Tony Tony was all white large sturdy with wide gentle eyesand a ton of love Follow this tale of a narrator and his friendship with a horse by the late poet Ed Galing and illustrated by Erin Stead

  • Title: Tony
  • Author: Ed Galing Erin E. Stead
  • ISBN: 9781626723085
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tony was all white, large, sturdy, with wide gentle eyesand a ton of love .Follow this tale of a narrator and his friendship with a horse, by the late poet Ed Galing and illustrated by Erin Stead.

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      488 Ed Galing Erin E. Stead
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    About “Ed Galing Erin E. Stead

    • Ed Galing Erin E. Stead

      Ed Galing Erin E. Stead Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tony book, this is one of the most wanted Ed Galing Erin E. Stead author readers around the world.

    513 thoughts on “Tony

    • The story of Tony the horse, told in free verse, is ordinary. But Erin Stead's illustrations are worth the price of the book. You don't see a lot of illustrations like this in children's books anymore (as I constantly lament).

    • Definitely in the running for Caldecott 2018. For some reason, this one made me cry a little. Just a smidge. It is so beautifully illustrated and speaks to the memory of connection you can feel with an animal.

    • This book is lovely, it truly is. The illustrations are breathtaking. The text is nice as well, but the illustrations overtake the story. I don't really even know who I would read this to.

    • A free-verse poem recounts a nostalgic, early-morning visit with Tony, a gentle white horse who pulls the milk truck. I like how the poem quietly unfolds, waiting until the book is halfway-over to even reveal the first-person narration, and Stead's muted illustrations are lovely. I like the poem and I like the illustrations, but I kind of like them better separately; I'm having a little trouble imagining the audience for this picture book.

    • There are times before a book is even in your possession; you know you have to read it. It's one thing when contemporaries recommend a book to you, but when one of your students tells you to read a book you read it with no questions asked. If they know you well enough to believe you will love a book, then the best connections have been made. It means you and your students have established a mutual love of reading. A bridge named trust has been built @Loveofxena after we read Tony, Alan said, "We [...]

    • A nostalgic poem introduces young readers to the long bygone era of horse drawn wagon dairy delivery, focusing on the narrator’s admiration for the horse that pulled the cart. The picture book format physically extends this gentle poem by spreading it out, with only a line or several lines per page, which helps slow a reader’s pace appropriately for the tone of the poem. Galing’s poem pairs perfectly with Stead’s ethereal illustrations. A translucent page before the title page signals a [...]

    • A beautiful book that gives you the warm fuzzies. The story is about a work horse, Tony, that comes to life through beautiful sketches. Would be better with one-on-one because the book is small and readers need to be close to appreciate the illustrations.

    • I read "Tony," written by Ed Galing and illustrated by Erin E. Stead, as a possible 2018 Caldecott contender. I give this a 4 for concept text and a 5 for illustrations (definitely worthy of Caldecott consideration)."Tony" is the simple story of a work horse named "Tony" and his day spent pulling a wagon and delivering milk, eggs, and butter. In terms of text and story, "Tony" is sparse, simple, almost silent. It is historically interesting and might appeal to animal lovers. However, I am not su [...]

    • This is kind of a dreamy, half-waking atmosphere of past and present at the corners of my childhood memories of loving horses and loving children's picture books. In a way, it reminds me of one of my all time favorites, "Play With Me" by Marie Hall Ets: simple lines, limited color palette, emphasis of thinking instead of doing. Learning without being taught. "Tony" is a child's version of historical fiction, and I would love to visit those old city streets when the milk was still delivered house [...]

    • "Tony" by Ed Galing and illustrated by Erin Stead is a simple book but has beautiful illustrations. They are lightly painted onto the pages, I have never seen a children book with art like this and I was very intrigued by it. The story follows a horse named Tony and a boy who loves him and comes to visit him each day. This is a good read for any horse lovers and I think that the older children would appreciate the pictures more than the younger ones. This book would be good to have children read [...]

    • This story is about a horse named Tony, whom the author is close to. It is a poem that is written to describe Tony so that the readers can get to know him. This book has beautiful illustrations, but I feel it would not be the best resource for students as it may be slightly too advance for young children as it could not be engaging with them. If I used this, I would use it when teaching poetry, because we do not often see poetry written in a full children's story so I think it would be great for [...]

