Dear Mr. Blueberry

Dear Mr Blueberry Dear Mr Blueberry I love whales very much and I think I saw one in my pond today Please send me some information on whales It s vacation time so Emily has to write to her teacher to help when she di

  • Title: Dear Mr. Blueberry
  • Author: SimonJames
  • ISBN: 9780689807688
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dear Mr Blueberry, I love whales very much and I think I saw one in my pond today Please send me some information on whales It s vacation time, so Emily has to write to her teacher to help when she discovers a blue whale living in her pond Mr Blueberry answers that she must be mistaken, because whales live in the ocean, not in ponds Throughout the summer, Emily and Dear Mr Blueberry, I love whales very much and I think I saw one in my pond today Please send me some information on whales It s vacation time, so Emily has to write to her teacher to help when she discovers a blue whale living in her pond Mr Blueberry answers that she must be mistaken, because whales live in the ocean, not in ponds Throughout the summer, Emily and Mr Blueberry exchange letters, until Emily has a happy surprise to share with her teacher In the process, Emily learns a lot about whales And Mr Blueberry leans even about imagination, faith, and love.

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      Simon James is the award winning author illustrator of many children s books, including such favorites as DEAR GREENPEACE, LEON AND BOB, and the Baby Brains series His stories often concern a child s relationship with the natural world Simon James lives in England.

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    • „Dear Emily,I must point out to you quite forcibly now that in no way could a whale live in your pond. You may not know that whales are migratory, which means they travel great distances each day. I am sorry to disappoint you.Yours sincerely,Greenpeace.”Although Emily receives unquestionably polite but incredulous answers like this one each time she writes, she does not stop pestering Greenpeace for advice. For there is a huge, blue whale in her pond in Plymouth, Devonshire, England, and who [...]

    • This short, tactile picture book had me under its charm form page one. It is written in the form of letters (about which I am still romantic), from a little girl who believes she has found a whale in her garden pond. With great concern and sense, Emily writes to Greenpeace to seek the society’s advice on how she should look after her whale.The essence of the humour in this story stems from Greenpeace’s replies, each one a little more adamant that there is absolutely “NO” possibility of a [...]

    • There’s a whale living in Emily’s pond, or so she believes, so she writes to Greenpeace for advice on how to look after him. Greenpeace politely reply that a whale living in a garden pond is an impossibility, but Emily is determined. ‘Dear Greenpeace’ is a story made up of a series of (fictional) letters, the correspondence between a little girl and the huge charity organisation, tracking the progress of Emily and her beloved whale. As Greenpeace’s replies become more and more adamant [...]

    • Dear Mr Blueberry by Simon JamesThis book is brilliant to read to young children or for children in year three onwards to read themselves. It is also fantastic for teaching letter writing, which would be done in year three. The books plot and premise is a series of written letters going back and forth between Mr Blueberry and a young girl called Emily. They write to each other about whales and how much Emily loves them and wants to have one as a pet.This book is a great example of how to write e [...]

    • This story could be used to teach students the conventions of letter writing because that is the whole format of this cute story. You could also teach the importance of using the right words; in this story, the little girl, Emily, tells her teacher that she disagrees with him, but in a way that does not offend.

    • This is a cute book to read with kids - I think it would be really fun if students could write to their own Mr. Blueberry about animals they like and see often in their neighborhood. Maybe the teacher could be "Mr. Blueberry" and respond to written letters about animals and science questions. This is a great way to learn about animals and incorporate writing at the same time.

    • Age range: 4-6Number of pages: 32This is a story about a girl who is on vacation and needs to write to her teacher to find out more information about the "whale" that is living in her pond. This is a cute story that goes back-and-forth between letters writtin by the teacher and the student. This would be a good example to show that people write letters with hope of a response.

    • This book is about a young girl who writes to her teacher about a blue whale that she thinks is living in her pond. Mr. Blueberry writes her everytime trying to explain to her that whales don't live in ponds. This is a hilarious book that will keep your students laughing!

    • I know that letter-writing is losing its appeal to many, but this book is an adorable way to remind us all how fun it can be, not to mention the storyline itselfwonderful!! I think if the postal service was smarter they would make sure every library had a copy in its children's collection!!

    • This is clever and fun. How James gives so much information without seeming remotely info-dumpy is pretty clever. I want to get my own copy of this book now (and I love whales anyway)

    • I have to first disclose that I am, for the most part, set against Greenpeace. They have done a lot that I find to be harmful, especially as they rarely focus on how to actually help already marginalised communities (such as not discriminating between the Japanese whale hunting and the indingenous whale hunting, which have different functions) and have had members actively harm places of cultural significance (Nazca Lines, for instance).I think this book would've been more interesting if the chi [...]

    • This adorable picture book is told through a series of letters written back and forth between Emily and her teacher, Mr. Blueberry. Emily is convinced there is a whale living in her backyard pond and she writes to her teacher for information and advice on how to care for it. No matter how Mr. Blueberry tries to convince her that it is impossible for a whale to live in her pond, Emily continues the letters. This would be a great mentor text for kids to write response journals in class and stories [...]

    • I gave this book a 4 because I think it is a sweet look into the imagination. It is fun and shows good journal writing.Lexile: 660LGrade Equivalent: 4.56 Traits:Conventions

    • Read this book today following Reading Rocks. such a beautifully illustrated book. Written in the form of letters to and from a little girl (Emily) and Greenpeace. Explores facts about whales, and there's an underpinning of the work Greenpeace do.

