Cafe
  • Author: Divya Prakash Dubey
  • ISBN: 9789386224019
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • , 30 , , , 30 , , Cafe , , perfect We all have one or the other lists in life Musafir Cafe is about all these lists in life and It is a like a stopover, in life, when we try and slow ourselves down to assess where are we, and where do we want to go from here Musafir Cafe is story of two young and modern individuals, Sudha and Chandar Sudha who is a lawyer by profession and a strong free spirited girl in person she wants to become top lawyer of country while Chandar is a confused software engineer Though both of them are sure that they don t want to get married and settle down with anyone, they play this meeting game every weekend for they parents sake Events lead them to stay together for a weekend, but they become so habitual to each other s presence and interference in the life, that it becomes an unplanned live in relation.Musafir Cafe is not only story of Sudha Chandar, it s story of everyone of us Who are trying to tick off bucket list and searching for a perfect life.

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      113 Divya Prakash Dubey
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    About “Divya Prakash Dubey

    • Divya Prakash Dubey

      Born and bred in Lucknow, Divya Prakash Dubey successfully completed his Masters in Business Management from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management SIBM , Pune, a premier B school of the country and is currently associated with a prestigious firm in telecom sector An Engineer and an MBA, the combination has been going on for far too long to bring a refreshing picture in our minds But that is what Divya Prakash is, a break from the existing molds of factory made pieces coming in the market Humorous down to his very core, and equally deep in his thoughts A voracious reader of Hindi and English literature, he already has a few poems, short stories and screenplays to his credit Terms and Conditions Apply, is his debut collection, though once you have read it, you will have serious trouble believing it.

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    • किताब के कवर पर गौर करें तो आपको एक कैफ़े के भीतर एक मुसाफिर की किताबें तो काफी नज़र आयेंगी मगर केवल एक ही किताब का शीर्षक दिखेगा - गुनाहों का देवता।और कहानी पढने पर वही किरदार फिर से मिलेंगे - सुध [...]

    • 4.5/5 A bit of Basu Chatterji's "Chhoti si Baat" simplicity, Gulzar's "Aandhi" pathos, Imtiaz Ali's "Jab We Met" fun pondering on life - All of the above and ultimately still Dubeyji's book.What is the meaning of life, love, marriage and happiness ? The book takes u on a journey and perhaps we understand a little more by the time it ends.Perhaps I have given an extra * to the book. Perhaps this is because I too have been thinking of opening a "Musafir Cafe" and discussing books all day long. Per [...]

    • "I want to build a world full of books , coffee , hills and rain "किताब मैं बहुत से बातें ऐसी थी जो काफ़ी गहरी थी .मॅन छू लेने बलि गहराई .किताब को नीचे रख सोच ने पर मजभूर कर देने बाली गहराई ! कुछ ऐसे भी पार्ट थे जो आउटराइट जेनेरिक थे और क [...]

    • लाइफ को लेकर प्लान बड़े नहीं, सिम्पल होने चाहिए। प्लान बहुत बड़े हो जाएँ तो लाइफ के लिए ही जगह नहीं बचती।

    • Musafir Cafe, सबसे पहले इस बुक के Cover Page की बात करते है, जैस सूरत वैसी ही सीरत भी है. बुक का कवर पेज जितना आकर्षक उतनी ही कहानी भी. मै सिर्फ बुक के कवर पेज के लिये बुक को 1 स्टार देना चाहुगा. अब बात आती है बुक के [...]

    • "मुसाफिर हूँ यारों, न घर है न ठिकाना "#मुसाफिर_कैफे ,बातों की किताब, बातें पुरानी तरीका नया. कहानी की शुरूआत से भी पहले "बात से पहले की बात" से ही दूबे जी ने पाठकों की नब्ज को पकड लिया. देखने या सुनने [...]

    • The storyline is like a typical Bollywood film. The entire story hinges on the climax- will the boy get the girl or not? A substantial part of the story is based in Mussoorie, my favourite holiday destination. This was the reason why i picked up the book. The interesting storyline ensured that i finished it in one sitting. After a long time you have new breed of Hindi writers who have broken free from the standards set by the old, grumpy, classic Hindi authors. Divya is new age author who unders [...]

    • Come. Lets meet, the three brainchild of Divya Prakash Dubey first.Meet Sudha - She is a divorce lawyer and witnessed marriages going apart everyday. She is independent, adamant, queen of her own world and of Chandar's heart. She knows what she want from life and marriage is not in her agenda of life but a companion, a partner, yes, definitely. She do not think two people need to get married to live together. One more thing, Sudha dislike software engineers.Meet Chandar - He is a software engine [...]

    • मुसाफ़िर कैफ़े - यह किताब पढ़कर समझ में आया कि हिंदी साहित्य के नाम पर किस तरह की किताबों को प्रकाशित किया जा रहा है। युवा पीढ़ी इसे चटकारे लेकर पढ़ती है क्यूँ कि यह वही मसाला है जो हिंदी फ़िल्म [...]

    • This was the first Hindi novel that I picked up and thankfully it was so beautifully worded that I have ordered one more novel written by the author - Masala chai.Here is my honest feedback:Cover page - 5/5 - Beautifully exemplifying the feel of the novel, the cover shouts out to you to become a 'musafir' yourself! Apt!!Plot - 4/5 - The plot was contemporary. The psyche of current generation is beautifully captured. Characterization - 5/5 - Awesome character development with each having a unique [...]