    • Back in the old, old, old days.Soft illustrations done in Gomuban monoprinting and pencil support the sparse text. Yellow brings the readers eye to focus on certain points, such as the barn door. Text is set on the mostly empty left hand page with the illustration on the right - sometimes spilling onto the left page a bit. The title page is cleverly done as an opaque page, and when it is turned, the title appears as the first word in the story.Horse lovers will simply want to reach out their han [...]

    • Erin Stead's lovingly handcrafted illustrations perfectly accompany the deep nostalgic devotion and love the narrator expresses for the equine Tony, and metonymically, a time long past. The limited color palette (warm yellow and minty green) printed over pencil sketches heighten the bright anticipation of the narrator (whom readers never see on the page) as they wait for the wagon Tony pulls to deliver milk & eggs each morning. An exceptional book to share with young readers who have a speci [...]

    • The four stars are for Erin Stead's amazing pencil illustrations with the muted monoprinted backgrounds in light green, a warm yellow, and blackor just lots of white. The book designer has favored us with such generous white space for the illustrations and spare text to find their space in. Both author and illustrator clearly love the horse and have used this very traditional style to express that--the closeup to the horse's eyes and bridle shines.

    • A free verse poem about a milk horse and his daily visit with one of the customers.A simple poem about a (then) every day encounter. It's short and simple but still manages to have heart and tenderness. Stead's illustrations are gorgeous and match the tenderness of the poem. It's a good reminder that even simple, everyday encounters can have importance and meaning for people. Recommended for horse lovers.

    • 11/24/2017 ** A poem about the bygone days of milk delivery and the steady devotion of the horse that draws the cart. the line sketches by Erin Stead add to the sense of peace in the early morning. The poem and illustrations work well together. Though this was discussed early (August) as a potential Caldecott and was on a few lists, I chose not to include it in the books my students will consider. It didn't seem to have enough appeal to children.

    • A childhood memory of a boy and Tony, the dairy delivery horse beautifully illustrated by Erin Stead. A quiet reflection of the joy that Tony brought the boy in the early morning hours. Classic. After reading this book I needed to know the back story. The Steads read a poem by Ed Galing in a newspaper and fell in love with it. They then bought the rights to the poem from Mr. Galing's son.

    • Extremely charming little story about a horse that pulls a milk delivery cart. Erin Stead's illustrations are just lovely. The story behind this book is incredible and worth reading about. Erin Stead found this poem in a newspaper, finally tracked down the author only to learn he had died. The writing in the book is Galing's, published posthumously. Just a neat story of inspiration.

    • How wonderful that Stead chose to illustrate this simple poem/story by Galing, who died in 2013. I tried to imagine what the illustration process would look like. It's a nice, gentle story; I was just expecting more would happen. I read this because it was on the possible Caldecott list by Mr. Schu and Colby Sharp.

    • A sort of dreamy, nostalgic book. Not sure of the audience (adults?) but in terms of Caldecott it certainly is a contender. It's not just about beautiful pictures but what sets is apart from the rest of the pack and I do think these illustrations are special they recall a time and place and evoke emotion in a way the text of the poem alone doesn't.

    • Well, this is beautiful. I think this might be one of the prettiest books I've ever read. The story is simple, but so sweet. It's about a horse named Tony, who pulls the milk wagon to deliver the milk to his owner's neighbors each morning. The illustrations are gorgeous. I think this should definitely be a contender for the Caldecott Award.

    • I adoreErin E. Stead's body of work, but the colors in this one dated the book, I felt. I liked the poem (once I realized it was a poem and not just missing punctuation) and the horse was just majestic. Overall a good book, but not my favorite of Stead's.

    • Simple poem written by a man now gone. Born in 1917, Ed Galing grew up in NYC when the milkman still delivered eggs, milk, and butter to your doorstep. This is his tribute to the horse who worked pulling the milk wagon through the quiet streets at three in the morning. Non-rhyming poem. No punctuation except a few commas.

    • Lovely illustrations by Erin Stead. Contemplative storyline about a horse the narrator remembers from a long-ago past. Seems intended for lower elementary. Despite it's beauty, this book will not have much appeal for children. They will not have any life experience with which to relate a horse-drawn milk wagon. Could be used in a social studies context for learning about the past.

    • Erin Stead is insanely talented and it's worth picking this book up just to look at her illustrations. That's probably the only reason to pick this up, and that's a shame. I can't tell who this book would even be intended for, but it is lovely to look at.

    • Tony is an ordinary white horse who draws a milk wagon, but his early morning visits are anything but ordinary to the narrator, who makes sure to say hello to him and his driver. As always, Erin Stead's artwork is simple and gorgeous.

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