Tyrant I don t do nice Period Kilter nickname Off Kilter Kilter is crass reckless and stubborn He has alienated everyone just the way he likes it Until the day he meets Rayne and emotions he buried long ago

  • Title: Tyrant
  • Author: Nashoda Rose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I don t do nice Period Kilter nickname Off Kilter Kilter is crass, reckless and stubborn He has alienated everyone just the way he likes it Until the day he meets Rayne and emotions he buried long ago reawaken I was nothing but a science experiment Rayne Rayne has been locked away and used for research ever since she was a child The abuse caused her to with I don t do nice Period Kilter nickname Off Kilter Kilter is crass, reckless and stubborn He has alienated everyone just the way he likes it Until the day he meets Rayne and emotions he buried long ago reawaken I was nothing but a science experiment Rayne Rayne has been locked away and used for research ever since she was a child The abuse caused her to withdraw into a tomb of numbness where she s found a safe place to hide But her safe place isn t safe at all, it s slowly killing her When Kilter rescues her and she is unexpectedly drawn to his raw honesty, Rayne must decide whether to trust him and fight for what she can t see or drown into the depths of darkness For some Scars, it s the story of healing and redemption, for others it s the beginning of a tortured existence Which will it be for Kilter and Rayne A band of fierce warriors walk in the shadows of the human world with capabilities derived from the senses Trackers, Sounders, Healers, Tasters, Visionaries and the rare Reflectors They are known as the Scars Stygian must be read first 18 Scars of the Wraiths Series Stygian Scars of the Wraiths, Book 1 Tyrant Scars of the Wraiths, Book 2 Take Scars of the Wraiths, standalone Credo Scars of the Wraiths, Book 3 coming 2016

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      Nashoda Rose is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twelve novels, including the Tear Asunder series, the spin off Unyielding series, and the paranormal Scars of the Wraiths Coming Soon Irish Crown Iron TrophyShe lives outside of Toronto where she enjoys hiking with her Newfoundland dog and riding her horses.Nashoda is represented by the Trident Media Group.Follow Nash here Nashoda Rose e.agram nashodarose facebook pages Nashoditter nashodarose

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    • 5 Stars!Tyrant is the second full-length prequel to the first book, Take, in Nashoda Rose’s series entitled Scars of the Wraiths (so, the third book to be officially released). Take note that you absolutely CANNOT read these books as stand-alones. This series is meant to be read in sequential order, starting with Take, or you at least have to read Stygian before diving into this one. My understanding is there will be three prequels in total, all of which have been previously published and have [...]

    • 4.5 Rough. Honest. Raw. Unbending. starsRayne The fight inside me had died years ago. I had trusted. I had fought. Neither had done me any good. So now I trusted myself, and that meant killing parts of who I was. It meant protecting me. Burying me. KilterI loved how he could be angry, but gentle at the same time. I loved how he was honest, even if his words might hurt. I trusted him because of that. Kilter doesn't feel guilt, he doesn't do regrethe doesn't feel period. He's learned his lesson an [...]

    • WATCH BLOG VIDEO TRAILER OF THIS BOOK ON OUR TOP READSMARCH'S TOP READS TRAILER5 ★★★★★Terrific StarsGenre: Paranormal RomanceType: Book 2 from Scars of the Wraiths seriesPOV: First Person – Multiple"We were both broken in different ways by those we trusted. But it's what brought us togetherKilter was my beautiful Tyrant."Tyrant is the second installment of the Scar's series and it must be read in order. I was in love with the scars since I read the standalone TAKE.Kilter felt so wron [...]

    • ~5 Unforgettable Stars~TYRANT made our TOP PICK VIDEO FOR MARCH! Check out the link here:youtube/watch?v=CsNuwTyrant is the second book in the Scars of Wraiths Series. It takes you on a ride that you will never forget. The passion and fury that dwell within the Scars are like no other mystical race. Every moment is packed with action, suspense, mystery, and love. Tyrant is not a stand-alone. It is the second prequel in the series (before Take) and the series absolutely must be read in order."Tor [...]

