Wisdom For her eighteenth birthday Alice Bonham takes a vacation to Australia only to have her trip cut short by an unexpected murder While Alice tries to understand what happened she regrets some of the c

  • Title: Wisdom
  • Author: Amanda Hocking
  • ISBN: 9781533107770
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • For her eighteenth birthday, Alice Bonham takes a vacation to Australia only to have her trip cut short by an unexpected murder While Alice tries to understand what happened, she regrets some of the choices she s made, especially the permanent ones.On top of that, the child vampire is running loose, and she s attracting some very unwanted attention

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    • Amanda Hocking

      Amanda Hocking is a lifelong Minnesotan obsessed with Batman and Jim Henson In between watching cooking shows, taking care of her menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.Several of her books have made the New York Times Bestsellers list, including the Trylle trilogy and Kanin Chronicles Her zombie series, The Hollows, has been adapted into a graphic novel by Dynamite She has published over fifteen novels, including the Watersong quartet and My Blood Approves series Frostfire, Ice Kissed, and Crystal Kingdom all three books in her bestselling trilogy, The Kanin Chronicles are out now.Her latest book is Freeks a standalone YA paranormal romance novel set in the 1980s that follows a travelling sideshow, and it is a available now Her next books will be a duology about Valkyries The first book Between the Blade and the Heart will be out January 2, 2018, and the the sequel From the Earth to the Shadows will be out March 27, 2018.For info about her and her books, here are some other places to check out and ways to contact her Website hockingbooksFacebook facebook amandahockingfans Author Page author amandahockingPinterest pinterest aehocking Wattpad wattpad AmandaHockingTumblr amandahocking.tumblr Publisher Website worldofamandahockingInstagram instagram amanda_hocking YouTube youtube aehocking

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    • What struck me most about the latest in the My Blood Approves series is the evolution of Alice. She is at the heart of Wisdom. The title is appropriate - for she is growing in it herself. Wisdom seemed to me to be a bit deeper than the past three books - more introspective, with more character growth than any other in the series. It is clear that Alice has left her teen years behind and is ready to embark on a young woman's life. Gone is the angsty feeling that defined her at moments in past nov [...]

    • The fourth novel in the My Blood Approves series begins with the tragic death of Alice's best friend, Jane: it looks like there is a serial killer on the loose in downtown Minneapolis. But is it of the human variety or something with teeth?Wisdom is another fantastic read. The best thing about it is how much Alice has grown, how strong and independent she's become. She's pretty kickass actually. I love a heroine who knows how to handle herself.Plot-wise, there are lots of truths revealed; lots o [...]

    • I'll start by saying that I'm thrilled that the use of "come/go with" has decreased significantly in this book, although I'll probably continue to cringe each time I hear that phrase from now until the end of time.Other than thatGood thing I loved both the Twilight and Vampire Academy Series, because I've gotten a huge dose of both with this series. I guess those who will understand this review the most would be the ones who have read the Twilight and VA series. Those of you who know of Bella, R [...]

    • 4.25 stars. I picked up this series after reading about how good it was for only $0.99 on the discussion boards (where I typically get all my advice for new series). I started reading them the week before Flutter was released and I was not disappointed! I have really enjoyed following the whole gang through their adventures and transformations. Another girl in my office and I were anxiously awaiting Wisdom's release and both started it about the same time. I was slightly ahead of her and we wer [...]

    • Once again, as a Kindle book, this edition had a multitude of errors in the grammar and the omission of words. The story was also very predictable as were the other three books. It was extremely easy to figure out who Lief was, and even the killer was fairly easy to spot, although the author did try to throw us off.In this book, we have all the character once again united, and as much as I like Jack, there are times when he really irritates me and I think Alice would be much better off with Pete [...]

    • I kept skipping pages because I got bored, even Jack couldn't make up for it. I really don't have anything to say this time besides I'm glad I finished it.

    • I found myself utterly enthralled and unable to escape from this series until I had read every last work available. With that said I finished all four available books in five days, and I have created a review that wraps them all into one. Alice Bonham is a quick witted and desperately honest character that readers will love to follow. She keeps that story entertaining yet light enough so that it offers an effortless read. When paired up with the mysterious Jack the story will take on mystery and [...]

    • Okay, so in a matter of two days I have read all four (currently released) books from the My Blood Approves series. I cannot say enough good things about these books. why? I'm not too sure I can put my finger on it. They draw me in, get me hooked, I want to keep reading to find out what happens, who loves who, who hates who, etc. The characters are all liable and you get to know each of them really well. Hard to do in a book. usually you get a good grasp on one or two characters and then the res [...]