    • I consider Simon James a fortuitous discovery. From his first page, we recognize that the story we have entered is special and we love his character, Emily; who is unusually pert and inquisitive! Its simplicity of the art and words makes it a book little ones can exclaim over and savour, with warm layers grown-ups will appreciate, and a smidgen of the fantastical and ethereal. A little girl is sure she has seen a whale in her backyard. She poses questions via letter to someone trusted to furnish [...]

    • This story comprises of several letters between a young girl called Emily and Greenpeace regarding a whale that lives in her pond. Emily begins by requesting information on whales as she thinks she may have seen one in her pond. She explains to Greenpeace that she loves whales and thinks that the one she has spotted may be hurt. Greenpeace respond that Emily must be wrong as whales live in salt water, and so Emily replies that she has now added salt to her pond, every day before school. The lett [...]

    • Written by Simon James, Dear Greenpeace is a short, fun picture book about a girl who wakes up to find there is a whale living in her garden pond. Emily is concerned for the whale, but Greenpeace do not believe her story, so she attempts to find a way to set the whale free herself. The story's style is unique, with the story told through the correspondence between Greenpeace and Emily through a serious of letters. This gives the story a very interesting conversational and personal feel and is a [...]

    • Dear GreenpeaceBy Simon JamesThere's something really special about this story, no matter how many times I read it, or show it to customers at the bookstore where I work, it always makes me smile. Dear Greenpeace by Simon James is a charming story about a little girl, Emily, who discovers (or thinks) there’s a whale in her pond. She writes to Greenpeace letting them know, and asks for more information on whales so she can take good care of it.Through her correspondence exchange with Greenpeace [...]

    • This is a really cute book, that could be used in multiple ways in a classroom. The story is a series of letters between a young girl Emily and Mr. blueberry, whom is her teacher. Emily writes to Mr. Blueberry about a whale she sees in her pond and is seeking more information. Mr. Blueberry writes back basic and simple information about whales with each letter. Each letter Mr. Blueberry writes he is teaching Emily about whales more and more. I would use this books as a mentor text when introduci [...]

    • This book is a compilation of letters between a little girl called Emily and Greenpeace. She informs Greenpeace that there is a whale living in her pond. But Greenpeace think she is mistaken and give her facts about whales i.e. where whales live etc. The illustrations are delightful and show the reader that in fact, Emily is telling the truth. The pictures also show Emily reading the letters she has received from Greenpeace, which is rather cute.The front cover of the book is in the form of an e [...]

    • Emily DerwayI used to always read this book as a child and it became one of my favorites. It is about a little girl on summer vacation who has to write letters to her teacher, Mr. Blueberry. She writes that she thinks there is a whale in her families pond. However, when Mr. Blueberry writes back to her, he says that he does not think it is a whale because whales live in salt water. These letters go back and forth until Emily writes Mr. Blueberry a letter explaining that she met Arthur (the whale [...]

    • A read for my little partner in crime at Reading Partners SF. She was so-so about it and didn't care too much for the whale. I, on the other hand was at the edge on my seat wondering what in the world was going on. Truly, a majestic story dwindled down into short form about the grievances of yet another adult putting an end to a child's imagination (reminds me of Le Petit Prince/ Saint-Exupery). Or is it her imagination? However, Emily persists and is convinced of her find and furthermore pursue [...]

    • A sweet story about a young girl who writes to her teacher, asking for information about blue whales, since she has one living in the pond in her backyard. The teacher writes her back, and says blue whales don't live in ponds, they live in saltwater. Then the little girl writes him back: "Dear Mr. Blueberry, I started putting salt in the pond. I think he's starting to feel better." It goes back and forth in this fashion, until it reaches its tender, and amusing conclusion. Definitely worth a rea [...]

    • For the first time I am reviewing a book I just do not like. I read this for two years in my class and both times it frustrated me and my students! There really is not an ending to it, and to be honest, the story is quite silly. A little girl believes she has a whale living in her backyard, so she writes letters to her teacher. They go back and forth throughout the book and before you know it, the story is over. I am not sure about others, but after the second year of reading, I have not picked [...]

    • I really loved this book. It consists of letters back and forth between a girl named Emily and her teacher Mr. Blueberry. Emily is persistent about the fact that there is a whale living in the pond outside her house. She asks her teacher questions about whales in her letters and Mr. Blueberry responds trying to convince her that a whale could not be living in her pond as well as answering her questions about whales. I would recommend this to any one with a small child and those who have a love f [...]

    • The greatest strength of this book is the formatting. It's written entirely as letters back and forth between Emily and Mr. Blueberry. An interesting aspect to the book is a lack of context. There is no information about who Mr. Blueberry is, or about what Emily is really seeing in her pond (assuming there isn't actually a whale in there). It opens the door for some interesting discussion with young readers about who they think the characters are and what they think is going on within the storyl [...]

    • Emily and her teacher, Mr. Blueberry, are pen pals. She thinks a whale is living in her pond. Her teachers explains to her that whales live in salt water, eat krill, and migrate. Emily is determined that her friend, Arthur the whale, is living in her backyard. Then, she goes to the beach and sees Arthur in the ocean.This children's book could be used to introduce a "pen pal assignment." It is also a great book for an underwater animals unit.

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