    • In all honestly, I think I've read so many amazing books that I've become picky and a little critical of what I read now, leading me to not rate too many books higher than four stars. I reserve the five star ratings for the books that I know will stick with me, and that were so good I felt consumed by the story. So for me to rate two books in a row five stars, you know that's something special. And this series is certainly special. Tyrant should be read after Stygian to get the full understandin [...]

    • 4 STARSMy emotions had been sealed, hidden and buried in a tomb for years. I was numb; I liked being numb, but Kilter dug up the top and ripped off the lid, and now my emotions were tearing through my veins like missiles.I'm a huge Nashoda Rose fan. Whatever this woman writes, I'll read. But there's just something about her Scars of the Wraiths PNR series that has hooked me to the point of addiction. Each time I finish a new installment, I find myself rabidly salivating for the next. I'm absolut [...]

    • Tyrant is LIVE!!  |  B&NGenre:Paranormal Romance Type:Book 2 from Scars of the Wraiths seriesPOV:First Person – Multiple Rating: Kilter was an insensitive, abrasive loner. Betrayal from his past led him to a self imposed “exile”. He refused to let anyone in until a woman stirred emotions in him he buried a long time ago.Rayne was a victim of abuse since she was very young. Over the years, she learned to escape it by withdrawing within herself, dangerously risking her own existence. I [...]

    • 5 STARSThis series is spellbinding. I felt like I was watching a movie with the action and suspense and the many captivating characters with their stories. You’d think having a story about one main H/h but with some many compelling side stories going on would detract from it or dilute it but no! There are a lot of side stories going with Damien and Abby, Delara and Waleron, and the dynamic of all the Scars and all of it meddles beautifully together to make a rich and enthralling story.This sto [...]

    • 5 Stars!WOW!!! This book was packed full of so much going on and I loved it!! I did NOT want it to end!! Tyrant is the second book in the Scars of the Wraiths series. Don't let the glossary of terms scare you away because I had no problems keeping up. If you love a good PNR series you shouldn't delay starting this one! You must read the first book Stygian before you read this one even though it's about a different couple the books are connected. They don't leave you hanging on a cliff but leave [...]

    • 5 "Kilter was my beautiful tyrant" starsFor some Scars, it’s the story of healing and redemption, for others it’s the beginning of a tortured existenceI borrowed the sentence from the blurb cause it actually, well only partialy, depicts the essence of the events in the second book in the Scars of the Wraiths seriesthe solid firm thing that is a constant in this story is ACTIONere's no time for a breather!It's a page turning book,it's angst, and sometimes I reacted like thisit's passion, it's [...]

    • I loved this book so muchThe only issue I had was that Kilter and Rayne weren't together a lot during the first half of the book. I found myself getting frustrated with that as I love those two characters, and I loved them together even more! Their connection was so intense that I craved every moment they shared. The good news though was eventually they did start sharing the page, and I loved every second of that!Another bonus is that there are a ton of secondary characters, and each of them bri [...]

    • 4.5 Stars!(ARC provided by author)Rayne is a young woman living in Toronto and being held prisoner at a compound where she is experimented on for research. She has powerful abilities others want to use her for, & her life hasn't been her own since she was a young girl. She merely exists as she tries to hide inside herself. She has learned to shut down her emotions. Being trapped within herself has become her only safe place to escape.Suddenly there is hope when a gorgeous, intense, scary tat [...]

    • Oh my gosh, so intense, action packed! It was like watching Mortal Combat, without the dueling of souls. Vampires fighting witches, tattoos coming to life, what's not to love? Nashoda Rose went above and beyond, shocking and thrilling us in this paranormal five star read!

    • Wow this book had me all over the place. There are so many stories going on in this book I was getting dizzy. I was mad, sad, happy, anxious and excited. As soon as the last 100 pages came and everyone was finally connected I couldn't put my kindle down. I was a ball of knots! I thought I was going throw up. Omg it was intense. I had a love/hate relationship with this book. I would hate Rayne than like her, hate her again than like her. Ugh! I also had issues with Dalara. I kept having to stop i [...]

