War For the Hell of It: A Fighter Pilot's View of Vietnam

War For the Hell of It A Fighter Pilot s View of Vietnam Ed Fast Eddie Cobleigh served two tours of duty during the Vietnam air war logging combat sorties in the F Phantom fighter bomber In War for the Hell of It Cobleigh shares his perspectives i

  • Title: War For the Hell of It: A Fighter Pilot's View of Vietnam
  • Author: Ed Cobleigh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ed, Fast Eddie, Cobleigh served two tours of duty during the Vietnam air war, logging 375 combat sorties in the F 4 Phantom fighter bomber.In War for the Hell of It, Cobleigh shares his perspectives in a deeply personal account of a fighter pilot s life, one filled with moral ambiguity and military absurdities offset by the undeniable thrill of flying a fighter aircraft.Ed, Fast Eddie, Cobleigh served two tours of duty during the Vietnam air war, logging 375 combat sorties in the F 4 Phantom fighter bomber.In War for the Hell of It, Cobleigh shares his perspectives in a deeply personal account of a fighter pilot s life, one filled with moral ambiguity and military absurdities offset by the undeniable thrill of flying a fighter aircraft With well crafted prose that puts you into the Phantom s cockpit, Cobleigh vividly recounts the unexplainable loss of his wingman, the useless missions he flew, the need to trust his reflexes, eyesight, and aggressiveness, and his survival instincts in the heat of combat He discusses the deaths of his squadron mates and the contradictions of a dirty, semi secret war fought from beautiful, exotic Thailand This is an unprecedented look into the state of mind of a pilot as he experiences everything from the carnage of a crash to the joy of flying through a star studded night sky, from the illogical political agendas of Washington to his own dangerous addiction to risk Cobleigh gives a stirring and emotional description of one man s journey into airborne hell and back, recounting the pleasures and the pain the wins and the losses and ultimately, the return.

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      Ed Cobleigh was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee After graduating from Chattanooga High School, he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Masters Degree in Management at the University of Southern California Ed earned his pilot s wings with the United States Air Force and eventually achieved the rank of Lt Col As a fighter pilot, he flew the F 104 Starfighter, the F 4 Phantom, the A 4 Skyhawk, the Anglo French Jaguar, and the F 16 Fighting Falcon He flew 375 combat missions in South East Asia during the Vietnam War in the Phantom, earning two Distinguished Flying Crosses He was assigned as a Fighter Weapons Instructor Pilot with the USAF Fighter Weapons School, the US Navy Fighter Weapons School Top Gun , and the Royal Air Force Qualified Weapons Instructor Course Jaguar He has flown with the US Navy, the Royal Air Force, the Imperial Iranian Air Force, and the French Air Force Cobleigh also served as an Air Intelligence Officer working with the CIA, FBI, and the British MI6 branch on a variety of covert intelligence projects Ed Cobleigh resides with his wife, Heidi, in the Paso Robles, California wine country with their Arabian horses and Catahoula Border Collie dogs.

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    • Not great writing, but well told stories. You can feel where he embellishs, but he tells you in the foreword he's going to. The highs and lows feel familiar.He touches on some key points of the strategic war, but on a personal level. He relays the 'career moves' he made unabashedly but also didn't trump up his involvement in Paveway leading to Linebacker. He reuses idioms like crazy and mixes metaphors, but he gets right to the heart of his experience.

    • F4's are for some reason my favorite all-time fighter. I remember seeing live fire missile shots at Pt. Magu Naval Air Station. Also wild weasels out at George AFB.Anyway, this book gives you a good sense of how flying F4's was during combat. Big adrenaline rushes with emotional highs and lows of saving people and losing friends.Nighttime missions when your wingman doesn't return to easier times escorting a hercy bird 130 with Bob Hope and entourage on board!Audio version: Narrator was great!

    • Good read. I really liked the sarcasm of Cobleigh, through his very, very unique experience in Vietnam as a fighter pilot. There was a bit of political commentary, but it wasn't annoying and actually made sense. The description of combat from the air is very exciting, especially for an aviation-nerd like me.

    • If you like aircraft then read this book!Some of the in-cockpit descriptions really make you feel like you're in there. If you don't like aircraft? It won't grab you the same but there is still some more cerebral stuff about the thoughts of a US serviceman in Vietnam.

    • Gives me an interesting perspective on my father's experience as a fighter pilot. There were parts were I could really hear him saying what was written.

    • ** Review of Audio Format **20,000 Foot ViewWell drawn portrait of the dirty realities of war from a fighter pilot's point of view. Fast Eddie does not like Washington bureaucrats and neither do most Vietnam Vets that I know. This is a poignant reminder of what war brings home daily. A reminder that our sons should only be sent to fight when our nation's sovereignty is at stake. A reminder that without military knowledge and experience, it is hard to know the fates you are sending your men to wh [...]

    • This is the type of book I was looking for when I started searching for a Vietnam book of memories from a fighter pilot's perspective. Ed Cobleigh manages to transfer to the reader his thoughts, emotions and even doubts while flying his tours in Vietnam.I wouldn't recommend this book to someone looking for specific dates or chronological detailed facts. but it is definitively a must have for someone who is looking for a real recollection of missions flown in Vietnam by USAF pilots. What matters [...]

