The Runaway

The Runaway He s barely a year out of high school but even his former teachers scarcely remember the shy young man who disappears on his way to work in the mailroom of a powerful downtown bank The kidnappers dem

  • Title: The Runaway
  • Author: Terry Kay
  • ISBN: 9780688150334
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He s barely a year out of high school, but even his former teachers scarcely remember the shy young man who disappears on his way to work in the mailroom of a powerful downtown bank The kidnappers demand 10 million for his life with one condition The money is to come from the bank, not Aaron s parents But the bank won t pay.

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      122 Terry Kay
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      TERRY KAY, a 2006 inductee into the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame, is the author of The Book of Marie, recently released by Mercer University Press Kay has been a sports writer and film theater reviewer Atlanta Journal Constitution , a public relations executive, and a corporate officer He is the author of nine other published novels, including To Dance with the White Dog, The Valley of Light, Taking Lottie Home, The Kidnapping of Aaron Greene, Shadow Song, The Runaway, Dark Thirty, After Eli, and The Year the Lights Came On, as well as a book of essays Special K and a childrens book To Whom the Angel Spoke.

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    • I fell in love with this book! It had a mix of everything. Mystery, love, family, racial tensions, good vs. evil. I don't think you will be disappointed if you read this!!

    • I think overall Terry Kay is a wonderful writer and has a great voice and ability to make his characters live. I loved the character Tom and how reading inspired him to run away by reenacting the stories he read about; then how Kay took the theme of running away to running to promise and hope for Son Jesus at the end. I also like the subtle way he informs us of who the murderer of Harlan Davis was at the end. I didn't buy the romance between Evelyn and Frank. I think he was a great and compassio [...]

    • Georgia author Kay creates a post-WWII south Georgia town with an authentic feel for both the beauty and ugliness of the southern culture and land. The Runaway is a mixture of mystery, regionalism, and courtroom drama with a slight bit of awkward romance, but primarily it's a portrayal of racism in the south and the beginning of changing attitudes regarding race following the globalism of WWII. The characters might at times seem to be southern stereotypes, but they have qualities that set them a [...]

    • I usually like Terry Kay's writing. In fact, To Dance With the White Dog is a favorite book of mine. But, this book just didn't grab me.

    • Sad ReminderThis is a wonderful story about life in the south and the close friendship of two young boys. Unfortunately, it is a reminder that racism hasn't changed much and we have much work to do. It took me a while to read this book because of the shame and embarrassment I experienced thinking that black people were and are in some cases considered to be of less value than whites. I couldn't imagine treating another human being with such disrespect and hatred. We need to fix this now.

    • Back when I read A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash I mention how much it reminded me to To Kill a Mockingbird. Now with The Runaway I can saw not only did it reminded me of To Kill a Mockingbird but also of A Land More Kind Than Home.All three start off with a child in a small Southern town who is innocent of the political and social issues that those older than them are dealing with. Except while that child is the focus of the entire book in the other two, it isn't the case here. In The [...]

    • Really good book. There were parts of it that didn't make sense to me especially towards the end. One of those books that in places you had to read between the lines as it wasn't just spelled out for you and I just couldn't get what was said. left me with unanswered questions of what happened. Even know a few days after having read it I'm still thinking about it though still trying to figure it out. I saw the movie some time back and hadn't remembered that till i started reading it. Would recomm [...]

    • This book pleasantly surprised me. This was the first book I've ever read by Terry Kay and his style reminded me of some of Mark Twain works. The characters were all unforgettable and complex through the coarse of the story. What I enjoyed most was each time I thought I could see where the plot was headed I was met with a twist I did not foresee. Great as a bookclub book, The Runaway brought a lively conversation back to the table. Would recommend to almost anyone who loves a good story.

    • A great book featuring so many nasty aspects of racism in the south. Terry Kay is a fantastic author and he truly paints the scenes so well with his words. Even though the subject matter is difficult to think about, it is a great book. I couldn't put it down.

    • Wow, this book was so much better than I thought it might be - I really enjoyed reading it. Rather southern in flavor with some great values expressed through the characters - kind of in the style of To Kill a Mockingbird. I would read more by this author.

    • The Runaway by Terry Kay was a great find off the bargain racks at Chapters. Set in the Deep South after WWII, the book pinpoints the changes in attitudes towards blacks brought about in those--or some of those--who went to war. Great suspense, real people, good language--this guy can write!

    • Good One!I love this author, you would never guess you are reading the same author, each book so different. This is a talented author.

    • Well written story of the changes that come to one Southern town after World War II. I first saw the movie on the Hallmark Channel. The book is every bit is good!

    • When I started reading this, I didn't think I was going to like it but it quickly captivated me and I enjoyed it very much.

    • Great book! Good story of the South and children growing up in the times of segregation. Quick read too!

    • I really enjoyed this book. It reminds me of "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. Well written historical fiction about people in post WWII Georgia. Dick Hill delivers another superior narration.

    • This book will stay with you. Takes place in the south. Well written! Unable to say much in order to not give away much. A Good Read!

    • Read a couple of times, each time I get more out of it. Definitely a page-turner and a beautifully unraveling mystery. Son Jesus stole my heart.

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