    • I thoroughly enjoyed the fourth book in the series. It has a lot more action, a lot more character development, and a lot less flip flopping of emotions, which drove me nuts in the third book. Alice finally chooses who she wants to be with, and though I was rooting for a different outcome, I'm content that she made the right decision. I feel like everything she felt for the other characters was less forced down my throat than in previous books, and I think that made the final outcome more real a [...]

    • This series consistently improved as time went on and I really wound up enjoying it. Typically I'd say this series gets four stars, but I am giving it five stars for two reasons that really made me appreciate this author because what she did is rare unfortunately. Reason One: The love story. Alice picked a man and stuck with it. Sure she had a few missteps but she made an appropriate choice and picked the man that was good for her. She didn't pick the dangerous or brooding guy. She picked the ni [...]

    • RATING 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!!!! Amanda takes us outback to the Northern Territory, Australia and back, in 'Wisdom'. In hindsight, maybe not outback enough.Daisy is exactly what Ezra predicted. Poor Bobby is Daisy's target. Everytime Daisy lined Bobby up, I was laughing, maybe I shouldn't have been but it would have been funny to watch. Kinda a pretty little 'chucky doll' launching itself at Bobby. Mae isn't seeing straight and Alice has had enough of the little monster. Leif is hanging around more a [...]

    • Currently on chapter 13, wow mind blowing already!so i'm not going to make a review at the moment, this is more of a remind to me to come back and look at once i'm finished the book. these are just some of my guessesLief is Alice dad (which would explain a lot! way there is a draw to her to other vampires, why her blood tastes so good and why as a human she had such a connection to Peter)I'd hate for this to be true but my guess is that Jack killed Jane. I just have a funny feeling in my gut and [...]

    • Reseña publicada en: eldesvandelosuenos¿Qué más puedo decir del cuarto libro de una saga que no me convenció desde el principio? Pues la verdad es que pocas cosas nuevas, así que intentaré ser breve y concisa.Este me ha parecido, con diferencia, la peor entrega de la saga y la clave de ello es que, en mi opinión, la escritora ha perdido el norte de la trama. Durante todo el libro (ojo, que aguante tengo que lo terminé) tenía la sensación de no saber muy bien qué estaba leyendo ni por [...]

    • Hmmm. I liked the main plot. Poor Jane was murdered and Alice is determined to find the killer. This part of the book I liked. Mae dealing with the disastrous results of her poor choice in the previous book, turning her five-year-old great granddaughter into a vampire, not so much. I liked seeing the relationship between Alice and Jack grow and Alice start to get some direction in her life and maybe grow up a little bit. But some of the things that annoyed me in the previous books just built to [...]

    • Well, we start off with Alice, Milo, and Bobby visiting Mae, Peter, and Daisy in Australia. They are getting a look at how Daisy is dealing with becoming a baby vampire. She is like all 5 years olds with temper tantrums, if she can't eat the human in the house, she throws a hissy fit. So, if she can't have the human, she decides that maybe Kola Bears might be a tasty treat. Then you turn around and she is coloring, looking cute as all get out, in her frilly dress and curly hair. Who ever said ha [...]

    • Definitely worth the wait. This is 4th installment in the "My Blood Approves" series, but it has just as much romance, action, mystery, thrills, twists and turns at the first 3.Almost everything about this book was enjoyable. You get to see Bobby, her brother's boyfriend, a lot more and he is so SO likable. A lot of the story takes place outside of the house, as opposed to the other books where a lot of the stuff that went down was in it. Leif is still in it which was awesome because I liked him [...]

    • I will not write a plot overview for Wisdom since so many other reviewers have already done so. I would just like to write a few random thoughts on the book as well as the series. My Blood Approves is about missed opportunities: Peter refusing to come to grips with his feelings for Alice until it is too late, Mae not realizing the scope or magnitude of changing a child into a vampire, Milo ignoring the fact that eventually he will break Bobby's heart, Lief running away from his children and the [...]

    • This book had so much omotion in it NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU HAVENT READ THE BOOK OR IF YOU ARE NOT DONE WITH IT. I was almost in tears when daisy died because she was just a little girl. I t was really sad how they described it. How you could hear the ripping of her neck from her head. Also whenjack was hanging over the endge i was so trembleing. I was like, Oh my gosh jack is going to,he is going to die, he is going to die.But the thing is,is thatthey didnt have a good ending for may,erze and pet [...]