    • Different ViewHaving not read many books from the Vietnam war involving US Air Force, it was a different type of story that I read. I thank the author for his service and for writing this book. I now have a different perspective of the Air Force fighter pilot. I am sorry, for his experience with the Navy. Sad you didn't run into some of the enlisted they are a little sharper.

    • Right On!Captures the thoughts, sights, sounds, and smells of being an F-4 fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. Although I was a Tanker pilot and served at the tail end of the war, I came into contact with many of this fighter pilot's contemporaries during my early AF career. This book accurately portrays the heroic day-to-day activities in a. combat fighter squadron during this war. I've heard similar stories first hand.

    • I really enjoyed this book, normally I prefer reading books about the average soldier on the ground, as a result Cobleigh's perspective was a breath of fresh air. The book provides enough detail without being overly technical, and the other little details such as life in Thailand added to the depth of the book. I really felt drawn into the cockpit of an F-4 phantom without knowing much about the aircraft.

    • A good vision of the real war.Excitement, fear,anger and frustration, war is a young man's game. My friend Bob Boring lived in Klamath Falls OR. For years, and one day realized the F-4 mounted outside the gate at Kingsley Field was the one he flew front seat in Nam. His memories were some good and some not so good.

    • RealityThis book is the best book I've read about flying during the Vietnam war. It pulls no punches about politicians and protesters either. I flew in the Korean War so this was the real stuff. Straight from the shoulder no b s stuff

    • An Eagles eye view of VietnamWritten in a style that is both amusing at times but informative. Today's leaders should read and see one mans view of trying to fight a political war and a shooting war.

    • Outstanding I don’t read much about Vietnam. But this book as well as “The Bright Shinny Lie” give this cannon fodder time, bodies to keep the Great Industrial Complex running and the politicians in their seats of power.Very good read from the hills of East Tennessee.

    • Outstanding book !Thought provoking, well written. Just what I was looking for. Will read the authors next book with the hope it is as good or better I fully recommend this book

    • Interesting Writing is ok. Stories are real but not very captivating.I liked the description of Bangkok. Does nor develop other characters

    • Fun readThis book was fun to read. Great stories and descriptions of flying during Vietnam. Minus one star due to grammatical issues not caught when making Kindle edition.

    • In War For the Hell of It: A Fighter Pilot's View of Vietnam Ed Cobleigh tells us what the Vietnam war was like for an F-4 fighter pilot flying combat missions out of Thailand. The book is composed of a loosely connected series of vignettes each focusing on a single topic. The writing is mostly first-person, you-are-there descriptions heavily intermixed with musing about various subjects philosophical, political, and personal. The book is lyrical and often bitingly sarcastic. Cobleigh's sense of [...]

    • Great book about flying the F4 Phantom in Vietnam.The author has written a great book that should be read by jet pilot enthusiasts and he tells it like it is. The author tells his story about what its like to be strapped into a modern day fighter and then go out in the night to do his duty. I thought that the most important part of his story was where having completed his bombing mission, he chose to mid-air refuel , instead of landing his aircraft. It was Christmas eve and he chose to fly , wit [...]

    • He Tells It Like It WasAn honest account of those turbulent times--the young American male propelled by forces greater than personal choice gets the journeys through Dante's hell and wonders of which Dante could not conceive. His description of Clark Air Base was so accurate--I spent two years there, same time frame--he is a great writer: I smelled that SE Asian air again, those burning palm fronds used for cooking outside the huts (too continuously hot air temp to cook inside), the smoke from t [...]

    • Interesting look at the Vietnam WarAlthough I was too young to understand the Vietnam War. It has been a touchstone in our country for my whole life . I have tried to enlighten myself by reading books written by the men who served. This book was a unique look into the life of one fighter pilot who flew 375 missions in Vietnam . His candor and humor made it a quality read and I am grateful to have the opportunity to have learned more about flying as well as the frustrations of the men who served. [...]

    • An absolute treat of a book. Ed Cobleigh does an amazing job of sharing both the tactical and personal side of an F-4 Phantom combat pilot in the Vietnam War. Each chapter tells the story of a different mission; all of which are greatly detailed with tactics, aircraft characteristics and weaponry, and the personal thoughts and communications of the pilot before, during, and after the mission. The book is very well written. I'd like to thank the author and all the men and women who served during [...]

    • Awesome book This book gave me a glimpse of what it was like flying an F-4 in the Vietnam war. I enjoyed reading this book and I am thankful Ed survived all the missions. I am also thankful Ed put his view of the war in print so future generations can learn from his experience. Eds service during the war and writing this book are two gifts to our country that I am thankful for.

    • I really like this book. Cobleigh tells about his thoughts on the war, small anecdotes from his time in Thailand and recounts some of his missions. And, not least, about some of the great moments pilots has when they simply just fly. And all in a kind of low keay language and tone that makes the book very readable.

    • Excellent book about a F-4 pilots life at warCaptain Cobleigh is a great story teller. I'm sure he could have written a book 10 times as long. The reader gets the sense of being along for the ride.

    • Great Story from someone who was there.A real history lesson on the way the war was really run just to make people in Washington fill their egos and pocket books. A must read.

    • Mach 1This wasn't really the kind of book I was looking for, more action than a day in the life. I found the more I read the more I was enjoying it.

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