The Cathedral of Cliffdale

The Cathedral of Cliffdale Beyond the limits of mankind s understanding there exists a City created as a sanctuary for the survivors of a brutal and bloody war Within the city of Summerfeld the last mythical creatures live out

  • Title: The Cathedral of Cliffdale
  • Author: Melissa Delport
  • ISBN: 152349770X
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beyond the limits of mankind s understanding there exists a City, created as a sanctuary for the survivors of a brutal and bloody war Within the city of Summerfeld the last mythical creatures live out their days in peace, fiercely protected by twelve immortals brave defenders known as the Guardians.A Guardian is dead For the first time in one thousand years, no replacemBeyond the limits of mankind s understanding there exists a City, created as a sanctuary for the survivors of a brutal and bloody war Within the city of Summerfeld the last mythical creatures live out their days in peace, fiercely protected by twelve immortals brave defenders known as the Guardians.A Guardian is dead For the first time in one thousand years, no replacement has come forward Following the murder of her twin sister, Quinn Harden abandons the Guardianship in order to take care of her sister s children in the modern realm of man Shortly after their second birthday, the children are taken, against her will, in an attempt by the Guardians to bring her back into the fold Quinn will stop at nothing to find her niece and nephew, but as she is drawn deeper into the world of Summerfeld, she finds herself torn between her loyalty to her family and the wards she has sworn to protect As their enemies close in the Guardians must unite or Summerfeld will fall.The Cathedral of Cliffdale is the first book in the highly anticipated Guardians of Summerfeld Series

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      Melissa Delport Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Cathedral of Cliffdale book, this is one of the most wanted Melissa Delport author readers around the world.

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    • Do you have a favorite magical creature? Discover where all of those fairytale creatures went to survive and fall into a magical tale filled with tension, sense of duty, and a threat to those who live in the enchanted city of Summerfeld. Melissa Delport opens the veil to Summerfeld and invites us in with The Cathedral of Cliffdale where trolls, werewolves, unicorns and dragons live in relative harmony and safety all because twelve guardians protect their secrets and their lives on the Earth plan [...]

    • Werewolves and vampires and unicorns, oh my!Let me just say, right off the bat, that I loved this book. I loved the characters and the utterly unique take on the fantasy genre. Quinn is a Guardian who has lost her way, torn between her destiny and her family. The story takes us along with Quinn as she starts to reconcile the two parts of her life. Quinn is so completely relatable, she could be me. I followed her highs and lows with baited breath and I can’t wait to see how her story unfolds. I [...]

    • I blame Melissa Delport entirely for my current haggard appearance! I was unable to put this book down and found myself sneaking off and hiding in the most bizarre places just so that I wouldn't be disturbed. An absolutely wonderful story, I can't wait to read the next one in the series!Faeries, dragons, vampires, werewolves and more, woven into such a believable story which leaves the reader wanting more!Thank you so much Melissa!

    • To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about reading this book initially. My thoughts were along the lines of 'vampire, werewolves, Fae, trolls, unicorns AND dragons!? Come on, a bit OTT? How is the author going to bring it all together? However I was quickly surprised at how much I loved it! Loved how the characters (all unique) developed and how their stories, almost teasingly (is that a word?) unravelled. Cannot wait for the next book! I would highly recommend this book.

    • I am rather embarrassed to admit that this is my first Melissa Delport book. Her name keeps coming up and several friends have been raving about her books. I can now see why and will definitely be adding them all to my to be read pile.I don’t usually like series. I find myself staying up late to find out how a book ends and it is frustrating to know there might not be a proper ending until the end of the series. There is also the fear that the author will not finish the series.At least in this [...]

    • This was my first Melissa Delport read, but I can assure you it won't be my last. I enjoyed reading this, the first in the Guardians of Summerfeld series, very much. Not familiar with fantasy fiction I came to this novel from a completely different angle, that of a YA researcher on a quest of my own, but nevertheless found I was able to keep up with the different mythical creatures due to Melissa Delport's deft charactarisation skills. Furthermore "The Cathedral of Cliffdale" has a good, tight, [...]

    • As a teenager I loved stories which involved mythical creatures. This continues today, and I am always looking for a new series of books to indulge my fantasy cravings. When I was asked by the author if I would like to read the first in her fantasy series I was more than happy to oblige.There are a lot of different strands to this story. We have a young woman who is raising her niece and nephew following the death of her beloved twin sister. She is doing a great job, and loves them as if they we [...]