    • इस किताब के पढ़ने के बाद लगता है की हिन्दी किताबों के भी अच्छे दिन आ गये हैं | पिछले एक दो सालों मे एक से बढ़ कर एक किताबें हिन्दी मे आयी हैं | ये किताब भी उनमे से एक है| सीधी साधारण बोलचाल की भाषा जो [...]

    • Finished reading this book in one sitting. An awesome and unusual love story.A girl falls in love with a guy but she don't want to marry her. The guy on the other hand want her to marry him now that she is pregnant while they were in a live in relationship. In the midst of all these things the guy gets frustrated with his life (his boring work, his girlfriend's denial for marriage, pressure of parents, unfulfilled dreams) and leaves Mumbai to unknown place. He travels to different places and fin [...]

    • ऐसी पहली किताब जिसे 1:30में खत्म की हो, आप इसे पढेंगे तो बिना पढ़े नही रह पायेंगे ,कहते है न गो फॉर it

    • Musafir Cafe by DP Dubey is a story revolving around Sudha and Chandar. Part-I of the story was detestable. The storyline was repulsive. I found myself sniggering in the supposedly romantic scenes. Storyline was close to setup of a typical romantic bollywood movie. A major turn off was writing style of the author. The novel was written in what is known as "Hinglish" today. The author tosses in English words and sometimes even sentences in the story. The plot was full of cringe-worthy metaphors. [...]

    • It's an unconventional, unpredictable and entertaining love story. A quick read. The characters are very limited but interesting. However, I felt the language is something we call 'bol chaal ki bhaasha' - extra casual for a book. Some editing errors can be spotted easily. There are many thoughtful lines but I would have liked it more the language was deeper and a little descriptive.If you are looking for a light and quick read, pick this book!

    • The book took me a ride to a different world, I always wanted I guess. everything the author has mentioned was like a hidden desire of everyone like me out here.I really liked it. It indeed was a goodread. Mr. Dubey has done an incredible job. through his writing he may have a better connection with the youth and obviously drag them to read hindi writings too. :)

    • वाह वाह वाह वाहकौन कहता है कि दिव्य प्रकाश दुबे जी लेखक हैं? ये दार्शनिक हैं, कलम के जादूगर हैं।मुसाफिर कैफे कोई किताब नहीं है, जिंदगी का फलसफा है। एक से एक शानदार डायलॉग हैं इस किताब में। मैं इ [...]

    • कहानी बहुत ही हल्के ढंग से शुरू हो कर लगातार गहरी होती चली जाती है। हर संवाद के बाद लेखक की जो फ़िलाॅसफी़ है वो उत्कृष्ट है। My favourite part in the book is when they get physical for the first time Starting with normal sentences which can physically excite you and then taking you to another world of p [...]

    • Gunahon ka devta part 2Modern context me dubey ji ne gunahon ka devta part 2 likh di h. Bahut bandhi hui storyline hai jo har character ko sufficient space dete hue kahaani complete krti h.Badhiya h. Ek baar padhna bnta h.

    • Nice Journey of life.It's not just a book but journey of 2 lives together. I which everyone will find a essence of his own life.

    • Time paas readIt has a good time and speed to the story line Helps when you need to kill time. However I felt characters needed more depth. We would otherwise left with a do not care attitude about the decisions the characters make in the story. Kind of got detached midway throught the read. Since it was a short read. Hence made it though.

    • The book touches each and every emotion of young couples and makes you fall in love with itself instantly. The language is so simple and yet so deep that at some point of time you start thinking the book never finishes. In every page there are 2-3 lines that you will definitely underline because of they are true yet never written before.Very touching, original, full of humor !!!

    • 1. Unusual love story.2. Ended like too fast with happy ending everyone living all together. Why? I didn't get it.3. Certain dialogues/lines are too good. Would post them all some day.4. The book is engaging enough. It will engage you till end. At no point of time I felt like I am missing out the story. 5. an easy language- one time read late in the night or in the train while traveling.

    • मैं भी एक नई वाली हिंदी का ही पाठक हूँ। और इसकी शुरुआत शायद दिव्या प्रकाश जी और उनके कुछ दोस्तों ने ही की है। पहले भी कई किताबें पढ़ा हूँ पर शायद मुसाफिर कैफ़े पहली किताब है जिसका मैंने इंतज़ार किय [...]

    • इस किताब के अंतिम वाक्य को पढ़ने के बाद जो पहला वाक्य मेरे मुँह से निकला, वह था - “क्या कहानी है यार !” और यह पूर्णतया ईमानदार था, दिल के तह से निकला था । मुसाफिर Cafe दिव्य जी की तीसरी किताब है और यह म [...]

    • The author displays a good command of the language, and writes masterful dialogue in this story. His characters Sudha and Chander could be anyone among us, trying to attain that 'perfect' life. Their inner conflicts, their interactions, their dreams, and even their character weaknesses are all relatable. In fact, at several points, the story made me look back at my life so far and how I've taken the decisions that I have taken.The only downside - the story is a little implausible at some places. [...]

    • Best book in Hindi to read. To be read by people of all ages. The style of writing is excellent. Author has good sense of humor. Very well written in Hindi language. Good and light book to read. Short book of 145 pages. Can be finished in 1 go. It will not let u putting down the book until u finish in 1 go. Some moments are funny while some are emotional. But somewhere it is not crisp means as if you are reading some normal or general fiction.The characters "sudha" "Chandler" and "pammi" are goo [...]

    • A very basic book with amateur writing, especially at the beginning. However, as the book moves towards the second half, the pun and 'creative' sentences in the book start becoming a bit bore while the story takes over. A good beginning for a new Hindi writer, though.

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