Breaking Legacies

Breaking Legacies In a land impoverished by a war that started before she was born Kiena has provided for her mother and brother by becoming one of the best hunters in the kingdom But when a lifelong friend with conne

  • Title: Breaking Legacies
  • Author: Zoe Reed
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a land impoverished by a war that started before she was born, Kiena has provided for her mother and brother by becoming one of the best hunters in the kingdom But when a lifelong friend with connections recommends her to the king to track down a runaway princess, her life gets turned upside down Finding the princess is easy Deciding what to do in a conflicting messIn a land impoverished by a war that started before she was born, Kiena has provided for her mother and brother by becoming one of the best hunters in the kingdom But when a lifelong friend with connections recommends her to the king to track down a runaway princess, her life gets turned upside down Finding the princess is easy Deciding what to do in a conflicting mess of politics and emotions not so much.

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      Zoe Reed Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Breaking Legacies book, this is one of the most wanted Zoe Reed author readers around the world.

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    • This book was excellent! I had high expectations, and I'm so glad they were met. I love lesfic fantasy, it's my favorite genre, and this book is definitely fighting for best lesfic fantasy written in 2016. I do want to mention, if you are not a big fan of fantasy, I still think you will enjoy this book. It really has something for everybody including an excellent romance. Action, adventure, love, magic, dragons, this book has everything. You will laugh and you will absolutely cry, it is quite th [...]

    • 5 starsThe year's barely begun and I've already got a good candidate for my Favorite Book of the Year. This is gonna be hard to top. But then there's Catalyst coming up. ;)

    • Wow.I'm so surprised there is little detailed reviews on this book, maybe it's a gem in hiding or it's just too new! This book has so many surprises, twists and turns you can't help but be pulled into every page, so much to say but I don't want to spoil it for the fortunate people yet to have the pleasure of reading it, I just can't believe it's a kindle unlimited either.I totally connected with every character all but the baddies of course, they take you through such a whirlwind you don't know [...]

    • Breaking Legacies by Zoe Reed is phenomenal! It has everything you want and need all wrapped up in one glorious tale. This is easily, EASILY one of the best books I have read in 2016! The romance gives you the feels, the characters are strong dynamic women, it’s just so freaking good.Kiena Thaon is a nineteen-year-old woman who is beyond skilled as a hunter and tracker. Her family is dirt poor, left to starve after her father was killed after being labeled a traitor to their king. While the fa [...]

    • 5+ STARS!Years ago I read a lot of fantasy such as Mercedes Lackey and epic Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon and of course relatively recently JK Rowling. Is Zoe Reed in these ladies stature? No, of course not. But not many are. But has she written an action packed adventure with strong women, romance, friendships, well developed characters, tears, fast paced, tragedies, triumphs, twists and turns and of course there are castles, magic, witches and more - yes, yes she has. I throughly enjoyed this [...]

    • I was going to start off whatever I end up writing here (a review, a mini-something or other) by noting something like ‘I saw everyone and the billy goat too just loving this book so I added it, but then didn’t read it for a longish while’. Except, looking at things now, most people read and loved the book long after I got the book. I believe it might have been Luce’s review that lead me to consider the book. And Starsandsun who reinforced my decision to add the book to my pile. Then eve [...]

    • I loved this book. Fantasy is not my usual thing. I've read a handful of books in this categorybut not many. This was sooo worth the read. It really has everything. It's fast paced. I wanted to do nothing else but read it. The plot is interesting and exciting. The romanceoh so sweet. The chemistry between the two main characters is really hot. The author does a great job with world building and character development. I loved this one so much I immediately missed Ava and Kiena. I had to reread it [...]

    • Dreamy-eyed swoon. God I loved this. I was gripped by everything, the world, the descriptions, the plot, the characters. But there are so many "full of praise" reviews about this book out there, that it is really hard to write something new. So I'm going to stay brief. It is excellent fantasy. There is substantial world building. We are not just experiencing everything through Kiena's eyes, no, the descriptions of action, of feeling, of surroundings are very detailed and precise without becoming [...]

    • Quite impressive for a self-published book!The plot goes far, far beyond of what is described in the blurb: the whole Kiena looking for the runaway princess is only the beginning (10% of the book, maybe?). A lot happens. Like, A LOT.There's romance, adventure, magic, heart-wrenching scenes (view spoiler)[ R. I. P. Albus (hide spoiler)].Good read.

    • Awesome book! From start to finish, everything is very wellwritten. You can really feel all the emotions. Worth the time and money.Fast paced, I don't think the book knows how to slow down.Every time I think I could sit back and relax, something will happen that will put me on the edge of my seat.Love, friendship, family, magic, dragons, evil king, shape shifter, witch etc. it's all here.A lot of great supporting characters, from Part 1 to Part 2. Ava is one strong woman. All the tragedy she'd b [...]