    • 5 starsYes, i'm still reeling from this book and probably one of the MOST unexpected twist!Again, the author managed SO MUCH drama, action and suspense WITHOUT stealing the thunder from the main couple.And oh gosh Kilter and Rayne so broken but so meant for each other. They needed each other to heal themselves. So wonderfully paced and the feels were amazing.ABSOLUTELY can't wait for Waleron's and Delara's book. I need the book yesterday! Arghhhh

    • RATING: 5 "Kilter & Rayne" Hearts!! :D <3 “She was a fuckin’ angel, and I was the devil ready to break her from the magnificence.”

    • ** 4-4.25 STARS ** “We do this…FOREVER, Rayne. And being immortal, that’s a f*ck of a long time.”Interesting turn of events. Paranormal can either be really ridiculous, or really intriguing.This one is the latter. OVERALL:Gets better and better. Can't wait for the rest of the backstory of Take!

    • ARC received from author/publisher via blog tour*I was quite excited with this one seeing that this is Kilter's story with Rayne; Kilter, who has intrigued me right from the start since he was such an a$$, but there was something that ran deep there. Oh KilterI've been a fan of this series right from the start, this paranormal world that Nashoda has built. These Scar men and women who have lived for centuries, have loved and lost, and experienced pain. In Stygian, the first book, Balen and Danni [...]

    • 5 Stars and if I could give it more, I would!!!!I was given an ARC of this book. This for me was the best book in this series to date. The storyline, the characters, just every single thing about this book was beyond superb!!!!I love this author, I love this series and now I am literally dying to get my hands on Waleron and Delara's story!!!! I need that book like yesterday:)Congrats Author Nashoda Rose on a GRAND SLAM!!!!!

    • 5 "Babe, you aren't alone now. We can beat this." StarsTyrant has by far been the best paranormal romance I have read this year. Ms. Rose continues with her creative plotlines and characters stories that drag you deeper and deeper into their worlds. The suspense and the resolutions are what do it for me. And it is one fan-fucking-tastic journey. In this book we learn more about Waleron and Delara’s non-existent relationship and the struggles and heartache Delara is in and their past, but also, [...]

    • When is this coming oooouuutt?:( i need itWell this was good, but i dont think i liked it as much as the previous books.

    • Wow! What a great book! It was full on and unputdownable. It had everything you could ever ask for. The secondary characters were brilliant! I cannot wait to read Waleron and Delara's book! Same goes for Damien and Abby's!

    • This is a story about an impossible love.A love who grew from mistrust and betriel.A love who made them both believing in life.Every girl is been dreaming since she was little about herKnight in shining armor.you know the one who shake your ground.Rayne couldnt dream about her knight as she needed to focus about survivng until she lost all hope and her desire to die overcome her.Kiltter is not that dreamy knight, he is mad, grumpy, rude, scary and most of all has trouble believing in anyone.In t [...]

    • 5 wow I can't believe how much I loved this stars!!!!I don't read an enormous amount of paranormal but have to admit i enjoy every bit when I do. I am loving this series and can't wait to get my hands on the next one :-)

    • 5 «me he ido llorando a dormir» stars! ⭐️ «— No soy bueno con esta mierda – dice. Pasa el pulgar atrás y adelante por mi labio inferior–. Tú me completas, nena. – abro la boca y niega con la cabeza–. No he terminado aún. – sonrío –. Me viste cuando nadie más lo hizo. Confiaste en mí cuando no te he dado nada para confiar.»ARGUMENTO: Antes que nada, como el propio libro avisa, es necesario haber leído el primer libro para entender este. Pero si os pasa como a mí, es [...]

    • 5 just holy what! starsOh man, this book was intense. We have all the characters that were introduced in the last book, and I was kinda thinking that it was going to be a clusterfuck, but then again Nashoda wrote this book, and I am pretty much convinced that she can do no wrong. We have Kilter going back to save Rayne a few weeks after he left her there and then he gets protective of her. I think he just related to her on a more baser instinct. Anyways, back to the story, I really adored Kilter [...]

    • Just in case you didn't see it in the blub, please read Stygian before you read Tyrant. You will miss out on a lot of awesomeness and will be confused in many places.The Scars of the Wraiths Series is such an alluring paranormal world. Nashoda gives us so many different elements, no pun intended. ;) There are so many different abilities and it is easy to get sucked into their world.The main focus of Tryant is the story between Kilter and Rayne. Let me start by saying that I knew I was going to l [...]

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