    • Melissa Delport is back! And this time, she's got a high fantasy in store for readers, with the first book in her newest series: Guardians of Summerfeld. Unlike The Legacy Trilogy (which I adored), this series is not dystopian in nature. Don't fret, though. Melissa Delport shows her versatility as a writer with such ease, you'll fall in love with this new book of hers in no time. So relax. Breathe The Cathedral of Cliffdale is filled with magical elements that includes an array of magical creatu [...]

    • The story begins with Quinn Harden, our female protagonist, as she fights a feeling of dread that has come to plague her life. Her beautiful nephew and niece are bundled together in bed, and Quinn is reading them a fairy tale. Little do young Jack and Ava know that the stories Quinn reads to them at night have more truth than tale. Little does Quinn know how right she is to be worried: her world is about to be turned on its head, Jack and Ava will be taken away from her, and Quinn will be asked [...]

    • Free ebook in an exchange for an honest review.This book follows Quinn Harden, who gives up her role as a Guardian in the city of Summerfeld so she could take care of her sisters' kids after the murder of her sister. But soon enough, her nephew and niece get kidnapped and Quinn gets torn between her family and her duties. This book was great and right up my alley with all the magical creatures and an interesting world. When I read the premise I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. The writ [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. At first it was confusing since there's so many characters and so many supernatural creatures. Once I really got into the book though it was great. There's several group of people- the guardians, the Vampires, the gypsies and the humans- but they're all after one thing. Summerfield.Quinn has abandoned her duty as a Guardian to take care of her niece and nephew. However her father and fellow Guardians demand that she returns to Summerfield. To ensure her co-operation t [...]

    • If I’m being honest, I must say that until now I DID NOT LIKE FANTASY NOVELS, so I began reading this book with trepidation. I needn’t have worried. This book has made me fall in love with fantasy. It has everything. Drama, adventure, mystery and romance. Melissa weaves a beautiful complex world for her characters and I see the places as clearly as if they existed and as though I was there. The characters grow and develop steadily and you can’t help wanting to know them personally. The flo [...]

    • This books is an amazing start to what seems will a knock it out of the park series. I love the protagonist, Quinn. She is all that you would expect from someone who has lead the life that she has. Her fierce determination to protect, and care for those she loves is shown time and time again as a core part of who she is that drives her actions. The parts of the book that dovetails into other stories, isn't for me. I want this to be the Quinn and Drake show all the time ;)It's a wonderful read, t [...]

    • So, I finally read this after procrastinating for about a month.The story starts off a bit slow, but around 25% things started getting interesting. Then, around 62% it got REALLY interesting. At 85% I realised that I'm going have to read the other 2 as wellAs this is not my usual preferred genre, I was very skeptical when I started reading this. I needn't have worried. Melissa once again wrote a book full of relatable characters and intriguing plotlines. I would recommend this for Harry Potter f [...]

    • The Cathedral of Cliffdale is an enchanting and captivating book. I was hooked from the first page. The book starts with Quinn reading a fairy tale to the twinsle do they know that it is not a story at all.I loved the first page. I just could not put this book down. I loved every page. I had to find out if the Guardians unitewhat happens to the twinsd don't forget the dragon eggs!!! I cannot wait to start the 2nd book!!

    • The blurb for this book isn't very gripping. Thankfully I bought the series based entirely on the awesome covers :-)I wasn't too sure what to expect (especially after reading the blurb). In the end it was a fast-paced and enjoyable tale (with some unfortunate text layout errors along the way - but thankfully those were few and far between and not too distracting).The story starts with Quinn who is raising the twin children of her dead sister. The children are kidnapped by "The Gaurdians", a grou [...]

    • Where have all the mythical creatures gone? Well, what's left of them is safe for now and guarded by the Guardians of Sommerfeld. For a thousand years, since the war between the vampires and the rest of the magic world has started, there are 12 guardians who keep the remainder safe from the vampires. But it seems that things are changing. Not all guardians feel totally obligated anymore to the guardian way, leaving all and everybody behind. And not all vampires seek the destruction of the mythic [...]