    • Zoe Reed is a wonderful storyteller giving us an epic, fleshed-out fantasy tale. It's a rewarding read full of action and heart. I'm a big fan of her other books and I think this is the most solid one to date. Recommend. 4.6 stars

    • Excellent self-published fantasy, with an intricate plot, very likable characters and a detailed world.The chemistry between the the main characters is off the charts, and 12 chapters of built-up attraction culminates in an explosive love scene.And then we get chapter 13. That was very well done, and was something telegraphed from very early on, but it was so subtle, I was pleasantly surprised. For a self-published novel, it was very well written, and not a single typo anywhere. It could use som [...]

    • An amazing read!!!I really loved this book. So much that I'll purchase it even though it's a kindleUnlimited book. The story is told in first person so the accounts of events are only told through Kiena's point of view and it works perfectly. The pace is fast without feeling rushed and the connection with all the characters is so well written that you feel what they feel agony, sadness hope, all of it. I really enjoyed this book and I hope I don't make the expectations so high a reader doesnt, b [...]

    • This was a book I found while browsing lesbian romance, and there is a lesbian romance along the way but this isn't primarily a romance novel.This is a traditional swords and sorcery fantasy novel with magic and journeys and destinies to be uncovered. It is definitely fantasy length, not romance length, but even so I read it quickly. It was exciting and I didn't want to put it down.The main characters are a hunter and the runaway princess she's sent to find. I liked them both although, as often [...]

    • Any expectations you have of this book, forget them because your expectations aren't anywhere near good enough for what Zoe Reed gives her readers in this book. There were so many points when I went, "I'm sure I know how this is going to turn out." And I was fine with my perceived conclusion but then the story went in an entirely different direction and all I could think was " I'm so happy I was wrong." This book provides the reader with amazingly well developed characters, adventure, action, fa [...]

    • Fantasy is not my favorite genre, but I found this book really entertaining, packed with action, adventure and love. It is really a highly recommendable book!

    • BrilliantReally good story with wonderful characters and plenty of action and adventures. Both Kiena and Ava's love and loyalty to one another was strong and firm when tested, though it may have seemed lacking. Brilliantly written.

    • This story is ambitious! Great world building and a fast paced story. In parts it felt like things were moving too quickly, but I decided that was because the author was sparing us all the filler that usually bulks up fantasy narratives to create a trilogy. I thoroughly enjoy Reed's writing style. There are few things I would normally be docking stars for, but the story was so engrossing I was just swept away with it. Looking forward to her next book!4.5 stars rounded to 5

    • I didn't give that book more than 3 stars because the writing style really didn't suit me. It was clumsy and pretty  uneven. Now I reckon that first person narration is tricky, but it seems like the author fell into most trap this exercise presents. The book makes a tragically big use of 'telling' instead of 'showing' - which, as any wannabe writer will know, should be the other way round - and gets annoyingly over dramatic at times. See somewhere around the middle of the book when Kiena loses [...]

    • This book is AMAZING!! I am new to reading lesbian fiction and I'm not normally a fan of fantasy but this book had me hooked. I love how the book is written, the story totally stole my heart and it is by far one of the best books I have ever read!!

    • Make yourself at home in this beautiful novel.I can't really add much to the excellent reviews for this book. I absolutely loved it. The heart pounding romance, magic, adventure and action hit all the right notes. The writing is lovely and imaginative. The war between good and evil is a fight for the very souls of these characters.What an amazing achievement for this author and a wonderful addition to any library.

    • Great storyThis was a really well written epic tale. I really enjoyed reading about the struggle of the two women to find love and love HEA.

    • Great Book!Great romance and adventure! This book deals with loss, adventure, magic, and love. It's a very well conceived plot, and the character development is strong.

    • There is nothing quite like reading a fantastic book (that you're later going to love) for the first time. This is the very definition of an adventure platter - it has all the elements of an adventure story with a great romance twirled into it. Why not a fave? Only because of the genre, and only because I found it a bit too long and a number of parts a little too predictable. This is like an RPG game with many side quests.I love the romance part and wish it were longer. Loved the angst and the c [...]

    • I gave this book five stars, but plot-wise I'd put it at a 4, with the lesbian angle bumping it up to the fifth star. The love story was beautiful and emotional and sweet, but I did have a couple issues. That said, I love that this is a pretty meaty book; a LOT happens (so much more than the summary says), which is great because I love me a long fantasy book.My biggest grievance is that the worldbuilding is a little lackluster; I think it could have reached its full potential if Reed had pushed [...]

    • I am not one to write reviews(this will be my first) but this book deserves more than the second it takes to simply hit five stars. Even if words fail me on how amazing this book is, my review may convince one person to read it and that is far more than I can ask for. The description for this book sheds poor light into the complexity of the incredible twist and turns of the plot. It is nowhere near as simple as a hunter searching for a runaway princess. Though, I was able to guess some plot twis [...]

    • Had a hard time putting it down each night. Fantasy elements were really good. The characters were well thought out and fun. The romance was well written.This book could have been expanded on and turned in to a series. Would have loved to see parts expanded on.

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