    • "Wisdom" starts off with Alice, Milo, and Bobby visiting Mae, Peter, and newly turned vampire child, Daisy. The trip is cut short when Alice learns of a recent murder of someone close to her. She is determined to find the killer and whether he/she is a human or a vampire. Alice is still torn between Jack and Peter but in a different way than before. She's in love with Jack, but with Peter, it's no longer a blood bond between them and she really enjoys being with him when she learns how caring an [...]

    • This is my first review here! I really enjoyed this series. I have to say, I didn't expect to enjoy them as much as I did due to the price on . I am finding hidden gems in some of these what I have recently learned are self published books. I would have to give the story a big 5 stars for sure, it was well though out and each book had me wanting more. I would say that, as an avid reader, the only drawback to these was the editing. It didn't take me out of the story, but it got to be a little ann [...]

    • This book was my most and least favorite book of the series. I mean seriously why does the auther think that Jack is right for her he's a lover and she's a fighter. I know oppisites attract but it was different when she was human but as a vampire they don't make sence. The whole book she is fighting with Jack and herself because she loves Jack but that's not enough. Sometimes love is just not enough there needs to be more and with jack there isn't. I seems that everything she does is wrong to hi [...]

    • This is a rant and contains many spoilers so do not read this until you have read the book.I don't understand why the author has to attack Milo so much in these books! All the monsters go for Milo first and he gets the brunt of the attacks. Crazy homeless vampires in town? Milo gets hurt. Daisy needs to rip out a throat? Milo gets hurt. Vampire vigalante group needs to beat someone up? Milo gets hurt yet again. COME ON! I beg you Amanda, please have Milo kick Alice's butt in the next book. The a [...]

    • ughhhhh so glad its over. kid you not. I really enjoyed the first 2 books. after that was just ridiculous. it should have ended a book ago. honestly I felt it lacked originality. likeisthor took ideas from a few other vampire/ dampyr/immortal children/ lycans ect books and jammed them into 4 books. 1 star and that's sad.

    • I really enjoyed the action in this one! The lovey stuff is still there, don't worry your pretty little vamp loving heads over it, but Alice has developed her some ass kicking skillz! Also, I heart Bobby.

    • Good read on a sleepless night listening to the soft snores of two others by me on a night my brain and heart won't rest. Thank God for books. 💕

    • First off let me say that I am going to review this with the impression that this is the final book of the series. I know there has been a lot of back and forth about the 5th book Swear, but after reading Amanda's blog post- with her included spoiler dissecting the love triangle check it out if you haven't seen it yet -I'm going to just assume that Wisdom was her conclusion. Now onto my review. I LOVED this book. I adored this entire series actually. Alice grew drastically in this installment. S [...]

    • (view spoiler)[Al igual que el tercer libro, fue muy predecible y forzado. A pesar de que se lee rápido, puse los ojos en blanco por las explicaciones de Alice de niña de primaria. Además, es ya tan débil el personaje como vampiro que resultó risible como ella SOLA pudo matar a varios vampiros "poderosos". La "casi" muerte de Jack pudo salvar la historia (si hubiera muerto, que a esa altura ya rogaba que muriera alguno de ellos), pero, de nuevo, se vio tan forzada. Como si Amanda se acordar [...]

    • Ok, so I'm just going to start by saying that I have this problem. My problem is that when I start a series or trilogy or just a book with a sequel, I won't write my review until I'm like finished, because I just cannot stop reading for the like of me. I read all four of the my blood approves books in three days because I just didn't want to stop, so I've kind of been procrastinating with writing this review.So to start, I think that these books were REALLY good. I mean there were like those stu [...]

    • Since I'm hearing there is a 5th book in the works, I won't say this is my favourite book of the series, but rather it's my favourite thus far :)While Alice still struggles to find her new place in the world as a newly "born" vampire, she takes huge leaps and bounds into finding herself in this book! She is fast becoming a strong and self-sufficient kick-ass vampire chick that no one really wants to mess with :)I still have a hint of frustration in that Alice is so torn, and not knowing that Jac [...]

    • I really loved the series, but my feeling are torn about the love triangle. I feel that Jack took advantage of Alice more than the nurture the author was implying.Whereas Peter was more caring and self sacrificing. He has shown a great deal of character growth and deserves better.Through the author comments I know Alice and Jack are meant to be, and that this goes with the theme of free will. But if she picked Peter it would still be her choice sigh.I read the Trylle Trilogy before the MBA and t [...]

    • This installment of the series was much better than the first. It actually had some surprises that I didn't see coming . The main character Alice was very unlikable in previous installments and frankly I still think she's slutty. She puts herself in precarious situations where things (looks,touches, kisses) can happen with Peter. I also think Jack was so immature it was almost funny. I could never see him as a serious love interest so that was unfortunate . The plot was much better in this book [...]