    • I have to get up in 2 hours but this book is so good I had to get to the end . . I really want to get book 2 immediately but know that at some point I must sleep. Melissa Delport brings each character to life and you can almost see the cornflower field where the unicorn come. Safely ensconced in the magical city hidden from man's eye and those that seek them harm, the remaining supernatural creatures live protected by the guardians. Vampires, sworn enemies of all because of a death centuries ear [...]

    • Good story with interesting characters This book has a bit of everything with families, unicorns, warewolfs & vampires. The main characters are well written with enough background to keep you reading to see how they cope with the changing situation

    • Great start. I suspect book 2 will be even better now that the world building is established and the story can ramp up into action!

    • I received an eARC of this book from I Am a Reader in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.The Cathedral of Cliffdale by Melissa Delport is the first in a new paranormal series that reminds me a lot of Anne Bishop’s series The Others. In Delport’s Guardians of Summerfeld, a Guardian is dead and for the first time in a millennium a replacement hasn’t come forward. Quinn Harden is the twin sister of the dead Guardian and feeli [...]

    • The Cathedral of Cliffdale or a Grown-up fairy taleI’m a bit confused about this book. I want to love it so hard and yet, I don’t feel like I had a burning night with a wild lover, but a first-date with a really intelligent girl, hiding her deep secrets behind glasses.But let’s start from the beginning. I received a copy of this book from a read-and-write-a-review pull. I tried this 50 times before, but I’ve never actually won in it, so I was pretty surprised to succeed. With the first e [...]

    • One of the biggest challenges of the fantasy genre is being able to build a world that is both believable and rich, and Melissa Delport does that excellently from Summerhall to Cliffdale, I could almost feel the chill in the atmosphere, or imagined the setting encloses of all the mythical creatures. Delport completely achieved the transportation of the readers’ minds to a different realm. Another thing I thoroughly enjoyed about this book was that the story was told from multiple sources, it c [...]

    • I started reading this book without any preconceived notions. I hadn’t read any other reviews or blurbs, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had previously read Rainfall and I loved that, so I was eager to see how a different genre would compare. I really liked the concept of the human guardians, and the many mythical creatures they protect. I am not generally a fan of vampire stories, but it was quite interesting how they fitted into this story. They were cast as the main villains, [...]

    • An epic, paranormal fantasy with intriguing characters and a strong story line.Did I mention, proudly South African? *throws confetti*Right from the start we’re thrown into this epic story and introduced to Quinn’s tale of responsibility as a guardian (a protector of the magical world) and role as a loving aunt (to her niece and nephew). The weight of the magical world is resting on her shoulders when she is called to fulfil her duties as a guardian but Quinn has lost her way and is torn bet [...]

    • Imagine a world were a war wages between all the magical creatures you love and, maybe, fear. The Cathedral of Cliffdale lets you step into that world of vampires, werewolves, unicorns and more.A thousand years ago the beings of myths roamed the earth freely. But when a war broke loose between the fae and the vampires everything changed. Now the last remaining creatures live protected by the twelve guardians inside the walls of Summerfeld, where no vampire can harm them. Quinn has been a guardia [...]

    • Yes and no, it did/not take me almost 2 months to read this magical book - I tend to read more than 1 book at a time 3 over this period!Humans; unicorns; faeries; werewolves; Guardians; hunters; gypsies; vampires - mythical magical creatures & forms abound in this book. Twins Quinn & Avery are Guardians Of Summerfeld, a much sought after place where the last supernatural beings live in safety. Vampires do not live Summerfeld. Vampires are the enemy of all enemies!Quinn has left Summerfe [...]

    • I have got to say that I didn't think that I would like this book, let alone finish it in two days and love it. As a lover of the mythical/paranormal/fantasy genre, this story really caught my attention and held it throughout the story. The protagonist is a strong female character, that holds so much love for her family, which is the ultimate driver of the story. Even with that love, she at times finds herself torn between her family and her sense of duty to protect the wards. I also love how wh [...]

    • Copy of ‘The Cathedral of Cliffdale’ by Melissa Delport provided in exchange for review.Where to even start! This introduction to the ‘Guardians of Summerfeld’ series was my first read of a purely fantasy-based novel (not YA or romantically influenced for once –that’s right: just fantasy) and it did not disappoint! Action and excitement seemed to follow Quinn wherever she was. With so much going on around Quinn, and so many additional story lines to follow, I found that the story did [...]

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