    • I read all four books in this series in three days, so there was something compelling about them. In this last book, Alice struggles with the consequences of her choices, particularly the issue of what she is supposed to do for the rest of eternity. She matures in the sense that she begins to take more responsibility. All the wavering back and forth between Jack and Peter stops (though I wonder about her choice given how he was portrayed in this book). The child-vampire story line was interestin [...]

    • I think this book is refreshingcially since lately we were surounded by vampire books.And I can't help but compare every book I read to twilight.I can say that this book series is nothing like twilight series.When I started reading it I liked it because everything was so unexpected, and I was suprised with the development of the story all along. I think that is the best part of the book,you don't know how it will end.Although Peter is the character I loved more than Jack in the book,because I ha [...]

    • Wisdom is the 4th book in the My Blood Approves series. Let me start off by saying that I really liked this book. It would have gotten a much better rating from me if there weren't so many spelling errors. It really annoyed me. But, on the brighter side, this book was really good. I really like the characters in the story. I still can't decide if I'm for Peter or Jack. I suppose I'm torn, they both seem really swoon worthy. Okay, I think I'm leaning toward Peter for some reason. Alice has many o [...]

    • Overall I found this series entertaining. Something good must have kept me reading, right? However, I did find some of the plots disjointed throughout all the books. Another problem for me was the Alice/Jack relationship. I just could never believe in there relationship or wanted to. I found Peter's character much more compelling and felt his character should have been better developed. I wanted more Peter. And up until the end I kept hoping for a different ending concerning the love triangle. B [...]

    • Pobre de mi Jack hermoso u.u casi todo el libro quise clavarle una estaca a Alice >.< me desesperó muuuucho!!! Pero me gustó ver a Alice un poco más activa y tomando las riendas de su vidaMe esperaba lo de Leif,creo que desde Latido esperaba algo asíTemí por Mathildaaaa!!! en serio por un momento sentí que la perdíamos u.u Algunos personajes tomaron decisiones que eran necesarias,auqneu dolorosas.y ese finaaaaaal!!! Como sufrí!!! Fueron muuuuy intensas esas últiams páginas!!!Quie [...]

    • I think that wisdom is a great title because since Alice became a vampire she has become more mature in some ways. When she now realizes that she has an eternity to do things she now has a new perspective on life. Even with all that has happened between Jack, Peter and Alice I’m still team peter all the way.In the first few chapters we also learn that Alice’s best friend has died and Alice is determined to find out who killed her. Ezra was right about Daisy and every time she saw Bobby she w [...]

    • A big long boring book of MEH. Couldn't finished. I ended up doing the cardinal sin of reading spoiler reviews and a website with the synopsis/cliff notes version. What can I say, I was just OVER it and ready for a new book to escape in. I was expecting so much more from this series. I am a HUGE Vampire Academy fan and I really enjoyed Twilight. But I think my biggest stumbling block was Alice. I felt like she didn't do a whole lot with her life. I understand that she was in a growing stage of s [...]

    • Author’s Background: Amanda Hocking is a lifelong Minnesotan obsessed with Batman and Jim Henson. In between watching cooking shows, taking care of her small menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.Literary Time Period: 1900’sCharacters: Jack: The vampire that is in love with AliceAlice: The girl that is in love with Jack and she is the one that just turned into a vampire.Ezra: Jack’s older brother, also the smarte [...]

    • I have had the pleasure of having an advance copy so that I could put out a review for it. So here goes nothingMy Blood Approves is one of my absolute favorite series out there. It has love, hate, adventure, excitement, vampires, lycans, love triangles, and a whole lot of fun! Well, we start off with Alice, Milo, and Bobby visiting Mae, Peter, and Daisy in Australia. They are getting a look at how Daisy is dealing with becoming a baby vampire. She is like all 5 years olds are with temper tantrum [...]

    • IT WAS SO GOOD!It's no secret that I have a love for the supernatural, so off course I thought I might like a series about Vampires. Amanda has entranced me with the My Blood Approves series, I love them so much. It's true that her other works are a little bit better but they should be, the My Blood Approves series was at the beginning of her career and after them she has gotten so much practice but I still love the series, characters,the plot and the writing.Wisdom is the fourth book in the ser [...]

    • I actually loved this book the best out of the whole series. It was fast paced and a lot of the everyday life aspects took the back burner for the essence of the book. I always saw Alice as a bit of a leading lady and she did grow in that direction in the previous books, but it is this one that she finds her niche.Amanda Hocking makes the relationship issues and discoveries believable. The baddies were bad, but not in your face all the time. Instead they would make their presence known, rough up [...]

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